Now that the feminine principle of Life is finding Her liberated physical expression, it is time to bring the masculine principal into balance to begin co-creating with brand new potentials. To do this effectively is to unleash the raw expression of our primordial power while also honoring the sacred Force of Life in all things.

With the highly anticipated Uranus ingress into Taurus (on 5/15)…what my Sources call “a pivotal turning point for the planet”…we have a real chance at finding this balance as all of life on Earth heads for some necessary, r-evolutionary changes.  Liberation is the name of this new game and we are feeling every inch of it.

One by one we are breaking the chains that bind us, learning to give way to the spontaneousness of spirit within as our higher Self guides and prompts us in every now moment to shift our values to something greater, something more aligned, something much more fulfilling. Our newfound freedom from (mental) slavery is opening brand new doors, forbidding fear to keep us locked into any unwanted situation while the realization of our True Self liberates us from all the expired, self-imposed restrictions.  We are finally willing to see thru the illusion at all costs.

Our willingness to see the full Truth opens us up to the second of two distinct stages of Self realization…the first one ends once we liberate ourselves, the second stage begins as we turn our focus outward, (re)connecting with the social world to carry out our Creative purpose in life, our higher/planetary level Service.

This is where many currently are…pivoting from bondage to emancipation which aligns us with our inherent Creatorship capacity, our ability to mold life thru divine manifestation.  It’s true that we are no longer bound by burden, conditioning, expectations, hardships or suffering, but to open to new potentials and more importantly, to anchor them into our daily lives we have to enact them…we have to move into life to test our learning, to prove our abilities to ourself thru our relationships with others and the world around us.  This will become even more important the second half of 2018.

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Suddenly…well after decades, lifetimes even 🤔…we are no longer phase-locked in any reality program which means every place, every moment we hold ourselves back from our limitless nature (fall back into habitual, lower mind responses) we come up against incredible tension forcing us to choose again, to choose higher.

Because of this we are having to pay close attention, to apply our new perspective without filters, to truly see what every moment means from this new vantage point…to honestly assess our reflection thru the mirror of our mastery, by way of this universal 11 year.   As we do, we continue to bring all unresolved contradictions (polarities) and tensions under command by examining, altering, rewriting any/all self-destructive patterns…inevitably redirecting the course of our lives, opening the personal pathway to New Earth.  (more in next section ⇊)

Each time we reroute our old responses to life (safety mechanisms), we withdraw more life force from the old matrix and reallocate it to the New…each forward moving step we courageously take, we find the next rise to meet us.  Slowly but surely this builds our confidence as we gain the ability to empower ourselves in ways never before possible.

In the process we are releasing some really long standing patterns of oppression…evidenced both personally & collectively…freeing ourselves in ways we have only dreamed of until now. And as we open up new space within, miracles are making themselves known…only they feel more normal than miraculous once we have aligned ourcellves with the miraculousness of Life Itself.  

Between now and the June solstice our focus remains on the release of mental conditioning, simultaneously planting our future, our “second Life”, thru this indescribably fertile time where every moment holds heightened potential to create the genesis for a new world.  Akin to hydroseeding, those embodying are sowing a whole slurry of seeds for brand new Life…germinating at warp speed.

This equates to an unprecedented opportunity to shift into the next cycle of remembrance, to release ourselves from the expired (karmic) contracts that upheld the old and turn our attention to focus solely on the new…without the usual roadblocks. It is a time to remain open to the possibilities, to be willing to try new things…to start over if need be.

It’s time to bring Life to its full potential. 

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Multidimensional Eyes

The very first thing that called me to the report this month was what the galactic councils were calling our “official entrance into the New Earth domain”.

This opening appeared mid-month, by way of the incredibly powerful new moon (in Taurus) coupled with the Uranus ingress into Taurus on 5/15. On this day I was shown a portal opening by way of the cosmic gateway in our Hearts moving those prepared into a new frequency bandwidth that is ushering us into the new/next phase of revelation specific to “altering our internal and external landscape to align with New Earth”.

According to the Arcturian Light Council, this new frequency is assisting us to drop the old earth matrix from our lower cell matrix while we simultaneously enter the New Earth by way of our higher cell matrix…a process which will require our growing ability to “perceive life with new eyes”.

This process entails a bit of imagination at first for you are literally having to see, first with your inner vision, the new world that is opening to you in order to create it for you.

Your new earth vision, lets call it…or your multidimensional sight…is beginning to open to the initiates of the Sacred Orders and all those here to pioneer the new world consciousness, to create the rainbow-crystalline bridges for others of the 3D world.

All of this is takes place by way of your higher body/cell matrix….as you birth yourselves into higher light so too do you birth the higher light structures for a New Earth and build the etheric bridges for society to cross over.

As the old earth matrix falls away, these bridges will become more seeable, more apparent to those seeking a new way.

As this new frequency bandwidth activates our multidimensional vision new realizations are also being born of our higher Self & purpose, new memories around what we have pre-planted for our “second life” are beginning to sprout within our DNA.  This will amount to what is being called “a very positive & forward-moving redirection of focus”, one that heralds our personal physical pathway to the new earth…what will in turn will become the pathway for all others.

Now and we wish to again be clear about this…the New Earth is not a “place” outside of you, however, it will eventually appear to be so with your multidimensional vision, by which you will then create from that vision until it is made manifest.

What you call the New Earth is already here, already upon you, only you are now at the level of inhabiting that world from the inside out after many years of personal unfoldment…at least as it appears by way of the linear structures of time and space.

Inhabiting the New World is synonymous with embodying your True nature as your ‘higher cell matrix’ gives you the needed technology to tune into the New Earth matrix.

As we become accustomed to our multidimensional vision we are moving into the “reorientation to new life phase” (discussed in many reports past) while learning to adjust our optical lenses to see the new.  We are phasing out the old reality program and refocusing thru the ascended earth hologram at the physical level of life, which is where the new reality will eventually (and finally) come more into focus.

In other words, our physical eyes are being rewired with new circuitry to receive and transmit new synaptic impulses to perceive the higher hologram in the world around us.

This has the effect of temporarily pulling our external vision inward, blurring worlds, making it difficult to focus on things in the physical realm for the time being…it can also create tremendous eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, headaches, difficulty reading/comprehending, and even mental confusion as our higher vision comes online. Tho this has been an ongoing preparation since the Mystical Merger completed at the Easter/Equinox, it seems to have intensified…it is nevertheless a transient experience, a process temporary to our rewiring.

This extensive optical rewire is a major part of our neurological remapping (discussed in last report) and central nervous system upgrade required to operate at the new level of (plasmic ⇊) light-body intelligence…it is also very much related to the ongoing tension at the back of the head (occipital lobe → where image to information conversion takes place), dizziness & vertigo and spatial challenges.  As always, this too shall pass.

The optic nerve, a cable–like grouping of nerve fibers, connects and transmits visual information from the eye to the brain. In the human eye, the optic nerve receives light signals from about 125 million photoreceptor cells (known as rods and cones) via two intermediate neuron types, bipolar and amacrine cells. In the brain, the optic nerve transmits vision signals to the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), where visual information is relayed to the visual cortex of the brain that converts the image impulses into objects that we see. 

What’s interesting (and obviously no accident) is that the internal nerve fibers that connect and transmit visual information from our eyes to our brain are very similar to what looks like multi-layered magenta filaments that create etheric, luminescent fiber-optic cables connecting our operating systems to the New Earth grid.  These “cables” are a crystalline living consciousness and can be interfaced by those with the right (upgraded/activated) software.  It is a fascinating and glorious sight to behold, something I see but struggle yet to put into words.

One thing is certain…when this rewire completes, it will change the way we see the world.  This is as literal as it is figurative.  You may be having glimpses of this already, where on certain “5D days” the world seems to be in technicolor, glistening anew, effervescent in its florescence and the interconnectivity of life is crystal clear, obvious in the most sublime of ways.  For those with a highly active psychic center this new reality and its components may have actually been presenting for a while now.

For me personally, I started seeing into this new world around the descension of the Holy Spirit/Shekinah last year at the Pentecost, but it has been a bit of a confusing, slow and gradual opening that I am only now beginning to (barely) comprehend. And for good reason too…it is quite a site to behold, stunning even.  It began as simple to more complex geometries and light grids that eventually morphed into to a whole new world of beings (elemental & extraterrestrial), objects, technologies and intelligent, interdimensional, bioluminescent life forms that are way beyond our imagining. At least beyond my own.

I consider myself to have fairly-developed psychic sight and have seen a lot over the years that I could never describe…this is worlds beyond anything I have seen with my inner-vision, and most impressively is that this realm is only viewable with my eyes open. 👀  Apparently this is key.  If you are seeing aspects of your future…for example: what you look like, where you are living, what you are doing, who you are living with (i.e., your twin), what your role is, etc…a distinguishing factor is that this world presents with our eyes open, as a dimensional overlay or bleed-through of the new reality within our existing reality.

One thing I can definitively say is that, as you open to this world optically, you will barely believe your eyes…in that it alters you, takes adjusting to, time and space for the mind to grasp what it’s seeing because for the most part, our cognitive functioning has no data from this realm to pull from.  Avatar has nothing on this world, I assure you…tho similar in its concept, maybe even in composition…it’s the stuff that sci-fi, fantasies, fairytales and folklores are made of…x’s the universe…and so we will definitely need to build a whole new database for the brain.

Obviously, in the parlance of our times, that translates to a whole new collection of emojis 🤩…tho clearly technology is way ahead of us here: 📲 +🦄🌈🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏾‍♂️= 🌎🙌🏼

The most exciting part is that this new reality (born of our higher vision) is the one we have come to construct in the manifest world…to “make be-lie-ve into being”….it contains the intelligence, guidelines, inspiration, map and instructions for our New Earth creations and purposeful plans.  Our own activated divine blueprint (High Heart Plan) opens the door to that intelligence, but it is up to us to create new Life with it.

It will eventually be for all those with multidimensional eyes to come together and utilize this higher sight to create new worlds within worlds, for there will be multiple realities at play for several years on this planet and as the Earth transitions…drops the old cloak to reveal her full resplendent beauty…the mortal matrix of destruction will slowly pass away, cease to exist after an extended period of time.

In the meantime, and based on our ability to perceive and therefore work with the higher hologram, we will be learning/remembering/experiencing/implementing what it means to live in harmony on Earth, in true co-creation with Life and with each other.

Essentially, you are coming to know what it means to be alive again, in a way that you haven’t known in form..for even at your most alive, anesthetization was your predominant reality.

The New Earth experience is a level of alive that is deeper and fuller than your present experience could ever convey.


Becoming Bioluminescent

For those first waves entering the New Earth landscape there are subtle nuances presenting that are beginning to reveal new ways of being inherent in our new life experience.  These nuances are described as mostly changes in anatomy:

For those who are aligning with the ascended, or New Earth timeline, there is so much happening by way of your neurological systems…both central and peripheral…that it bears repeating in this report.

As you tune into the new frequency, your senses are changing…your nervous & electrical systems are refining, and it can at times overload your physical body, however, know that these changes are responsible for bringing to life the many dormant possibilities within your earthen vessels and the vessel of earth.

What we mean specifically is that your body is ‘hooking up’ to the central mainframe if you will, of the New Earth experience…as such, a living intelligence is beginning to saturate your cells in such a way that the bio-plasmic body is starting to glow in and around you with an opalescent translucence.

As I understand it, once we have absorbed enough photonic plasma (think: CMEs) to prepare our physical bodies to interface more fully with our higher light-body…specifically, the etheric body that holds and circulates life force (aka, pranic body, bio-plasmic body, etc.)…our cells begin to radiate with a new/more perceptible charge.  This new charge releases a luminescence that the Arcturians describe as similar to the subtle glow or faint emanation haze you would see around, say a light bulb. (My assumption is that this is the halo effect depicted around ascended masters since the head region tends to emit the most bio-photons.)

NOTE: That we are bioluminescent is not new news…science has already discovered (by way of bio-photons) that human body glows, communicates with, and is made from/with light.

As the physical body interfaces more fully with our plasmic body, the flesh is infused with more life force (living light intelligence).  This occurs by way of bio-plasmic channels, or meridians which function similar to the workings of the blood vessels in the physical body (called nadis in Yogic terminology). These subtle meridian channels connect our bio-plasmic body to our physical body by way of all three nervous systems…and our nervous system, which is electrical, essentially makes our physical body a capacitor to store this liquid light plasmic charge.

This means that as our bodies become the plasmic capacitors needed for our higher/New Earth experience, we will finally be able to  m u l t i p l y  our personal life force the way our original blueprint was designed. 🙌🏼

NOTE: If you have been pulling on the number 8 (8, 88, 808, 888) excessively since the equinox know that 8 is associated with purity, resurrection & healing thru the pranic body.  According to Kundalini Yoga, we have 10 bodies, the 8th of which is the pranic body which connects us to our supply of vital life force…most commonly through breath.  Not coincidentally, if you can remember as far back as March, the Elohim mentioned that those who were activating higher light-body levels are/were beginning to increase our pranic intake…by April, many were reporting respiratory/breathing changes due to the embodiment of our higher plasmic/light-body.  (This pranic-body assimilation will continue to build thru the next season and reach its peak at the 8-8 Lion’s Gate in August.)


Tree of Life Activation

By way of “radiating a new (plasmic) charge”…I also just remembered that on the day Uranus (which governs the nervous system) entered the earth sign of Taurus, I received a message that all of life, including our bodies were fixin’ to undergo an extensive “radiation therapy”…that  Uranus (which also rules lightning), was providing the (plasmic) current needed to clear the planet of its human-made malignancy over the next 7+ years.

NOTE: FYI lightning is an example of plasma present at earth’s surface.

I was also recently made aware that the Uranus → Taurus ingress precipitated the official activation of the Tree of Life.  You may remember that back in December, during the solstice, we started receiving the droves of codes needed to birth our diamond consciousness in order to “become the sacred Tree of Life” (Universal Human).

And interestingly, as many of you in the TWYH network already know, that same day Uranus entered Taurus (Tree of Life) the shift provided us locally with a classic “sudden & unexpected” tornado here in NY that ripped hundreds of trees out by the root, toppling structures and power lines that wiped out our entire electrical grid…75,000 people without power for days…landing one of our local cities in a state of emergency.  Notably, it was reported that approximately 1,000 lighting strikes per hour were recorded during the height of the storm.  That’s a wholelotta plasma for one day. ⚡😳

Ultimately, like the Magician in the major arcana, we are connecting our rewired electrical systems to (new) Earth to become pure physical channels for the GOD frequencies to travel thru, unimpeded…without fragmentation (separation/karma) these energies can arrive here without fracturing, without getting snagged on our personal miasma or rerouted thru our human filters.

In the reconnection process we are also igniting each fire letter in our DNA that corresponds to each dimension or frequency bandwidth in the Universal Tree of Life, or the Universal Human DNA matrix.

Our electromagnetic mind-body system is essentially a bioluminescent holographic computer…one that is powered by prana…with infinite download capabilities and spectacular programming possibilities for the future of Earth.  As we fire up, we come online to our inherent, incredible nature and primordial power…a power that enables those prepared to work more consciously with the sea of responsive living-light energy that surrounds all of life.

While we learn how to cleanly run all this electricity into the ground…i.e., keeping our conduits clear and open as the divining rods for planetary ascension…we will also learn to responsibly handle the ever-increasing voltages of light.  In the meantime, we would do well to take extra care of our antennas (spines) and electrical systems by consciously/continually moving these currents thru the body to keep our torus generators running optimally, assuring that there are no blockages preventing these energies from earthing. This will help circumvent that wired-frenetic-frazzled-fried nervous system feeling we are all so fond of. 🤪

When I think of Sun in Gemini (air), Mars in Aquarius (air) and all this newly activating Uranus (air) energy radiating thru and around our earthen vessels, I think: GROUND. 😳  Doubly so if you constitutionally carry a preponderance of mental energy.


Your Soul Color

In addition to becoming glow worms bioluminescent💡…the subtle translucent glow of the bio-plasmic body present in the flesh….the Arcturian Council shares that we are also beginning to visibly emit the true colors of our soul’s identity.

Not to be confused with the the colors of our aura, the soul color with which we glow is due in part to the frequency bandwidths that we transmit from our crystalline structure within…that specific frequency holds our identity and is tied directly to the (divine) purpose we came to fulfill, the essence we came to contribute.

Our soul color is recognizable by the higher realms and the all beings who inhabit them, which means our unique soul signature can be read by all those with “multidimensional eyes”.

In this way, you will eventually come to know, in no uncertain terms, who is participating with the higher frequencies, who is either on the New Earth hologram or preparing to transition there.

As you tune into the higher light matrix and tune out the lower matrix, you will also come to know who is ready to join you in your New Earth endeavors.

Now, to be clear, the New Earth body at this level is only visible to others vibrating at the New Earth frequency…this is not something that is readily noticeable by all in the physical world at this time.

That said, this IS becoming noticeable to those with multidimensional sight and so there will be those of you who are beginning to see, with your physical eyes, what we would call ‘the soul colors’ in and around those beings inhabiting the New Earth.

They go on to say that there are those in our immediate environment who will now Know us and who we will Know….that these are members of our higher light tribe and that they are all positioned specifically in certain geographical locations just as we are.  Sooner or later, we will be drawn together with these souls and we will recognize the light in each other…and we will remember why.

Some of these souls may also be people we already know, and when the time is appropriate they will reveal their “robe of color”, drop the 3D cloak before our eyes.

Know that when you begin to attract your fellow compatriots of light that this signals the beginning of your New Earth ‘social’ life.

To this we say, yes, these souls exist in your physical world…much to your disbelief, and in stark contrast to the many years of necessary isolation, some of these members of your New Earth community have been around you all along, waiting for the rainbow-crystalline bridges to be built, to herald Its opening.

And so it is that as you begin to notice, to tune into these subtleties of higher sight, new layers to life will unveil themselves…and with your new perception, so too will you see those in your world who will join you there.


Plasmic Body Reconstitution

In the second half of 2018 I am shown some new changes as we up-level our physical existence to a higher octave of human experience.

Currently we are upholding both earth realities simultaneously, but as we recalibrate our physicality to the New Earth, weave our adamantine particles into the higher hologram, we will be upgrading not only our expression of self and life… but our whole reason for BEing.

This is going to take form in several ways, the most pressing of which will be a focus on the restoration of our physical preparation for the “coming of the Holy Child”.  (Remember that embodiment is the gateway to New Earth…higher cell matrix = higher earth matrix.)

From the April report:

Once our Earthen Self is purified, deemed Holy, sanctified by the light of our inner Christess...which is the priority of our ascension focus this year…we are considered a true vessel of the divine, capable to bring forth the Holy Child. 

The calibration of our physical vessel to the new octave of new human experience is one that we have been working toward for a very, very long time…the body has been taking in SO much photonic light, absorbing all of the higher frequencies needed to activate our higher DNA, and now it is such that the body is in great need of replenishment, of “rehydration”.

In the coming months your focus will turn to reconstituting your earthen vessel to support her shift into the New Earth frequencies.

Yes, we deliberately state that indeed the body is primarily feminine in that, just like earth, water constitutes over 70% of your physical makeup.

And so it is that your reconstitution begins with the Feminine principle of Life, transmitted through the newly structured water in your cells.

NOTE: If the term ‘structured water’ is new to you, this form of water is in a coherent, liquid crystalline structure…sometimes called living water, holy water, hexagonal water, or liquid crystalline water.  In my own words, it is water in its perfected (geometric) form.  -More in Cell Speak (Module VI, Lesson 2 – Geometry of Water)

So too is it deliberate that we use the word ‘reconstitute’ for we are wanting to make it clear that the body is, in a manner of speaking, being rehydrated with life Force…returning to its original, flexible, more plasmic state of being.

Now and we wish to be clear about this because some might be confused with the concept.  This is not a linear but simultaneous process…as you begin to release yourself from the lower matrix which kept you bound to survival programming, you simultaneously hook into the higher cell matrix which is stimulated by plasmic light.

The higher cell matrix, or ‘silicate DNA matrix’ that we refer to is that of your plasmic crystalline light-body…the human bio-energy, or bio-plasmic field which houses the instruction set for the Adam Kadmon Template, the Tree of Life, the orignal-universal-angelic human template.

It’s explained that as this “hook up” takes place within the cells’ higher matrix, the particles that make up the human body mix with the plasmic waves of light offered to us by Source…aka, the plasma emitted from the sun (and from the sun’s sun, etc.) that we absorb on a daily basis…combining the essential bio-plasmic components of our crystalline core makeup with solar plasma.

This enables us to essentially transduce plasma into a solid state…creating the complex geometric crystalline light patterns, or sacred biological architecture, required to house our higher body consciousness.

Essentially, you are building the sacred architecture for your plasma light body to fill.

In this way, your physical body will begin to adapt, through accelerated particle spin, to the coordinates of your True form…your higher cell matrix derived from your Adam Kadmon template.

So as I (try to) understand it: as we interface with our bio-plasmic bodies and increase our life force, the physical matter of our bodies speeds up, or increases its rate of (particle) spin, which structures the water in our bodies to “living, or liquid crystalline water”.  The body then gradually changes its composition by aligning with/attuning to the frequencies contained in the structured cell water/blood thru absorption, or assimilation.

And just as our individual/biological reconstitution begins with H2O…transmitted through the living (perfected/hexagonal) water in our bodies…so too will Mother Earth begin her rehydration of Life Force by way of water (constituting 70% of Her physical makeup).

Earth’s revitalization will also take place via Her waterways, restructuring the planetary body with structured water.

Think of it like this: water is a known carrier of vibration.  Living water holds the vibration original to it’s divine blueprint, containing a coherent molecular structure, as it was originally intended to be.

The reformation of Earth’s body then will take place by way of coherently structured water containing the original, sacred geometric patterning for the Eden Template which travels through the waters of Earth, communicating GOD’s geometry, that of perfection, throughout Her body and therefore throughout all of Life.

In the same way, coherently structured water containing the original, sacred geometric patterning for the Adam Kadmon Template travels through the water in your vessel, communicating GOD’s geometry, that of perfection, throughout your body and therefore throughout your life.

The lifeblood travels though Earth by way of  rivers, streams & creeks in the same way that vessels, veins & arteries circulate lifeblood through your physical body systems…communicating coherence to all your cells & tissues.

The more structured (coherent) water becomes, the more ‘hydrated’ the body becomes, the more hydrated the body becomes the more healthful and youthful you become.

This is what we mean when we say that you are rehydrating with the Force of Life itself.

In the nutshell: The new (Earth) frequency available to us is encoded to coherently structure all of Life…harmonize and restore our physical body (and the planetary body) to our original divine perfection.  Because we are primarily water, this restoration/rehydration/reconstitution happens first by creating coherence within the water/blood in our bodies which can effectively harness, communicate and deliver coherence (and therefore vital life force energy) to every cell and system which assimilates (like a tuning fork) by the Law of Resonance. (For the record, I have no idea…yet…how long this will take or what the process entails.)

NOTE: I just had the probably-not-so-random thought that plasma makes up about half of the content of blood…I am sure there is a connection there that I am unwilling to make in this moment.🧐

Also from Cell Speak:

The (geometric) structure of water plays such a HUGE role in biology, especially with regard to cellular regeneration and de-aging, that it is literally changing everything about the way we relate to both water, and our bodies….it’s the (hexagonal) structure, not the chemical composition of water, that encourages cellular detoxification, regeneration, rejuvenation & rehydration.
FunFactoid! Research has revealed that newborns have a very high percentage of hexagonal water in their cells, nearly 100% (!)…whereas the average adult over 40 can have nearly half of that.


Higher Mind Rules

As the new (Earth) frequency takes root in the physical dimensions, it brings with it new level Creatorship potentials and breakthroughs that surround those who are beginning to realize their true liberation…which is simultaneous happening.

These breakthroughs are precipitated by our willingness to continually release the old earth structures that, in reality, have been obsolete for several years now…since the 12/12/12-12/21/12 gateway.  As we allow for these old structures to fall away…which is becoming more obvious and more effortless by day…we make room for magic by realizing, or remembering forth the simplicity of that which has already been created for/by us.

The galactics point out that since we are now officially in the domain of the higher Mind 🙌🏼 (aka, higher Masculine), that this is where we are/will be feeling the breakthroughs most imminently, especially in the way our new level thoughts shape and mold our reality.  With Mars (physical life) in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Uranus (higher Mind) in earthy Taurus this is no wonder…everything physical is under the influence of the higher Mind at the mo.

NOTE: Tho the councils often present information to me by way of celestial/planetary archetypes…and especially so in this report…a reminder that I am not an astrologer…not in this life anyway. I just do my best to convey what is conveyed to me in conjunction with my own intuitive understanding.

In fact, the Arcturians add that the higher Mind is THE governing principal on Earth for the next 7+ years…by way of Uranus in Taurus…and that this transit offers those who have transcended the lower mind the ability to align with the full power of Source to actualize our Creator GOD aspect. ⇊

On a personal level, the higher Mind construct completed an epic rewiring during Mercury’s last retrograde cycle and, as I’ve been hearing since early in the year, we will be recalibrating the physical vessel…and our physical lives by extension…to the coordinates of the higher Mind thru the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle (June 26 thru August 27th).  In January I was shown that 2018 has on overriding MIND→BODY focus…the first half dedicated more toward mental → second half dedicated more toward physical.

I am also reminded that the Uranus → Taurus ingress that precipitated the official activation of the Tree of Life, happened by way of the higher Mind…that on the day of the new moon (5/15), the combination of these two powerful forces, Uranus (higher Mind) and Taurus (Tree of Life) which is ruled by Venus (Heart)….also connecting with Mars (physicality) in Aquarius (future/LOVE) which is ruled by Uranuscreated THE sacred alignment required to activate the potential to bring our higher consciousness into balance with our bodies, and all of life on Earth.

In other words, this is a really big boon for those who have been at it for too long to count, and why there is so much galactic emphasis on and around this event.  Everything we have already achieved/Created prior to 2012 will begin to break thru into the manifest world courtesy of this transit….if for no other reason than it’s just time, via (celestial) alignment.

NOTE: We have about 5 months to practice grounding this new level Sourcery into our lives before Uranus moves back into Aries for a final revisit to the last 7 years. (Uranus will be in Taurus, May 15th – November 6, 2018….will retrograde back into Aries November 7th 2018 – March 5, 2019…and will return to Taurus, March 6, 2019 and remain in there until July 7, 2025) Hopefully by then we will have anchored our new abilities to the point that the upcoming retrograde will provide us with a revelatory contrast to how far we’ve come.


Creator GOD Aspect

The higher Mind/Masculine finally free from the lower matrix, ushers in new Creatorship potentials that will assist us to hold a much better balance between the heavenly and earthen realms. Ultimately we are awakening to our Creator GOD aspect within which not only affects our ability to manifest our body of GOD, but provides us the means to utilize our higher/cosmic consciousness for divine manifestation.

As such, it will be for those who have attained the level of consciousness required for divine manifestation to utilize it for the construction of their new life Plan…the blueprints born of Eden, the Template for New Earth.

As you step into action with The Divine Plan that lives within your own Heart, you will begin to realize the new, higher domain of the mind and its many new functions for higher Creation.

For now, stepping into action means overriding the old ways of creating…enacting our Plan from a new trajectory knowing that we are no longer physically bound by the old earth.  Eventually, however, we will be capable of much more.

For starters, you are born Creators.

Each of you has within you the essential hardware, software and biological intelligence to mold matter with your minds…this is nothing new to you and it is nothing new to earth.

That said, there IS a renewal process required to activate these dormant potentials.

As we come to interface with our new body technologies we naturally open to these higher capabilities and so the Arcturian council touches upon what that might look like and how we can begin to work with these newly activating potentials.

They explain that the New Human biocomputer has within it the sacred geometric vortices that hold, or carry the higher intelligence of the higher Mind matrix (in every cell) that is facilitating the Creation of the New Earth, from the The Divine Template…the co-created Plan for our evolutionary existence.

The Divine Plan, while rooted (Taurus) deeply within our higher Heart-scape (Venus) is brought into being by way of our higher Mind-scape (Uranus)…hence, new Human Heart-Mind:

The combination of these two forces of human intelligence are what miracles are made of…only by now you know that these are not really miracles at all, but simply the manifestation of new forms of life and creation that are born of the higher mind-body consciousness.

Now, as you begin this new level journey of the activated Heartmind and begin to put new Creative practices into play, keep in mind that you are ultimately creating matter with the infinite intelligence of the universe...for your higher Mind is nothing if not a conduit for Source inspiration, a capacitor for cosmic information on earth.

The more we explore this new level Creatorship, the more we will realize, in no uncertain terms, that the New Earth is a full-on creation of the (higher) Mind, that it is made manifest only as we are able to see it, visualize it, mold it into form by working directly with these new energetic potentials that are now lighting up within and around us.

This will become more readily noticeable and even effortless in the days ahead, to the point that you will revel in the joy of it.

As such, we want for you to also realize that the formation of matter is not necessarily instaneous, however it can be.

Certainly there are those adepts who practice the art & science of this already, however, for the sake of your newly upgraded operating system, we are referring simply to your ability to create a manifest world of your imagining...and that, over time, as you open to these higher states of the Mind, of Creation, so too will you come into the formation of physical matter, from thin air.

You are only beginning to fire up your new systems, lets say…and similar to a new computer upgrade, you will want some time to get to know all your new features.

We, as a collective, have a vested interest in helping you to remember these very features of your advanced biocomputers and we take great pride & joy in the new possibilities that await.


Imaginal Cells

Note that the reformation of our biological form is made manifest by the same (ancient) Creatorship principles…that we are essentially bringing into form what is imagined in our Mind by the pre-created Plan in our Heart.  Like all things, this begins with the physical body since all of new Life and Creation is made manifest thru our Higher Cellves, the same way that all of (causal) life and creation was made manifest thru our lower cellves.

So for example, the limitations that we held in our bodies from our causal life experience…say in the form of ailments, disease, or injuries…are more times than not a manifestation of the lower mind.  So any “crisis within the body” is not really a body-crisis per se…but a crisis of consciousness.

The same is true for the state of health of the planetary body…our environmental issues are not a crisis of the environment, but a crisis of consciousness…i.e., no being will properly care for the body of earth who is not connected to/caring for their own body consciousness.  This is just higher law…as within, so without.

Our body, Earth’s body…both are a current reflection of, a result of, the lower mind.  As we raise our consciousness and lift our sights to the higher Mind, we reform our body and the planetary body to align with the higher Template.  It’s as simple and as complex as that.  The higher Template, both for our physical bodies and for the Earth can only be accessed by way of our higher/inner sight, that which is communicated to us from the Heart, thru the imagination mind. (All this covered in greater detail in CAL-lesson 8.75 (The Magic of Make Be-lie-ve)

Its an exercise of opposites…of continually overriding the logical/analytical processor (which is connected to the illusion) in favor of the imaginative mind (which is connected to the Truth), even tho we’ve been taught/conditioned to be-lie-ve the exact opposite.

And so it is that as you erase the old programming within your cells you quite literally imagine your new-original-divine body into being from the state of higher consciousness.

Consequently, so too will earth see the reformation of her physical body as each of you reimagine your (cellves) into being, cultivating and co-creating from the same Garden.

Akin to the imaginal cells that “suddenly appear” inside the caterpillar chrysalis when transforming into a butterfly, we are reforming our own bodies based on a new cell structure that contains a whole new (ancient/original) blueprint. These cells…called imaginal cells because they are literally imagining a completely new way of being…start to express a new set of genes that are completely different from the caterpillar cells.

To reimagine ourSelves into being requires that we first release the mental constructs that also “imagined” our existing cell structure into form (at a lower level) so that a new, higher set of potentials can be imagined into our minds and made manifest in physicality.

When we say imagine yourself into BEing…we mean literally reconstituting your physical form out of the plasmic energy that shapes it into its container.

Your plasmic body is highly responsive to your imaginative is the part of your neurological system that is connected to and in communication with your higher, more refined (auric) bodies.

This, in large part, is what the summer months (winter in south) will provide us by way of Mars retrograde…a journey dedicated to first dropping the old image/matrix of self and life in favor of a new/higher/divine image reimagined for ourCellves and for the future of our beautiful Earth. And then becoming that.

See you at the solstice!



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