Now that we have moved beyond the solstice integration window and into the new season, prolific changes await us all as we enter the second half of this 11/2 year of mastery and sacred union.  We are headed for another major turning point in our lives…with three eclipses approaching amidst a Mars retrograde and an upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, we are venturing deep into the unknown, into the extra-ordinary.

For the ascension veterans, the season ahead brings with it enormous potential for the emergence of the ancient/original human template.  We are beginning to interface with the New Human circuitry that hooks into the central mainframe of the New Earth…a combination of advanced software and hardware needed for what is being called “The Eden Experience”.

We have been diligently preparing every level of our body system for this shift since the December solstice of 2017…a time that ushered in the diamond codes needed to activate our multi-dimensional (diamond/rainbow) light body.  The requirements to complete this preparation period have been beyond encompassing…immobilizing even…as we have been transfixed in limbo for months on end, severing each and every karmic contract with our life in duality and remapping our neural networks.

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The goal all these many months has been to synthesize our physical and light bodies…to rewrite the script of our human density and clear the old programming so that a new manifest destiny can be brought into being from within our physical form.

To do this requires that we fully honor the space we are in while staying open and neutral to the developing light-body expression which allows for the physical body to accept and hold a new, higher frequency.  So far this has been a mostly brutal process…one in which it may have seemed like all our bodies were at war with each other, but in reality it is the process of amalgamation that we have been witness to as our lower and higher cell matrixes come into synthesis, marrying the denser body with the light-er body.

And so, to be fully ready for this eventful season ahead we have been working day & night (in both our waking and dream state) to override fields of densified disharmony, continually bringing our focus out of the past so that we no longer project those timelines onto our future.  In the process of continually realigning our perceptions to Truth, we have been clearing our akashic records and reorganizing/restructuring all incoherent energy patterns that created our current mind-body state.

All this was in preparation for the second half of the year where we get to reimagine ourcellves into BEing from a place of true cohesion…harmonizing our internal-external worlds, reconstituting our flesh with life force…and all in the name of “purifying our earthen vessels” for the coming of the Holy Child.

Ready?  Of course not.  No matter…its GO time.

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Electromagnetic Pole Shift

The June solstice marked the maximum point of light for those in the northern hemisphere and the minimum amount of light to those in the southern hemisphere.  This polarity point maintains the equilibrium of energy required to keep earth’s poles in balance and it is the poles that distribute much of the electromagnetic energy throughout earth’s grids.

In the same way, the poles of our own bioenergy matrix (torus field) are receivers of electromagnetic energy which is then distributed to every cell within the human body…each cell also carries a positive and negative polarity field within our DNA.

From what I am shown, this distribution of electromagnetic energy (to both planetary and human bodies) has essentially been reversed in recent months…April/May respectively…and the settling of this reversal continues to have an effect on the planet, humanity, and most notably our mind-body relationship/neural network as we enter into the New Earth reality program.

Pole reversals happen all the time.  They are significant because when magnetics change, information changes…rather, it is magnetized from a new/different Source. This is necessary for our personal and planetary evolution, for the activation of our crystalline DNA and the DNA of Earth, because shifts in magnetics offer us energetic access to the planetary DNA and records (Akashic-Halls of Amenti) of our ancient human experience, as well as access to the information from within our own Divine Template.

Our personal chakras are the first receivers of this new information…they correspond to both the electromagnetic fields of Earth as well as our central nervous/electrical system, circadian rhythm, circulatory system and the distribution of regulatory hormones.  This is the “science” behind why we have felt SO out of sorts since the equinox…without any solid or lasting breakthroughs.  The recent reversal of energy, while it was successful in shifting each us onto our new trajectory, also created those haywire/out of control feelings and/or the completely offline/identity loss phenomena that encompassed most of May.

The reality is that we have completed something SO major…not just the end of a life cycle, but the end of an entire human era including our own (ancestral) lineage. If you have suddenly felt guided/inspired to do something completely different, start something wildly out of the ordinary…maybe even relocate somewhere you may have never considered before…this is likely why.

Our magnetics are shifting to align with our True blueprints which incurs the next cycle of remembrance…it also enables us to release ourcellves from the expired (karmic) contracts that upheld the old matrix so that we have the energy/space to now turn our attention to focus on things that are/have always deeply been a part of us, but that we weren’t prepared to engage with before now.

Some of this can come as a complete surprise on one level…what seems like a total 180 from where we currently are and/or what we’re doing…but on another level, makes complete intuitive, even logical sense when we objectively assess our constitutional interests, true blue desires, even personality traits that we have carried with us since birth.  Now that we know our innards so intimately well, it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with our outtards again…time to merge worlds in a way that makes sense to both our divine Truth and intrinsic human aspects.

This is why this current level of embodiment has required such complete and total surrender, a letting go of all that we have experienced up until now…including the ascension story…as all of it was just a preparation for the expression of our true/core Self, born of all those life experiences, relationships, soul trials & tribulations.

This is also why we must continue to remain wide open to the possibilities, to be willing to try new things…to start over if need be.  We are activating a brand new human/life experience within our Selves and the seeds of that new life have already been planted in our awareness…it is now up to us to now to take the steps in faith toward those future realities and nourish them to fruition.

If we are not willing to make the changes, we will be pushed into them…this may come in the form of dwindling resources, irritation and/or continual unrest in our physical environment if, for example if our soul is calling us forward to a new life and we are resisting or ignoring the call.  If we pay attention to the nudges…look to the honest reflection the mirror our personal life & relationships present…it’s easy to see when we have lived out an experience to its fullness, when it is time to move on, when there is no more life force to uphold our current life situation.

Honest life assessments are super important right now and moving into the second half of the year.  After what seems like an ongoing eternity of existential crisis, we are turning a corner toward regaining a sense of Self on another higher/deeper level as we complete the rewrite from the void and focus our energies on clearing/rebuilding the physical structures of our lives to accomodate the New Human-New Earth Creatrix Template.

Tho we may feel like an absolute stranger to ourself, the shifting magnetics afford us the opportunity to accomodate this new/higher template…to release our old identities and to activate, reconnect and embody our silicate DNA matrix, which in turn has been refining and attuning all our body systems to a new octave, or frequency of vibration.  This fine tuning will result in a new cycle of Creative expression that, once we click into position, will bring with it a fresh infusion of confidence to help push each of us out of our comfort zone in our own way.

And of course, just as we are all being pushed out of our comfort zones and have had to surrender to new levels of discordance while we clear/release the old cell matrix and embody the new/crystalline/silicate cell matrix, Gaia too has been experiencing significant changes resulting from the recent pole shift within Her crystalline core.  The greatest example of this is shown to me as the release of crystal codes from ancient Lemurian timelines, incurring both the massive destruction of old earth and (literal) creation of new earth via quakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, etc. as life on this planet is irrevocably altered.

New Human → New Earth.  Aka, “The Eden Experience” ⇊


The Birth of Eden

According to both the Arcturian & Elohim consciousness, the recent solstice gateway initiated the birth of Eden which means the Heaven on Earth hologram is now active/activated.

These Eden activations are paramount to the process of assimilation of/for all of Earth’s kingdoms, by way of the waters of earth, for they release ancient information from the underground crystal beds which in turn brings the land of earth into greater alignment with the Divine Plan.

As Gaia activates these codes from within, She brings forth the crystalline/christed frequency necessary for the New Human-New Earth experience and distributes this intelligence throughout the waters of earth.

This, like the New Human activations, will be a series of coded activations that will trigger many crystal beds within the earth to release new intelligence necessary for the New Earth experience.

These crystal bed activations bring the body of Earth to life so to speak, in the same way that you are bringing your physical body to life.

This series of crystal bed activations heralds what is called “The Heaven on Earth movement”…an ongoing unfoldment cosmically and celestially timed in conjunction with the 7 year Uranus in Taurus cycle.  During this time many of us will feel called to join the planet in her process of Life Force reconstitution, supporting her in our own ways to “drop her 3D cloak and reveal her resplendent beauty.”

The Heaven on Earth Movement begins with the diamond code activations within the planetary body which are then circulated throughout the waterways of earth, communicating the diamond resonance throughout all of Life.

As these frequencies penetrate the deepest recesses of earth, the molecular restructuring process begins the rehydration of Life Force which is then distributed through the natural world just as it is distributed through the New Human circulatory system.


The Eden Experience

The restructuring of land thru the formation of new earth matter has begun thru a series of intensive earth changes, natural disasters and events that will continue as a prominent theme thru the duration of Uranus in Taurus (Heaven on Earth) era over the next 7 years.  This is shown to me as the time-frame for considerable earth reconstruction, the events of which are caused by the shifting magnetics that are affecting all of life, most especially our human nature.

As the matter of your body is made up entirely of energy…energy that has densified or coalesced in form…it is obvious to say that the material of your body will change as energy changes.

Not only are you changing in your materiality but you are changing in your composition of that materiality…the shifting magnetics are shifting the coordinates within which you currently adhere to.

As such, the new map of your bio-matrix is reforming the matter of your body which is a requirement to remain in physical form on the new Terra.

These ‘changes in materiality’ are those of the new, advanced, or Higher Human Form…the Adam Kadmon/Universal, or Cosmic Human template that way-showers/walk-ins/starseeds/pioneers/angelics/bodhisattvas/etc. have built thru our own personal ascension over these many years.

Basically, now that the New Earth hologram has officially been installed (on the planet), those New Human prototypes corresponding with the higher hologram are undergoing next-level changes to align with what is being called “The Eden Experience”…during the second half of this year.

The Eden Experience is that of the ascended earth hologram in conjunction with the ascended human hologram…both of which are required to participate in the frequencies of the higher Earth reality.

Obviously most (humans) are not ready for the full-blown-ness of the Eden Experience but those who have been at this for several years…those who have readied themselves and are prepared for the Higher Human/Creator (GOD) expression…are beginning to make the transition out of the physicality that sustained us in the 3D earth and are moving into the new physicality (by way of accelerated particle spin) required to uphold the New Earth reality.

Let us define the word ‘prepared’ to mean the attainment of diamond (christ) consciousness and the many bioenergy requirements needed to sustain these higher frequencies in form.

Those who are ‘prepared’ are those who have completed the karmic circuit and are transitioning into the unity circuit by way of the Universal Human Template.

It is reiterated that those who have sufficiently raised their personal frequency to maintain these light quotients are those who are transitioning first as a prelude to what is becoming possible for all.

“Transitioning” → as in the process of release from the expired matrix…that which is held within our cell structure…and the acquisition of the new template as it is anchored within our higher body matrix.  That said, transitioning to the new human circuitry does, in fact, mimic the process of death in that we must release ALL extensions of our energy from all reality programs simultaneously while we anchor our many multidimensional selves into this current ascension timeline.

This is why many of you have been experiencing what is often called the ‘death throes’ as the first half of 2018 served as a complete severing from the karmic circuitry.

This intensive disconnection process was initiated at the December solstice of 2017 and now, as you move beyond the June solstice of 2018 you are coming upon what we would call the reconnection phase...the reconnection of your soul matrix → to the New Human DNA template → to the New Earth Eden Template.

This essential alignment process constitutes what we term ‘The Eden Experience’ and will serve to support you in your plasmic body reconstitution over the coming months.

As a result of this alignment, many will begin to experience the New Human circuitry which will present on the subtle levels as a bioenergetic shift in your electromagnetic current as you hook into the central mainframe of the New Earth.


Dynamic (Living) Constitution

Over and again I am hearing that the solstice gateway brought with it enormous potential (read: codes) for the emergence of the New, or Advanced Human, a process that requires a change in constitution as we bring the body to Life.

It’s clear that the composition of our body is changing…must change…to match the composition of New Earth. The councils continually refer to these changes as our ‘new cell structures’ that correspond to our higher cell/body matrix but ultimately the change in constitution is from a dense carbon-based material to a that of a more light-filled, crystalline or plasmic-based material…the latter of which brings our radiant True nature forward, our spiritual essence born of our divine blueprint.

This is as literal as it is figurative for you are literally becoming a new version of human…both at the physical and etheric levels.

What this means for those embodying is a change in constitution as you move into a higher, more accelerated rate of (particle) spin.

The New Human form, which receives information and light intelligence from the plasmic-body, is one of dynamic or living constitution…it is based in/on the framework and (torus) mechanics of Creation and is therefore always harmonizing with the earth and the multidimensional universe.  As we embody more and more of our True Self, the capacity within the human body to generate its own light…to illuminate from within our crystalline core…grows more and more.

In the same way that Earth Herself contains a bioluminescent crystalline core, so too does the original human bioenergy structure contain it’s own Source of energy. At the solstice point we all passed thru, in a manner of speaking, a threshold of (diamond) light that served to activate this dormant potential already existing within our higher cell matrix.

This means that soon we will begin to consciously awaken to this higher intelligence that communicates the Truth of the original human bioenergy structure…not just on a mental level…but the felt sense that we contain within us all we need to self sustain in the same way that universes contain the cosmic/quantum structures needed to sustain solar systems.  Ultimately, we are becoming a soular system unto ourcellf…nourished, sustained and illuminated by our own internal Sun…the Source of our own Light.

Now, and we say this with intention…do not be overcome by these words as they are barely skimming the surface of a process that has taken many years to make manifest.

This is not something that is ‘just happening’, as it were…but something that is moving into materiality as a result of so many preparatory years prior.

As such, it is our desire that you see and connect to the enormity of this very juncture and what it has meant for each of you as you move beyond the threshold of light and into the second half of this year.


Adam & Eve Archetype

Since last (December) solstice we have been undergoing quite an intensive inner/Feminine recalibration process that now gives way to the outer/Masculine recalibration process that officially began with the recent (June) solstice. This gateway provided us with the necessary codes to bring our outer world into alignment with the inner world we have been working diligently to procure since the diamond frequencies initiated a series of intense activations beginning just prior to the new year.

This intensive inner-preparation period was grueling but necessary to usher each of us into the frequency of New Earth/Eden, and now we are moving into what is being called “an extended period of harmonization”...harmonizing/synthesizing our male-female/internal-external energies born of the consecration of the Mystical Marriage earlier this year.

In other words, we are deepening in our divine union.

It is now that you will be moving through a series of new activations that will serve to harmonize your internal and external realities to align with the Eden Template.

This harmonization process is synonymous with the transition phase we spoke of prior…the release from your expired template, or cell matrix in favor of the higher, silicate cell matrix.

The solstice point offered each of us a divine dispensation (as all gateways do) heralding new frequencies that activate the DNA requirements needed to bring those prepared into the state of attunement necessary for the New Human-New Earth experience…aka, the reconnection of our soul matrix → to the New Human DNA template → to the New Earth Eden Template.

This is the meeting place of our inner-outer/divine-human union…the sacred merger of THE (universal) Life Force with our personal life force, the ultimate expression of Self as Source.

The harmonization of union requires a new level trust as we return to the land of the living again, with our Feminine Self in tact.  We may still feel raw and exposed from having surrendered our 3D template, but once we lay our old self & life to rest, we have to take steps to test out our new Templates that we so painstakingly built, to ensure their stability in the social world.

No longer are we permitted to subjugate our inner authority, to make ourselves small in the face of the “known world”, of the accepted majority…but instead we are asked to maintain our innocence and open-heartedness, our vulnerability and uniqueness…all from within the falling world. 😬

On a higher, more archetypal level, the Feminine (Eve) is beginning to open to receive the Masculine (Adam) and so we are having to trust in our/the male energy again, this time from a place of spiritual maturity.  We also have to entrust our “Leading Lady” to guide us as we reenter the domain of the physical world…this time without leaving our souls at the door, but also without dropping down into abject defiance of the lower masculine.

Honoring both worlds as valid means finding the delicate balance between submission and recalcitrance…and every one of us will be called to master this middle in the social world.  Remember, in unity it’s not this OR that, but this AND that….it’s always both.  We can never lose sight of either end of the polarity spectrum…here, life is about self AND other…masculine AND feminine…divine AND human…spiritual AND material.

Luckily, Mars retrograde is assisting us to reshape our interaction with life as a continuum…just as he will provoke us to release the last of our patriarchal imprints. 😳 And so for sure this trip down memory lane is/will bring up those places inside where we once felt inferior, subjugated, repressed, or dominated by the lower masculine…both within ourselves via habitual lower mind responses and reflected in the world around us (other).

For this reason, part of this recalibration journey will include revising our actions to align with a new (Feminine-empowered) expression of our Divine Masculine side Self.

This revision process will also serve to clear our (root) portal to the physical world so our soul’s can fully enter into the denser existence.  All season long we will be presented with perfect opportunities to unlock, disable and release these old archetypal energies trapped in our cells assisting the body (feminine) to open to/receive our Christed Self (masculine) in form.

This physical recalibration process also includes the liberation of our creative/sexual life force which initiates the return to sacred partnership, or illumined union…this translates as the complete dissolution of karmic relationship dynamics, in some cases the ending of physical partnerships will manifest as karmic contracts are finalized.  All this in preparation for opening to higher/twin (re)unions.

According to my Sources, the template for this inner/cosmic union is complete…but we still have to open/clear the physical pathways in our bodies, lives and relationships in order to step into it.  There is more work ahead but from what I am shown, it will be very productive, very constructive work….this season reads like a final heave-ho.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal for this (universal 2) year is to first unionize (our inner Adam & Eve) then to harmonize with that union to create the (safe) space…within our bodies and on the earth…in preparation for the Holy Child to be born next (universal 3) year.

Post-solstice we begin phase two of this process…harmonizing, (balancing and equalizing) the Forces ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ to make way for the most prized co-creation.

As the cosmic Queen returns to her rightful place within us all, reclaiming the seat of her divine throne, she awaits her betrothed in celebration of sacred matrimony.  Now that she has fully remembered, embraced and empowered her autonomy, she is readying to receive her True counterpart in order to bring forth the fullness of The Divine Plan for all to bear witness to.

The Divine Queen & King will again reign supreme ensuring that the divine child within each of us is safe and supported to create heaven on earth from the sanctity of our own inner-palace of purity.

Together, the resurrected feminine and masculine Forces will uphold and maintain Divine Law…the natural balance for new life, for the Eden Template to be made (hu)manifest.  

And we, the sacred Keepers of The Garden, will tend to the flourishing & plentiful crops born of the Great Mother, in true reciprocity, as we come to know re-union with the world of “other” and all of Life once again.  – Planetary Graduation: human to divine law


Reconstitution Begins

As we learn to adapt to the state of dynamic, or ‘living constitution’, we begin the process of “reconstituting our earthen vessels to support her shift into the New Earth frequencies”, as was mentioned in the last report.

The Eden Experience requires that we “bring the body to Life”…by way of life force rehydration…in order to return to our original, flexible, more plasmic state of being according to the Arcturians.

The coming summer months (winter in the south) are providing each of you with precise cosmic, solar and celestial supports to make manifest your spiritual nature, to embody your blueprint, to bring your body to Life as it were.

As our m-f forces come into harmonic balance, or attunement, we unionize the innermost core of our spiritual being with the outermost layers of our earthly experience in the temporal world.  This unionization, as we learned, occurs first within the waters of Life…beginning with our cell water.

As the diamond light frequencies penetrate the physical mass of the human body and the body of earth, harmonization begins with the water in your cells.

And so it will be for those who have completed the circuit so to speak, those who have finalized the inner changes to align with the diamond frequencies, to now cleanse the waters of the body in preparation for reconstitution.

This denotes the reconstitution process spoke of prior in which you align, by resonance, with the New Earth/New Human template by way of the water & blood in your body.

This process (of reconstitution) is shown to me visually as a transfusion of sorts…of replacing the water in our cells with a new/coherent molecular structure that enables our physical body to take on its higher/plasmic bioluminescent resonance.  The water in our cells receives the energy first, holds and transmits the higher vibrational information and then transfers that intelligence to the denser mass of the body.

The cleansing process on the other hand is largely emoceanal, as wave after wave of clearing opens new pathways in the body for replenishment and renewal. I don’t think it’s an accident that the reconstitution phase begins under the watery/mothery Cancer sun which is notoriously all about the feels.

With all the current cosmic & celestial support to clear the density from our physical bodies this season, those feelings will likely emerge directly from our core….as we flush out eons of karma from our collective human/ancestral lineage, we are no doubt headed for some really deep, but really fruitful dives.  These emotional releases may not always be comfortable, but we are so practiced at this process by now that will have all the support in the world (literally) to successfully wash away the end an era from our DNA matrix.

Also good to keep in mind that any deeper level emotional releases are/will be in fact, cellular…as the holding “cells” of our bodies are permitted to let go of the expired template/matrix, our tears serve to wash away any lingering old world/lower-mind debris held within our biology.

Breakdowns → breakthroughs may be a prevalent theme in July, especially as we build toward the first eclipses of the triad…for those at high embodiment levels, we are approaching the releases that accompany the liberation of our spiritual Selves.  (Note that very often liberation is preceded by a wave of intense anger which strikes like a match to our ignite the fuel of any ruminating emotions, propelling the expulsion of some very ancient energies stored in the body. 🤬) Try not to judge anything that arises…self LOVE and nurturing will go a long way toward assisting us to move with/thru any swells of tidal waters that aid in the release of long standing cell memories.

Know too that these water clearings not only open up the space within to embody the higher Template, they also serve to expand our feelings way beyond the self…to open our hearts higher and wider to experience the true divine levels/vibrations of altruism that may make no sense to the mind, but are preparing us to receive and act upon new “life orders” from our divine blueprints.


Elements of Eden

The last interesting piece of information I received was the understanding that the body, once reconstituted with plasmic light, will bring to us the essential elements of the New Earth required for the Eden Experience.  From what I understand, these elements…not so readily found in the physical domain of earth…will now begin to infiltrate the planet by way of those holding and carrying the crystalline codes that harness and direct what are called the “Elements of Eden”.

Eden Elements, as we refer to them, are the elements that make up matter in the higher, or less dense realms of existence and while they are essential to the New Earth composition, they are not fully known to the scientists of existing earth.

This will change.  In the coming days, new technologies will be born that will detect these new-higher, more refined elements that those of the New Human constitution already embody, and in essence, are making a ‘discoverable, scientific finding’.

For those of the New Human plasmic body constitution, it is you who will herald the opening, the coming attraction of these findings as new, higher breakthroughs become readily known and widely accepted.

Also interesting…especially as we head deeper into the Mars retrograde/out of bounds journey…the Arturian council draws my attention to a connection between our newly rising awareness around the living or ‘organic matter’ of the plasmic-body constitution and the recent discovery of organic matter on Mars.

They share that just as our cosmologists are so elated at the discovery of “living matter” on Mars, so too should we be elated at this outer reflection of the changes going on within the “living matter” of the human body at this time.

I am also hearing that this new discovery of organic matter on Mars will fuel much of the future ways in which science views the structure of matter and that it will have an even greater effect on/for the human body, how the world views it, and the methods of medicine/healing we use to maintain & support it, etc.

And how. 🙌🏼

In honor of our return “back to the Garden”, I leave you with this classic 1970’s throwback:


We are stardust

We are golden

And we’ve got to get ourselves

Back to the Garden


Wishing each of you an eventful, yet easeful season of transformation…and to all my American friends, a Happy 4th of July/Independence Day! 🇺🇸🎇🇺🇸



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