IMG_4278Earlier today this rainbow ← appeared in my backyard…soon to be followed by heavy, monsoon-like rains. The streams are roaring, overflowing with swells of cascading water, washing away so much sediment and settled debris from the last season.

Of course I couldn’t help but to reflect on how perfectly nature is mirroring my own inner landscape…a clear sign of cleansing and an indication we are soon to rise from the ultra deep immersion brought on by the cosmic tide that is 2016.

For the first week of the year, until the recent new moon when the intensity started to noticeably lift, we were surfing some serious waves of emoceanal energy that have been creating quite a stir within. The point of this friction has been to ignite an inner fire large enuf to initiate the kind of movement needed for the major endings/beginnings that we will all see unfold in this new vibration over the next 12 months.

We are coming unstuck, uprooting ourselves from a life outgrown, and the momentum (read: pressure) has been building within each of us to take the steps needed to bring our transformations to a place of resolve…to change trajectories…to shift our way of seeing things…to open to new thoughts/feelings/experiences…to make new choices that create new outcomes…to free ourselves from any limitations that continue to impair our forward movement.

These rumblings are not something to be ignored or overlooked.  Unrest has a message and it is bubbling up from the core of our being, from a very ancient, even primordial place.  There is great wisdom to be gleaned in any unsettledness we feel, personal insights to a theme that will be woven throughout the entire year…the understanding of which is only just beginning to surface.

Since the portal to the new year opened on the (12/21) solstice we have been receiving the new light codes needed to restructure our bodies, lives and relationships to more deeply align with our authentic truth. Very quickly those energies went to work on the deepest parts of our humanity…saturating the calcified core wound memories that are still rooted in our cells in order to open a brand new energetic pathway for our christed Selves to emerge.

Our physical bodies have been expanding and contracting, working so hard to shed their outworn skins, to expunge the archaic DNA programs and their resultant patterns that have been blocking the flow of Source from coursing thru our veins, from entering into the densest places of our existence.

This month is pivotal for laying the energetic framework for the entire year…for the entire planet…and so it’s important to keep a higher perspective, to remember that these very high levels of light are touching down in very low places in order to carve out the blueprint for our new life experience as divine-humans in the world of form.

Becoming physicalized as GODs, merging Source with matter, is a tremendous process that our lower body system has no context for…we need to be extra vigilant/patient/loving with ourcellves and hold the space for this never-before-experience-on-earth to enter.  We are consciously embodying many dimensional layers and it can take every ounce of focus some days to just exist.

I know for myself, I have had no choice but to lay very low since the year opened in order to witness, observe and assimilate what is taking place within…the immensity of which was encompassing at moments.  Because we are still vacillating between grids, we are having to work to find the balance between honoring our process and not getting stuck in it…most days this feels like a game of red light/green light.  It’s not perfect and there are no rules…we just have to cope the best we can until we stabilize and things level off.

Of which, the galactics tell me that a brand new space is soon to open within us…likely reflected in that beautiful rainbow that prompted this very blog.  In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunities inherent in any discomfort you may be feeling…I am assured that the full force of 2016 will be unrelenting in its attempt to bring each of us to our full human potential.

Embrace it all…open up, let go, expand, release, face & feel everything. Unblock your magic. Destroy the ill-usion, wherever and whenever it presents.  Rinse & Repeat until every aspect of your life and world sparkles and shines to reflect the magnificent star that you truly are.




p.s. Just as I finished writing this, the storm cleared and blue skies abound…