Out of the eclipses, thru the equinox, and into Mercury retrograde we go! 🤪 As of today…Mercury’s station…we are officially beginning the extensive mental calibration needed to meet the newly calibrated Heart. According to my Sources, this is the “big event” of the spring (in the north) which will then be followed by an important physical body calibration that will span the entire summer season (winter in south).

For the next several weeks we will be fully integrating the new human Heartmind, the true vehicle for co-creation (with the Divine Mind) and the mechanism needed to transcend the workings of the lower human experience…all so that we can fully engage with the higher realms of Creation.

The Heartmind is the interface between the earth and divine realms, our communication portal to “beyond the veil”.  It is created out of the synthesis of our male/female polarities, enabling us to anchor into the unity matrix and secure our position on the 5th dimensional earth…i.e., it’s a major component of the new human processor.

It is thru the activation of the Heartmind that we leave behind the (causal) world of constant karmic recycling and move into the unified world of reconnection with all that IS.

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The season aheads heralds the official beginning of a brand new world, one where our sovereignty reigns supreme.  As we exit the matrix of separation, so too do we call back the separated soul parts we fragmented to exist there.

In order to restructure our second life based on the whole of who are we can no longer divide or separate ourselves from our truth (read: give any part of ourselves away), and so recollection will be an ongoing theme this year as we literally recollect the parts of ourselves that we gave away (primarily to others) in causality.

This process of radical defragmentation is necessary to restore our ourcellves to completeness and it will demand that we hold to our authentic truth at all costs…while we watch the world and those around us transform…without bending, reaching, conforming, and/or stepping outside of ourSelves.

For those on the path of mastery, you may actually be noticing that much of your debt (polarity) is already deemed resolved by the karmic boards, but that your standards for excellence are exceeding the need for that resolution.  Striving for impeccability is so ingrained, so deeply rooted within the DNA of the Initiates of the Sacred Orders of Ascension (more on that in section below), that some are having to pull back now…to reassess our standing and to notice if our efforts are in vain, if we are over-striving.

The settlement of karmic debt ensures that the road will rise to meet us, but not if we are still defending our position in polarity.  Your place in duality concludes when you no longer feel connected to/interested in the story of your own wounding or the wounding of others…when you no longer relate to suffering from a personal vantage point.

When this moment arrives…and it will…it’s time to saddle up, collect the pieces of your past, and move on completely.  It’s not as straightforward as it sounds, but if you are sensing this resolution within…and not everyone is (just yet)…the work is now to release any feelings of obligation to over-identify with the suffering of others or to overachieve in your karmic responsibilities, and to simply, wholeheartedly embody your Truth instead.

Our karmic covenant has ended which means we are free to stop fighting, forcing and demanding that the divine Feminine find her place on this planet…ergo, we no longer need to defend our position in life as light bearing beings.

We have already earned it, we have already won.

Time to create anew.

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I want to preface this report with three things:

1- Unless otherwise noted, the many transmissions included in this report are brought to you by the Arcturian light council consciousness merged with the Elohim collective who are overlighting our communications at this time.

2- For those who are currently working toward the realization of your divine, or Ka body, this message is infused with activation codes that will assist in the awakening of some important DNA codons that house the genetic material specific to the ascended body template.

3- And lastly, “Initiates of the Sacred Orders” as it is used in the following context are those who have come before now to sanction earth’s preparation for planetary ascension…those who have taken the Bodhisattva vow to withhold our personal ascension until the planet and her people were in a state of readiness to receive the Grace of GOD (return of Shekinah), those who have upheld their ancient vows and sacred covenants to return to separation (human density) over and again to ensure the lineage of light remain intact on earth.

To be clear, most all of you reading this (those who find resonance with my work) are from many ancient orders past (Melchizedek, Rosicrucian, Hermetic, etc.)…diverse lineages of sacred occults and esoteric organizations, priesthoods and priestesshoods.  For example, like many of my Sisters (of the Rose) here at TWYH, my own ancient (earth) lineage and covenant originates with the Magdalene Order, but our roots are varied amongst multiple magic/mystery schools, the teachings of which all ultimately prepared us for this very lifetime of revelation.

In our initiations and indoctrinations into these Holy Orders we all swore by oath that the power we cultivated thru our many rites of passage would be used only for spiritual illumination…and for the highest good of all…and that we would keep the great mystical truths alive in our cells as wisdom keepers of the sacred knowledge for the future of humanity and life on earth.

And so it was that thru our repetitive incarnations into these sacred societies that we ensured the survival of the secret (Goddess) teachings, kept them undefiled throughout the ages within our own GOD DNA, where the “Holy Grail” awaits our safe return.  Even as our temples were destroyed, our teachings usurped and distorted, the divine Knowledge was kept in safekeeping within the chamber in our own Hearts so that now, in this lifetime, we could converge all our lineages into the many expressions of the ONE Heart. 🙌🏼


Prelude to Elohim

In taking some time to familiarize myself with the Elohim consciousness I have come to (loosely) understand, thru the transfer of some incredible light intelligence, how they are the sacred architects, builders & holders of form, and…for the purposes of these communications…the Creator Gods of human beings.

The ascended body template, also known as the Adam KAdmon template, is beginning to make itself known.

It is because of this that we wish to bring forth the intelligence of the Elohim, the collective responsible for the creation of said template…that which is beginning to express through those initiates of all the Sacred Orders. 

Tho I/you/we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of our True human origins thru the awakening our GOD DNA, I am hearing that the “Elohim created Adam” which is an archetypal name given to represent the human race as well as the mythos of the liberated “Universal (hu)Man”.

In metaphysical terms they explain Adam Kadmon as the (divine) blueprint representing the seven creational stages of the human race, the same principles and ideas used for the creation of this solar system, or planet for instance.  The creation of the ascended template is based in sacred geometrics, and I am shown how the same light geometries that maintain the crystalline structure of the bodily form are also those that uphold the creation of the crystalline structures of new earth.

It is our wish that each of you remember most importantly, that the so called lightbody is in fact a creation of the light patterning for the new earth, just as the physical body template is a creation of the patterning for the physical earth.

As such, those who are ready to move into higher level lightbody experience are also moving into a higher level light matrix.

This will serve to change the governing geometric coordinates of the human compass, reorienting the initiates of the Sacred Orders to the new, ascended life experience, ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.

Thru a densification process that is ultimately made manifest by way of the Elemental Kingdom, the ascended template is physicalized first thru repetitive etheric impressions of said geometric light patterning…those impressions are then laid down layer by layer, repeating over and again until those fractal geometries step down in frequency, spiraling downward into physicality.

This densification process is then held together (in consciousness) by the elementals, who are granted governance over the physical form until a soul has matured to a level of personal God authority.

In retrospect, I can see now that this process was alluded to in the last report:

This is the way of embodiment. You are quite literally bringing your Truth to your body and this is a process that requires you to weave your inner light around you.

This is not something that is done in an instant but through many conscious and repetitive steps that pave a new physical pathway…for it is in the repetition of light patterns that you densify them into form.  Do you see?

By continually being True, we are essentially creating new light patterns over and over again until they coagulate…we are literally reforming our physical experience by changing a fluid (holographic) reality into a solid state.

We are going to learn so much about ourcellves this year!


Reconciliation With GOD

The recent equinox, a day of complete (m-f) balance, offered each of us the opportunity to again turn toward the Sun within, to remember our sacred covenant (to embody our divine nature) for this life, and to take another step deeper into the manifestation of said oath.

This next step is in our reconciliation with GOD.

The reconciliation with GOD is upon you.

It approaches individually, at a time when each of you are in a state of readiness to receive your goodness, when you have completed your many turns at the wheel of karma and have readied yourself to become fruitful in your endeavors of the soul.

According to Wikipedia: Reconciliation, in Christian theology, is an element of salvation that refers to the results of atonement. Reconciliation is the end of the estrangement (separation), caused by original sin (fall of man), between God and humanity.

Interestingly, in a recent communication with Yeshua/JC, he too mentioned that the vernal equinox would begin a major new journey of “reconciliation with GOD” :

Today I bring forth the essence of struggle to overcome the adversities of the human will, to triumph over the ego mind, and to have won the ‘battle of the ages’.

For in doing so you have succeeded in becoming the greatest virtuoso.  You have travailed and you have triumphed, you have warred and you have won.

Indeed the war between ego and soul has been the true battle of the Ages…of man.

Man has sought to destroy all on his path, to disable that which serves him most. And yet, it is in this inner-battle, between the mind of man and the Heart of GOD that every human will eventually prevail.

This is what the upcoming passage brings to you…the understanding that in the battle lives the reconciliation.

And so it is, that at this moment in your earthly sojourn, you begin the journey of your reconciliation with GOD.

To reconcile with the GOD within is to return to your True palace of peace, of (w)holiness.  For those en route to ascension, those embodying the authentic Self & nature, reconciliation begins at the turn of the season.

The vernal equinox of 2018 is a major turning point, a pivotal moment on the ascension path that reorients your whole life focus from ongoing inner turmoil to the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’.

This reorientation literally reroutes your life force from constant outputting of vital reserves to the regeneration of life force that results from true inner calm.

So much power is lost in the war with ego…so much so that you will remark at the release of vitality that is freed up, able to be redirected and utilized for so much more.

It is this storehouse of energy becoming available to you that will precipitate the monumental changes to come…to your body, to your life, to your life’s work, and to your relationships.

For it is in the release of the Force of life itself that you will be reborn into the world AS life itSelf.

And this from the Elohim:

This coming season is one foretold…it represents your release from the underworld and the reacclimation to light.

As the light calls you Home, it calls you to see your true state of Self in the mirror of duality, but from the conscious state of triality.

And, as you are reborn into the light of Truth, you will come to know yourSelf as you are seen and understood by your Creator.

You will walk in your true light, and will you come to remember your True covenant…and in the process you will come to realize all that you have forgotten.

For in your reconciliation with GOD, you realize yourself as GOD.

The reconciliation is your reconnection…the reuniting of your ancient and future self, the recollection of your true inheritance as light-bearing beings of the most high.

As you come to remember your True nobility, your hallowedness, you come to serve your Universal Self as masterful Creators of the ONE.

This, dear Creators, is the covenant that you all seek to remember…the embodiment of the True GODly form, the contract to Serve from a place of completeness, the memory of your rank and standing in the realms of light.

This you will come to Know, and as you do…as you remember forth from the future of you…you will come to Know your heralded position ‘on earth as it is in heaven’, as he/she who has striven, who has overcome, and who has risen to the realms of Truth.

All this will be presented to you, just as we present this information to you, from on high.


The Grand Plan

According to the Arcturians & Elohim, The Grand Plan for Humanity & Earth (what I feel to be the analogous with the Eden Template) is opening within the Akashic records of humanity, what I now understand to be located in the Halls of Amenti which are described as a subset of the Akashic records…a database (what looks to be holographic) or library of higher/galactic/multiverse knowledge that contains (among many other things) Earth’s ancient history, including and especially the ascension blueprint from all those who have gone before us.

This is impressed upon me as being really really big deal…one that will eventually redefine and restructure the entirety of planet earth.

From this information, the physical world is going to be reestablished in a whole new way, based in some very ancient truths located in the Halls…truths that contain our full Human capabilities.  It is shown to me that the actual genetic codes and DNA sequencing intelligence on how to create light bodies and human form is stored there.

IMO, the release of this (once “lost”) information marks the official beginning of the new paradigm on earth which means that anyone who is ready to enter may now do so…but that comes with a disclaimer:

This time on earth is one of grand, elaborate design…not just by those whom you call the mighty seven (Elohim), but by each and every one of you…each and every soul participating in the Grand Plan for Earth and Humanity.

As such, it is of divine decree that we step forth at this time, offering to you the many new waves of essential light energy and intelligence that will precipitate the coming of the great reconciliation.

What this foretells is of great significance for it is in this Blueprint that the return to Eden shall officially commence.

Now, and we say this with great reverence for the Plan, and for humanity’s part within it: this blueprint, though now becoming available to all who seek it’s Truth, shall only be revealed to those of purified Heart.

Why you may ask?  And so we will divulge that as the Creators of Worlds, it is of utmost importance that only those of pristine intent for the planet and her people will be permitted to participate in The Grand Plan for Earth.

And we also say with great LOVE, admiration and respect for all who desire to be a part of the new world and its creation…surely everyone is invited to participate.

Every single human on this planet is included in the Grand Design for Earth’s highest destiny, however, it is an absolute requirement that each and every person longing to be a part of the construction of Heaven do so with absolute purity of heart & mind.  No exceptions.

It’s not that we don’t need the help…obviously the more heads, hearts & hands involved the better…only that it is so vitally important that the integrity of the Eden Blueprint be held intact, without diversion…which is exactly how the Elohim have brought this world and many into being, in absolute accordance with divine law.

Because of this we must be completely cleared of our lower human nature, for only an open heart will grant access to the Halls of Amenti…the higher our LOVE quotient, the higher information we are granted.

Personal karmic resolution, depolarization & defragmentation raises our LOVE quotient to the level needed to unlock the vault within the chamber of our Hearts that fully reveals our part in The Grand Plan.

To that end, the Elohim will be working very closely with all those who are now ready to participate in the creation of a new earth….those who have learned how to successfully use the creative powers of thought, feeling and right action as they were originally intended to be used…in true co-creation with GOD…will now be fully supported to co-create the new systems of Heaven on Earth.

Now, and as the many of you begin to rise from the depths of human limitation and prepare to restore your bodies and lives…let us now turn our attention to the activation of your own DNA, just as the DNA of earth awakens to reveal a new level of The Plan.


M-stra Molecule Activation

Since mid month (and continuing) we have been blasted with wave after of wave of incoming frequencies of new/higher light…both photonic, but also cosmic rays containing ancient Source encodements…to promote some incredible activations of higher/GOD DNA (both planetary and human).

The Elohim explained that they are in fact responsible (at least in part) for facilitating, by divine decree, the many new waves of essential light energy needed to precipitate “the great reconciliation”.

The reason they are stepping forward so strongly at this time is because these downloads of new light information are and have been very much related to our physicality, to our embodiment…and by extension, to our True (collective) purpose and the Grand Design of (new) Earth.

In other words, these incessant infusions of energy that we have been relentlessly integrating are encoded with the instructions needed for the construction of our new human (Adam Kadmon) template, the template that they themselves Created…the blueprint for the original, divine prototype for humanity that existed before our fall from grace.

The DNA activations that are presenting to the human body are those that are needed to take the physical vessel not only into a deeper state of embodiment, but the actualization of said embodiment.

By ‘actualization of embodiment’ they explain that the specific encodements contained in these cosmic rays are those that house the directives for the awakening of the M-stra molecule, which is described as a light-matter molecule that precipitates the integration of the lightbody, as a divine imprint, into the primordial body.

Apparently the awakening of this M-stra molecule is a precipatory component to our becoming as it is designed to fully fire/activate the 12 strand DNA system for the original Adam Kadmon Template, that which precipitates the evolution of homo sapien to “homo luminous”.

This means that (for some) the inscribed memory of our true divine form is reactivating in our DNA…as Earth herSelf reactivates her higher planetary DNA…releasing the ancient (divine) codes stored in the human akash.

For those who are awakening to the lightbody of the Adam Kadmon, the template patterning of your Universal Beingness, you are going to be moving through a series of activations unlike anything before now.

These activations will present in an unfolding but will be built upon, layer by layer.

Just as universes are built, you will be rebuilt layer by layer from the hologram of the Adam Kadmon contained within your cellular matrix…within the cellular interface (M-stra) to your light body.

As our physicality comes into deeper relationship with our divine blueprint, the sacred light geometries that make up our Adam Kadmon template begin to activate and awaken within all our trillions of cells, restoring us not to our optimal humanity, but to our full divinity…to our original and True divine perfection.

In my own words: just bananas. 🍌🍌🍌


New Spiritual Gifts

As these higher DNA activations take place within us they are also presenting new (light) intelligences that may be perceived as new spiritual gifts….however, these are not in any way new to us, but the awakening of dormant abilities we already have contained within us.

As your light body densifies and your physical body de-densifies, you meet in a place that allows for you to maintain an equilibrium between worlds, one that enables what you would call your ‘spiritual gifts’ to manifest as more corporeal.

These gifts, as it were, have always been a part of you.   You may have felt them to be true, dreamed of these abilities, seen them emerge in your meditation space, and yet, in your waking life you may have been unsuccessful in bringing these intrinsic skills through the veil.

This was due largely to the frequential disparities between bodies, between the density of your human form and the levity of your spiritual form, but that is changing now.

As you activate the higher, more cosmic or Universal DNA that moves you beyond the human condition, so to speak, so too do you bring your spiritual abilities into the working matrix of physical life experience.

The body is a stargate, a luminous temple of Creation that once fully awakened aligns us with the Heart of GOD. This alignment opens us to greater realms of experience within our form, offering us access to various interdimensional realities, reconnecting us to lost worlds and abilities that will ultimately bring us a greater amount of joy and fulfilment than we have known while phase-locked in the 3D reality program.

We are moving into such an exciting new cycle of life on earth that includes the very truth of our genetic origins and ancient lineages…in this, we will come to know all the sacred gifts of Service we once knew so well.  The more we detach ourselves from the humdrum of causality that governs the monotonous, repetitive pulse of 3D life, the more we will be able to open to our inherent skills of Creation, spontaneously remembering them forth from our own (higher) DNA.

It brings us an enormous amount of joy to witness you come to witness these abilities in you as they take root in your earth life.


The Grant of Amnesty

Now that we are officially thru the equinox gateway and beginning to emerge on the other side of the veil, many will find themselves settling up with with their karmic debt and moving into their GOD Sovereignty, according to the Elohim:

Your reconciliation with GOD ensures that the merger of mind & heart creates a sacred pact with your Creatorship, one that endows you with a sense of inner fulfilment unlike anything you have known incarnationally.

This sense of inner fulfillment brings with it a peace treaty if you will…a formal agreement between you and GOD that ratifies your settlement with any karmic debt that you accrued.

So it is to say that, in return for the fulfilment of your sacred oath, you are granted amnesty.

In your amnesty you are released from the game, so to speak, free to reorient your life’s focus and energies from becoming to BEing.

The karmic sojourn that brought each of us into union with our inner-counterpart ends here for many…now we begin the process of integrating that inner-other, the opposite polarity, the unintegrated aspect of self.  This side of self that is now calling each of us Home is the side of us that has, in some cases, laid dormant for thousands of years…the part of us that is here to Serve AS the embodied example of divine union.

This union, born of the equalization of your inner masculine and feminine polarities is THE reason you are here now, at this pivotal turning point, preparing to turn inside out, to realize the outermost level of GOD in form. –Yeshua/Jesus

It been made abundantly clear to me that (as of the new moon on 3/17) the way of old is no more…that the shackles that have held us in bondange, chained to the powerlessness of the human condition are officially dissolving.

As a result, those who have completed their contracts to clear their personal distortions, miscreations & miasms are now returning to their True divine authority…in fact, you may already be feeling this arrival of new power, like the sun barely beginning to peek thru the clouds after a major storm.

That embodied, capable feeling of divine authority is the uprising of the new/true YOU…the part of you that K-n-o-w-s your GODness, that has moved beyond the limiting self and is presenting as “the awakened ONE”.  This is the part of you that is way stronger than you are used to, way wiser than you are accustomed to, and way more empowered than the previous you.

As you release your old karmic covenant with the world, so too do you actualize your new divine covenant with Creation, that of embodying your divine nature, your Christed Self.

In this, you are resolved to return to your True standing as an ambassador of GOD.

There is some releasing first, but soon the veil will dissolve to the point that you will see the other side of you emerge with rapidity…and with splendor.

And so too do we proclaim that there is never again a need to try to convince another of the veracity of your truth. For you ARE the truth now, and that will go much further than any words could ever convey.  No longer are you required to forcibly uphold your will against adversaries, for your will is now THY will.

Be at peace. Create in peace. Live your peace.  Move into the new creation of YOU with the Knowingness of who you ARE.

Also to note that According to the Arcturians/Elohim, this major shift…or reorientation in life’s focus and energies from becoming to BEing…is what will ultimately initiate the release of life force (that Jesus also mentioned in the excerpt above), the “storehouse of vital reserves” required to transform, or…in the words of the Elohim: “to build your earthly temples and partake in the Creation of Eden”.

The peace that surpasses all understanding beckons.  It is from this place of inner sanctity that you will find the Truth of your highest purpose at this very pivotal time.

It is within the indestructible walls of divine credence that you have held to that Truth, to the belief in your Truth, and it is in the dissemination of said Truth that you shall reallocate your life energies to support you to now thrive in the physical world.

For just as you release yourself from the final confines of causality you simultaneously find within you a hidden well of life forceakin to the eruption of a big bang, you are creating a new YOUniverse within.

As your past implodes inward, your future explodes outward to form a completely new expression of you…the True you, balanced in sacred union, living in divine partnership again.

The true state of reconciliation is born of your ability to rise and fall, but ultimately to rise above the fall...of man.

Now and into the sacred season that follows, you are born again into the state of GODliness that is known as the Holy of the Holies.

As you enter into atonement, reconcile with GOD, and move beyond the veil, you come to know the palace of eternal peace within…it is the Holy of the Holies that ensures that your covenant with Creation is held in tact, untouched by human will.

According to Wikipedia: In western Christian theology, atonement describes how human beings can be reconciled to God through Christ’s sacrificial suffering and death.  Atonement refers to the forgiving or pardoning of sin in general and original sin (fall of man) in particular through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, enabling the reconciliation between God and his creation.

Ummm, yea.  I’ll toast to that. 🍻🍾🥂


Inheriting a New Veil

Now that THE longest eclipse portal in the history of everness is finally and officially closed (as of new moon on 3/17)…I means seriously, could that thing have gone on ANY longer??!!  🤬…and we are at the end of a MASSIVE period of growth and expansion, we are now moving into a new season/phase that looks to be anchoring/locking us into the unified timeline. Maybe even for good.

As you emerge from the depths of the eclipse energies you begin to open to new life, awakening to a new level of Self.

Even the air you breath will feel new to your lungs for you are breathing more life force than before…more adamantine particles are filling your body even as you read these words.

This is key for the coming seasons and so we would like to speak to this briefly for those of you who are coming out of an intensive restructuring period.

According to the Elohim, those of us who are activating high light-body levels are now beginning to increase our pranic intake.

The increase in prana (universal LOVE/life force) activates the release of personal life force that is beginning to recirculate around the body which, in turn, is creating a (toroidal) cocoon if you will…a centrifuge of self-sustaining energy that will both be responsible for our becoming, but also for our complete detachment from the causal/karmic reality programs.

This self sustaining forcefield is our personal holographic matrix, THE holographic matrix for our new earth experience.

As you come out of the eclipse energies and into the equinox, you move through a sheathing of transcendence that will be laid upon each initiate of the Sacred Orders of ascension.

This sheathing acts as a permanent shield from the lower world but also as a layer of protection from the lower mind constructs.

While in one way you are dissolving the veil between worlds, you are also in a sense inheriting a new veil that will serve to encapsulate you in the 5D experience of life on earth.

This new veil, let’s call it, is a necessary component of the new human mechanism for it ensures that you are vibrationally safeguarded from all that you have worked to transmute during your first life, your karmic sojourn through duality.

The Arcturians interject here to allay any potential fears that we will in any way feel disconnected or insensitive toward the 3D world…while we will become impervious to the causal/separation matrix, so too will we feel more empathically drawn to Serve it….only now we will be drawn to Serve from a place of true energetic and emotional detachment.

The only way to truly serve is to do so without adding to the frequencies by which you have worked so hard to transmute, and finally transcend.

Service, with a capital S, ensures that your contributions are clean…that you are able to support others to empower and liberate themselves from bondage, yet without the human projections of compassion born of sympathy, of overidentification that stem from unresolved wounding.

As we move beyond our own wounding, we no longer relate to the suffering of others from a personal vantage point, but from a universal vantage point.  This shift from personal to “Universal (hu)man” is what we all have to look forward to, to Serve from.

Deep down under the many layers of fatigue and human despondency there is a growing spark of excitement to participate again in a world that, to others seems strewn with pain and dross, yet to all who have moved beyond their personal afflictions and have freed themselves from human limitation, the world looks gloriously in transition, ripe with potentials anew.

As you go on to create your Sacred Gardens, as you surround yourselves and each other with the splendor of divine and earthly abundance, you do so with the understanding that so too shall others BE and HAVE all that you are or more.

The work of spirit takes hold as you live in tandem with great I AM…and as you rise, so too do you rise for All.

And so, as the time of resurrection draws nigh, we ask that you find the space within this sacred passage to celebrate your own becoming…to celebrate the abundance of Easter blessings that will be bestowed upon all those who have completed the harrowing initiation to GODhood.

Because this, dear masterful Creators of the ONE…is your new beginning made manifest.

It is by divine decree that you now return Home to the original light body of your Universal Beingness…each of you are invited to remember forth your past to awaken your original identity, your original state of being before the fall.

In the name of the great I AM that I AM, it is written. And so shall it be.

Wishing each of you a peaceful Passover/Easter and sacred season of resurrection! 🥚🐰🌷🌱




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