Dear ensouling people of earth…I seriously don’t know how we made it, but it’s November. Ten down, two to go, and we. are. outta. here.  As it turns out, this 9-vibe is for straight up masochists. ?

As such, we have all just come through quite an extraordinary couple of months of compression (accelerated awakening/mutation/light-body upgrades) as the contractions needed to complete the birth of the new reality intensify, quicken and squeeze us out of duality for good.

This month we continue to deepen, integrating the recent slurry of light codes and the transformations progress as we prepare for: 1) the outcome to the U.S. election, 2) the 11:11 gateway, shortly followed up by 3) the biggest supermoon since 1948 (on 11/14).

As we make our way to the final gateways of this 9-year universal cycle, we are also approaching a major turning point as many of us move thru the completion of our mastery level initiations while continuing to resolve all karmic contracts in preparation for the new year/new universal cycle.

The frequency of this new creation cycle opened to us on the 8:8 gateway (when we could FEEL it’s goodness) but has since been grounding into the denser dimensions of earth (kicking up shadows) and while still working it’s way into our everyday life, this incredibly clear, pure, brilliant, resilient, creative, diamond-like energy is beginning to cut thru the smog, making itself known in unavoidable ways. Those tuned in can feel it’s activating power, that it is here to change everything in the physical world…to literally restructure our bodies, lives, society, systems and earth herself.

When we can personally hold this extremely high vibration within our cells…which is the excruciating part and why so many of us have had such a challenging time following the Lion’s Gate this year…we ourselves will become divine transmitters and transducers, radiating the sacred properties of light everywhere we go, converting/changing the properties of energy around us to reflect the more refined Sources of light.  This not only creates opportunities for those around us to open to this energy, it leaves a profound imprint on everyone we meet and is an important part of the Divine Plan that begins in 2017 via the new creation cycle.

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The new creation cycle is asking all of us: How can we individually and collectively create a new future…from the state of the present…without pulling from the past?

On a collective level we are approaching an obvious breaking point thru the completion of a tumultuous election process in which the “United” States has witnessed such extreme polarization that ESD (Election Stress Disorder) is officially a recognized thing.  Which makes sense in that this election may carry some of the highest stakes in recent history, but in the bigger picture…all with a purpose to wake/shake America up to the reality of what we are collectively placing our powerful energy and precious trust in.

In this case, we are all but forced to place our trust in one of the two most untrusted, unpopular candidates maybe ever….an election that is driven by most who are voting against a candidate, rather than for their preference.

On an individual level, we…the birthers of the new reality…prepare to take our places (in some cases, take up new positions) as we complete the many integrations necessary to embody the unified divine-human experience. We do this by first BEcoming the new life experience…anchoring ourselves into our authentic Self expression…and then by moving that integrated energy into the world so that just as the dominos begin to fall we simultaneously rise.

And tho we are readying to reclaim the destiny of our beloved planet earth, we are still birthing. The energy will shift in a noticeable way after we integrate the upcoming supermoon, but for now it is still time for (life) review, rest & renewal…for getting to know our newly activated vibration and supporting ourcellves through that experience in whatever way is necessary.

As we move thru the 11:11 gateway we will move deeper into applied mastery thru our newly integrated life experience, and on the 11/14 (full moon) we seal the deal.

Until then…anchor & float.

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Opening Prayer

During my most recent meeting with the Pleiadian High Council there was in depth discussion of bewilderment at what the human race is going thru, capable of and how the word resilience doesn’t even come close to what the people of this world truly triumph over.

So before we move into the report it was asked that I first share this short prayer of gratitude, to unify us as a collective during this tumultuous, yet miraculous moment in our all our lives:

Dearly beloveds, we gather this day with the intention to commemorate the people of earth, those who have put forth the astronomical effort to rise above the gravity of duality as well as those who represent the polarizing forces of resistance & tension required to bring humanity into a divine state of grace.

Before you is the promised land…behind you, the shadow world….within you, the rising sun of GOD that you have come forth to BE, to represent the new world as the new human prototypes, the living examples of all that is now possible.

On behalf of all participating star nations, fortified as ONE with our fellow ambassadors of earth, we solemnly greet each of you in gratitude for your participation and contribution to the whole. Adonai commanders.

Change is Gonna Come

Today is election day here in the U.S. and with a lead up that amounted to quite a dog and pony show, we prepare to move into what the PHC call a moment signaling a major period of collective change.

First and foremost, it has been made clear to me (via Pleiadian proclamation) that regardless of the outcome to this election, the United States will come under some incredible times of disruption (read: transformation) that will (ultimately) lend to the resurrection of untold systems. We all know by now that the arousal of chaos is a very important part of the process and, as always, it is one by which we have no business being attached to in any way.

Ours is just to witness any turbulence with an open heart & mind, with the wisdom and perspective that our individual fate is determined not by the outer world, but that the outer world is (collectively) determined by our individual state (of consciousness).

We know well enuf what divine LOVE looks like in action…we have witnessed the sometimes destructive Force of “LOVE” many times in our own lives while awakening to greater truth, releasing ourselves from karmic bondage.  We know that divine LOVE knows no right or wrong…only balance…and that true liberation is rarely, if ever, pretty or comfortable.

As such, the unleashing of such ancient energies of repression are bound to make some incredible waves, but it’s empowering to remember at all times that these are THE waves of change we have come for, waves have been learning to surf for years on end.

Know that just as the election process is part of a much greater plan, so too is your responsibility with it.

What we mean is that there are those who try to sway you to believe that the current election is a ‘defining moment’ toward the downturn of America, and yet we assure you that what prevails is so much larger than this election could ever convey.

Because we have all been primed for this, those who have climbed to greater heights are all being urged (especially this week) to stay tuned to the truth in order to uphold the Greater Vision with the understanding that there is an entire graduation from earth to galactic citizenship taking place and for those who believe that the United States controls the mechanism of truth, rest assured that nothing could stop the truth from emerging.

As the veils continue to dissolve, disclosure on every level is slated for the next turn around the evolutionary spiral and it is made abundantly clear to me that there will be moment after moment of awakening delivered to the masses, truth after truth revealed in accordance with The Divine Plan.

Overnight?  No.  But faster and faster as separation sews its final sutures on the causal world.

The new accelerated cycle of creation is calling us forward and we have already seen so much revelation in action thru much of this unprecedented, even if embarrassing, political process (read: public representatives of polarity)…and this is just the beginning!  Everything on the world stage has become so surreal, it’s as if life is becoming an absolute caricature of itself. Even President Obama has been quoted saying that “It’s like suddenly, reality TV has entered into the race for the presidency”.  And how.

In my mind, it has never been more apparent that every role played in duality is literally just an act. Which I imagine is exactly the point.

As such, we would also like to make clear that there is a growing trend toward the resurgence of truth with regard to the current political system that has roots in ancient mishandlings.

Know that the information that you will begin to see flood the social sphere will be part and parcel of the new world consciousness…it is the reason why so many of you are returning to the world stage in ways you had not anticipated, for everyone is in position now, readying for, calibrating to the energies of the new year, that which is ushering the new universal cycle through the 1:1 gateway.

As LOVE on Earth

The 11th (mastery) month of every year always amounts to 4 intensive weeks of synthesis.  It’s been more intense this year than most because we are at the end of the end…finishing up an incomprehensible (karmic) cycle and so we are synthesizing on a much greater/deeper level…however, this is the month by which we all learn to apply the prior 10 months worth of learning (remembering) into an integrated approach to life.

Indeed you will end this month with a new sense of sovereignty that was duly reclaimed through both the 9:9 & 10:10 gateways, for as you move through the 11:11 gateway you begin to make manifest those hard earned reclamations of soul truth.

It is here that we have the opportunity each year to utilize our newly activated (but once dormant) potentials to release us from patterns past so that we can 1) make new choices and 2) embed new neural pathways needed to 3) create new outcomes.

Manifesting new potentials requires real life circumstances in order to integrate all the newly realized self-understanding into a fully embodied human experience. So where September provided us with the necessary shakeups to end the (karmic) game and move past the past (for good), October presented us with the necessary shakedowns required to make radical life change.

November will see to it that we synthesize both of these restructuring forces so that we can practically apply them to our everyday life, as LOVE.

And this is important because the moment we viscerally recognize ourselves as whole, as LOVE in a body…on earth…we organically and authentically begin to recreate everything anew…without thinking. This isn’t the same as the mental understanding of ourselves as LOVE, but the felt-sense that procures real life action based on that understanding.

We’ve already scrapped so much untruth, shed so much weight (save for thy stubborn fat suit) that we have been carrying around for this and many lifetimes…and now it is time to put ourselves back together, in proper order, as the LOVE that we intrinsically are.

This restructuring into divine order is already clearly taking place in our cellular body…#holycrap…but deepening into our truth is also changing so much about our lives and relationships because we are beginning to operate from a place of authentic composure, from all of ourselves, from an unobstructed space opening within us that until now, we only held glimpses of.

The Resurrection Flame

And as this new level sovereignty continues to birth forth our bodies, lives, & world we will also be recognizing a light within that never dies. For some, this light, emanating from the eternal (GOD) flame, is en route to becoming the resurrection flame.

Apparently, many who are currently embodying are in the process of balancing and expanding the threefold (heart) flame. This eternal flame that burns ceaselessly, continually upholding and sustaining our true divine identity, has been (as I understand it) transforming itself into the resurrection flame whereby we…among other things…activate our immortal consciousness.

This is the flame that carries us forth toward our ascension.

The transformation, or shall we say ‘up-levelling’ of the threefold flame is one by which many are in the process of and once complete shall create what we would call the ‘the spiral of resurrection’ the energy patterning necessary for the body to come into divine countenance.

SIDE NOTE: I talked more about this in the TWYH network a couple weeks ago but I had an unexpected visitation from Christ who confirmed that “the gateway to our bodily resurrection had officially opened” on 10/19 (the day of the Mars-Pluto conjunction).

The completion of this threefold flame heart expansion process…which I intuitively feel is reflected in Venus’ current out of bound journey (which returns 12/3 I believe)…will create the most harmonious and balanced blend of divine heart-power…that which enables us to walk forth in full preparation for anything that comes our way and with the realization that there was never a need to change who we are to suit the world around us, but that the world (hologram) around us is designed to suit the LOVE that we authentically are.

For those of you who are currently in the process of heartlight expansion via the intensified inner fire burning so deeply in thy throat, upper gut & lower chest cavity…all I can say is:  ❤️ + ? = ?

End of All Roads

C l e a r l y  there have been MANY endings en route to unity.  Far more it seems than the new beginnings that supposedly accompany each of them, and yet I am hearing that we are approaching a moment in which we could officially call THE END (of duality). In fact, I am hearing that we really only have a week-ish left for any last minute karmic inventory, that as of the upcoming supermoon those who are on the path of embodied mastery will officially “end the game” and ready themselves to “begin again”.

We are not only approaching the end of the road, but the end of ALL roads (karmic potentials/timelines) according to the council…all the multiple pathways that we could have chosen to travel while in duality are dissolving before our very eyes.

That’s a pretty big concept to wrap the noodle around but apparently, Doc Brown was right...where we are going, we don’t need roads. ?

This dissolution is ostensibly why we have been feeling so disconnected from everything around us and why life felt so distant, empty and unproductive thru most of October.  We have literally exhausted ALL avenues in duality and so any reality of separation..including the “spiritual” journey we embarked upon to arrive at unity….feels SO played out, beyond tired, lifeless, devoid of creativity and/or passion…so much so that it can easily be mistaken as/for depression.

Been-there-done-that takes on a whole new meaning and while many of us have been feeling a definite emptiness/boredom with 3D for years…interspersed obviously with periods of inner-fullness…it has officially grown to a wtf level.  Add to that some deep soul dives in the seemingly bottomless scorpio waters where we have also been drudging up our core wounds (of separation) for a final once-over, and you have that overly familiar, super uncomfortable place by which we have patterned and re-patterned our whole lives/lifetimes to compensate for. #ugh

In the last report I said that our faith would be taken to a whole new level these last moments of 2016, and this is mostly why. The emptiness…while necessary…has certainly been proving to test our resolve in ways we thought we had mastered many times over.

While we are “in it” that reality of lack/separation/powerlessness can be overly-convincing but the work is always in not losing our sobriety. Tho we are depleted and exhausted from our many sojourns in duality, it’s important for our well being that we keep the perspective in these moments of being gutted that the more we hollow out, the more space we have for LOVE to fill.

It certainly doesn’t help that it has been an exceptionally long void, perhaps the longest ever, but it’s because there is truly nothing left to explore in this reality system.  For those who are ready to move beyond it, we have literally been withdrawing our life force from everything in our external world to prepare for our emergence on “the other side”.  Very similar to a death experience, we must release all attachment to the external life we are living in order to experience “life beyond death”….when we reconnect on the other side, we are left with what’s real and true.

Turns out the veil is really a sieve. ?

Yes we have died many times before but I am sure you can feel the depth of this experience as being something out of the ordinary.  I will vouch for all those embodying that…especially after the last two months…dying while alive is for the clinically insane serious. ass. warriors.

But it IS possible. And we are all proving that.

Clearing Space

While we continue to empty the contents of our 3D human existence you may find yourself continuing to clear space in your mind, work, creative projects, relationships…even compelled to create physical space in your life and home in ways you never thought possible in order to make way for what is now arriving to take the place of the old.  For some, this sorting, organizing and clearing process was completed back in September, but for others this will continue until the new year.

As you can imagine, this particular clearing cycle is more comprehensive than most.

As a result of such resolute closure, the coming days bring with them a physical level clearing, a parting of the seas if you will, for the new to emerge through.

In my own life I have been giving away things that I never imagined myself able to…anything that has a feeling/energy of my past life, or even the journey thru the past is now devoid of all human attachment and so the purging is not only cathartic, but effortless. Fun even. Things that I have been holding onto since the beginning of my awakening…yep, even some of those gnarly maternity clothes that reek of years and years of metamorphosis…suddenly have no relevance or place in my life.  And even tho I don’t quite feel ready/able to purchase any new clothing yet, I finally feel to remove them from my space nonetheless…not from an unrealistic hope that I will no longer need them, but from a clear lack of draw/interest in keeping them.

The reward that comes from faith, from patiently waiting for the window of right-timing, is the compelling Force of change that calls us to right-action…without thinking. This is the mountain-moving-mustard-seed formula…right-time/right-action…the fulcrum that literally leverages the Force of the YOUniverse in our favor.  And it feels AMAZING.

That said, and like all “divine timing”, that window has a tendency to show up at the very last second…which means that as move into the last weeks of this year and bring this current universal cycle to a close, many things will be scrambling to find resolve...some that, if dealt with, will lend to an entirely new way of existing as humans on earth.

The extent to which we are able to clear space in our self and lives this year determines our ability to fill it with what’s true next year…to move into 2017 with a sense of completeness never before experienced.

Our True Territory

Just as the pioneers of the new world consciousness come to the end of the game, there will be those activating and beginning a new cycle of awakening. This is a predestined/predesigned balance point that is so intrinsically part of the Divine Plan, for those who are pure in their intentions for earth/anchored in divine authority will finally be inheriting the destiny of this planet and safeguarding the new reality system while all those who are just awakening to it will be simultaneously moving thru the death throes of duality.

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” -Matthew 5:5

Now, and as you have likely surmised, indeed the end of the end begets the beginning of the beginning.  As such we would like to shift the topic into new territory just as you yourself are moving into what we would call your ‘true territory’.

For as the final gateways of 2016 bring this grand cycle to a close, so too do the heavens align to bring forth a profound moment in human history heralded by those vanguarding the new way of the new world.

What we refer to is the reclamation of your true territory on earth.

Yes, the time has come for those true stewards of the planet to rise, to reclaim the sovereignty of their birthright, the sacred sanctuary that is earth.

All those of pure heart, those who have laid bare their souls as GOD in form shall now move into the promised land, safeguarding the riches of heaven upon the faithful return to your true origin of prosperity.

We have said before now that the return to your natural state of abundance heralds the true Golden Age for all, yet for those (unaware) who wish to partake in the bounty, there will be reparations to pay.

As such we again declare that those of pure heart and clear mind shall lead the way forward as bearers of the truth, as the sacred keepers of the Garden.

“But the humble will inherit the land And will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.” – Psalm 37:11

For those who have doubt about the logistics, the council is asking that I convey the understanding that as those of the light (suns of GOD) begin to rejoin the world at large…even tho we seem so few and so spread out across the globe…that there will be more than enough of us to begin to create the world wide web of change that will encompass the planet and be joined by many more.

This will mean that those who hold the highest integrity of earth’s well being and all the beings upon it will now be brought forth, those coming “into the limelight” who are here to serve the greater good thru honesty, transparency, compassion and LOVE for all sentient life forms…even against the backdrop of a falling (3D) world.

Because of this critical moment on earth, those of you who are stepping into your true divine  identity will, in essence, begin the domino effect of the many dismantling systems needed for a newly awakening society to see with their own eyes, the truth as it is laid before them.

This is why we proclaim the last month’s of this transformational year as THE END, for as this cycle completes there will be no turning back to a life devoid of LOVE.

May the walls come down to reveal the truth of a borderless humanity preparing to unify under the reign of the true suns of GOD.

Now that LOVE has inherited the dominion of earth, we are rapidly moving into a noticeable time of changing of the guard from those in positions of power…from greed and corruption to equality and justice.

The process may not be pretty or comfortable, but the end result will be.  For those of us who were once ignored or denied our ability to initiate change on behalf of the greater good, that changes now. As those in power begin to lose their grip on an awakening society, it will be for society to choose the focus and direction of life on earth based on humanity’s growing desires for truth and liberation.

As the tables begin to turn, those in power will lose more and more of their influence over the people as the people regain their independence of thought via their emerging self sovereignty.

Yes, it will take time for all of this to magnificently unfold, but unfold it will…and there is nothing that could prevent the momentum of change that is erupting on the planet as each ascending being of the mass collective emerges as LOVE.

The 11:11 Gateway

For many, the approaching 11:11 gateway represents the completion of our mastery level initiations into Christhood.

During the last 9 years in particular, we have been transforming ourselves thru initiation after initiation of higher-Self mastery.  This has created an outpouring of light from our very beingness (as a collective) that has quantified the global ascension process to a point of making it possible for all.

As of the 11:11 gateway, our initiations into Christhood come to a turning point by which we will be moving from growth thru trial and tribulation to growth thru embodied experience…experiencing ourselves as LOVE, in a body, on earth.  This will mean many upcoming changes, the first of which is the release from the notion of service:

In this know that there will be a defining shift into greater life experience by which you will come to realize that your journey is more about the holographic Self than it is about helping or serving as you have known it to be.

For many, the idea of service is shifting to a new level of mastery and as such you will no longer desire to participate in the global game from the point and perspective of ‘assistance’.

As we ascend into unity consciousness we begin to realize that the concept of service (as we have known it) is born of separation and therefore only applies in the dualistic world.  As we leave the causal world behind, this concept begins to feels outdated…and I am hearing that it’s important now that we honor it as such.

In unity, service doesn’t exist as something outside of Self, it is intrinsic to who we are and so we find that we don’t necessarily have to serve others to be “of service”…here it is merely the act of being true to Self, acknowledging and living by the soul’s authentic desire for experience that we serve the greater good.  The paradox: as we unify with the greater cosmic Self our vibration/desires organically shift toward/align with those things that uplift ourselves, each other and the world at large.  So when we are truly being true to our true Self, we cannot not serve. ?

That being said, I am seeing the 11:11 gateway before us as a “final initiation” of sorts, one where we will be enriched (downloaded & activated) with an embodied understanding of what it feels like to truly be “of service” to the world…which also means that all we have known up to this point by way of service will be called into review.  This shift in perspective may be a challenging one, especially for lightworkers who have dedicated decades to “helping, healing, serving” but the key here is in not losing our identity to those things.

The release from service-oriented focus is very normal and to be expected at this stage, for what is taking place is a revaluation of your learning through the journey of separation as it relates to the path of unity beckoning you forth.

In this you must be willing to release and reconcile those parts of you that perhaps had a very different idea about where the path is leading you, for in your embodiment you are realizing that there are some aspects of you that are very well pleased to be doing life again, though this time from a place of  truly ‘understanding the game’.

This final initiation will incur a period of great preparation so that ultimately we can return to life from a place of pure presence and without the misguided impressions of service from a separation mindset. But know too that this has it’s own journey and challenges for in some cases we are having to release an entire way of life that was so deeply and so necessarily a part of our journey to arrive here, and yet…suddenly…this journey is no more….has no more relevance.

All of us have been rocked to our core in one way or another since the 8:8 gateway and we have all had to look at our future in new way, a way that we didn’t necessarily expect. If new level understandings are shaking the foundation of what you perceived your life to be, be patient with yourself and feel every feeling associated with any potential loss knowing that what is coming to replace it is beyond perfect…it is everything you never knew you wanted/needed.

We would recommend that you take this time, the rest of this year in fact, to bolster your mind and nurture your heart through the release of what is no more…but with a continual openness to experiencing what you, as yet, have no real gauge for.

For the new year before you heralds a time that you at once have been preparing lifetimes for, and yet will be an entirely new way of experiencing yourSelf in form.

As such, the 11:11 is a doorway to the other side in a very finalizing way in that it is a point by which you can no longer return to a life of duality for you have exhausted every pathway of separation.

In this, and for those who are ready, prepare yourselves in whatever way calls to you as you willingly leave behind the travails of polarity in favor of the neutrality of divine LOVE.

A brand new journey begins.

Receiving New Orders

We knew going in that this would be a very physically focused year and consequently the lightbody upgrades have been off the charts…but IMO, none more impacting than the last 6-8 weeks, specifically since the lunar eclipse on 9/16.

To say that our bods have taken a beating is an understatement.  Even still, the light continues to step up in frequency and since the 9:9 gateway, there have been many moments of: I am not sure how much more of this my body can actually take.

From the Pleiadian perspective we are in a time of very thorough preparation to “receive new orders” at the cellular level…awakening what used to be dormant codes contained specifically within the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of our cells.  These particular RNA activations are in part responsible for the biological changes that will ultimately ensue from the completion and dissolution of the karmic body template.

For those who have fully activated the 13 strand DNA system, this is a time of preparation for the physical body to receive new orders, as it were.  It is imperative that the body be permitted to go through the many mutations required to assist in this biochemical process.

It is no longer simply a matter of consciousness, but a matter of synthesising that consciousness in a way that the body can maintain it’s new structure as a light body.

As we move thru the 11:11 gateway of our mastery initiation completion, so too do we complete many important biochemical processes required for the body to acclimate to our ensoulment. Because of this we need to stay extra dialed in and may find that our body calls us to new/different experiences, changes that may be required while we prepare to receive more of ourSelf in form.

The biochemical process that we speak of is one by which you will come to your body in a new, as yet undefinable way.

We want for you to understand that this process is in no way unnatural to your system, only unfamiliar and unactualized.

Relax in the knowing that you can fully trust the body to perform the requirements necessary to house your fully illuminated Self.

As we awaken more and more of our cell’s divine intelligence so too do we awaken new and even unfamiliar changes in how we experience ourcellf…the more open and flexible we are, the more trusting of our divine nature, the more allowing of our personal process, the more effortless it will prove itself to be.

It is made clear that there are a great many alchemical and physical changes still taking place as a result of such a profound transformation that quite literally took the entire year (so far) to express. The council clarifies that we are not yet complete in this process but we are approaching a turning point…thru the 11:11/full moon…by which we will begin to see the body respond in new ways.

Allow your sacred vehicles the time and space they need to perform such otherworldly tasks for you are becoming a version of yourself that even you will be surprised to witness.

This is a moment in your life what you could herald as the acquisition of lifetimes and we assure you  that you will want to be present to every moment thereof.

We would also like to help you to understand that the body will require adaptations, moment to moment awareness and flexibility through the remainder of this cycle as you are learning to hold steady to your light while in form, AS your form awakens to receive you.

This is a process that only experience can maintain for you are becoming the very first to unveil the sacred temple of Life itself.

What a miraculous moment to behold!



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