The energies of the new month are already beginning to arrive, heralding the entrance of some superhero (m-f) rebalancing efforts set to take place in our lower body system in preparation for 2017…a year when the planet will need as many people as possible anchored in divine neutrality.

We are moving into a period of grounding, a profound integration of the new accelerated creation cycle which amplified exponentially thru the Lion’s Gate, and becomes fully viable on the September 22nd equinox, directly following the last eclipse of the year.

I know that many are relieved that August is coming to a close but the Leo energy amounted to an absolute inferno of creative fire that was so necessary for this upcoming cycle.  It brought with it many perks, but also many challenges, as we were required to burn off anything still preventing our fully empowered (divine) Self expression.  The upside is that we realized, with the right perspective, that the fires of hell are really just those of transmutation…dogged in their determination to empower us to become the leaders of our own lives.

And from what I am hearing, so many have succeeded in ways that will not only change the course of our entire life’s creation, but the entire course of human history.

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During the 8-8 gateway we were also downloaded with the codes to access the blueprint for the whole next year of our creating…enlightened visions/inspirational ideas/creative concepts that will unfold over the course of 2017 and that are intrinsically tied to the (Eden) blueprint for earth. Next month will be spent incorporating this intelligence into our bodies and lives in order to move forward with plans for implementation and production.

As we unzip the files for our next level creations we also begin the process of bringing this year’s creations to completion.  Add to that 1) two more eclipses, 2) the equinox, and the fact that 3) we are in the 9th month of the year, 4) completing a 9-year universal cycle and..well…you are looking at a serious September to remember.

More than the inevitable (and even monumental) endings approaching, we are going to be called to master the application of balance in our lives as we will be at once moving into our new positions, finishing up important details needed to provide us with some necessary (in some cases lifetimes of) closure, while simultaneously resting/recalibrating and retreating inward to receive important new soul directives.

This balancing act, fundamentally between BEing and DOing (but really so much more than that), is showing itself as a real task of dedication, refinement and acuity….ingenuity even…as well as a time to be ultra flexible, open and ready for anything.  We are going to be learning how to be up & down/inward & outward, all at the same time. Productive and yet still.  It may sound impossible, but this is what transcendence offers those who are willing/ready/able to leave the ways of duality behind for good.

All of this is the growing result of our inner m-f merger process, the ‘mystical marriage’ that is currently underway for many, enabling us to experience both our human and divine aspects/desires/intentions as ONE. NOTE: The Mystical Marriage is the merging energies of the (masculine charged) pituitary and (feminine charged) pineal glands, which initiate the birth of our multidimensional consciousness…the union of spirit and matter. Hello vertigo.

Ultimately, we are in the process of learning how to truly parent ourcellves…how to live as LOVE, with our hearts open and in first place, while also bringing the newly divine (on earth) masculine energy forward to support and protect the sacred inner feminine with the (higher) mentality and boundaries needed to live fully, openly, vulnerably, and in the world again.  We are learning how to fully rely on the new balanced relationship of our inner divine mother and father to completely orchestrate our lives now.

In the process of masterfully balancing these polarities we are remembering-in-action that to be sovereign is to live in full trust that we will spontaneously receive (command forth) what we need in each moment, AS we need it…that our only j-o-b is to move confidently thru life as the embodiment of LOVE itSelf, allowing for the Force of creation to construct every detail of our every divine request for every new life experience.

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Completion Point

The recent Lion’s Gate portal marked an important completion point for the self-healing level of initiation for many en route to embodiment, as well as the opening to new higher/mastery level initiations for the year ahead.  Not everyone is here at this time to embody as an (ascended) master of light, but for those who are this is a great moment to behold.

For those leading the planet to her ultimate destiny, this is the moment when you shift into what we would call syncopated rhythm with the universe as you prepare to bring forth the embodied truth of who you authentically are, in form.

After 9 months of inner gestation, and in one way or another, we are all preparing to move into a new chapter of transformation. For some this will ultimately mean resurrection, but for everyone the month ahead begins the season of birthing…the moment of manifestation, when the many fruits of our divine labors ripen and begin to reveal themselves in form.  

There are those of you who will be moving even deeper into the alchemy of resurrection as you enter into the final eclipses of your calendar year.  As a result, you are approaching a time of extraordinary advancement in physical form.

As your body vehicle aligns more fully with your ascended level Self you will come to see many reflections of your soul’s truth begin to shine forth through the activation and materialization of your higher body consciousness.

According to the galactics, our aim for this year was ‘revelation’ and from what I am hearing we are still on-course…meaning, we achieved that aim/outcome.  That says to me that the last 4 months of 2016 will be even more compressed/accelerated than what we have witnessed thus far this year.

That September is the 9th month within a universal 9 year (with two extra potent 9-9-9 stargates to boot) will certainly lend to some major endings, but also new choices & life-altering changes in preparation for next (1) year when we truly “begin again”. To reiterate, these endings and new beginnings are not only the result of this year’s inner work, but also the overarching cycle of the last 9 years leading up to now.

If this was our make-or-break year (think: wave after wave of light without any breaks between) to complete the requirements to ascend/descend, to finish what we needed to finish/leave behind/rise above/walk away from……then September feels to be the opening to new light at the end of a very long/mostly dark tunnel…the moment when the culmination of so many robust, interwoven cycles promises to bring all of our spiritual, mental and emotional dedication into the physical….and anchor it here.

As well, there will be new moments unfolding before you, moments that are indeed calling you to new creative cycles, new adventures of the soul…for the freedom of your sovereign nature is beginning to take hold and move you into a brand new, phase of physical mastery.

In this approaching phase many of you will be bringing forth new aspects of yourself as you reclaim parts of you that hold essential, ancient wisdoms for these times.

These burgeoning wisdoms have a great role to play in this new creation cycle as many of you will be needing this intelligence to employ your next level missions of service.

Total Self Realization

Those who completed the self-healing levels of initiation required for divine-human mastery thru the 8-8 gateway have moved thru what I am hearing called the portal to total Self realization.

Make no mistake, the Lion’s gate is/was a very special one this year…hence the magnitude of its extraordinary, in some cases knee-buckling 😳 power…because it contained within it the necessary codes needed to activate our higher body consciousness to the degree to which we are able to finally experience physical transcension. More on that below…

Even if you are not fully cognizant of this new level experience yet, know that total Self realization is a necessary step toward the embodiment of our cosmic Self and so we have been going thru quite a rigorous period of self (re)examination/continually testing our resolve in preparation for this new phase of mastery.

These show up in a myriad of ways but the most common triggers for mastery over the lower realities test our ability to balance ourselves on the polarity continuums in the areas of: self love/value (worth vs. worthlessness), relationships (love vs. loss), abundance (prosperity vs. lack) and physical wellness (health vs. dis-ease). And of course none of those are separate from the other, but each of us has a particular area (or 3) of contention that we may have been working with for untold lifetimes and that we are now here, in this lifetime, to settle for good. #nopressure  #?

Basically these “tests”…which really aren’t tests as much as they are combination locks waiting for the correct code to open access to the next/higher level experience. And for the record, that code is 528 (hz)…LOVE/divine-neutrality/zero point…which can only be achieved via non-reaction to these tests/triggers. Very similarly, if not verbatim, to video/computer games in which we can’t advance to the next level of the game until we master the one we are in.

And even when we do finally neutralize our karmic triggers…choose LOVE over fear in those critical moments…cut ties with an old reality program…a moment always comes where we are required to step up into our sovereignty and take the necessary actions in order to integrate and enact that new level consciousness into our physical life.

This year, these steps of expansion bring with them what could be called final initiation exams which is where many of us are/have been, particularly since Saturn stationed and went direct mid August. In this case, it may seem as tho every single wound/nightmare/area of darkness presented itself at once, or in continual succession, to give us one last look at those very familiar limitations/learnings before we move on for good.  The great news is that these final exams are really entrance exams (to the new world consciousness) which means once passed (completely neutralized) we are not only granted amnesty, but a permanent stay in the ascended state of consciousness.

Total self realization is the true reward, that which clearly delinates human from divine, and yet the two are so intertwined that it seems as one seamless living expression in form.

It is here, in this state, that you begin to honor your human and divine desires as ONE...not subjugating one for the other, but in learning what it means to walk in alignment with both, to honor each aspect separately, yet equally, and in totality.

Embodied Mastery

Through the totality of this eclipse season many will be called into higher levels of Self mastery and for some this will mean a new level awakening taking place in the body vehicle…one that is precipitating the entrance into the new world consciousness, that which officially and fully opens on September 22nd during the equinox event.

This new level cellular awakening is described as the most ancient and that while powerful, is also an organic process that is deeply regenerative…one that will change so much both within and around us. I am also hearing that this is not only creating the entrance into our new human existence, but that our physical body awakenings are creating a literal ingress to the new world/accelerated creation cycle for all who choose it.

My interpretation of that information pertains to the ‘revelation of ensoulment’…ie, that as we become embodied examples of what’s possible for all, we create the opening to that potential reality system via the living proof of what’s possible.

In the weeks to follow, many of you will be approaching a point in your personal evolution that will change the very nature of ascension and what that means not only for you, but for the planet as a whole.

You are turning the page to a new chapter of human life and this very powerful month before you brings with it brand new elements to support your new level mastery as GODs in form.

What this will mean for each of you will vary in scope, however the one thing that will be true for all is your growing ability to transcend the physical realm and its influence on you.

Physical Transcension

The moment of our Self realization as embodied masters opens to us as we become more entranced with life from this newly elevated attainment of unified consciousness that we are beginning to bump up against.  Our ability to balance our sacred inner forces is paramount to this independent, detached state of BEing, and it is one that we have been working to master for many years, tho none more than this year.

Because of that, you may feeling this divine neutrality seep into your cells since the 8-8 gateway which opened a permanent doorway to our physical transcension…the state in which we are able to participate in the physical world, but from an exalted state of consciousness.  And one that we earned the hell out of.  Literally.

Some signs of physical transcension are a noticeable childlike levity/playfulness of spirit…spontaneous laughter…a sense of ease/support/buoyancy in the physical realms…noticeable and unalterable distance from fear-based feelings and/or reactions…a deepening of trust/confidence/power that is based soulely in Self…a new flow of creative energy…crystal clear thinking…seeing a broader spectrum of visible colors…a sense that life is running on autopilot, effortlessly upholding itSelf according to our prime soul directives without our control or interference…the reemergence of passion for life again…complete emotional uninvolvement with others, even and especially those we are close to…the embodied understanding that nothing we want/need comes from the physical realm but TO the physical realm thru, for and by us.

The more we Self realize the more we transcend the 3D world constructs and it’s complex co-dependent entanglements.  From this elevated space we are not out of touch, but we are able to observe the world from the safety of our own Self containment. This gives us such an advantage for this time on earth where we will be able to remain witness to the world around us, in all it’s chaos, without taking a hit to our personal vibration/empathetically feeling the pain of others in such debilitating ways.

This state of detachment is how/when we truly become the highest service to the world…when we can maintain our divine neutrality/accept everything exactly as-is, bear witness to suffering without taking it on.  We certainly have no business meddling in the lower world, but this doesn’t mean we are exempt from being one with it.  Now we will have the tools we need to thrive and not just survive the earth as we have been doing for too long to talk about, out loud.

In this know that what was once your greatest weakness will now become your greatest strength..for you have worked very long and hard to master the singularity of polarity…the aspects of who, for so very long, you thought yourself NOT to be.

You have maintained with vigilance your personal constitution in this life and yet, you have openly welcomed the seemingly opposing parts of you with great responsibility in order to become the embodied masters of the physical world that you are destined to be.

This is quite a moment to celebrate dear divine kings and queens, for you are learning what it means to be your own forcefield of frequencies…your own deliberate mechanism of life creation…your individuated, yet interconnected aspect of ALL that is.

As you unify the merger of both spirit and matter, of Mother and Father GOD as ONE, indeed you shall rise and reign supreme over your kingdoms of glory.

Keeper of Your Kingdom

As we move deeper into the state of true Self-sustainability, reclaiming our sovereignty as masterful beings of creation, we grow in greater conscious command of our YOUniverse.  We not only become the authors of our own lives, we become the architects, the engineers and the builders of our entire life’s creation and all its contents.

Our transcension from the lower world means moving into a new way of living that will require new things from us…new ways of participating with the laws of creation, new ways of BEing in the world again, new methods of interacting with the world, new ways of relating to others, etc.

As the Self-appointed keeper of our kingdom we are responsible for creating our own lair, just as we are responsible for maintaining it.  And yet, this is no longer a “place” in which we retreat to, but a sacred space within, one that we now carry with us always.

Our sacred sanctuaries (read: cave, den, nest, cocoon, chrysalis, hidey-holes) that we have lived in while defragmenting/reclaiming our authentic Selves…our space of comfort and “protection from the harshness of the lower world”…is now so intrinsically a part of us that moving into this new creation cycle we will find that we always have the security of our Self containment within. The Self containment of our own LOVE also means that we will no longer be so impacted/drained by unloving energies…she says with so much relief…tho of course we will need to learn how that translates via our new states/initiations of mastery.

This is/will be a new level advancement for much of the ascending collective…certainly there has not always been a solid sense of safety or a feeling of protection from the energies around us while we were transmuting/depolarizing/licking our wounds…in some cases the feelings of extreme vulnerability caused us to isolate and to break off from society in a reclusive way.  Now however, and moving into the remaining months of the year, I am hearing that more and more we will be feeling the equanimity of our very own life Force sustaining us…even and especially in the face of external turbulence, tension or strain, we will have access to calmness and inner quietude.

This newfound equilibrium is yours to keep beloved comrades…this is the ‘forcefield of protection’ that you have been desiring, calling forth, longing to experience in the physical world and yet, and as you can now confirm, this feeling can only come from within.

As such, and as you move more deeply into this new space of inner balance and creator confidence, you will come to find that your external world suddenly begins to reflect to you the very safety that you are now beginning to feel from within yourself.

Yes, these new feelings of security in the world are exactly what will create the experience of them.  As a result you are going to witness your world transform before your eyes as your personal hologram morphs into the very cocoon that you have been nurtured by all the years leading up to now.

That cocoon, that safety net of Self LOVE that has been so intricately woven in and around your energy field is, in fact, the sacred merkaba that you have…in some cases unknowingly…been building for yourself so that you could experience life on earth in your own way, on your own terms, and from within your own well of Self sustenance.

The activated merkaba is the Forcefield of divine LOVE that surrounds you now, lifts you to elevated heights, and is what we would call your new 5D vehicle…that which truly enables you to live in and not of this world…that which transports you to and from every life experience of your choosing, of your creating.

This is why we have said that indeed ascension takes place within your very cells, for contrary to popular belief, your body vehicle is and has always been your true ticket to freedom.

The True FREEdom

The Aquarius full moon on August 18th, what some were calling the ‘almost eclipse’ was an important activation supporting our liberation from the lower world.  The PHC called this moon a demarcation moment (tho it read more like a trigger point for the transcendence many are feeling as we disengage with causality)…the essence of which was pushing us to highlight/release limitations around enacting our true freedom, so that we can bring our liberty to the fullness of its expression.

Ironically, transcending the physical world means integrating our divine mastery thru physical world experience.  It’s a definite “in-not of the world” understanding that everything we desire to experience IN the physical cannot be created FROM the physical, yet we must be fully present TO the physical to create here.

As we lift ourselves above the fray so to speak, as we open to our higher level reality, so too do we lower that reality in form.  This anchoring of divine LOVE from within the body, from within the earth even, is exactly the route of attainment for embodied mastery…yet the irony remains that we are having to move deeper into the earth in order to free ourselves from it.

As we descend deeper into our humanity from the point and perspective of our divinity, we are actually releasing ourselves from the entanglements of the lower reality system.  It is a requirement that we first build our temple of light from within our sacred space before we can fully embody it, but there comes a point on the path of mastery where we must move into our life and world AS that light in order to free ourselves from the old ways of relating to that life and world.

In other words, as we embody our temple of light and anchor it into our lives we are required to revisit and retrain our responses to it. Because of this you may find that you are/have been called back into certain situations and circumstances in order to re-engage them from your totality, as LOVE.

The council explains that, especially during this upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle (8/30), we will have a plethora of opportunities to respond to life situations differently, to view our past with a higher/more liberated perspective, to literally see things in a new light …with more LOVE in our hearts (detached compassion) and more light in our minds (higher perspective) and that in some cases we will even be given chances to mend relationships that perhaps we never thought possible.

The reason this is becoming possible, and will even seem natural and effortless, is because we are withdrawing from/leaving an entire hologram of life experience for an entirely new one and we can’t leave any traces of incompletion behind.

In this, you will find that you harbor no ill feelings and instead you will want for resolve, closure, and peace between you and the world you are leaving behind.

In some cases you may even experience moments of grief as a sense of completion is so apparent to you…even perhaps intermittent longings for what once was.  This is normal and to be expected for you are pulling back all the parts of yourself, all your fragments from all those essential life learnings, those situations in which you have now completed via the lengthy sojourn of causality.

This upcoming (9) month of endings will also procure many new beginnings in this regard, however we wish to again make clear that September brings with it more than the usual feelings of closure, it will bring a sense of finality.

Eclipses to Equinox

As the summer/winter draws to it’s close and the eclipses (9/1 solar & 9/17 lunar) give way to defining life changes, many of us will feel called to participate in life in brand new, (liberated) ways…ways that respond to our new unhindered desires.

This is definitely a switch that flips from within…it is not something to seek or attain, simply an inner-knowing/feeling that the time of self healing has come to completion and that you are established enuf in your mastery to begin sharing your light with the world. In fact, you will know this by the simple fact that you cannot ignore this urge…that it is so much bigger than you/me/us.

This desire to share ourselves and our gifts must come from the call of our own heart and it must be honored in such a way that it is authentic and unique to us…without trying/efforting/blocking…so that we can allow our own life Force to organically show us the most harmonious flow in each moment.

The eclipses themselves will present each of you with new life circumstances as the wheel of destiny is turning in the most noticeable ways…this pertains to both the micro and the macro.

The world itself will see much change in the remaining months of the year, but for those who are leaving behind the old ways of being human and the 3D template that sustains it, you are going to be noticing the effects of these eclipses most profoundly.

In this we want to urge each of you to consider that you have had quite a year of intense preparation for this very passageway and in some cases, you have far exceeded the expectations of what was possible in the waves of intense light that preceded the incoming.

Because of this, because of your collective efforts to transform so much from within yourselves so rapidly, the final blast of LOVE coming for earth this year will be one in which the impossible will become possible.

Those of you who have taken in the most light are those who will be realizing the most potential from this upcoming passageway and we say this with such gratitude, bewilderment, and excitement, for there is a world of experience awaiting each of you that will truly change the very fabric of society…the scope of which is incomprehensible at this point.

The PHC also make clear that directly following the final lunar eclipse, and as we approach the equinox on 9/22, that there will be a very necessary internal/external recalibration taking place that will bring each of us into deeper/complete alignment with the new world consciousness so that we can begin opening, acclimating and immersing ourselves in the frequencies of 2017…energies that are being framed: “unheard of”

While this year has been so unbelievably valuable to your journey on a whole, it really is so pressing that you feel anchored in your divine Self for the coming year of even greater planetary change.

Those of you who are being called into position now are gearing up for exactly this reason…

Higher Level Service

New level purpose, new life creations, new soul-centered relationships, physical relocations, new creative inspirations…in some cases, all of those things…are HERE-NOW.

Some of you are preparing to venture into new level missions of service…service that is not only Self directed and sustained, but also part of the bigger planetary picture and those who partake in it.

Eclipses always bring life change, in some cases unexpectedly, but in all cases for our highest good. During the next season some of us will be be joining with others in new co-ventures of the heart…reconnecting with more members of our soul family that in some cases we have been co-creating with for thousands of lifetimes toward this aim.

Know that as you join in creation with other soul team members that you are in fact, rejoining with your divine/galactic missions of service that far precede this earth mission and that have roots deep in the blueprint of your very own soul’s plan.

In my own world, this has meant the birth of my new/higher level work in co-creation with my sister, but in all cases a great unveiling in your own plan approaches, one that will reveal itself in the coming days.  As always the suggestion is to remain flexible and open to what comes into our lives during the eclipse portal for we may suddenly be pulled in a direction unexpected.  Remember that these always have great purpose in helping us to get somewhere higher/more aligned with our soul’s plan…even it it doesn’t seem that way in the moment.

Stay riveted to your heart’s knowing as many new pieces to your divine puzzle come into plain view.  Much will become clear and much of that clarity will emerge from your heart-space over the ensuing days.

Changing Body Vehicle

So much change is coming to the fore, so much that you will want to stay riveted to both within and around you…but mostly AS you.

We are so rapidly becoming capable of steering clear from the lower world, from the heavy thoughts that keep us bound to the gravity, and the dense feelings that keep us tied to the false matrix….that which syphons our creative (sacral) energy for the sake of mass manipulation.

This is important because as we transcend the 3D world matrix, we detach fully from the 3D (body) template that sustained us there. Apparently we maintain both 3&5D templates as we morph and mutate to align fully with the 5D/ascended template, but as we move into the new world consciousness we bring with us only the new body template, that which is governed by the higher body consciousness.  This new template is the map for our body’s perfection, the blueprint of physicality that is based in our soular/christed expression of Self.

This brings with it many rewards for you will begin to know and relate to your body as the bearer of your liberation in lieu of the prison ‘cells’ that kept you incarcerated, confined to the limitations of the lower body consciousness.

The intelligence of the ascended body template effortlessly guides us thru the movement of life…instead of being impaired by it.  The council explains that as we learn to balance and Self-contain within our body vehicle, so too we will notice changes begin to take place in our physical form…hopefully of the comfortable kind. ?

The body vehicle, which up until now has been sustained primarily on external sources of sustenance, is now beginning to adapt and respond to its true Source of sustenance, the life Force that animates your soul and it’s current container.

Because of this, you will be going through some changes that may take you by surprise in the sense that you begin to experience the emergence of what we would term ‘freedom of the flesh’.

The physical body has been longing for the same feelings of safety/security that we are starting to experience from our activating merkaba and it is only now that we are beginning to truly interface with this ultimate ability to ‘free our flesh’.

As we learn to stabilize and maintain our Force field for longer and longer periods of time, so too does our body possess the ability to sustain and maintain itself for longer periods of time.  This growing ability will be a partnership and one that we must develop alongside our new relationship with trust as our body vehicle conforms to our new transcended (high-heart/high-mind directed) perspective.

Our greatest freedom is that which enables us to experience and enact our heart’s desire without interruption…the freedom to be able to witness and engage life without being weighed down from it. This is what our body also ultimately desires and it is exactly what we, in partnership with ourcellves, will be bringing to life as the new human prototypes.

Wishing each of you the most fulfilling, life-altering changes and revelations on your eclipse journey into the unknown!



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