First and foremost…BREATHE.  Tho ultimately all for LOVE, the fact is that we’ve all been thru some super charged, highly discordant and seriously disharmonious energies this month, and whether you are “in the world, or of it”, it still smarts in parts.

Tragedies, calamities, natural disasters, social & political insanity, financial instability, etc….these all kick up (reflect) intense collective root fears that every part of the human family is in some way responsible for.  But because we know that these energies can only be alchemized from within, our job thru moments of upheaval is exactly what we’ve practiced in the safety of our cocoons for several years prior…to anchor within, examine our own reactions/responses to the energies, transmute/transcend any personal dissension, and then return to the bigger picture perspective ASAP. Rinse, repeat.

We’re certainly no stranger to this process, but the last several weeks seriously tested our resolve.

The summer/winter definitely got off to a rocky start 😳 but we are learning that the more we become true to ourSelves, the more we withdraw our energy from anything external (soul defragmentation)…from that which no longer serves our own unique path of mastery…the more energy we have available to Self sustain, Self generate, Self realize.  Staying narrowly focused on our soul’s path during times of tumult enables us to not only unhook from the outer chaos but also gives us an opportunity to move on from our own  perceived wounds…those unLOVEd aspects that still get triggered thru the experience of the dismantling world.

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For those who have used this (solstice) push of energy to move more fully into Self containment…congratulations!  This is truly a moment to celebrate your mastery success, even amidst the turbulence that plays out around us. We are being (re)born from WITHIN the unsettledness, and against all odds we rise…phoenix style.  As such, we are (still) in transit to a new elevated creation cycle that will see those prepared transitioning from the journey of seeking all lost parts of ourselves to creating the highest expression ourSelves in form.

This is where our practical mastery meets magic in the physical world and it is incurring an obvious deepening in our bodies and lives, a grounding like never before as the light of our souls enter places within ourcellves never before illuminated.  It has been a very challenging phase (for the physical body especially) to withstand so much light, to rouse so much life Force after eons of human slumber, but we are doing it (!) and according to my Sources, we will be doing it with even greater confidence thru the 8-8 gate.

As we descend (our divinity) deeper into the earth we are already getting thrown into the game, having to practice our mastery in more experienced-based ways.  We have been swimming in SO much uncertainty, with so little motivation and so little clarity around our next steps that we have had no choice but to surrender ourcellves to the stillness, to find comfort in immense discomfort and trust with every fiber of our being that All is well.  And it always is, yet the work of higher consciousness is in aligning with that choice/timeline/reality in every single moment now.

We are moving up another rung of the creation spiral, stepping onto a new platform of personal & social expression and it is a very complex and thorough process of disconnecting from any and all things that our energy is externally invested in so we can reconnect fully to our own Source-Self sustainability. July has been a monster of a month in this regard, but since the Lion’s Gate opened (as of 7/26) hopefully you are starting to see the light (fire) at the end of what amounted to a very long and very dark tunnel.  If not, you will in your own perfect time.

As the new creation energies continue to accelerate and the debris of duality swirls about, we may find ourselves having to exert extra effort to tune into our own LOVE and center there…but I assure you it is always a constant, beneath the rubble of some pretty aggressive dismantling.  If you are struggling to stabilize, diligently work with your higher aspects in every moment needed to consciously/continually move yourself into a higher reality program, by decree.

Thought manifests so much more effortlessly now, remember your power to choose the highest reality available to you at all timesCommand your authority to alter your reality at will. Honor your nudges. Listen to your body. Observe dismantling with detachment. Continually release any and all frequencies not in accordance with your soul’s intentions.  Keep your (heart) energy moving. Flush your toroidal field with golden light.

Most importantly and above ALL else, stay true to YOU.

As always, keep your hands and feet INSIDE your ascension chamber (torus) at all times and try to enjoy what will ultimately amount to the ride of your life!

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A Divine Reminder

It’s one thing to know or hear about what’s ahead and why, but quite another to actually experience it first hand.  Because we are officially in the thick of the revelation phase…which is really just the very beginning…I want to open with this empowering reminder from the Spiritual Hierarchy (from the March 2016 report):

And to this we would say to your world at large: prepare for the return of GOD.

For just as an entire human collective is permitted to enter the light, so too will GOD be permitted to enter the dark…to illuminate the most hidden of shadows in ways never before possible.

To that end there will be quite a ripple effect and this is something that we encourage you to be conscious of. For in your christed attainment as Suns of GOD on earth your light will alter the very foundation of your world, the very fabric by which your society is woven will come undone, begin to fray in an intensified way…both in the destabilization created by your collective withdraw from the 3d dimensional timeline, as well as the surge of light cast into the crystalline grid.

Both of these dynamics will profoundly hasten the collective awakening, to what we would frame “meteoric”.

Indeed, the earth will rumble and quake in the presence of YOU. The skies will open to receive you, and the waters of earth shall quiver in response to you. We assure you that as you embody your divinity, the world will notice, even if few understand.

In this, and until the dust settles, be wary of those who may turn on you. This is not to say that caution is warranted, only a watchful eye peeled to your surroundings with the awareness of what is indeed taking place at the highest levels and how that may translate to those around you. We would consider this a year of heightened spiritual discernment, where unpredictability is on the rise.

Though the dismantling world of duality is already showing greater signs of volatility, know that you are moving into a collective period of intensified chaos on the world stage, though you will do so as a stable FORCE of LOVE, as the rising phoenix from the obvious ashes of the dying world.

Remember your mastery. Do not be dismayed nor caught in what presents, but instead relish in the reality that all that ensues is result of YOU, of your light, of your LOVE as GOD made manifest on earth. For the conscious, this chaos is truly something to behold…indeed it is showing you the deeper level integration of LOVE on this planet as the light penetrates even deeper into the darkness, exposing more of the inner workings of the outworn.

Uncomfortable as it may seem to bear witness to, only the truth shall set you free.

As always, ALL is well as LOVE.

Holding this perspective/understanding/awareness inside is-will continue to be key to maintaining our inner-balance point in times to come.

Divine Gender Rebalancing

All the internal and external unrest that we are witnessing in and around us is, at its Source, the result of the divine gender merger that is currently taking place both within and around our world…ie, the bulk of what we are seeing played out within ourselves, our relationships, in the extreme weather patterns, on the social/political/world stage, etc. is all a direct reflection of this rebalancing and the ramifications hereof.

Because there is a new m-f equilibrium trying to birth on this planet (thru all those who embody this equilibrium within), many world affairs are and will continue to turn upside down since so much of what currently exists in our society is still extremely polarized in a gender-based way.

From a higher perspective, gender is nothing more than the physical representation of opposites required to release the notion that opposing realities are necessary at all.  Depolarization is the name of the current global game and we are seeing (and will continue to see) much by way of this imbalance…ultimately with the purpose of full disclosure (transparency), and then to rebalance, reunify & reharmonize the sacred masculine and feminine forces of creation on the planet as a whole.

As earth and humanity move more solidly into the unified energy that is now prevalent in our planetary grids, compliments of the ascending collective, many more people will now begin to awaken to their own inner divine gender imbalances (polarization) and consequently begin to whole the divide that creates the fear-based chasm of separation between you and me, us and them.

This depolarization is happening everywhere at the same time and while I have very little (if any) interest in the falling world, it’s nevertheless interesting to see the effects of gender divide played out here in America via the upcoming presidential election:

  • The 2016 general election is shaping up to feature gender gaps that would prove unprecedented in recent memory
  • The 2016 Election Could Boast A Historic Gender Gap
  • The matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is shaping up to be a ‘titanic clash of the sexes’
  • Presidential election has the potential to have the largest partisan gender voting gap in modern elections
  • Biggest gender gap ever so far as 2016 presidential campaign unfolds

Even though it appears that we are moving in the opposite direction, what we are really looking at is proof of the polarity that has to be experienced/played-out/witnessed in order for duality to be transcended.  And yes, it’s a total circus, but in some ways that’s the point…to reveal the ridiculousness of our past (unconscious) choices…of what we have collectively created/allowed/accepted with a separated mindset…so we can collectively recreate a new, unified world.

This will obviously not happen overnight, but as the ‘United’ States moves toward the monumental task of healing the separation intentionally wedged among it’s people, the election itself is proving by it’s very fabric that truly we are more of a divided than united nation. As more and more of the truth is exposed we will all get to see the reality of..not that which this nation was founded upon…but is really run by.

Seeing/accepting the full truth is always the prerequisite to change, and as more light penetrates the planet, disclosure on every level, in every country will be unavoidable as all that which was hidden comes into plain view.  And as the dominos continue to fall, know too that many will rise...there will be many upcoming  choice points, new collective decisions needed to create the new systems of a new society that reflect the truth of the emerging new world consciousness.

Creating these new systems is what we are all here for and where our focus best serves us.

What we are trying to ratify is the overarching importance of gender in your election…the proof of this polarization as it pertains to unification.

As the male and female counterparts stand in as representatives of each polarity construct, you will come to see many rise to represent a fair assessment of equality.

Reestablish, Redefine, Reassess

As the remaining summer (winter) months wear on in this very potent 9 year, the last of a nine year cycle of evolution and societal change, many of us will be moving from an exhaustive state of confusion, uncertainty and limbo into a greater understanding of what life holds for us…in the greatest sense of the word.

Each of us, regardless of where we find ourselves in our personal evolution, are moving thru a rapidly unfolding shift into greater (unified) consciousness within our personal spheres.  This is a very individual process, yet one that greatly affects the whole of creation…for those embodying at this time, these inner shifts are changing the world as we know it.

From the beginning you have been moving toward a unified state of being both within and through your personal life experiences, yet…as the recent solstice so poignantly marked the beginning of the revelation of new human life in a new world…you are each coming to realize, in your own unique way, what that means for you individually.

There is a burgeoning sense of newness, of grace beginning to bubble up that may only be partially accessible at the mo, and yet we Know/Feel that the past is no more…that “the world as we knew it”, and the way we participate with that world, is no longer.

This endpoint is creating a great sense of insecurity in the world at large but for those connected to their inner truth, and from this moment onward, it is both our joy and responsibly to Self to begin to reestablish, redefine and reassess what this means from our new point of entry.

The outside world is clearly crumbling in more noticeable ways and as we’ve said in reports past, this will continue to unravel your society to in greater ways to make room for a new society to be born.

Never has your world seen so much global contention and collective unrest, and yet so much growing capacity for LOVE to solidly be made manifest. 

As such we would like to remind each of you that what you are seeing on the world stage is but a fraction of what is true…for the Truth lives not in the chaos that grabs the lime light but in the small moments between, in the restoration of compassion and the growing capacity to relate to each other without discrimination.

New Creative Self Expression

As the chaos does it’s job in revealing what must come to light to assist humanity to make new choices…to think new thoughts, to remember our real identities as LOVE…those of us aware of/tuned into the new creation cycle and it’s purpose are simultaneously coming more into our own, moving deeper into new levels/higher of divine creativity that are no longer tied to “ascending” but based in the authentic truth of who we are.

Because the path of ascension is/has been so encompassing I am getting the sense from the galactic perspective that this new level of “service” (creative Self expression) awakening within us has the potential to turn some people’s worlds upside down…specifically those who viewed ascension as a destination and not journey, and/or over-invested in “it” instead of “Self”.

This is the ole “healer, heal thyself” conundrum where we have a tendency to project our own self healing process onto our worlds so that we can see/enact/play it out for the purpose of reclamation & defragmentation, and in the process come to be-lie-ve that world to be who we are.

The facts are that just because we are choosing physical ascension in this lifetime does not mean we all here to guide/teach about it…we are needed in EVERY aspect of life, so if you are someone who is starting to see outside of the “process” now, this is absolutely something to be celebrated and not feared. It means that you have freed yourself from over-identification with the “healing journey” and can now just be true blue.

Read: if the rug has recently come out from under you in this regard, check in with yourSelf to be sure your passions align with your heart and not your ‘healing’.

Realize that this new spiral of personal (divine) creation is uncompromising in its expression of soul truth, which, we find after all the years of inner-excavation is really the most simple, natural and effortless expressions of our incarnation experience…the vulnerable, innocent, pure, childlike parts that we repressed, kept hidden or were afraid to expose in fear of judgement…but also some human-earth parts of ourselves that brought us genuine joy but that we couldn’t fully access/participate in/take all the way while reclaiming our divinity.

Full Circle Moment

As we continue to ground the purity of our divine truth into our human vessels, we also may find ourselves coming full circle in some ways.

I am seeing specifically in the final quarter of this year, as we prepare to fully “begin again” in 2017, that some will be returning to a portion of past passions, projects, relationships, even physical locations that have always been deeply intrinsic to our soul truth, but that we needed to temporarily part with in order to reconnect with our divinity.

In these cases there is an undefinable, nearly nostalgic longing calling us “back”, even a sense of re-union approaching…a sense that after we reunite with our true/divine Self we will go back in time, as it were, to reunite/reconnect with our more grounded pursuits of past pleasure. Because of that, and in the weeks that follow, some of us will be urged to make new life choices based on the bridge we are crossing from seeking/wholing to BEing/creating.

It’s important that we always honor the spontaneous call of the heart for in some cases, the pull is related to BEing a bridge for soul family once we cross it ourselves. This could mean that the direction of your life may turn out to be very different than you thought/planned/expected, but it will be infinitely more fulfilling because it is rooted in your real Self.

If this is true for you, rest assured that you are not “going backwards” just perhaps returning to where you left off, with your full Self in tact.

Not only are you returning to lost aspects of Self, but you are also returning to some aspects of life that require your energy now.

What we mean is this…there are some of you who are returning to the outer world in such a way that you will be bringing forth, heralding, summoning the next round of soul initiates readying to cross the dimenionsal divide.  This requires that some of you stand in as harbingers, preparing the pathway for the next wave.

We would also like to be clear that while many of you are going to be bringing forth new aspects of creative expression, some of you will be bringing forth old, or lets say, unactualized avenues of creative expression.

In those cases where creative desires or projects were put on hold, held back or delayed due to necessary personal or planetary integrations, you may find a sudden creative resurgence in this regard.

There are some cases by which the divine inspiration for these projects created deep changes in your inner landscape, changes that were required for you to be able to bring these visions to life, in a manner of speaking. Now and through the lion’s gate, you will find that some of your past visions have present relevance again.

New Human Leadership

Through 8-8, I am shown that many firmly established in the new world consciousness are soon to embrace a whole (key word) new level of leadership…that those who have worked to balance and integrate their m-f energies within and are effectively leading their lives with their soul Self (divine feminine) are entering a brand new, active cycle of service.

A page is turning from the road you travelled to get here, to the road you are now paving for a whole new level of personal, and in some cases, galactic level leadership.

According to the Pleiadians, this new cycle commenced as of the Planetary New Year (7/26)…which presented the opening for this new level leadership to be born, en masse…for those who are leading the planet and her people to their highest destiny.

Every year from July 26th to August 8th a powerful vortex opens to welcome new light codes (intelligence) into the planetary grids that carries the blueprint for the year ahead. This year, and especially for those who are preparing to step into new roles (in some cases larger roles), I am hearing that: the time is nigh to speak up, to live your Truth out loud. As you do, so too will you join with many others in the pursuit of Eden.

There is a an entirely new social experience being born on earth and many are being invited from spirit, from within the call of our own hearts, to “get into position” now.  Those who are aligned with the highest destiny for this planet are those who are forging the new frontier, but keep in mind that leadership is so radically different than the ways of old.  Here, leadership is measured in our ability to be true to ourSelves and to radiate the fullness of that truth at all times…to keep our hearts open and our lights turned on.

New earth leadership is not about what we do with our light, but how.  We lead as LOVE each time we honor our own HEART…each time we acknowledge and express our true feelings, even at the risk of another’s..each time we make the conscious choice not to dim our lights just to keep the peace or make others more comfortable.

Because the time is approaching/anchoring for us to lead out loud, we have all been fortifying our inner resilience and learning to enact our supreme authority to honor and defend our sovereignty in an empowered, yet loving way.

This is the really hard human stuff and we have all been given ample opportunities over the last several months to put our new m-f balance in practice by vocalizing our truth (throat clearings), standing our ground, solidifying our boundaries and clearly communicating our honest feelings in an understanding, even compassionate way.  This practice is soon to pay off.

Up until now we were collectively bound to the experience of social separation, of seeing our differences in opposing, even competitive ways but now, as the new m-f equilibrium finds its balance on the planet, we will see ourselves emerge as a united social force which means a new leadership is at hand.

That leadership lives in the example of all of you who have/find the courage to authentically live your soul’s truth, out loud.  The call is getting louder because more of us are needed now.  As we step up and out, all those who are called to join us, can.  Your tribe awaits you.

As such we remind those who have been preparing for new ventures of creative expression that the time is approaching for your involvement in world affairs…not in the sense that you are being called to participate in the dismantling world, but by way of sharing your visions, your creations, your light with all those who are called to you from the falling world.

The question is no longer who are You, but what do you do with that understanding?

How do you experience yourSelf as LOVE?  And in what capacity are you driven to share that with others?

This is what the new human leadership asks of you.

GOD in a BOD

No doubt all the acceleration in creation energies is/has been having a quite an obvious and profound effect on our physical vessels. ?

Since Mars turned retrograde in April, you may have been faced with nearly every limitation you have ever carried in your cell matrix.  In many ways this may feel/have felt like a major regression but that’s not the case at all…these body memories have resurfaced for us to transcend any/all remaining thought patterns/karmic lineages that created emotional and physical imbalance/dis-ease while bearing witness to the corresponding cell memories as they express themselves.  And rather loudly.

We knew at the onset that this would be a very physically-focused year but it’s been a pretty long and relentless period by which we have had to maintain our mastery as many of our old storylines are played out and while continually focusing on/choosing/activating the higher reality (in every moment) understanding that endings and beginnings are simultaneous.

An absolutely exhausting endeavor in every sense of the word.

The physical body, in all its brilliance, has been our holding cell (literally) for all those past traumas that we didn’t have the spiritual maturity (until now) to face, feel & release.  But face, feel, release we must.  No symptom is without it’s cause and this cycle is proving that we can’t force it away without having to acknowldge/reconcile/resolve the “root” of it’s existence.  For those embodying, this is make or break time.  We are down to the wire, so anything we are hiding behind, anything we are (externally) depending on, is/will be vying for your attention, asking us to find the courage heal/whole/transcend from within.

Remember that our bodies are not punishing us, they are trying to LIBERATE us (from need)…command the activation and use of your higher body consciousness to free you from limitation, dependency, fear…anything that is impeding the flow of your life force must be removed for embodiment.

In the bigger picture we are preparing ourcellves to move from a reality of human codependence (false matrix) into our true state of Self sustainability, which means we can’t take any dependencies with us. ALL cords that syphon external energies must be cauterized.

Embodiment is a definite new and unfamiliar experience to the physical and needs our support, yet the council makes it clear that because it is creating a plethora of unfamiliar symptoms and feelings, that some are prolonging the anguish with fear and attachment.

As challenging as it can be, it’s so important to trust implicitly in this process…to open, allow, let go, surrender and lean into all the discomfort we are feeling as a necessary part of the ensoulment package.  It can be scary in moments, but our bodies know exactly what they are doing and we definitely need to follow their lead here.  Up to this point this has meant LOTs of alone time, LOTs of sleep, LOTs of zoning out, LOTs of nurturing, etc…honor, honor, honor your own process and needs.

Physical ascension means becoming the part of ourselves that has not (yet) had the privedlge to express in physical form…it also means that our physical vehicle must come into vibrational alignment with the frequencies of our heightened aspects and as it does, we are apt to feel every inch of ourcellves expanding to accommodate our light.

As your lower body system prepares itself to receive your soul-Self in form it is stretching and expanding itself in ways that you are unaccustomed to. This is normal and to be expected.

In this, many of you have already begun the descent into lower form and for you this process may be most uncomfortable at this time. As the body stretches and expands to house your light, many old programs related to old identities must be released and will fall away in order to make room for your true identity, for the experience you came to have on earth at this time.

For those nearly impaired by this phase, please realize that you are not going to be in this state of discomfort forever, or even for much longer…that while these symptoms may seem out of control, this is in fact due to the immensity of your own light, approaching arrival, on earth.

As we have mentioned in reports past, your light is ‘touching down’ in the deepest recesses of your being, reaching places on earth never before possible. Just as this light penetrates the cracks in your faltering society, so too must it enter all places of disrepair in your own body system.  All is well.

Mother of ALL Voids

While some of you reading this have already emerged from what I am officially calling the Mother of ALL Voids, others are still spooning their way out of their (higher) Self-imposed prison cells. 😳

I know that so many are/have been weary with the emptiness (meself included) but from what I understand, this particular period of disconnection…while longer and more grueling than most…also served a greater purpose than most.

For many of us this meant a complete shutting down…no connection to the outer-world, no connection to inner-joy, no connection to creation, no connection to the spirit world, even nature lost some of its luster. On a practical level this means everything rescinds…our vitality, motivation, desires, our ability to produce, finances, relationships, creativity, etc.

In parts, it felt like certain death.

We withdrew our life force so completely that it may have felt as tho your light was being extinguished (where nothing relates anymore) yet the Pleiadians explain that this ultimate withdrawal of our life force is/was required to master our own field of energy, independent of external crutches, so that we can step fully into our sovereignty…into Self governance.

When life closes in on us so completely it’s brutal, but also enables us to focus only thru our the lens of our soul.  When we are stripped of everything, we are forced to find peace in simply BEing, pleasure in just existing.  We may buck and squirm, kick and scream, resisting every single moment of the nothingness, but ultimately, nothing serves us more completely in attaining the fullness of our divine presence on earth.

Then, when we emerge from the void reconnected at a higher level/deeper in our embodiment, we are always gifted with the grace of our GOD Self…blissful just for BEing…ecstatic for no reason…peaceful with no agenda…motivated by pleasure, not pain…operating from abundance, not lack.

If you are not out of the woods yet, don’t lose heart….when you complete this intensive integration and reconnect to your full Self/higher vibrating reality, you will feel a definite newness…new direction with new clarity and new creativity.  And as the energies shift in August it will not be so difficult to feel the radiance of our light, the effortlessness of creation and the magic of manifestation again.

In fact, I am hearing that next month we will be realizing a growing confidence to emerge from the safety of our cocoons again….that we completed an important, yet challenging cycle of reclamation that consequently cleared the pathway for our higher dimensional creations to flow again.

Realize that while the inspiration you feel to create will increase, so too will your ability to work with it.

During the month of July, the swells of acceleration were so strong and affected the world so greatly that few were able to make use of the energy in creatively constructive ways.

Moving forward there will be ample opportunity to utilize these energies to transmute any destructive tendencies of self sabotage into fulfilling your creative pursuits.

As well, there will be much forward movement by way of personal clearings as the energies will be wrought with the potential to purify the lower body system in preparation for new breakthroughs and progress.

Remember that as you move deeper into your embodiment you emerge more fully as LOVE.

In September we have another big recalibration period that will lead us into the final quarter of the year, what I am hearing called the harvest of thousand lifetimes as our higher Self descends even deeper, more fully into the world.  We know by now that this process is a VERY gradual one, but our release from the lower world is reaching completion which means freedom, beyond ALL comprehension, is at hand.

And while this is never fully possible, August reads like “a break” in comparison to the months leading up to it, a moment to catch our breath, regroup, even savor in the emergence of a more heart-centered, more spontaneous, more effortless life.

We are urged to utilize this opening to refuel, to replenish, to nourish our souls with PLAY even as we continue to bear witness to the ongoing labors of our embodiment.

Here’s hoping for a much-needed month of reprieve!




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