The energies of the new month are already beginning to arrive, heralding the entrance of some superhero (m-f) rebalancing efforts set to take place in our lower body system in preparation for 2017…a year when the planet will need as many people as possible anchored in divine neutrality.

We are moving into a period of grounding, a profound integration of the new accelerated creation cycle which amplified exponentially thru the Lion’s Gate, and becomes fully viable on the September 22nd equinox, directly following the last eclipse of the year.

I know that many are relieved that August is coming to a close but the Leo energy amounted to an absolute inferno of creative fire that was so necessary for this upcoming cycle.  It brought with it many perks, but also many challenges, as we were required to burn off anything still preventing our fully empowered (divine) Self expression.  The upside is that we realized, with the right perspective, that the fires of hell are really just those of transmutation…dogged in their determination to empower us to become the leaders of our own lives.

And from what I am hearing, so many have succeeded in ways that will not only change the course of our entire life’s creation, but the entire course of human history.

During the 8-8 gateway we were also downloaded with the codes to access the blueprint for the whole next year of our creating…enlightened visions/inspirational ideas/creative concepts that will unfold over the course of 2017 and that are intrinsically tied to the (Eden) blueprint for earth. Next month will be spent incorporating this intelligence into our bodies and lives in order to move forward with plans for implementation and production.

As we unzip the files for our next level creations we also begin the process of bringing this year’s creations to completion.  Add to that 1) two more eclipses, 2) the equinox, and the fact that 3) we are in the 9th month of the year, 4) completing a 9-year universal cycle and..well…you are looking at a serious September to remember.

More than the inevitable (and even monumental) endings approaching, we are going to be called to master the application of balance in our lives as we will be at once moving into our new positions, finishing up important details needed to provide us with some necessary (in some cases lifetimes of) closure, while simultaneously resting/recalibrating and retreating inward to receive important new soul directives.

This balancing act, fundamentally between BEing and DOing (but really so much more than that), is showing itself as a real task of dedication, refinement and acuity….ingenuity even…as well as a time to be ultra flexible, open and ready for anything.  We are going to be learning how to be up & down/inward & outward, all at the same time. Productive and yet still.  It may sound impossible, but this is what transcendence offers those who are willing/ready/able to leave the ways of duality behind for good.

All of this is the growing result of our inner m-f merger process, the ‘mystical marriage’ that is currently underway for many, enabling us to experience both our human and divine aspects/desires/intentions as ONE. NOTE: The Mystical Marriage is the merging energies of the (masculine charged) pituitary and (feminine charged) pineal glands, which initiate the birth of our multidimensional consciousness…the union of spirit and matter. Hello vertigo.

Ultimately, we are in the process of learning how to truly parent ourcellves…how to live as LOVE, with our hearts open and in first place, while also bringing the newly divine (on earth) masculine energy forward to support and protect the sacred inner feminine with the (higher) mentality and boundaries needed to live fully, openly, vulnerably, and in the world again.  We are learning how to fully rely on the new balanced relationship of our inner divine mother and father to completely orchestrate our lives now.

In the process of masterfully balancing these polarities we are remembering-in-action that to be sovereign is to live in full trust that we will spontaneously receive (command forth) what we need in each moment, AS we need it…that our only j-o-b is to move confidently thru life as the embodiment of LOVE itSelf, allowing for the Force of creation to construct every detail of our every divine request for every new life experience.

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