For several weeks in a row we have been bombarded with with cosmic, celestial & solar activation after activation incurring such rapid acceleration that it often felt like we didn’t have enuf time to come up for air before getting slammed with the next course of codes. The results of these tremendous light downloads have incurred so much inner-change that certain aspects of ourselves that we entered March with are no longer recognizable in April.  In fact, each of the first four months of this year felt like an entire lifetime unto itself.

From the eclipses to the equinox we have been moving thru a period of extraordinary deepening and expansion, an intensive preparation for the consecration of the Mystical Marriage.  From the equinox to Easter those prepared activated the resurrection codes for the Risen Christess thru our divine consummation, the sacred merger of our higher & lower self/feminine & masculine polarities. From Easter to the (Aries) new moon we have been integrating the activated ascension/resurrection codes in our DNA as we begin to assimilate to the new level consciousness and absorb the magnitude of what we’ve all just been thru.

Somewhere in the middle of all that we were also stymied by a very necessary neurological remapping process during Mercury’s retrograde journey…we came completely unplugged which gave each of us the ability to thoroughly disconnect and disentangle all the many cords and wires that still linked us to the old mental matrix.

The result of that massive undertaking is still unfolding, however it ultimately served to free us from all false power structures leaving us with a viable option to hook into our true Source of power…to reroute our personal life force in preparation to go wireless. 📡

So yea, 2018 has been kicking the crap out of us so far…but it’s because 1) we are ready for it and 2) to reach the frequency needed to actualize our divine blueprint (as an intricate part of THE Divine Blueprint) we have to be capable to absorb an enormous amount of light.  In this, we are rewriting the script for all of humanity, one that includes the Truth of our origins and full biological potential. ⇊

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During the first half of this month the overarching focus was on integrating thru continued rest within our inner-sanctuary…the second half of April we began an intensive restructuring period, remodeling the container of our self, space & lives to accommodate the risen Christess within, in preparation for the “coming of the Holy Child”.  And now, as we move into May, we will begin to incorporate these structural changes into the systems of our daily life, bodies and world…simultaneously establishing our new level Plan for our new level Service to the whole.

We are moving deeper into the True meaning of our soul’s path & purpose and following the Scorpio full moon at the end of the month (4/29)…when this encompassing rebirth process culminates…we will begin rooting our devotion to Serve (with a capital S) from a place of pure Source involvement.

As we come to experience a physical life in union (with Source) we will learn first hand what it means to employ the universal, or cosmic Self…to embody the ultimate reason for decode our “divine covenant”.  From this place of true/divine connection we know that the only meaning to our lives is to Serve the whole…each other, the Earth, the galaxy, the cosmos, the ALL.

Nothing less fulfills us here.

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Christess Resurrection

As the Scorpio full moon closes the (Easter) window specific to the resurrection of the Christess, and as we transition into the month of May, many will begin to notice a new aspect of Self coming to life…a part of us that has been suppressed for eons of time is beginning to ripen on the metaphorical vine.

This integral piece to our ascension puzzle is the Shakti rising.  Born of the alchemical merger of the male-female principals of life, it both rises and descends upon those who have consummated their inner union, and are vying to give birth…via immaculate conception…to the sacred third entity, the re-member-ment of GOD embodied.

As I understand it, the Mystical Marriage (of the lower & higher self) initiates the immaculate conception and gives rise to the divine Mother (principal) in each of us so that we can gestate, birth and nourish the Holy Child within.

NOTE: You may have noticed post-consummation a distinct (pregnancy) glow to your skin that lasted for several days.  This looked like a very noticeable, all-over suntan…even if you haven’t been in the physical sun…and presented more prominently at night (under feminine domain).  I noticed this odd darkening of my skin soon after Easter…considering I have been a bonafide cave-dweller since the supermoon/lunar eclipse, the idea of exposure to the real sun → inanity.

When I inquired within I learned that this could be the “Divine Countenance”, spoke about last year in the May report, (Transfiguration: the indwelling of spirit) just prior to the Pentecost.  It was noted then that certain & specific “markings of the (indwelling of) Holy Spirit” would signal when transmutation gives way to transfiguration.  Of which, Divine Countenance was the first sign, and was described as “the illumination of spirit from within the flesh, the union of which produces a particular glow and radiance.”

As we personally and collectively consummate, conceive & birth, Earth herSelf is going thru this very same process…opening to receive more of her spiritual essence in form, just as we are opening to receive more of our spiritual Truth in form.

It is thru the journey of the risen Christess that we come into the embodiment of our Christic nature…actualizing the very part of us that has spent untold lifetimes “hiding in the shadow(s)”, preparing for this very venture of the New Human Heartmind.

Know that as this numeric year is specific to the embodiment of the female principal, last year was specific to the masculine principle…to the individuation of spirit in form.

In your universal one year, the infusion of masculine, or solar Christ energies precipitated the coming of the Holy Shekinah, as the planet was prepared by the Holy King to receive his Holy Queen.

And now, in your universal two year, the Divine Queen descends wholly upon earth just as She rises within each of you…longing to co-create the balanced union within and around your personal spheres, in preparation to call forth, to birth the Holy Child.

It is such that the Divine Masculine is made manifest through individuation (universal 1 year), the Divine Feminine is made manifest through unification (universal 2/11 year) and the Divine Child is made manifest through triangulation (universal 3 year).

Together, the Divine King & his Sovereign Queen will spend the entire (2) year nesting, creating a safe space on earth in preparation for the Holy Child to be born…weaving light within and around, balancing and equalizing the Forces ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ to make way for the most prized co-creation.

This is the fecund space we refer to when we say that you are in a supremely fertile moment….for this is not only the birth point of your inner Christess, but the conception & progenation of your Holiness, in form.

The masculine principle is to concept(ion) what the female principal is to form. The feminine, or Bride of Christ is quite literally “the form holder” as she provides the sacred womb of life, the container by which to birth spirit into form, to manifest LOVE into matter.

To embody our divinity…not just in our lightbody, but in physicality…is to become the feminine expression of Christ (body) that holds the masculine expression of Christ consciousness (mind)…i.e., (the word) male is inside female…man inside woman.  #funwithsemantics  #🤓

So it is that as the Christess energy within us rises, she gives form to (Holy) spirit…it is our inner Christess that initiates and welcomes the coming of the Shekinah in materiality.


The Earthen Self

The recent activations of our higher/light DNA…by way of the Mystical Marriage…are serving to rewrite our physical DNA so that more and more divine intelligence can enter our bodies, restoring us to our glory.  We are literally rewriting the history of our human hard drives as we awaken to the body-memory of “the mystery” that has long been veiled from humanity.

Here is how that process is explained to me: The birth of spirit into life first takes hold as our own sacred form, as the indwelling, the embodiment, the external expression of our inner Holiness.  As we ourcellves transform thru the birth of our own spiritual nature, we simultaneously conceive…through the highest co-creation with our I AM presence…the fully unified expression of our GOD Self, from within our fully prepared Earthen Self.

NOTE: The fully prepared Earthen Self, like the Bride of Christ, is characterized as “the chaste physical body”, purified of all lower-ego-human desire.

Once our Earthen Self is purified, deemed Holy, sanctified by the light of our inner Christess...which is the priority of our ascension focus this year…we are considered a true vessel of the divine, capable to bring forth the Holy Child.

On a spiritual level it is noted that the preparation of our Earthen Self takes place as we continue to fortify our intentions to embody our blended androgyny and move thru the Sacred Rite of the Sepulcher. ⇊

On a physical level this purification process may translate as a sudden desire (more like a compelling urge) to clean out your home and/or body…to  organize, declutter, purge personal past belongings…to spontaneously join a gym, or dust off that yoga mat from pre-2012 when the descension horrors really kicked in.  After weeks and weeks of cellular mutation and detoxification you may feel also feel called to a fast, or maybe just lighter and/or more live foods…some clean fuel to jumpstart your motor.  All this “sacred cleansing” is an outer representation of what’s going on energetically/within.

NOTE: It was also noted in the May report of last year that the second sacred marking of the Holy Spirit, the renunciation of fear ⇊ involved: 1) the physical act of soul liberation that initiates 2) a very sacred cleansing that will propel the body’s purification, a process that may call you to fast or to reduce the intake of food as our cells begin to reorient to our new/original (photonic/pranic) food Source. 

Speaking of prana, in the last report the Elohim mentioned that those of us who are activating high light-body levels are now beginning to increase our pranic intake.  Because of this you may have be noticing some changes in your breath/breathing as we migrate to the new template.  As the New Human Respiration (which includes the High Heart) comes online, the breath deepens and feels more nourishing to the body.

I’ve been asked to speak on this because these changes in respiration can alter our breathing patterns…so for example, you might experience the cessation of breath for a period of time, followed by deep expansive breaths that seem to fill the whole body cavity with relaxing (life force) energy….you might notice periods of excessive yawning, spontaneous pranayama (yogic breathing) and/or involuntary belly breathing, etc.

Our chests are also expanding at this time to accommodate our pranic intake which can create extra padding/weight gain in the body trunk…a tubular torso effect…and/or a temporary feeling of being overly full.  All this will eventually subside as the body adapts to our new life force generator.

Most importantly, if you are noticing any of these changes it’s helpful to not to get in your head about it because it can trigger anxiety…a feeling like you can’t catch your breath or that your breathing rhythm is off…which of course only exacerbates it.  Ruling out any health concerns obviously, it’s important to trust the process if you are at this stage of embodiment…a simple chat with your cells may suffice to help your nervous system relax into the knowing that the body Knows what its doing.

In fact, the physical body will likely go thru a lot of changes as we “prepare our Earthen vessels”…so cellf confidence will be an ongoing theme this year.

That said, and after all the intensive body work required to adapt to the purifying diamond frequencies that started pouring in thru the winter solstice, there is a noticeable shift beginning to emerge at the cellular level…it finally feels like the body is readying/wanting to shake off the density, that “lightening up” is no longer just a mental desire/hope, but that a new biological framework is beginning to show signs that this may indeed be possible now. Here’s hoping. #🤞🏼

With this comes a genuine feeling of coming out of hibernation…not just from this long dark winter, but from the entirety of the long dark night…yet, we will need to be disciplined and patient with this process as we are already witnessing the sheer enormity of it, and the subsequent pace of the unfoldment.


Rite of the Sepulcher

Ancient gateways are currently opening within the earth and those of us who were here in the beginning are starting to cycle around the spiral of time to access the deep well of wisdoms contained within these sacred portals.  As we open ourselves up to ascertain the Akashic records (Halls of Amenti) that hold Earth’s true history…including & especially the ascension blueprint that many of us have planted here in lifetimes prior…our DNA responds to the activation of codes awakening within the crystal beds of earth.

Our job as conduits of this resurrecting intelligence is not to adhere to the energies of historic archetypes…those relevant to time periods past…but to bring together the already attained and integrated Knowledge of our ancient past Self with our cosmic future Self, and to bridge these worlds in a way that creates an entirely new, ascended experience of Life on Earth.

Even the word “ascension” has outdated archetypal imprints, so much so that the younger star generations will likely not resonate with these teachings as they already fully embody them…not as concepts or ideologies, but as actual expressions of living light that they experience both within the hologram of their crystalline DNA matrix, as well as from the interception of data now available within the holographic matrix of Earth’s crystalline grid.

So it is with the Rite of the Sepulcher…which, in times past was an ancient sacred rite of passage for initiates of the Holy Orders…those who consciously cleansed and purified their mind, body and souls of all limitations and human infringements.

Historically, the Rite of the Sepulcher was available only to those in secret societies, those adepts of the ancient Mystery School Teachings, yet in this day and age of the Second Coming (of the Christess), this very rite is available to all who choose to undergo the rigorous inner-trials that lead to the immortalization of the flesh.

Now…and we wish to be very clear about this…the immortalization of the flesh is a very natural process that was once considered “normal” but has been deliberately demonized by those in power to keep these sacred Truths hidden and out of the hands of the general populace.

The Pleiadian Council explains that the reason biological immortality is/has been so collectively demoralized is because of intentionally placed matrix programs like “vampirism”, for example, which purposefully infuse terror into the idea of living immortally to prevent us from activating this sacred, “normal” part of our (higher) DNA.  Think: your standard blood (life force) sucking vampire mythos which evokes unconscious fear…not only around the concept of physical immortality, but with the added bonus of the always popular, tried & true: “fear of the dark/night (feminine)” programs.

In the famous words of Melisandre of Asshai (GOT): “The night is dark and full of terrors.” 🧟‍♀️👻🧟‍♂️

In the same way that the “fear of aliens” agenda (save for our beloved E.T.!) aims to prevent humanity from awakening to it’s cosmic origins by depicting extraterrestrials as hostile, aggressive life-forms out to destroy our kind 👽, influential media moguls continue to keep intentional programs running (in some cases unknowingly) to entertain us into a state of submission, lulling us into the very effective mechanism of distraction from our full human potential.

These programs put in place to keep us small have done their job at usurping the power of the populace, but the jig is so obviously up…more & more sheeple are waking to the played-out fear schtick (thank you Mr. Trump) just as those who are spiritually, mentally & emotionally prepared to move into the highest level of human mastery are now breaking the glass ceiling on the mortal matrix, the false program put in place eons before now to dissuade us from becoming GOD.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”- L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Eclipses-to-Equinox-to-Easter eternity passage officially tripped the switch in our higher DNA, turning on our vehicle’s interior lights….and so together, we are collectively lifting the oppressive lid of the cryptic tomb that has barred our entrance to the “other side” for ages, illuminating the secret chamber within to unveil the ancient Rite of the Sepulcher.

Ultimately this means that many of us have broken the mortal seal and are no longer phase-locked from the very-natural, regenerative process of restoring the Holy (body) Temple.  #goteam🏆

“Physical immortality is the ultimate manifestation of the Goddess presence within the corporeal body.
The Shekinah IS the immortalization of the flesh, of the vessel. The word itself can be translated to mean “the dwelling”…it is a reference to the embodiment of GOD.” –Yeshua/Jesus Christ

To be clear, these frequential phase locks to our longevity do not exist outside of us but are contained within the blueprint of our very own DNA…so for example, until we are able to embody the light quotient required to unlock the codon sequence that contains the instruction set for immortalization, we are unable to access it.

Clearly this process is not for everyone, yet…and for those who are at the required light quotient…this recent DNA activation that took place during the Holy Days of Resurrection heralded the official opening to this very sacred rite of high alchemy.

The Rite of the Sepulcher is essentially that which enables you to pass through to ‘the other side’ while maintaining your physical form and bringing to that form a true resurrection.

The comprehensive art and science of ancient past practices and sacred spiritual rituals required extensive measures for initiation into this rite, however…in this day and age, in this foretold and highly prophesied moment on earth…extensive measures are no longer required.

Why you may ask?  Because many of you reading this have already passed through those extensive initiations of the Sacred Orders in lifetimes past, and so it stands that these rites live inside you now, within your very own DNA, as part of your activation in Service to the ONE…a pledge by which each of you solemnly agreed long ago and many times over as part of your sacred covenant and oath.

And so it is that…this time, this life, you only need recall the intelligence forth.  For you have intentionally planted the templates on earth so that the information needed would be available to you, to utilize in this lifetime, for the good of all.

Deeply this is why you may feel the familiarity of these very words.


Renunciation of Fear

Last year, when I was made aware that the second sacred marking of the indwelling was the renunciation of fear, I didn’t realize at the time that this line was so literal:  “all fear would be abolished ‘in the name of the Holy Spirit'”.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago…April 5th to be exact…when, during an unexpected late night Christ visit I was taken thru an etheric ordination into the sacred Rite of the Sepulcher (I assume so that I could connect all these dots for this report). Toward the end of the ceremony, in conjunction with my I AM presence, I was specifically asked to “renounce all suffering in the name of the Holy Spirit” , and to willfully do this before the entire Legion of Heaven (a group of angelic-type beings also present & witness to my testimony).

I didn’t think much of it in that surreal moment, as these things go…in fact it is not until writing this that I am now making the connection to the “renunciation of fear” spoken about last May…but now I am understanding this to be one of the requirements to pass GO:

In the renouncement of suffering (fear), you solemnly declare your release from your karmic covenant and in that act, so too do you enact your divine covenant.

The conscious, willful release of suffering is the antecedent to embodiment.

All of us undergoing a physical ascension at this time are having to make these declarations in some way, shape or form in order to activate the Rite of the Sepulcher (within our own DNA). Your experience may not be as literal as mine, however know that there must come a lucid moment of renunciationa physical act of soul liberation. 

When we are willing to give up the last shred of human attachment to our own personal brand of suffering…to forgo ALL earthly succor, to relinquish ALL (lower) human desire…we are able to release ourselves from the mortal matrix.

In our final refusal to be led into temptation (separation), we are “delivered from evil” (duality).

NOTE: After that profound ordination, Christ then proceeded to hand me/you/us the Star of David which I now (in retrospect) understand to symbolize the divine merger.  My guess is that this ancient symbol may be circulating in the awareness of the entire ascending collective at this very special time.

The 6-pointed Star containing the two triangles represents the divine union of the masculine & feminine Forces of Creation, the Christ & Christess,  Cosmic MAN & Cosmic WOMAN.


The Mystical Marriage

The Mercury retrograde cycle that we are freshly emerging from was not typical by any means. 😳 The galactics made in clear in reports past that this would be the case…that we would officially undergo “an extensive recalibration of the New Human Heartmind”…but as always, we have no idea what these passages will amount to until we are in it.  And boy were we IN IT.

This intensive communication upgrade was the result of the (aforementioned) Mystical Marriage.

NOTE: The ongoing dizziness, vertigo, headaches, vision, ear, neck/throat, sinus & teeth issues continue to be a side effect of the inner union/merging process.

Initiated via the pineal/pituitary (and hypothalamus) complex, the Mystical Marriage forges the physical union of our female & male polarities, reuniting the long-lost lovers of heart & mind.  This required such an extensive rewiring that it demanded we go offline in really major way in order to recalibrate our upgraded operating system to the new, unified processor (our authentic Self).

We endured quite a lengthy (3+ weeks) void period as a result, one in which you may have felt like you were losing your mind…but that was partially the point.  Those moving thru the mystical marriage weren’t permitted to take anything (new) in, or put anything out during this time to ensure we didn’t interfere with the complete rewrite and so most productivity (save for basic survival) was halted while our life force was directed inward for this massive neurological remapping.

The extended time/space of nothingness was imperative to unplug from any sense of self so that we could reroute our entire inner communication network to begin broadcasting the signals of our personal, divine Truth from what is being called the Temple of the Mystery ⇊…the secret chamber that is now opening in the center of the brain, illuminating our Heart/Soul Truth thru the projector of the Higher Mind.

Essentially this retrograde served to plug our (head) brain into our heart (brain) so that our thinking is fed from/energized by, well GOD ultimately…from our Feminine intelligence.  So as of writing this, “Think With Your Heart” has officially gone bio (!) which means the monkey mind is no longer an enemy…our thinking is now fully infused with our feelings and our brains are no longer floating cerebrally, divorced from Source, existing autonomously on their own island without a viable connection to the ALL.

Know that as you come out from under this cycle of intensive calibration you will come into the new way of being that we have so often called the ‘reorientation to new life’…normalizing your ability to perceive and interact with the world beyond duality.

For it is time to see life with brand new eyes, no longer focusing on the matters of suffering, of the human condition…but on matters of the Heart.

Imagine if you will, a world where the Human Heart is the primary Source of intelligence…a world where our brains decode, decipher and analyze LOVE as the communication medium delivered from our own divine blueprint, a fractal of THE Divine Blueprint for All of Life.

Cuz that’s the world we came to Create.

NOTE: I am inclined to share that the third and final “marking of the indwelling spirit” mentioned in last May’s (Pentecostal) report was referenced as a repositioning of focus from head to heart-mind 🙌🏼, a kind of “clicking into position” that maintains our completeness of perception.


Temple of the Mystery

As we evolve from the lower to higher (Heart) mind construct we officially enter what the council calls the “Temple of the Mystery”, located in the hidden chambers deep within the human brain.  This is the center of High Alchemy, of the Sacred Arts…the opening of which is described as a process of “amazing discovery”.

The Temple of the Mystery contains the blueprint for the building of the new body template, the template for a new earth and the entire Plan for the unfolding of a whole new human era.

In this, know that you are coming into a time of amazing discovery as you open to new potentials within the body-mind complex.

Know too, that as the mind moves in harmony with the heart, peace will prevail.

The separated mind is the capacitor for external data transfer and decoding…the interpretive orchestration of information that is derived from the external environment…where the new human Heartmind is one by which the mental mind is fully attuned to the symphony of the heart, orchestrated by the composition of LOVE.

As we enter into the Temple of the Mystery…the state of high mind that is fully aligned with the purified (high) heart…so too will we come to realize the proverbial “peace that surpasses all understanding”, (that Yeshua/JC spoke of in the last report) in a very literal way:

Consider that this is in fact a very accurate description of the process of union of mind & heart, left & right brain respectively.

What we mean is that the the merged heartmind complex is one that literally ‘surpasses mental understanding’ in that it exceeds the reptilian brain (monkey mind), and is fueled instead by the information, the data, the intelligence of the (high) Heart.

Because the Heart is governed by the soul, the neurological communication pathways that once supported our survival programming are now serving as information highways that extend to the greater, or higher human condition…those ancient and future faculties that have been locked in the secret chamber within our own brains.

This is why the recent (retrograde) rewiring process amounted to such an intensive de-programming…the Mystical Marriage initiated an entire neural remapping of new necessary coordinates needed to release the intricately woven storylines of survival embedded within the mortal matrix in order to realign the body-mind processor with the higher, immortal matrix housed in the Temple of the Mystery.

Though this sounds very scientific, it is in fact a very normal process for the body to undergo at this higher stage of human evolution.


Mind-Body Merger

Now that the frequencies of new earth are flooding the physical planes, the heartmind and the body-mind complex are beginning to function at the necessary levels required to participate in the new/unified matrix experience…I am shown that the biological neural network needed for the new earth experience (interface) is either complete, or soon to be.

As the unified Heartmind comes fully online, our Hearts (feminine) will not only lead us into the mystery as they always have, but now with the full support of the mind (masculine) to bring us all the way Home to ourcellves.

For so many years we have had to diligently and conscientiously work to put the feminine in first place, to step heart-first into the unknown over and over in order to create the neural pathways needed to open to the new earth experience.  But now that we are merging our once separate aspects of self, we are finally able to move into the mystery with our Masculine self intact.

This is going to change the (human) game entirely.

Now that the Christess is Risen, it is time to balance out the (m/f) Forces of Creation in our own lives, to bring equilibrium to everything in our once-lopsided world…beginning with our bods.

In unity, leading as LOVE is the result of synthesis of mind-body-soul, as ONE.  The heart will always maintain our dominant Force field, but now that the Christ & Christess principals are reuniting as Cosmic Man & Woman, we can no longer maintain a disconnection between heart & mind/mind & body.

This is why thoughts, and our feelings about those thoughts, are showing up in our fleshy parts at record speeds now…think a misaligned thought, feel the repercussions of that thought instantaneously.

The deeper mind-body connection makes our vehicle such a vivid and accurate mirror of our inner reality that we can no longer ignore any cellspeak.  Yet, at the same time it is also imperative that we don’t attach to any judgements/preconceived notions about the process of our awakening cellf so that we can fully allow our becoming to…well…become.

Tho the embodiment process is well beyond the thinking mind it will try to engage and analyze it nonetheless…to ensnare us with misconceptions and reactions to the unknown.  Now that Mercury is direct, this is more mentally manageable, but it is always up to us to keep all systems in check.  Mastering the mind-body connection requires that we continually discern between awareness and attachment…that we maintain awareness around what the body is communicating, but without attaching to the why.

In fact, this whole (11) year is in dedication to the Gateway of the Mirror for this very reason…to see, clear & master the connection between our state of mind and the state of our biology (as within, so without), to “purify our Earthen Vessel” of disharmonious thoughts.

The usual matters of the mind, which used to be perceived as independent of the body, are now combining to form a fully integrated experience of interconnectivity…of embodied intelligence. This means we can no longer shrug off those repetitive aches and pains but must consciously answer to them…to continually bring awareness to any thinking that is creating dis-ease in the body.

The mind-body reconnection is also affecting the right and left sides of the body temple…which are also undergoing extensive neurological changes…those respectively male (right) and female (left) and that correspond to the opposite hemispheres of the brain.

These changes have actually been ongoing since the last Mercury retrograde cycle in December but basically, as the merged Heartmind activates, the body must restructure by way of the nervous system in order to pump nutrients & intelligence (life force) to places that have been atrophied by the dormancy of our long-unawakened aspects.

The body is reviving itself, receiving nutrients in places it hasn’t been able to due to the deep slumber of human unconsciousness.

Know that as you lift the veil between worlds, so too do you dissolve the veil between brain hemispheres.  This will have an affect on the lower body system.

Because of this, you may be experiencing either right or left dominant symptoms depending on the side of your brain that correlates to the side of your body that is reawakening…I am asked to make it clear that this is normal and to be expected.

As an example, numbness and tingling in the limbs could be considered a common side effect of a “waking side of self”.  Tho it may feel as tho parts of our body are “falling asleep” it was explained to me a while back as exactly the opposite…that this phenomenon is the actual sensation of the body “waking up” or coming back to life after ages of slumber.

As we continue to awaken our trillions of cells, to bring our physical bodies to full consciousness, we will utilize more and more of our higher-human template…but like everything else on the journey to our full potential, immortalization is not a passive experience.  Cell regeneration doesn’t happen to us, but be-cause of us.  And it is the mind that fosters our capacity to create sustained health and longevity in the body…ultimately because the body molds to the deepest be-lie-fs we hold there.

The purpose of the merged-Human Heartmind will be to establish our new (second) life experience from the sacred information contained within the Temple of the Mystery, the way that the lower mind has shaped the entirety of our physical life in separation for thousands of years…our bodies, relationships, purpose, careers, finances, social persona, etc.

This establishment of a new (divine) order begins with us.  First by creating the physical container to hold our higher light in form, then by distributing that light…thru our being, thru our life’s work, thru our interaction with others…to activate higher human potential for greater collective shifts (thru 100th monkey effect/morphic resonance).

T h i s  is why we have come.  Embodiment is our purpose.



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