And so here we are.  The final month of the last year spanning an uber intensive 9-year journey of remarkable (miraculous even) inner expansion and transformation.

We are at the (official) end of the end, completing the completions of quite a legendary cycle of human experience and as a result, every single one of us is being celebrated by the many enlightened beings who we have been working with us since the beginning to achieve such extraordinary aims.

The culmination of this 9 year cycle has offered each of us the ability to defragment, to unify every lost aspect of Self thru the full acceptance and integration of our shadows…those parts of us that, until now, were not fully illuminated.  For those of you who have restored your vision to see every part of yourself as LOVE, you will be moving into the new creation cycle with the ability to now experience yourself as LOVE.

The new creation cycle commences on 1-1 and altho we are already feeling the super refined, highly concentrated (creator) frequencies of the new energy, I am shown the upcoming solstice gateway as quite pivotal in this regard.  We are approaching a very sacred portal, a portal that is precipitating a profound moment of coming together, as LOVE.

We also have two more celestial happenings that are being highlighted with regard to our completions:

1) The final supermoon of three in a row (on 12-13/14) is bringing with it some resolute closure…the last of which (on 11/14) was THE biggy of the three, the one that was heralded by the galactics as the end of the (duality) game and the beginning of the dissolution of the karmic (body) template for those who are on the path of embodied mastery.  Since then we have been dodging some serious bullets created from collective and personal upheavals, but all in preparation to “begin again”.

2) On 12-19 Mercury retrogrades for the fourth time this year (3/year is more common) and so we have a really great opportunity to get our heads on straight, gain some brand new perspective, after an enormous year of introspection.  According to my Sources, this retrograde offers us last minute resolutions, resurrections & especially revelations of the higher mind, those that will help us truly look forward in the new year.  This will be a time of reorienting our thoughts after weeks of (necessary) disorientation…a final mental review of our past in order to propel us into the NOW, ensuring that we consciously move thru those last shards of fragmentation before renewal.

I personally can’t think of a better way for this (9) year-in-review to end since we spent so much of the last 12 months in major retrogrades. In many ways this whole year felt like a time warp…like we were transported back to the beginning of our awakening again.  It was far from easy but served as an effective & essential year of immersion therapy to condense, highlight and intensify any remaining shadow aspects so that (if we did the inner-work) we can finish the year out in a masterful completion.

[Tweet “Unity grants us access to ALL things, including the experience of choosing our experience.”]

Next year we move into many new physical reality alterations as the 1 vibration ensures, but we are having to get there with ZERO attachments & expectations…in complete faith, but with a deep awareness that what lies just ahead is nothing like what lies just behind us. The physicalization of all that we have created during the last creation cycle is clearly calling us forward, but it takes absolute dedication and masterful restraint to not project what that is or will be.

In the meantime, many of us are dealing with the final throes, the last remnants of purging our pasts…surrendering all that which we need to move into complete union with ourcellves.  This final emptying out can feel depleting, pushing us to the absolute edge of our comfort zones as our life Force continues to withdrawal from the all that no longer fulfils us. This vacuum state can amount to the withering away of vitality, resources (financial & otherwise), creativity, motivation, etc. but it is all in preparation for ‘entirely new beginnings’.  (more on that below)

Technically speaking, the end is already over and the beginning is already here.  Any remaining space between those two realities points to remaining separation (fear) left within…space left between you and YOU.

The rest of this month we will continue to be pressed to find any gaps, no matter how small, and fill them with LOVE.

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Apprenticeship to Mastery

As we move deeper into December and finalize the end of the human game at the level of (co-dependent) participation by which we have been accustomed to, we are simultaneously preparing to make the shift into a brand new cycle of human independence (from the false grid) that is at once separate from the world we have known, yet ONE with it so completely.

Those of you who are heading the new human frontier are coming into a space of realization that is both separating you from the lower reality system, the part of life that is dictated by growth through suffering, and moving fully into a new reality by which your experiences and remembrance are governed by, initiated by LOVE.

This means, among other things, that we are no longer in a phase of “learning” what it means to be 5th dimensional humans living in a 3d dimensional world, but that we are now experiencing that embodied state in real time…in moment to moment succession.

This shift from learning to experiencing is the shift from apprenticeship to embodied mastery.  From the perspective of the Pleiadians we move from/thru 1) discipleship to 2) apprenticeship to 3) fully integrated (unified) embodied mastery which is the supreme state of human attainment in which striving to attain ends and true BEingship begins.

Embodied mastery is the implementation of acquired wisdom.  It’s a level of consciousness in which trying to understand doesn’t work…processing doesn’t work…assessing and/or analyzing doesn’t work.  As time speeds up (read: as we close the gap of separation within us) we no longer have “space” to process because our awakening bodies are becoming more able to synthesize energy directly now, without pause or delay.

This means that as we unify, we create by putting our wisdom into effect thru (fearless) movement into direct experience.

We’ve been mastering this space (inching our way into the new/ancient/unified creation dynamic) all year long, but as we move out of the 9 (completion/attainment) and into the ONE vibration (unity/wholeness) it will be even more important that we align with/anchor into the moment-to-moment experience of direct/real-time synthesis.

This is where much of our focus will be next year and so thinking with our hearts and moving into (inspired) action based on instinct derived from cultivated wisdom will no longer be an option, but a requirement.  If you want to know more about this creation dynamic, I cover the topic in depth via CAL  (lesson 8.5 for those who enrolled in the e-course). 

This instinctive movement becomes possible when our mind is still and our heart is at peace…when we cease to doubt and second guess…when we have no more questions about when or why…when we are at rest with where we are, without wanting to change a thing.  When we achieve this state of absolute acceptance of all things (non-resistance), we maintain an illuminated pillar of presence of earth.  Only then are we permitted to move into the direct experience of true divine creation.

This is the ultimate state of BEing human…real-time synthesis…the direct spontaneous experience of information versus the processing or mentalizing of it. That’s not to say that all the processing/mentalizing/learning up to this point was moot, only that when we are complete in that phase we can move beyond it…ie, when we’ve exhausted the acquiring of knowledge, we are then permitted to embody it.  

For those of you who feel complete in the cycle of “learning”…those of you who remember now that there was never anything to learn to begin with…this long awaited shift into experiencing life in order to Know thySelf is going to ineffably change the game.  For some, this game-changing moment has already arrived, but we have been toggling between this new energy dynamic and the old so maniacally powerfully since the 9:9 gateway, vacillating wildly between our thinking and feeling states, that it’s been hard to notice.

The good news is that for many, this unwieldy vacillation draws to a close with the year.

According to the council, and as of the solstice, many will be merging so fully into ONEness that by the time Mercury leaves his post shadow period (end of January) we will have the extraordinary opportunity (depending on our choices) to remain focused in the new energy dynamic full time.


Prosperity Consciousness

The new creation cycle before us is not your typical creation cycle according to the galactics.  It is being touted as “quite a cycle to behold” in that we are releasing ourselves and the planet from era after era of human bondage, building the brand new structures required for a ‘whole’ new way of existence.

For those of us on earth who are conscious of our agreement to serve in this capacity, we are moving into a very important time of discovery…shifting some pretty major gears as we walk over the threshold to the new year, the new creation cycle, the new world.

We ask that you remain open to experience new things in this arena, for you are each realizing your ultimate capacity to create in the physical world for the first time.

In this, we wish to convey that as you move into the exalted way of existing ‘in but not of this world’…as you move through life via the state of non-attachment…so too will you witness the emergence of true prosperity consciousness within, the abundant state of your creative beingness.

Only true detachment from the world of form offers us the opening to this flourishing state of consciousness…it is a true gift of heaven on earth. When we are free of all human attachment we are then poised and in position to receive thy bounty…for all the riches of heaven are ours when all need for those riches are replaced with (Self) LOVE.

For those completing their purification, the new creation cycle is one by which our outer worlds will fully reflect the contents of our hearts. Those whose hearts are filled with the LOVE of Self, those who truly honor the call of the heart’s creations, will succeed victoriously here.

No longer is this a world in which the opposite dynamic is true, that those who contain all the riches do so because of their dominion over the unconscious minds of the sheeple.


Seclusion to Inclusion

As we cross the auspicious solstice portal from the finality of duality into the emerging full blown experience of ONEness on earth, it is important to keep perspective that ALL realities are/will be available to us as we move into the new creation cycle…not just the 5D experience, but all the experiences available on earth, combined into ONE multidimensional platform.

As you merge into the ONEness you merge into the experience of the ALLness.

This means that should we (consciously) choose the 5D experience, it will be more effortless than ever to create that…yet should we fail to choose that, slip into amnesia, forget our power to create from the unified timeline, so too will we have “the option” of experiencing (with intensified consequences) the lower reality timelines, those that include life/learning via suffering.

Why would anyone choose a reality of suffering you may ask?  To that we answer…unconsciously.

Because of that, it is made clear to me that we will spend much of 2017 witnessing/engaging with the fact that the new human experience is not a static one, nor is it one of separateness from the whole, but that it is the INCLUSION of ALL things.

And so moving into the new year, our goal (for those turning inside out) is to no longer seclude ourselves from the lower worlds…as we did (necessarily) while defragmenting/integrating our shadows…but to stay conscious (awake/lighted) and present from within them, to INCLUDE them in our experiences now just as we have included our own shadows aspects in our personal integration work all these years.

As we grow more fully into our new skins and participate with our new multidimensional experience of Self we may find the need/desire to open our hearts wider, maintain more mindfulness, and most importantly remember that we are always the creators (consciously or not) and that our worlds are dictated by continual, moment-to-moment choice.

Now, and as we have stated prior to now…the year ahead is not one that is carved in stone.

It is a year in which you are to cast your life experiences as you remember to choose them…as you remember that you have the power to choose them.

It’s not that anyone would consciously choose suffering…fear over LOVE…but that not choosing may resort to those default settings for a time, until we are adept at earth-level mastery.

The new human form will no longer hold the cellular memory imprints of your karmic past, however your energy field holds the collective memory and awareness of all your human experiences…causal AND conscious.

Remember that as you become ONE with all things, the unified experience of life grants you access to quite literally, all things…to ALL human experiences, including the experience of choosing your experience.

The physical makeup of the new-human template is one of energetic neutrality, which encourages emotional stability and can withstand the “test of time”. It is a self-regulated, self-healing system, which continually adjusts and adapts to its surroundings unless directed otherwise.  

You will fall prey to energies that surround you lest you take conscious command of your bio-field.  – Seven Sisters of Pleiades via Cell Speak

Yes, we spent many many years unravelling from our karmic entanglements so that we would be ready for this moment, this new creation cycle, to “begin again”…but consider that we have spent lifetime after lifetime carving out choices that kept us bound to the karmic wheel, suffering thru resistance, time and time again.

Those repetitive choices created caverns of energy flow that now have to be rerouted to their proper channels…channels that restore our life Force and not deplete it.

Bear in mind that this new level participation with the game will require you to repetitively honor your authority to choose and yet, if you fail to choose for your highest good, you will know rather quickly that you have fallen out of alignment with your Source center.

This upcoming year is one in which you will have moment after moment of real life, real time practice at choosing your reality…not in the comfort and safety of your protective cocoons, but in the world at large.

Yes, you are moving into what we could call your ‘full on walk your talk mastery’ and to that end you will realize a new level adeptness emerge from within you, a body-based intuition that is far more spontaneous and intelligent than you have ever known.

It will truly be as though parts of you come to life that you have not had the privilege to work with while in form. Until now.

Helpful decree for this passage into the new:  By the power vested in me, I will forth the highest reality available to me at this and all times. I command the LOVE of the universe to guide my efforts, to sustain me as a masterful being of creation and I wield the universe in my favor toward that aim. So it is.


Exonerated Bio-Technology

Many of us are in the process of releasing the karmic template at this time…the completion of the dissolution of (ego) identity and all emotional attachments to the past self (discussed in the Septober report)…and so we have been going thru quite an intensive/exhaustive death process, one that really amped up as of September but has essentially been ongoing all year long.

In the final stages of the polarity merger, as the karmic body blueprint (that which is designed for our sojourn in duality) dissolves, things get decidedly wonky. We can seriously lose our compass in what can be called an awkward in-between space of migrating from the old to the new and so, for some, life has become especially disjointed and disorienting, especially of late.

Because the karmic/causal template is connected to the causal realities that are governed by linearity, we have also been losing quite a bit of orientation with time & space as we continually unplug from the (false grid) matrix and replug into our present moment Selves and the new-true light grid.  During this transition time seems to both speed up exponentially, yet simultaneously stretch out over an eternity. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into mere moments.

As we drop the old/lower body template and begin to live solely from the activated Adam Kadmon (divine) template, time and our participation with it, will shift into a whole new level experience, one in which we will become our own “makers of time”.  But on the way there, the merge into unity/ONEness creates incredible compression that can make us feel like we are spinning out of control, that there is not possibly enuf time to do any of that which is required.  Be mindful in those moments that when time speeds up, we slow down so as not to create more distortions (and stress) in our field.

These glitches and distortions in our perception of the time-space field will eventually collapse in and balance out as we live more from our “timeless template”, that which many are in the process of migrating to right now.

This (Adam Kadmon) template migration is what the Pleiadians were referring to (in November report) when they said that many were preparing to “receive new orders”…it’s a progression by which the cells are rerouted to new Sources of (light) intelligence that activate and awaken the fullness of our higher body consciousness.

This is leading to what we would call the most pressing theme for the new year ahead, the awakening of your exonerated bio-technology.

What we refer to most specifically are the cellular (DNA codon) activations that ensue from those undergoing the inner polarity merger at this time, those codes that have been held dormant in your DNA and have waited until now to become active again.

These activating codons regulate your advanced-human experience including your ‘life expectancy code’, superior states of intelligence and disease-free health.

Exonerated biotechnologies are those that reorient the focus of life on earth from what I call (in Cell Speak) the noxious “3-D’s”…disease, decay, death…to an enlightened state of empowered human capability that enables the expression of what has been termed “junk DNA” by many well-meaning scientists. This junk (higher/galactic) DNA is connected to the once closed upper chakras that those now embodying have been tirelessly working to open and clear, thereby making this a plausible reality for all of humanity.

This will ultimately mean our true liberation from the human slave race, that which was the result of intentional off-world tampering with our genetics thousands and thousands of years ago…a process that ensured the supply of life Force to the human body was cut off making it difficult to impossible to ascend our body consciousness beyond the lower three chakras and keeping us limited to only three dimensions of life experience: survival, procreation, and power.

Let us say that moving into 2017 is going to prove quite interesting for many of you, for you are going to be witnessing within yourselves a major shift from the way you operate now.

You are going to be delving into parts of your body’s true intelligence that will at once delight the senses, yet feel very rooted in the truth of who you are. For the truth of the ‘new’ human is, in actuality, the truth of the original human, now becoming (hu)manifest.

As we come to witness these shifts within our vehicles of choice for this very special lifetime, as our bodies become more “alive”, so too will we we come into the activating awareness of some base-level intelligence for the new template…beginning with a felt sense that our body is readying to sustain itself in a whole new way. (ie, via LOVE/light).

For those moving into embodied mastery there is/has been a growing urge to release our dependency on the false grid for quite some time and yet our physical vehicles have not quite been ready to sever ties completely.  From what I am shown, that changes now and into next year as those who are here to lead the way into the new world are/will be of the first to truly exonerate the flesh.

The exoneration of flesh is not meant to dissuade you from it, but to merge completely WITH your physical cellves in such a way that you are both at Home in your body and simultaneously aware of it as your transport vehicle for this particular and mystical new life experience.

As such, as you are awakening to these once dormant realizations about your physicality, so too do you awaken to the many ways in which you have been bound by it while operating from the false grid.

If you’re listening/tuning in to your cells you are likely noticing that the activating Adam Kadmon template has new things to share about our burgeoning physicality and it brings with it new awarenesses that counter the old be-lie-fs in the body. Because of that, and while the karmic template simultaneously dissolves, you may have been noticing new thoughts, or perhaps the resurfacing of thoughts you’ve had many times, bubbling up around the absurdity of the 3D human condition. (ie, the noxious 3-D’s & the weirdly short 3D human lifespan..aka, the notion that we are born with biological timers that start to go off before we even have a chance to become spiritually mature…that life on earth is basically an airport and that we are all coming and going, seemingly without a say…the fact that very few people alive question this insanity, etc.)

All this rising body awareness, including brand new exciting thoughts/feelings about what is becoming possible for our physical experience on earth is the result of our lighting up, along with the new-true light grid.  The council also adds that during the solstice portal to the 1:1 gateway we will be showered with a very high frequency light containing specific creator codes that awaken the immortal consciousness of our cells, replete with directives to shift our bodies to the unified state of higher consciousness as we migrate ourcellves to the new (Adam Kadmon) template.

Due to the unwavering dedication of light, gate & grid workers all over the planet, the true light grid of solar-Self sustaining sustenance…that which you have not only come to experience but to literally anchor on earth for all…is stabilized and ready for your participation with it.

Many of our new bio-technology specifications are designed to work with this grid (that we anchored here) in such a way that we will finally find harmonic attunement to a world that is just beyond, or slightly above the one we are currently operating from.  You will know this state by the (liberated) feeling of it…it is one that has a surreal or perhaps even ethereal quality of energy to it, yet feels completely real and grounded in our life experiences without emotional attachment/affliction.

To that end we again remind you that what was once a relatively large part of your working knowledge of your bodies and earth will be challenged in ways that prod you to continually choose again, for you are accustomed to living small…to keeping your sights set just high enough to keep you from harm’s way.

Dear masters of creation, we assure you that what lies before you is a world that is far far more than ‘just high enough’.

Helpful decree for the migration of templates:  By the power vested in me, I hereby command the activated intelligence of my higher body consciousness to liberate me.  So it is.


Practicing Non-Interference

Moving into the new year, with our newly birthed Selves, we are/will be finding ourselves in a very unique position of rising to extraordinary heights as the (3D) world (seemingly) falls to new lows.  We know by now that this is just the counter energy of such extreme polarization…that the presence of so much Source on the planet is illuminating the darkest, most hidden shadows.

And while this is the point of our being here now, awakening to our GOD Self from within the deepest of density, we do so amidst many world (and relationship) dynamics in great contrast to our own. 😳

It is made clear to me that we are going to have to experience first hand the best way to parlay our new human reality from within the (still running) dualistic reality program…and with the understanding that this has never been done before.  Read: there will def be a learning curve ?

For starters, you are going to be participating in the world in ways that are going to show you, in no uncertain terms, how unique your perspective is and how unusual it is to have thoughts that are not relative to the dismantling duality matrix.

This will serve to set you apart, and yet the key will be to maintain your connection and unity, even in the face of discrepancy.

Know that this will likely present as many challenges as it will blessings for you are having to, lets say, walk through relative minefields fully aware that one misstep could cause the detonation of landmine.

This is not to say that you must be in silent servitude to yourSelf but that you must bear in mind the charged energies in the world at large while keeping your peaceful composure and vigilantly practicing non-interference knowing at all times that all is perfect and well…even if & when it appears otherwise.

Moreover, I am made aware that many people around us will begin to awaken next year and it is for us to be the compassionate witness to it all, remembering the triggers and fear based-choices we too had to make over and over again before we were able to free ourselves from suffering.

We are also asked to keep perspective that for this next level/wave of awakening, the stakes are much higher…for the truth is coming out so quickly now via revelation after revelation that it will threaten to take a toll on even the strongest-minded.  But where the stakes are higher in this new energy dynamic, so too is the power to shift out of suffering with more rapidity, for what once took many months…years even…to transcend now has the potential to shift in an instant.

This is not to say that those who are awakening now will not have to rectify their imbalances within, but that there is much greater support…both universally and via those of us who are here to guide all others to the Promised Land…to do so in a much shorter period of time and with more grace.

As such, we also wish to allay any fears that there is not enough time or resources for those deeply asleep to awaken, for the Divine Plan is an inclusive one and all who wish to consciously partake in the planetary ascension indeed will have the ability and circumstances to do so.

That said, be mindful that for most this is a decision made prior to incarnation and so much of the timing depends on coded activations.

I am also made very aware that in the new year, as the new wave of souls begin to awaken to the truth contained within their heartspace, that the call to “action” will be noticeable and strong…tho not necessarily in the ways in which we are accustomed to.  Where many of us front-line warriors have been aggressively helping, healing, saving, serving & clearing for many many years, in 2017 we will be officially migrating from serviceship to BEingship…shifting from participating in the (3D) game to witnessing it dismantle.

Like Einstein said, we cannot solve/serve at the level by which the problems are created…and so we must remain in the higher realms to affect the lower. Luckily from the unified mind, the dualistic world doesn’t seem real anymore, and so our detachment from the ill-usion ultimately gives way to the ability to act as tho we know nothing about it…with complete innocence and compassion….simply because we are no longer (emotionally) invested in it.

We have been practicing this new level/state of detached mastery since 9/9…applying the art of non-interference as the compassionate witness to our most personal relationships.  And it definitely takes practice (and restraint) to reroute our (3D) instincts to “help” others…to guide, shed light, to give others the information we think they need to “pass go”…but this is no longer our role.  Not sure it ever was really, but it seemed that way while in separation…when we didn’t fully grok that “other” was simply a mirrored version of Self, of our unhealed wounds.

In this new energy we will notice rather quickly that if we meddle in the affairs of another, step even one inch outside of ourSelves, we will feel the consequences in no uncertain terms…hence, detonate landmines.  In the unified realms, we must fully honor the boundaries of others so as to not enforce our will upon another being…offer unsolicited advice “in the name of spirit”…unless asked/invited to do so.

Much in the same way our own soul/spirit guides, star teams, angels, ascended masters, etc. never interfere, impose or offer any information unless invited or given permission to do so, we too must abide by the law of free will strictly, and with absolute spiritual integrity.  We must allow others to diffuse their own bombs in the same way our guides remain as the compassionate witness to all our causal blunders…watching us blow ourselves up over and over again, patiently waiting for us to invite them in, ask for assistance, open to a higher perspective.

We are those guides embodied now…and it gets t-r-i-c-k-y with those we love, but we have cultivated enuf inner wisdom and emotional detachment to now patiently (??) observe those around us go thru their trying times with the faith and certainty that they will pull thru just as we did.


Entirely New Beginnings

And lastly…here’s what the PHC has to say regarding the energies of 2017 and what we can expect in terms of leaving this daunting 9-year cycle behind and emerging into the ONE year of entirely new beginnings:

We know that there is great anticipation regarding the end of the end…that many are wondering what life will be like as you cross the threshold into the new year and leave behind 9 incredibly challenging years of transmutation, transformation, transcendence and ultimately the resurrection of a life and body focused through the lense of separation.

And so to each of you we would say that moving forward into the new vibration many of you are poised to begin again.  To drop the veil that separated you from YOU and to create your lives from the place of infinite freedom that comes from true liberation.

The exoneration from a slave race to becoming fully empowered, Self sustained divine-human hybrids is not something that can be easily put into words for you do not even have the framework yet to comprehend what’s before you.

But that is part of what’s in store for so many this upcoming year…for you are preparing to physically ground and create the new frameworks required to exist on earth as liberated humans, to experience in every now moment what it means to truly live ‘in but not of this world’…no longer just in context, but enfleshed.

You are not only activating your divine blueprints for this lifetime, but you are actualizing them right now, at this moment in your willingness to exonerate yourselves from the lower human form and reality.

In this, know that the upcoming year will be one of movement…no longer a reality of inner illumination, but of realizing that vast inner world in the world of form.

You are moving from the dynamic of becoming to BEing…from learning to experience…from fear to LOVE…from work to PLAY.

These new dynamics are yours to embrace, enact and uphold should you choose them, but dear creator we say yet again…you must choose.  Keep in mind that what is not chosen will likely resort to your ‘default programming and that programming will take motion and action to re-experience anew.

We would also like to make clear that you will utilize much of the upcoming year activating your cellular intelligence in new ways…revisiting life experiences in ways that will enable your body to being to function of its own higher accord…rather we should say, in accordance with your cosmic, divine blueprint.

This will mean that you no longer resort to your ways of restitution but that this reality will need to be called upon in every new situation, especially for the first year of this new creation cycle.

Remember that while this is a new cycle offering the fecund soil for entirely new beginnings, it is one by which YOU must seed, plant and harvest with a clear mind and an open heart.

You will find that while much of your new beginnings come with much more effortlessness, that there are those areas in which you have embedded patterns of yesterday that will need expunging for your every new today.

This is not the same way of old, not the clearing work that you are accustomed to…merely a new way of choosing with divine authority that which you will experience, from a place of calling back your power, continually aligning with your Christic mind and utilizing your environment to gauge that alignment.

Should you choose an old, outdated timeline…you will know.  Those moments that require vigilance are those by which you will feel the most discord…those moments calling you to simply choose again, to choose higher.

In this we will add that you are going to experience a new quality of refinement in the energy that you are working with, one by which you will need very little input to create with.  This is due to the alignment of your human and divine Self, the centerpoint of which acts as a fulcrum, if you will, leveraging the might of your YOUniverse with the simplest intention of will.

To this we say, be astute to your creating for you are now able to qualify these energies in much more productive ways.

That said, and while there are very few moments left of this momentous year of profound endings, we wish to convey that the upcoming 12-12, 12-21 & 1-1 gateways will provide powerful portals of transition into the new.

There is always an extraordinary amount of light present on earth during the solstice gateway, but this year in particular you will be opening to new brand worlds within, realizing your physical liberation from the past as you prepare to reenter the world anew, reborn into your new human existence.

From the solstice onward, your re-orientation to the new reality commences.

Until then, dear keepers of the Garden…may we recommend that you utilize this preparatory time of necessary incubation to lessen your participation with the outer world so that you can come fully into the divine state of grace that beckons each of you Home.

What a moment of glory to behold.

Wishing each and every one of you the happiest of holydays and a most sacred passage of personal rebirth and renewal.

See you next year!



NOTE: Due to the magnitude of this extraordinarily sacred and deeply personal passage I have decided to take a sabbatical until the new year, offering myself the downtime and space needed to reorient myself to the new, to reorganize & restructure my life and it’s contents to support me fully in the new creation cycle.  As a result, my time online will be limited only to occasional participation, posts and updates in the TWYH network. Please note that all email queries (barring customer service requests) will not be responded to until 2017.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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