Greetings TWYH family…first a quick note to thank you for all the beautiful comments (and virtual hugs!) re the new report…it certainly is a time when LOVE stands out against the backdrop of collective chaos. 😳

Before we move into the 11:11 gateway…and now that the election is over…I want to take a moment to 1) unify as a collective and 2) address the palpable tensions with the reminder that we are clearly in a period of heightened, reactive energy and emotions are obviously running high. This supercharged atmosphere will certainly require some extra diligence/patience/compassion to keep ourselves above the fray, yet grounded and clear so the collective energies that are officially running rampant can move right thru us without any snags.

On one hand the outcome to this election is already serving a great purpose in triggering a well of karmic wounds & survival fears in the masses that HAVE to be acknowledged, experienced/felt in order to be individually and collectively overcome. That, IMO is the divine purpose and plan behind Trump’s victory and why his role and the lingering discomfort…especially the feelings of great uncertainty he will undoubtedly create during his term…are SO essential to the transformation of our overly-complacent nation.

Those who have been on the individual awakening path long enuf know full well that a beautiful alchemy takes place when we are able to find comfort in extreme discomfort…when we can summons the fortitude to dig deep enuf inside ourselves and uncover that divine space that Knows ALL is well, that our true safety is never subject to outside influences. But those who are realizing this thru the collective awakening process don’t necessarily have the foundation beneath them yet to stabilize…and even with a foundation, any unresolved, polarizing feelings are still bound to surface.  For all of us.

It is important that we remember, now more than ever, that these rising emotions are rooted much deeper than just this present moment on earth and that the “job” of those who have transcended survival consciousness is to remain as centered and neutral as possible while humanity purges lifetimes and lineages of oppression and trauma. And not just for the world, but for own well being! It is certainly not our job to take on these energies, but it is our response-ability to not react to them.

For those of you who are feeling triggered by the changes in government, know that you absolutely have the ability and divine authority to create your OWN reality, even amidst the turbulence of what will likely amount to a long period of ambiguity. And mostly, this is the point…for when we are unable to find our footing in anything outside of ourselves, it forces us to look within…to anchor in our own heartpower.

So if you feel unrested and/or suddenly unsafe, retract your focus from the outer world and bring your attention back to your own heart…where the only truth exists. Feel all of your feelings fully, and with the understanding that YOU are your sanctuary, that YOU are the author of your life and that you are always safe in the frequencies of divine/universal LOVE. Once you embrace/integrate that truth, your outer world will prove that reality to you by holographic law…despite what is taking place on the world stage.

In the meantime, we need to be armed with the knowledge that all those “red” states are no accident at all…that root chakra issues are now up for social review, and will be for a while to come. It may appear that we are going backwards, devolving in our social consciousness, but we all know how this process works…that things never “just get better” without getting significantly worse…that we must first dig deeply into the underworld before we can come fully into the light.

That is just the nature of the karmic beast…and we can all attest to the fact that it always makes us stronger and more united in the end.

Know too that it will be for those who have ascended beyond survival…those who have integrated the full working (holographic) knowledge that we don’t be-lie-ve what we see, but that we see what we believe…who will absolutely be called into the game, to no longer assist from the sidelines but from a place of embodied example.  Like I said in the report…as the dominos fall, we rise.  That is the essential balance point needed for this part of the Great plan.

As such, for those who be-lie-ve that we are moving into the Golden Age, that will absolutely be the case. For those who be-lie-ve that we are moving into calamity, that will also be the case….but only until that reality no longer serves a purpose. Both realities are available to us all, tho rest assured that no matter which route we take, we always arrive back at LOVE.

And so, as the masses work to embrace the greater truth…that security is solely an inside job, that the whole notion of safety is an ill-usion and that we can no longer subjugate our own divine authority by placing our power in something outside of ourselves…it will be for those who have arrived at that knowing to now step up into personal leadership…to Lead as LOVE (if I can borrow that from @lu for a minute) for all those who will now make the choice to move into the new world consciousness.

In the meantime, remember that the work of “the light” is not to fix (what we perceive to be) broken, but to illuminate the perfection of the fragmentation…exactly as it is, and as a compassionate witness to it all. All corruption has to play itself out in order for humanity, as a whole, to choose a new collective pathway. THIS, right now, is what we all came here for…not for the rainbows, butterflies and magic tricks, but for our true liberation from a slave race to a fully enlightened new-human society….to hold steady the planet as all the disruptions needed to change the global systems arise.

And so yes, the next 4 years may be bumpy as all hell, but there is also an air of relief in that…as @simone612 so poignantly pointed out in the network today…“as if accelerated change can come more easily and quickly now”.  

It may not look like you expected…that heaven on earth would be constructed from within the fires of hell…but such is the law of polarity.

In the famous words of Sholess Joe Jackson:  “If we build it, they will come.”

Happy 11:11!