butterflyB&WWe are currently in a bizarre in-betweeny-place where it’s not so easy to determine which end is up, but this is pretty typical of the pregnant Pisces energy that we are swimming in at the mo. There is that very void-esque vibe that can be challenging to walk thru, but if you shift your perspective and align yourself fully with what-is, you will notice that in the vast sea of limitless potential our only real option is to float and be guided by the tides.

Speaking of tides…we have a fantastic full moon (in Virgo) coming tomorrow (today for my southern hemisphere friends) that I am already starting to really jibe with.  As a (cancerian) moon child, lunar cycles are always significant and powerful, but this moon is literally talking to me.  When I tuned in to find out what she would gift us with before the powerful line-up of events headed our way on the equinox, I heard her specifically tell me that there is a very important level of (emotional) completion on tap, one that is required to separate us from our karmic past in order to move fully into the upcoming eclipse season.

Moreover, she tells me that this full moon is a pivotal antecedent to the lasting physical change we seek.

On the spiritual & galactic front, I have been hearing from both The Office of the Christ and the Pleiadian Council that this Virgo moon solidly sets us up for the equinox/solar eclipse (3/20) to Easter Sunday/lunar eclipse (4/4-5) passage, one that is marked heavily by the energy of resurrection.  We have been in a preparation phase (read: holding pattern) for an upcoming and thorough makeover….ie., I am told that this moon will go a long way in setting the stage for our renewal.

On a mental level, this preparation phase can translate into a “life review” where sudden past, painful and/or fear-based thoughts are emerging out of nowhere, bouncing around the brain looking for a host, desperately trying to nestle in the home they once lived in.  But because we are no longer a vibrational match to these thought forms you may notice that they just seem to swirl about, getting lost in that same Piscean sea where all potentials go to be mixed in the primordial cauldron before creation.

On an emotional level, this preparation period can come off like apathy or indifference…even anxiety…as we empty out any remaining falsity and let go of what no longer serves us.  If you feel uninspired, dull or lackluster…like your light has been dimmed…and nothing seems to be working to bring you back to LOVE, know this is just a temporary and necessary disconnect that will ultimately enable us to reconnect at the level of authentic spiritual truth.  My feeling is that this emotional recalibration ends at the full moon.

On a physical level…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rest assured that what you are feeling now is only the build up, the accrual of incredible incoming power…so much so that it will prove to be entrancing as you move into the totality of grace.  Our recommendation is that you willingly and consciously allow the fullness of your being to mold itself anew so that you are free to experience what we would call ‘the ultimate reset’.

So yea, this particular moon is somehow important to our resurrection journey…I wanna say a precursor, or a foreshadowing of sorts. It’s actually a primer, according to the starbeings…one that is seeding/activating/reflecting within us the integration between the material and the spiritual as we come into complete alignment in order to heal the totality of our once fragmented selves so that, post-eclipse passage…specifically, I am hearing to keep our sights set on the “Passover Blood Moon” (4/4)…we will be in position so to speak, to ground the physical changes we have been working toward since the last eclipse series.

Interestingly, the last eclipse cycle was when I personally witnessed what I called my first christ-body experience…a full bodied taste of physical transcendence, a moment that literally blew the doors off of my human experience.

What’s so interesting about that, tho it only lasted 3 days at most, is the Pleiadian Council recently told me that there is a direct connection (being shown to me as an energetic corridor) between the last and this upcoming eclipse series…that all the transformation we went thru since October has duly prepared me/u/us to bring that (self-proclaimed) christed experience into the physical so that we can, in their words: ‘handle the expansion that is soon to befall you’.  😯

 Let us say that you will be consciously utilizing the springtime to blossom so that by the solstice, you are fully bloomed.

Are you ready for anything?  Things are fixin’ to get real…I do declare!