blogimageHappy New Year!  And according to the League of Galactic Nations, what a new year it will be…

For those of you still standing after what I have been calling the ‘GOD blast’ on 12-25, kudos to you…no easy feat.  These frequencies are unparallelled…the most potent I have felt to date and I am sure you are all feeling it too.  It is both awe inspiring to witness the power in these energies and simultaneously overwhelming.

That said, a heads up that we are already being sucked up into the next big (1:1) wave so our only option at this point is…SURF!

Personally, I am still off-kilter from 11:11, but since xmas especially, my pituitary gland is so overstimulated that my circadian rhythm is beyond wonky.  I feel jet lagged most of the time…up all night, down all day…and the sun is NOT body’s my friend right now. It is far too intense to stay awake for, which is why I think I am working the graveyard shift right now…mostly to avoid ocular migraines.

Discomfort aside (if that’s possible) I recently received the following message as a prelude to 2015 and so I offer it unfiltered.  If however, your brains are in a blender like mine are…here’s the truncated version:

Big shift underway. Hunker down & ground. 😯

Let us open with a well-earned congratulations…what you are enduring and have endured over the last several weeks, is nothing short of extraordinary.

As a result of said undertakings there are so many of you already teeming with the purity of golden light, so as we share these words know they are encrypted with activation-level codes specifically designed to work with, support and enhance the golden frequencies. All this in preparation for the 1:1 gateway.

What we bring forth for this special occasion is an intentional collaborative energy, an energy infused with the vibrations of every star race from every star nation, present here within this communication.  We are joining forces so that those of you reading this encryption can download activation codes specific to your star heritage, those that are seeded with very precise potentials that exist specifically within the unique geometries of your galactic DNA structure.

Each of you have roots in one galaxy or another.  Not all of you have incarnated on earth before, nor have some of you ever incarnated below unity, but all of you are here now to awaken to your cosmic nature.

What we would like to present you with is an understanding of this very potent portal, or shall we say ‘canal’ you are in, what we would call a period of magnification of all that was, so that you are complete in your karmic resolutions prior to the approaching (1:1) gateway of all that IS, the major shift of BEing that is 2015…from mortals to Gods, as it were.  

You are preparing to leave behind a most arduous year of transmutation and enter a most unprecedented year of transcendence. This transitional moment will require some patience.

Please be aware that you are in a very purposeful incubation period at this time.  This is indeed a protection mechanism, a forcefield placed around those of you fully in the throes of the ignition phase, fortifying you from outside influences.  This will not last very long but please regard it as very necessary.  Your body system is preparing at every level to make the leap into a very new, very refined vibration. Nurture yourselves as needed, for you are clearing eons of dross from your cellular structure in order to align with all that the new year offers.

This now moment is indeed one of inert stillness, akin to swimming in a black hole…an embryonic state of void that contains all of nothing, yet the all of everything. Metaphorically we would liken your now to the final breaths of amniotic fluid just prior to your first breath of earth’s atmosphere as you make the life-changing transition into a brand new environment.

There is anticipation, yet apprehension.  You may feel very alone as this calm, yet tension-filled space surrounds you. To that we say, let it be so.

This transition chamber is full with ripening potential, but also mixed with last minute review.  A coalescing of vibrations from past and future compressing into a very new now…a timeline merge so powerful that, similar to your initial incarnation experience, the memory of what was prior will fade as you come to recognize yourSelf as nothing other than what you have always been…eternal, God-sovereign beings.

What you are coming to know, to reconnect with through this very portal is the realization of your power as creator. At first this may overwhelm you, but it will eventually BEcome you as the divine masculine force of creation returns those of pure heart, gifted to you from on high.

As you awaken to the splendor of such ancient newness, you will come to see many things never before seen. You will awaken to worlds within worlds, dance with the stars, merge with the heavens…and yet, you will also blend so effortlessly with that which surrounds you.   As you come to realize that your physical self is never separate from the essence of that which created you in physical form, you will notice a kinship with mother earth that surpasses all ways of relating with the senses.

Heaven and earth will merge and together, you, the Golden Gods will form the bridge to the Golden Era.