It’s official.  September 2016 was the  l o n g e s t  month in the history of everness.

In some ways it was also the most excruciating, and yet, because we have spent so many years preparing for the ultimate (and repetitive) death that we would all have to walk thru last month, there was also a growing sense of capability…maybe even mastery…as we persevered thru some of the oldest demons of our existence one last time.

For those of you who took a final inventory of your most ancient wounds and have fully realized your wholeness…i.e. that the defragmentation (read: self-healing) journey is officially over…the door to your new reality is now opening.  This month we begin to make our way into the next 9 year cycle of our divine-human mastery, one that no longer requires suffering in order to evolve/expand/experience life on earth.

It may not feel that way yet as we have been hollowed to a point of near non-existence, but we are still pivoting from empty to full…refilling our LOVE cups with only what’s true.  It will continue to be a slow and steady strengthening but our new beginnings are anchoring and we are starting to tap into the new potentials that are fully aligned with our soul’s truth.

[Tweet “The dissolution of identity is the ability to live in full truth without having to name it.”]

As we dissolve our old world identity the new world opens to us which is why we waded thru the death of our past self/life for 30 very long, very thorough days…at least half of which we spent engulfed in seas of uncertainty and non-meaning. For those inquiring, this encompassing process is why I chose to not to write a report for September as something so BIG has so completely ended that I found myself literally unable to speak on it while in it…which I guess says more than any words could have possibly conveyed. That said, this report ended up significantly longer than most (sorry ?) so September found its way into my October after all, just in it’s own timing.  I will call this unexpected amalgamation of months my Septober report.

NOTE: For those of you who were inquiring about my well being, thank you and sorry to cause you concern.  It was a deeply challenging month for me on a personal level and I needed to completely withdraw in order to get my bearings, to be able to understand what was taking place to the point that I could speak on it with clarity. Tho I only write when called, I know this stretched some of you beyond your comfort zones and I thank you all for your patience during what amounted to be a very heartbreaking moment in my life.

Until now, every thought/word/deed was literally devoid of meaning and riding that cycle out with awareness brought us all to a place where we can now begin to understand what we’ve all just been thru, why, and where we are now headed…which will ultimately amount to the materialization of our most recent transformation: creating/learning/practicing new ways of relating and responding to life, devoid of karmic participation, as we bridge our once ‘spiritual world’ with the material.

It’s time now to experience a new/true physical expression of Self and so last month was akin to a grand finale moment for many, a last hurrah and final foray in separation…not just the finality of the year, or even the last 9 years…but of lifetime after lifetime of painful/limiting karmic and repetitious patterns.  And while that sounds super great on paper, the reality is that this cycle is/was not going out without a fight… ?

The equinox followed up by the recent (black) new moon in Libra has seen to it that we are/were all presented with a last minute sobering dose of truth…an inner-awakening of falsity that in some cases we had no idea we were upholding, and if we did, it wasn’t until now that we understood why.  In order to complete our sojourn in duality we are all being called in one way or another to rip off the bandaid covering our deepest wounds and own up to past choices that may have felt true at the time, but now require us to balance out the effects of our unconscious cause.

The amazing news is that any cold hard consequences that we were (long ago) misguided into be-lie-ving to be our truth, while razor sharp, have finally presented us with the opportunity for radical, permanent change.

For the remaining months of 2016 we will all be held to our new truth, asked repetitively to act on it…to make certain that we honor our heart & inner-authority over “outer/other” in order to carve out the new (neural) pathway bridging us to the new world/year.

The light at the end of the death/birth tunnel (eclipse portal) has called all those who are purged of density back Home and now that we are beyond September and can view it more objectively (?) we will begin to notice just how much dead weight we actually dropped.

We all know by now that to get thru the eye of the needle means no attachments to 3D, but what we found last month is that even the t-i-n-i-e-s-t little thoughts/feelings/actions that maintained a false sense of security have/had to be relinquished, given over for our greater good. In some cases we were even forced to let go of our attachments to letting go. In the best cases this meant finding a new outcome to our most painful past experiences….facing our fears with brand new perspectives in lieu of over-identification with our wounding.

The extent to which we were successful at this last month will see a radical shift in consciousness this month and onward as the phase of seeking lost parts of ourselves ends and the journey of living spontaneously, courageously, empowered As LOVE begins in earnest.

Where September may have felt like the (old) world was closing in on us, October will feel like a whole new world is opening up to us.

Because it is.

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Post Equinox Calibration

Since the equinox we have undoubtedly been in a period of deep reconstruction and inner-stillness, a very important phase needed to reorient us to new life after so much death/dying/letting go. This space of incubation has been preparing us for the clean slate that is now becoming our lives…helping us to make  new choices and take the new actions necessary to fill our our reality with the truth of who we now Know we are.

This readjustment period is part of the major recalibration that was made clear to us in the last report and will continue for the remainder of the year:

…directly following the final lunar eclipse, and as we approach the equinox on 9/22, there will be a very necessary internal/external recalibration taking place that will bring each of us into deeper/complete alignment with the new world consciousness so that we can begin opening, acclimating and immersing ourselves in the frequencies of 2017…

We are already beginning to feel the opening that 2017 is heralding, thoughts & feelings of liberation bubbling up that we can hardly fathom after so many years (lifetimes) of being jailed in our own wounding and miscreations. And yet we can also see that we still have lots of balancing/calibrating to do to bring our worlds in alignment with our full truth.  As we leave our limitations behind we are learning what it means to be in a body from a state of totality and this is going to force us to change so much about our lives and the way we relate to it.

Much of this change we are not aware of, and yet we can already sense the untapped potential within as our once dormant aspects come alive and we learn/remember how to go at life with the ultimate feminine-masculine balance of heart/mind, BE/DO, play/create, love/live, ONEness/individuation, etc.

This is going to be an exciting, yet foreign time for many of us as we enter into harmony with our inner-opposites.

Polarity Integration

Moving into the next universal (9 year) cycle much will come to pass in a new way, via a whole new (opposite) life dynamic. This year in particular we have been putting forth an extraordiary amount of focus toward embodiment and the time is now approaching when those of us who have been focusing solely on ensoulment will begin to move into the actualization of it.

This means more than anything that those who are prepared (neutralized) for the shift into higher consciousness are opening to the conscious ability to anchor there, permanently.

The final week of September (post equinox) brought with it some unheralded potentials for change in this regard and even tho it may have seemed as tho our lives and all its contents were put into a blender, really we were all presented with whatever was needed to move us into even greater alignment with the absolute truth of who we are.

All this inner-alchemy/upheaval is being precipitated by the balancing forces of (m/f) energy within, those very forces that are now calling us to new life experience.

In this, know that what was once your burden is now turning to your joy, for each of you are bringing forth parts of you long-held dormant.

Until now, those of us who have been moving into the embodied state of higher consciousness have been working to achieve the balance between 1) those aspects of ourselves that were at the forefront and well developed with 2) activating/enlivening those parts of us unknown, dormant and/or unexplored within.

As we continue to accept/allow/integrate these undeveloped aspects of Self…and put them in action…we learn how to maintain the balance of both our masculine and feminine expressions of Self in the physical world.

As you learn to navigate the newer parts of your inner terrain, so too do you begin to experience what it is like to have been without those aspects.

It’s not as if they were gone or missing, only that you hadn’t yet developed a keen sense of understanding that has permitted you to realize what, in fact, you needed in order to become whole…to return to your full divine expression of Self.

But here you all are, in this moment of acquisition, moving into a whole new season of unveiling, a season of important completions but also a season of anchoring your wholeness in form.

As you do this, as you walk forward into the final months of 2016 you will become acutely aware of what has shifted within. You will begin to see the displays of that primarily in your relationships…beginning with how you relate to yourself, but also to each other and to the world.

As we merge our inner and outer worlds and ascension becomes a more physical/embodied experience, all this rebalancing will show itself in different ways for each of us individually…and with less universality.  If your constitution is/has been predominately feminine, you will be moving deeper into your masculine polarity where those with a predominately masculine constitution will move deeper into the feminine polarity…regardless of biological gender obviously.

We would also add that as you embody your opposite nature so too do you realize your capacity for gender neutrality in the sense that you no longer feel a particular affinity with either sex.

What we mean is that your inner landscape will shift to accommodate the totality of your divinity, which is genderless, and so you will no longer feel an inherent pull in either direction.

This will translate as a multilevel feeling of both freedom from the division in sexes as well as an identification with both.

In practical terms this is gonna render a whole lotta opposites.

So for example, if you have been too inward you be called more outward…if you’ve been too active, you will find the need to slow it down…if you’ve been overly productive you will long to bask…if you’ve been underproductive you will desire to create more…if you work a lot you will feel to play…if you’ve been reclusive you will want for more socializing…if you’ve been super social (as if) you will pine for alone time…if you give too much of yourself away or take too much from others you will learn to temper a balance in energy exchange…if you’ve been too outspoken you will work at being reserved…if you’ve been too quiet you will start to speak up…if you’ve been too passive you will be prompted to enforce your personal will…if you’ve been too forceful with your personal will you will be nudged to step outside of yourself…if you work alone you will may be called to join in participation with others, etc.

You get the idea.

As you learn to balance out these inner polarities so too will you feel complete in ways you never knew you were incomplete.

In this, you will also find out new things about yourself previously unexplored in such a way that will lend to a supreme feeling of newness, of wonderment…as though you are born into life for the very first time.

As mentioned in the last report, this ultimate balancing act is very life-on-earth stuff which is exciting that we are finally “here”, tho as you can imagine is/will present some mastery challenges for us to work thru…meaning, it will not always be easy or pretty to jump start these now-melting-but-once-cryogenically-frozen parts of self.  But melt we must because we can no longer depend solely on the singularity of our gender dominant constitution to evolve.

The spiritual has become material which calls for the application of mastery and that involves the balance of both inner parents (mother and father GOD) for true unity creation. For those embodying, the outer world is finally becoming the soul’s playground…but also the classroom.

This is why September brought so many of us to such a critical crossroads in our lives because the outcome of depolarization (sacred merger) is turning inside out…living our insides on the outside…shifting to a new (mirrored) experience of Self where the outer is no longer (perceived as) separate from the inner.

The intensity, discomfort and urgency that we have been feeling around this very shift is such that it brings up exactly the dynamics, both welcome & unwelcome, required for us to transmute/transcend any remaining polarity contained within ourcellves so that moving forward we can successfully witness our relationship to everything in our lives as the realization of Self.

Dissolution of Identity

It should be pretty clear by now that we’ve been dying to our old identity since 2016 began…well in actuality the process has taken much longer than that but this year it has been obvious in new and deeper ways.  And since last month was the 9th of the 9 (year cycle), we really got down and dirty with death….we released so much of our old self in one fell swoop that to go thru an identity or existential crisis at this time would seem normal and expected.

You are not only dying to your old identity but you are releasing an entire lineage of human miscreation, an entire matrix of falsity from your very cells.

The dissolution of personal identity gets more and more pronounced (for the ego) as we merge deeper and deeper into unity.  The ego isn’t who we are, but it does give us the opportunity to know ourselves…it’s quite a remarkable (holographic) mechanism that enables us to experience autonomy amidst the eternal ONEness.

And yet, our ascent into unity requires that we override the ego’s individuated dominance in order to maintain the soul-Self/heart in first place, a process which can threaten the ego aspect to feel as tho it is disappearing, and/or facing certain death…when really the poor little guy is just doing his job at keeping up the illusion of separation while also being ousted from his leadership position.

This feeling of dissolving is really a merging into the unified whole, but can translate to the ego as: “do I really exist?  If so, do I really matter?”  or  “how could I possibly have any individual value in such a large sea of (billions of) souls?”

Not to be confused with the feeling of being totally alone in the universe…like for instance when faced with sudden tragedy…the dissolution of (ego) identity is more of a low level/background thought/feeling of non-existence.  It is a cyclical process of releasing our concept of value from a place of personal identity and re-orienting it to the unified whole.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of dying while alive…which is  c l e a r l y  as normal as Sunday dinner…it can be disorienting and overwhelming to the senses to experience (while in a body) the reabsorption of self back into the whole of creation. Know that if you are/have been witnessing this process in yourself that while it can feel like you are vanishing into nothingness, you are really merging into everything-ness.

And while it means shedding the old/small/false identity, we still maintain our heart spark of individuality, just from the perspective of unity which holds the interest of a much broader Self (the Self that is connected to the ALL).

“It’s when our (small) self becomes uni-versal that our “desires”…our inspirations, aspirations and motivations…transcend/expand to encompass the whole of humanity whereby our intentions organically shift toward the interest of the highest good for ALL.”  – Create As LOVE™

Dis-identification with Spirituality

Another noticeable offshoot of the finality of ego-dominated identity death has been the recent and complete dis-identification with all things “spiritual”.  If you’ve been noticing a growing disdain, gag reflex even, for all things woo…this is potentially a very exciting moment on your journey!

The sudden and/or temporary cringing at the thought of all those things that once sustained us during the reclamation phase of our sojourn (dare I even say TWYH ? ) is a really good indication that we are no longer experiencing spirituality as something separate from Self…that we are recalling those fragments back, withdrawing our life force from all those aspects of self/areas of life that no longer apply.

For some this will include withdrawing from a “spiritual” life in order to live an embodied one.  

The reality is that so-called spirituality is now becoming physical and so immersing ourselves in the externalization (separation) of it will seem empty and superfluous for those who are no longer “on path”…aka, no longer seeking lost parts of themselves.  When we perceived ourselves to be separate from spirit we needed to immerse ourselves in the theory of it in order to feel ONE with that realm, but when we are ONE with that realm we no longer need to identify with it…we no longer need to “reach for” or “try to be” something we always have been.

NOTE: This reality won’t be immediately true for everyone at the same time so don’t be put off if you still feel a call to spiritual things…just know that like all things in existence, spirituality is just one stop on the train to truth and we all have to honor each stop along the way.  As always your heart will lead the way.

Technically speaking we are no longer awakening to ourselves but becoming ourcellves, releasing all the concepts that surround spirituality/ascension and now living them instead.  And while we are dis-identifying from the spiritual (as something outside of self) we are also re-identifying with the material AS spiritual.

NOTE: The reorientation of “material as spiritual” can be a little trippy because the embodiment of spirit translates to the mind as tho ascension never existed in the first place…and of course it hasn’t (5D).  And yet it has (3D).  Like the rest of physical life, everything we experience is a self-projected illusion and the whole idea that we had to become something other than what we already authentically are is currently dismantling before our very eyes.  Our job is to just observe it all as the “third entity” witness to our human and divine merger.

The path of ascension enabled us to elevate our consciousness high enuf to see the truth of who we are and raise our personal frequency to a point that we are able to ground and live that truth in the physical world.  But the deeper we descend into physicality the less relevant the path to get here becomes and so, like all else, we must surrender the journey completely to incorporate it fully.

When we do, when we move from becoming to BEing we can recognize that where “spirituality” was once our once whole world, the whole world becomes spiritual.

So if you have been floating around in a purgatory-like state, disconnected/disengaged from your life and creations in a way never before experienced, know that this is what it feels like (to our human) to merge worlds…when the spiritual realm becomes physical (embodied) and is no longer experienced as something outside of ourselves.

Please realize that the loss of your old, even ‘spiritual’ identity precedes the full birth of your true identity, and that the confusion and chaos with which you may now find yourself surrounded in is only a temporary, transitional experience.

Think of it, if you will, in terms of the physical birthing process by which you are leaving (temporarily) the reality of your true, spiritual nature and arriving in a world in which everything appears exactly the opposite to what you once knew to be true.

So it is that this current moment of your birth brings with it the disorientation of new surroundings, those that are not always immediately comfortable or recognizable to you.

You are having to recreate your world from the opposite side of the veil so to speak…from the perspective and law of ONEness…completely contrary to duality and separation.  This comes after countless lifetimes of the latter and so some patience is indeed called for as you navigate the learning curve.

As leaders of ascension/descension pioneering all the “firsts” we have always had the responsibility of remembering the new world/existence into being from the inside out, a process which has demanded a level of dedication and trust way beyond the normal human condition.

Being the first to materialize the spiritual…this takes our faith to a whole new level.

While you are having to trust so completely in the process of materialization remember too that you are also creating it as you go…that this reality is one that is born out of your actualization OF it.

In this, and for those who follow, this path will already BE.

Thank you? ?

Releasing Old Roles

Collectively, planetarily, we are shifting from an “I” to “we” dynamic…from self to global service…and yet the paradox is that we can only serve others THRU the (unified) Self.  Before we arrived at this knowing, the opposite was true in that we experienced ourselves as separate from all which created the illusion of needing to help/heal/save/serve each other when in truth we (now) know that ultimately no such thing is possible.

As the essence of our spiritual Self continues to integrate within our humanity/merge with the new earth we are having to yet again let go of old roles, definitions and all identities in order to just BE…true.

Breaking out of these old identity patterns and roles is largely what the rest of 2016 heralds for many of us.

In this reorientation of service you may also be remembering yourself to be far more equipped and adequate then you previously thought in that there is so much more of you available for life experience now.

This new understanding of self may bring with it some initial discomfort as you are forced to break through old patterns and embrace new life dynamics, but ultimately the revelation of your authentic nature will move mountains, create new rivers and streams of flowing, abundant life force.

Ultimately we are letting go of our roles IN service to living embodied AS service.  For those heading their own Self mastery this may once again mean letting go of the identity of healer, guide, teacher, way shower, etc. and to simply/fully embody those roles by sharing our expressions of Self instead.  We are shifting from showing the way to living the way…by simply sharing the magic that lives inside us.

And while we are eliminating the separation between who we are and what we do, this doesn’t mean that we are no longer healers, guides, teachers or way showers…it’s that the essence of who we are is so fully embodied that we simply exist as those things, without needing to identify with them.  The dissolution of identity is the ultimate detachment…it’s the ability to live in full truth without having to name it.

When we truly lead by example we do so without needing to be perceived as someone who leads by example or has an attachment and/or investment (feeling of responsibility) in whether or not we are received.  This is the epitome of “service” in that it affords us the freedom to truly co-create with the cosmic plan and not with human interference and/or expectation.

This is also the state of openness essential for the new creation cycle, that which puts us directly in the flow of all good things but requires that we live authentically, spontaneously and playfully…cocreating with every now moment in life, as LOVE.   Any label we hold or identity we claim outside of that is self-imposed, and in unity…without meaning.

The New You

The finalization of this universal 9 year is so paramount to the next in the sense that we will be leaving behind all that we are not in order to embrace/embody all that we truly, authentically are. We are clearly not out of the woods yet, BUT we are at the very beginning of our new beginnings.

This month, while still with its challenges, will also provide you with a glimpse of what “the new You” has in store.  This is not to say that you will at once be privy to your entire souls’ contents but that you will have a brand new understanding of life beyond 3D.

Moreover, as you move on from the old you, you are going to be faced with the joy, and in some cases responsibility, of creating a whole new life that is in complete alignment with the new You.

Tho we are still in the “setting up phase” of our new life and its components, October affords us a snapshot of what awaits us in the new year.  There is still more to come and much more to be done, but what we will all have the opportunity to experience now is a working framework for our personal divine blueprint.

Each of us, aware or unaware, has moved into a new incarnation experience.  This new life experience will begin to unfold over the remaining months of the year and when it (2016) completes we will have what the PHC refer to as ‘all the parts necessary’ to begin our new creation cycle.  These parts (of Self) needed to assemble our new lives are showing up now…not in a linear fashion…but one by one as we reclaim/activate/awaken our dormant aspects and abilities.

I am told that this is important to understand for many of you feel as though your world has been turned upside down, and in many cases it has…and yet, in one way or another we are all finding ourselves on new turf.

In this we say…trust that what lies before you, no matter how foreign or uncomfortable, will blossom into the newest expression of your soul’s desire for experience.

This has not been an easy time, nor has it been an easy year, but what comes of all this is your now ability to surrender fully to the truth of YOU.

To remember your Self anew is to respond to life differently, from the place of your eternal ONEness with ALL that is.

This is what awaits you here.

Regardless of how your world looks at the moment, know that the magic that lives inside of us…our true divine essence…our “soul song”…is seeking a physical expression now.  The Force of that expression will create whatever upheaval is necessary…by whatever means possible…to open a new (neural) pathway to new life.

At this fruit-bearing moment, ours is but to allow it to all to happen…confidently, courageously and without (human) interference.

Your Soul Song

Moving through this month you are going to be coming to terms with greater and greater realizations about the new life that is calling to you.

This is not to say that you will have a complete mental understanding of what that entails, but certainly your heartstrings are being strummed with new cords that resonate with your soul’s essence.

At first these cords may seem rather melancholic, as they contain the necessary vibrations needed to move beyond the past, from lifetimes even…but if you listen closely you will begin to discern your true soul song beneath the many layers of untrueness that have trumped your authentic Self expression until now.

As your soul song sings without the interference of false melodies, you will find that the entire cosmos responds dutifully and harmonically to your unique sound…for you yourself are a part of the entire orchestra of Creation and so surely your sound is sought after.

Your unique soul song is needed to complete the symphony of new life that is being born before your very eyes, and so it is that you are called to perform as a sacred pillar of your own true life’s creation.

This is when your soul song is sung the loudest…when your life and how you live it is attuned to the authentic vibrations of your authentic Self only then can your sound travel through the physical dimensions to communicate and co-create with life at large.

Building Our Kingdom

Living our lives attuned to the most subtle of our authentic vibrations means recreating a new life template, based on our true divine blueprint.

Where the last 9 year cycle of life was dedicated to the reclamation of Self, I am seeing the next 9 year cycle dedicated to building our kingdoms…to creating a whole new life/lifestyle…and ultimately a new earth…that is in full alignment with our fully embodied truth.

Just as you yourself are the creator and keeper of your kingdom, so too are you now responsible for building it in the world of form.

What exactly does this mean you ask?

Well let us be clear that there is no official meaning to this, for just as you are the creator, keeper and builder of your domain, so too are you the definer of what that means…for You.

We can all feel our life pivoting on it’s axis…a change that is not necessarily spurred by states of spiritual bliss but is based in the even better, more uncomfortable, yet very tangible reality of our relationships, contributions, careers, finances, homes, etc.

Our desires and motivations for a meaningful life are shifting into a brand new new gear and in most cases we have no idea where this will take us but regardless, we can all feel a deep rumbling, an unavoidable knowing that life and how we live it must change…radically, completely and permanently….that nothing we want for is the same.

And as we engage with new life potentials so too will we feel called to release so much of what’s outworn.  Our new relationship with life is forging new desires for new experiences which are rendering some of our old life plans/interests obsolete.  As we unhook from our old identity, some of what we upheld may have lost its luster and so these realities must also unravel.

Remember, that which is authentic to our heart can never be lost but we must be willing to let go of everything in order to know what’s real and true.

As we do, as well let go of those outdated aspects of self cluttering up our internal space, so too will we feel to clear out our physical spaces…to organize, upgrade, restructure and SIMPLIFY our lives in order to exemplify the purity of our newborn Selves and the effortless/free flowing-creativity of unity.

Path of the Unfamiliar

The next year in particular will offer so much mastery level experience by way of relationships, on all levels…seeing to it that we are able to apply our new relationship with Self (that of true Self LOVE) to a world that reflects that Self back to us.

This new way of relating (of truly knowing ourselves) requires the responsiveness of a physical life experience that we are all preparing to engage with…yet not necessarily in ways familiar to us.

Surely as a whole new world opens to you there will be so many options and possibilities to consider that it could portend a period overwhelm, so let us be clear that when we say you will spend the next 9 years building your kingdoms we don’t necessarily mean with a hammer and nails.

Though in some cases this may translate literally, what we mean mostly is by way of choice and relationshipchoosing how you will now relate to the world around you, from a unified perspective.

As such, as you embark on the brand new journey of the unified soul’s experience, you will be presented with so many new opportunities to choose differently, to make familiar the unfamiliar.

As you choose differently, you create differently…as you create differently, you build differently…as you build differently, you experience parts of yourself never before experienced.

This is what the new cycle of accelerated creation affords us all…the gross (as in physical) realization of the dormant aspects of self required to experience the fullness of life in unity.  In other words, we are all being asked to interact with life in a way unfamiliar…and in that unfamiliarity, our new reality is born.

For only as we engage with the unfamiliar parts of ourselves do we engage with the new life potentials that await us…likewise, if we continue to engage old and familiar patterns, so too will we recreate old and familiar worlds.

There are some of you by which this is a literal experience in that you suddenly find yourself in new unfamiliar circumstances, jobs, relationships, even geographical locations.  In some cases all of those things.

In this realize that all of this unfamiliarity holds the keys to your authentic Self expression, even if it is at first unrecognizable.

In one way or another we are all now beginning to work with these foreign parts of ourSelves and so if you were thrusted into situations that require new responses to life, this is very likely why. When we are off-guard we are fully present to life as it wants to be and not necessarily how we want it to be.

Realize that what’s divinely initiated always begins with a level of human unfamiliarity for it is our human familiarity that creates repetition and recycling.  The soul on the other hand will move us into a new life circumstance BEFORE it has a chance to feel “normal” to us on an everyday level.  Yes, there may be a deep sense of Home embedded in the experience, a heart knowing that this is aligned, but the day to day endeavors of such need time/space to unravel the fullness of our precreated plan.

This is how it works in unity creation, where building our kingdom is really a process of unpacking it’s contents from within.

And this will speed up in ways you are not expecting…as the parts and participants of your new life creation are magnetized in astounding, what some would call magical ways.

Preparing for the New

From the Pleiadian perspective, October is going to be a very fruitful month by way of actualizing our long held dreams.

This month in particular, but also the next two, hold great seeding potential for the next nine years.

We would recommend that you be astute to the workings of the heart and pay mind to those areas within and around you that are pulling you to greater life experience.

There will be a great many births this month…many unfinished projects that have come to completion will begin to take solid form in October and this has the potential to continue all the way thru to the new year.

As we move deeper into the month…mid-month in particular…I am shown that many more things will come unhinged/unstuck, that there will be a great Force supporting us to clear out and resurrect our physical spaces in preparation for these newly arriving energies.

Over and again I am hearing that this major recalibration phase means lots of reorganization and tidying required…new structures are needed to uphold our new understanding of Self and in some cases this may incur challenging choices, changes and hard work in order to open to the new trajectory that is calling us forward.  

We are no longer living our missions…our missions are now in living…which may mean letting go of lots of stuff this month, especially any roles/identities that were used to sustain a (false) perception of value, as mentioned above.  These roles can be challenging to surrender when we don’t yet know what awaits, but they too must be given over in order to embrace what awaits.

This month will continue to push us to let go of anything clogging up our internal and/or external space so the new can enter and yet, this will feel really good and freeing. In most cases I am hearing that this will be a joy in comparison to the 9 months that precede this one, however there will also be much to accomplish in a seemingly short period of time:

Realize that you are feeling the urgency of new life awakening in you, the readying of the nursery before the birth, but that as always, all will come to pass exactly as it should.

There may be a sense of impending pressure pushing you forward, making you feel rushed and even unsettled in ways, as though you are unable to complete all the tasks at hand.

Know that this is simply how the mind-body complex currently interprets the influx of new energy.  Remember in these moments that all is well and that the pressure you may feel is self-inflicted.

Yes, there will be things to do, places to go and people to see before the year is out, but that is not to say that those very things can’t also be accomplished in the new year…only that the supports are here more fully now and so there will be great impetus to assist you to accomplish a great deal of closure.

This is true every year this time, but from our perspective, never more than this one.

Lastly we wish to allay any fears that this year was the last to accomplish your personal goals of the preceding nine.

Remember that every cycle lends to the next and that ultimately, there is no end or beginning, it is only perceived that way via separation…where you will remain WITH your ascended Self embodied in physical form.

There is so much to explore!

The very last thing I am made aware of is the understanding that our light body has merged so deeply with our physical body that our vehicles may begin feeling more intelligent this month…more responsive to our thoughts, feelings and environments.

This may initially require some diligence and devotion with regard to intentional programming, as the need to stay in conscious command of our reality will show up more readily in our physical bodies now.

Remember that the more we merge, the more we feel…and faster…so when we are out of alignment, the physical effects are instantaneous now.  We have to continually stay in command of ourcellves and choose (the highest reality available) often.  As often as necessary.

Also keep in mind that the more we embody…the more the spiritual becomes material…the more the external world becomes our “intuitive check point”…that as our higher consciousness becomes physical, our physical world becomes our barometer for truth.  As within, so without.  This means we can now more confidently look to our external world to see ourcellves with clearer eyes…to gauge our alignment with our soul’s authentic expression rather instantly.

Aka…if our world is off, we are off.  When we are “on” (aligned) our hologram looks, feels and responds as we heartfully desire to live/experience life.

Wishing you all an extraordinary Septober!



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