The tide is rising to another major culmination point as we move into the annual Lion’s Gate passage (7/26), followed directly by the full (blood) moon/total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (7/27)…and with Mercury turning retrograde to boot. 😬

Where the first partial/solar eclipse acted as a somewhat aggressive activation/trigger point for the triad, the second (lunar) eclipse will serve as a release point…releasing the karmic bylaws that we have lived by for multiple incarnations.  This is the really deep, lifetimes-old stuff that has kept us bound to the wheel of reincarnation and we now have a solid opportunity to lay these illusory storylines to rest. For good.

Releasing these karmic storylines, and the template that housed them, not only enables us to release the real life circumstances that were created out of that template, but it also offers us an opening to activate more of our (higher dimensional) DNA…the higher genetic material that sustains us in light-body form.

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With Mars retrograde all summer (winter in south), Mercury on his way, and three life-changing eclipses, we have no choice but to dedicate ourcellves to this thorough and comprehensive process knowing that as we unhook ourselves from the past we free up necessary life force reserves needed for our reconstitution. This has meant withdrawing our life force from our external lives (yet again 😞)…projects, relationships, activities and environments…in order to reroute our reSources inward.

Barred from any forward movement or external progress, we are internalizing/concentrating/building up our life force in preparation to enter into a new vibrational state…which means cultivating new space within, opening to receive a brand new/fresh infusion of life force next season when we we turn outward again.  NOTE:  An important new life cycle also begins in early November when Jupiter enters Sagittarius (his own sign) which will def put the motor back in our Honda 🎶, propelling us more fully forward into our True Lives. 🙌🏼

Until then we remain steadfast and committed to our realignment/reconnection where, courtesy of Mercury’s retrograde cycle (and 5 other retrograde planets) we will clearly dissolve into nothingness go even deeper within than we currently are 😳…BUT with the purpose of shutting-down in order to hook-up the New Human circuitry that connects us to the central mainframe of New Earth.

Certainly this celestial lineup of events has its challenges…like unreasonable exhaustion or chronic fatigue for example…but all this inwardly directed life force at one time is serving to recalibrate us to the new Template, to realize a whole new (ancient) mind-body program born of our divine (M-F) union.  The final two eclipses (in the trinity) will propel this process even further as we continue to complete the embodiment of the divine trinity within.

To make that a reality we are also entering (by way of the Lion’s Gate) a secret passageway never before accessed by humanity…more on that below ⇊…in which those prepared will gain access to some important new codes needed to live the light-body experience in form, and all in preparation for greater/higher level Service.

Ultimately we are moving into an experience of life that is purposeful to our WHOLE reason for being, not just our higher/spiritual aspects OR our lower/human level contributions to society…but where our spiritual & material/divine & human worlds meet.  This next phase is everything we deeply long for but likely nothing that we think it is…the revelation of which takes an enormous amount of trust and patience to witness as it unfolds, to collect the puzzle pieces until a clear picture forms.

For some this has meant moving missions aside so that a brand new, or new-level mission can be birthed from this new space.  And in the process, life is rearranging itself…we are withdrawing ourselves from the things that used to matter to us, things that we thought were important, in order to redirect all our energy to the new and True.

It’s a tenuous, taxing and confusing time replete with substantial uncertainty.

And of course, it’s all perfect exactly as it is.

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Jumping Ship

The overriding theme to the entire trinity of eclipses is/has been that of transcendence and yet there is a supplementary energy presenting at this lunar eclipse that is providing those on the path to mastery with an extra dose of cosmic energy needed to bring forth our authentic, immortal Selves.

The realization of our immortal Self happens first by way of transcendence, or more aptly → complete dis-identification from the lower form and the consciousness that created it…followed by the acquisition of the higher form consciousness, or higher cell matrix.

At the base level, the lower form carries within it the codes needed to direct the body to time-out, to decompose at the onset of genetic maturity.

This creates what is collectively accepted as ‘aging’ and is part of the seed program running in your DNA that is but a perceptual reality that has been downloaded and broadcast through the lower mind→lower world matrix.

The higher form, or what we refer to as the ‘higher cell matrix’ contains the codes needed for the body to regenerate itself, to remember its True, or Cosmic Human capabilities as they are communicated from the plasmic light body to the physical flesh body.

From the Arcturian perspective, as we move thru the second eclipse in the triad we are moving thru a specific corridor of time/space that is enabling those prepared to jump ship*, in a manner of speaking…to literally abandon the vessel matrix that sustained us in the duality matrix.

*This is not to indicate in any way that we are leaving behind the physical vehicle by which we inhabit, we are simply abandoning the program, or directions that once governed and sustained that vehicle.

The summer months (winter in south), in all their condensed potency, present us with a unique opportunity to release the karmic bylaws that we have lived by for lifetimes now that we are opening to the higher genetic material that sustains us in light-body form.

This (light-body) form is counter to the karmic body form in that it provides us with the proper equipment to maintain our elevated light quotient within physical form. ⇊


Building the Body Bridge

The elevated light quotient with which those embodying must maintain to live in the exalted state on the earth plane requires a (liquid) plasmic constitution.  In other words, the physical body must be capable to communicate, circulate and transmit (liquid) light as the main medium of sustenance in order to maintain the requirements for light-body living.

For the physical body to properly assimilate the plasmic light, it must sustain a specific frequency that the council calls a bridge vibration.  This bridge vibration acts as a capacitor enabling the frequencies between the physical and plasmic body to interface in a way that is safe…i.e., steps down in frequency.

This stepping down process is what we would essentially call embodiment in that your higher aspects are working to densify in form and to do this requires a bridge of sorts, one that can straddle both worlds safely, consistently, efficiently and effectively.

In doing so…in bridging bodies vibrationally…we enable our lower body consciousness to rise to its highest capacity while simultaneously lowering our higher body consciousness to its lowest capacity.  Both our higher and lower forms can only ascend and descend so far without an interface, and this interface, or bridge is what many are currently in the process of building right now.

As you do, as you build this ‘body bridge’ lets call it, you are creating the physical pathway to transcendence in form...a pathway that once forged cannot be broken…for this bridge maintains your connection between the material and ethereal, permanently.

Note that once we complete the building of our own personal body bridge we effectually become the bridges to the New Earth for all others.


The Hidden Doorway

The sacred triple play of energy that we are now moving thru…1) the Lion’s Gate opening on 7/26…2) which is also the day Mercury stations to turn retrograde..and 3) the full (blood) moon/total lunar eclipse on 7/27…is shown to me as the ultimate set up for this pathway to transcendence (our liberation from causality)…the powerful combination of events that will enable those prepared to vibrationally “jump (the karmic) ship”, to release/abandon the karmic template.

This (lunar eclipse) will likely require us to square off with an accumulation of things from our (karmic) past, and to do so with emoceanal neutrality.  We have spent years…and years…and years…defusing the charge from our core wounding…now it is time to display those mad chops by laying down those played-out stories of old and rise above them for good.

Remember that the overriding theme to the whole eclipse sandwich is transcendenceto that end, the lunar eclipse will no doubt be our ace in the hole.  Also gtk, this is an unusually long eclipse…being called “the longest eclipse of the 21st century” and will happen on the same night as the Mars opposition. Also no accident that Mars (physicality) will be at its closest point to Earth since 2003.

Not coincidentally, Mars is all lit up and literally presenting as the “star of the show” this eclipse. ⇊

“Since around July 7, Mars has been brighter than Jupiter, which is normally the second-brightest planet and fourth-brightest object in the sky after the sun, moon and planet Venus. Mars now outshines Jupiter by some 1.8

ADDENDUM: Shortly after publishing the report I received the news that significant WATER has also just been found on Mars. 😱  Not only that, but its SALT water…which of course immediately made me think of the salinity of the human body which is also pretty equivalent to that in seawater. 🤯

The writing is on the wall.  Our physicality…ipso facto → the physical world…is about to undergo a profound change.  The degree to which we are willing & able to completely release and resolve our past (fears) during this passage will determine our readiness to move into the next level of embodiment (assimilating the new/divine template) beginning with final (solar) eclipse on 8/11 directly following the Lion’s Gate on 8-8.

And so, as you enter into the Lion’s Gate portal, you do so from a place of resolve.

For once you release yourself from the karmic circumstances that upheld your template in duality, you simultaneously resolve the lineage or string of circumstances that were attached to that template.

Where the (June) solstice gateway initiated the birth of Eden, the entrance into the Lion’s gate opening on the Planetary New Year (7/26) is being called “the official entrance to Eden” in that the celestial alignments offer what could be considered the proper key codes to the combination lock on the gates to Heaven, according to the council.

As cliché as that sounds, there are so many internal and external facets coming into position at this time that will enable those prepared to release themselves from those expired (patriarchal) archetypes of a separated society and take a major step toward the full blown experience of unity consciousness.  From what I am hearing, things will look/feel very different by summer’s end.

The Lion’s Gate (8/8) this year also opens what is being called a hidden doorway that is only accessible to those with the (aforementioned) proper key codes…that by way of this portal there will be provided to those in resonance a passageway never before accessed by humanity.

This hidden doorway opens (within our DNA) the secret passage to The Garden…the metaphorical realization of living a light-body experience in form.

Now and as always we say this with great care…those who are prepared to enter The Garden are those who have completed their karmic requirements and have shed the falsities that held you in limitation.

These limitations are those that have been holding you hostage, tied to the wheel of reincarnation for many many lifetimes.

With this (lunar) eclipse you have a profound opportunity to bypass the wheel, to jump ship, to abandon the vessel (matrix) that was programmed for your experience in causality, and fully activate the ‘hidden’ resurrection codes that become accessible with your release from the lower world & form.

The resurrection codes are THE Source codes, initiating your return after the fall from Grace.


The Resurrection Codes

The resurrection or Source codes…described as the activation codes for our higher, silicate cell matrix…enable our bodies to align with or conform to the new coordinates of our plasmic bio-matrix map, the process of which looks to be the focus of the final eclipse in the series.

This map contains, among other things, the intelligence and information necessary to replenish or restore our physical body and life experience (via life force reconstitution)….as it is activated and engaged with, our body begins to re-form to align with our True coordinates.

From last report:

Not only are you changing in your materiality but you are changing in your composition of that materiality…the shifting magnetics are shifting the coordinates within which you currently adhere to.

As such, the new map of your bio-matrix is reforming the matter of your body which is a requirement to remain in physical form on the new Terra.

What’s interesting is that the total solar eclipse last August, the BIG event of 2017, apparently initiated this activation of the resurrection codes and from what I am gathering, the next wave, or level of activations has just recently begun.

As I understand it, that total solar eclipse in 2017 started streaming plasmic light into our physical world & cell structure which began the process of activating the dormant resurrection codes in our light-body DNA at the December (2017) solstice…with the help of the diamond frequencies…and another, or the next round of activations took place at the recent (June) solstice.

The resurrection/Source codes are responsible for dismantling all phase-locked reality programs (corrupted DNA code) and igniting each fire letter in our DNA that corresponds to each dimension or frequency bandwidth in the Universal Tree of Life, or the Universal Human DNA matrix.  This it what it means to “become the Tree of Life”, to transfigure our entire body system to align with our Divine DNA, the blueprint of which is Source-Self Sustained…aka lives on light.

This is also why our physical & emotional bodies have been undergoing such tremendous & taxing transformation since the December solstice of last year…the conversion from the karmic body template to the light body template requires that we expunge ALL unpleasant (read:traumatic) cell memories, imprints and implants which has demanded an extraordinary level of focus, commitment, devotion and dedication to make this a reality.  This is especially true for those with highly feminine constitutions since both the emotional and physical bodies are feminine in nature. 😰

In the process of the karmic to light body conversion we have been purging really dense frequencies from multiple karmic timelines and in many cases this has felt like moving thru an ongoing death experience as we shed our lower self to embody our higher, or divine Self.  #🚫picnic.

What’s more, the resurrection codes are also referred to/used interchangeably by the galactics as the transcendence codes…the activation of which is required to eliminate the karmic circumstances that upheld our template in the lower matrix, enabling us to transcend the physicality of density/duality as the New Earth Templates come online.

The realization of our greater purpose, our next level Service, is also part and parcel of the activating “transcendence codes” for in our multidimensional DNA lies our True nature, our True Life, our True capabilities as a divine, or Cosmic Humans.

You are becoming capable to realize your whole identity as sovereign beings, by way of the transcendence codes.  You are moving into an experience of life that is not just liberating you from your karmic life, but purposeful to your whole reason for being.

In this unfolding of your complete Self also lies your ability to transform, to redirect…or shall we say redesign your destiny…to align with that which brings you the most fulfillment.

As such, the coordinates to your life map that are derived from your soul’s blueprint are lighting up to show you the way Home, as consciousness in form.


Reconnection Phase Begins

The last thing I was presented with is the understanding that this upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle (July 26 to August 19) is also a major player in our transcendence this eclipse season in that it initiates the resurrection of the new/original mind-body program, what was referred to in the last report as “the reconnection phase”.

From last report:

…as you move beyond the June solstice of 2018 you are coming upon what we would call the reconnection phase…the reconnection of your soul matrix → to the New Human DNA template → to the New Earth Eden Template.

Our old mind-body program has been running amuck for so unbelievably long that it is difficult to imagine anything outside the prison walls of the lower mind construct…and yet, it is now within the scope of human attainment to rewrite the program to align with our True coordinates.

At the end of the summer (winter) months you will have realized a new (ancient) mind-body program, what has been referred to in times past as the New Human Heartmind.

This downloadable program is not only accessible to those sacred keepers of the Garden but through each of you this is becoming available to every human on earth.

That is not to say that every human will activate this newly available program, but it will be a viable option for those who do.

The backdrop of both Mars and Mercury’s retrograde cycles are shown to me as the ‘celestial blueprint’ to the reconnection phase…the point by which we hook into the higher (silicate) cell matrix, an intrinsic part of the New Earth or Eden template/program.

To initiate this process, we must first drop any expired mental programming that is still playing out and interfering in the new mind-body program.  As we lay these empty karmic loops to rest and release ourselves from the imprints they have left on our physical cellves, we will have some housecleaning to do.  But this doesn’t read like heavy lifting or a deep cleaning…the example I am given is akin to a final sweep thru before we move to a new residence.  NOTE: be sure to visit #😰

We’ve already packed up all our boxes and moved them to the new location…for this rx cycle we want to be thorough and attentive but not put all our effort/energy into cleansing the old because we are simultaneously painting and prepping our new residence to move in.  We are mid-transition between the outlived and yet-to-be-lived and so we will need to continue to find that elusive balance between releasing ourselves from the responsibilities of the past and planning for the next steps of our future.

Because of this many will find that at the onset of Mercury retrograde there will be an important review process needed to stimulate the release of any old programming that has served to distort the mind-body matrix…these old programs need to be lifted and expunged in order to actualize the latter part of the cycle, which is where the new mind-body reconnection takes place.

This particular retrograde is in Leo and will attract us like moths to our own light, to rekindle our connection with our magical inner-child in order to deepen into our divinity, into the Christed Heart…into the joy and innocence of who we Truly Are, which will serve to open up/strengthen the flow of life force so vitally needed at this time.  After all the reclamation work, our inner child longs to be recognized and acknowledged, remembered, and LOVED in preparation for 2019 when the Holy Child is collectively born on Earth, made manifest thru triangulation.

A reminder from the April report:

And now, in your universal two year, the Divine Queen descends wholly upon earth just as She rises within each of you…longing to co-create the balanced union within and around your personal spheres, in preparation to call forth, to birth the Holy Child.

It is such that the Divine Masculine is made manifest through individuation (universal 1 year), the Divine Feminine is made manifest through unification (universal 2/11 year) and the Divine Child is made manifest through triangulation (universal 3 year).

Together, the Divine King & his Sovereign Queen will spend the entire (2) year nesting, creating a safe space on earth in preparation for the Holy Child to be born…weaving light within and around, balancing and equalizing the Forces ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ to make way for the most prized co-creation.

Here’s how the totality of the “reconnection phase” is being broken down:

1) Until the retrograde midpoint we can expect an extensive review, anything that is serving to thwart the divine state of purity, our spiritual innocence will be triggered for release during that time.

2) After the midpoint we can expect an important mind (Mercury rx) – body (Mars rx) re-calibration process suited to the Higher Human template.

3) At the final solar eclipse we can expect a reset/reboot to the new mind-body program that will continue to the end of both Mars & Mercury retrogrades….August 19th and 27th respectively.

We are especially interested to reveal that the final eclipse in the triad is offering you the ability to reset your coordinates to a new vibration, that of the New Body Template.

Once the new level mind-body program has been initiated during the second half of the upcoming (Mercury) retrograde cycle, the solar eclipse will then serve as a necessary reboot of consciousness to complete the attunement of the new Heartmind harmonics.

To achieve the level of calibration needed for a successful reconnection phase requires a brand new mind-body relationship and so any old programs that present now, in the first half of Mercury retrograde, will be renewed in the latter half. Because of this we will likely experience situations that call us to redirect or remap our neural programming in a way that supports the higher cell matrix.

We will also be called to release any fears, resentments or feelings of mistrust or body betrayal that we have experienced in form…not just in this lifetime, but in all lifetimes past…as we come into the new body consciousness and release the old.  The totality of these energies are on a mission to loosen up ALL that we have accumulated within our cells from ALL our earthly incarnations, so try to keep perspective as we collectively LOVE ourcellves back together again.

The point is to simply be present with what presents. This cycle is not necessarily a call to action, but to observation…in the words of the Pleiadians, “the LOVE that you are IS the way forward.”

In fact, the whole summer/winter of cosmic events is so rare and so on purpose that, as uncomfortable as it will likely be, we wouldn’t want to miss a moment of it’s potential.  Besides, we will have until the end of the year to sort out all the details and make the necessary changes that come from these unavoidable revelations.

Hopefully by that time we will have reconnected to our Selves so deeply & completely…never to return to the harrowing, voidy head-in-the-oven living-death space ever again. 🙏🏼

Wishing all of us true transcendence thru this very powerful passage and the final eclipses of the season!



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