Hi again! I didn’t expect to be putting out a blog so close to a 5D report…my apologies for any information overload…however I received a pretty extensive (Pleiadian) message during the full moon/lunar eclipse window that I really felt to share with the community.

Basically the message was that we are now actively within the window of the “refinement process” that was spoken about last year during the Pentecost…the event which initiated the commencement of the descension of Holy Spirit (Divine Mother) upon the earth plane.  The refinement process serves to align mind, body and soul to the unified Self experience…what I believe to be the same as/similar to what the Arcturians refer to as “the reconnection of our soul matrix → to the New Human DNA template → to the New Earth Eden Template.”

If you can remember back as far as that report just prior to the Pentecost on 6/14/17, you may recall that we were told that there would be “certain markings of the Holy Spirit” that would dictate, or “announce” the shift from (the process) of transmutation to transfiguration.  While at the time of dictating that xmission I had no idea it would take a whole year for some of these things to come into being, it does seem as tho some of this may now be within our reach.

Specifically, the process of re-routing our cell consciousness to our new/original (photonic/pranic) food Source…which enables us to “live on light”.

In this eclipse message it was made clear to me that it is now time/possible to dis-identify with food as our (only) source of nourishment, and that this current Mercury retrograde cycle can go a long way to assist us thru the de-programming process needed to unravel our mental conditioning from the misconceptions of the mortal matrix.

Because of this you may have been called to fast recently in order to bring your attention to this biotechnology upgrade…a process that was called reabsorption in the Pentecost report, and was described as being initiated by the renunciation of (our core) fear:

This renunciation is shown to me as 1) the physical act of soul liberation that initiates 2) a very sacred cleansing that will propel the body’s purification…a process that may call you to fast as our cell consciousness begins to reorient to our new/original (photonic/pranic) food Source.

…as you move through this passage there may be a necessary reduction in your food intake. This is a very normal process of what we would call ‘reabsorption’, as your body reroutes to a higher level of sustenance.

NOTE: In my experience, the renunciation of our core fear (transcendence) really does seem to be what trips the new body circuit on…for me personally this came to a head between the solar & lunar eclipse…for some sooner than that, others later…remember that the whole trinity of eclipses is here to support us to lay our karmic storylines down for our (ultimate) liberation.

I am one of those who has been dragged called to a short (juice) fast 🙋🏻‍♀️…just finished my third day (well 70 hours really) yesterday.  I planned on just a 48 hour cleanse but once I got over the initial hump it was oddly effortless (sans caffeine withdraw 😳). Technically, since I broke the fast I still haven’t really been eating…my last meal was over 24 hours and I barely noticed…I definitely feel like I could keep going if I wanted to…but fasts don’t hold my interest.  And that’s kinda the point I want to make for anyone who may resist the call as much as I did.

This was very different than times past so 1) the process has way less gravity, and 2) what I found was that this particular call to fast isn’t for the body per se, but for the body’s programming…it’s about unhooking ourselves from the (mental) dependency on food, not necessarily the physical dependency (the latter of which was a non issue in my experience).  In retrospect I can see that I felt resistance initially because my body was not calling me to fast…so I didn’t understand the incessant nudges/reflections all around me (shout out to @lu) that got me to pay attention to what is really happening.

But I’m here now and I followed thru with the fast so I could be more clear before I wrote about it.  What I found was that the last 3 days helped me to realize that I/you/we are now officially “hooked up to the central mainframe”.  From June report:

What we mean specifically is that your body is ‘hooking up’ to the central mainframe if you will, of the New Earth experience…as such, a living intelligence is beginning to saturate your cells

And this wasn’t what I thought it would be…in reality the whole experience simply enabled me to witness my body’s response to fasting, which was so much less of “a thing”, especially in comparison to times past.  The change was so subtle, but also very apparent…once I quieted down to notice…that my body didn’t feel much different with or without the food, that there was a neutrality to the experience I never felt before now. Reminds me of this from May report:

As a result of this alignment, many will begin to experience the New Human circuitry which will present on the subtle levels as a bioenergetic shift in your electromagnetic current as you hook into the central mainframe of the New Earth.

Neutrality is key…what we’re looking for here is to feel (vibrationally) the same whether we eat or don’t eat. The new body will (eventually) maintain homeostasis either way….with some exceptions which I will point out below. ⇊  This was especially evident when I started eating again in that I was anticipating that really sensual reconnection to food that always follows a fast, and while my physical senses are certainly heightened, the emotional charge is gone which takes away that intense magnetic pull back to food (or anything) that we feel we are without.

So…the good: no extremes, no real dip in energy, an increase in peace & vitality that seems to stick even with the return to eating, no energetic backlash between having & not having.  The meh: no real fireworks either.  Like all things in unity, the highs and lows don’t exist…which is such a blessing….but at some point I got the feeling that “consciously fasting” was superfluous, like I didn’t need to be doing it, other than to see that I don’t need to be doing it.  Which in itself was amazing and the reason I would recommend it.

In the past fasting would serve to bring me to a heightened state of consciousness, but I guess when we elevate our light quotient high enough there’s no fall back to create comparison (aka, cause & effect).  This was all very new for me at a body level.

So the overriding point I feel to share thru this whole experience is that 1) the higher mind is definitely communicating a whole new program to our cells but to notice, to be in touch with the subtleties of this new current of truth, it helps to quiet down the mind-body program in order to overide the thoughts that tell us that we need food (or water for that matter) to sustain the body.  In the Piscean age that might have been true, but in the New Age we are pioneering → no longer true.

NOTE: No one (that I personally know) exemplifies this truth as much as our own Kate Street→ @katinka who clearly seems to be vanguarding this process by proving the reality of Source sustainability thru extended fasting (think 28 days) and even dry fasting (no food or water)!

Pranic nourishment (breatharianism) has obviously always been possible but extremely challenging to approach from the physical level, AND while in the density of the lower form and world. With light-body activation we arrive here by default, as a result of our elevated light quotient…and from the inside out.  In other words, this is a natural function of the higher cell matrix.

So if you are at this level of light-body attainment and find you are called to fast, no matter how long or short, remember that the body is an expression of consciousness, not the other way around and that the purpose in this case is not to change the body thru the process, but to change the consciousness that governs it…aka, the false programming…which of course will ultimately change the body temple by default.

This understanding is super helpful because entering into a fast at the lower mind level automatically sets up for resistance, expectations, and exertion. This is not that. We are not trying to fix this (body) problem at the (3D) level by which it was created but to shift out of the consciousness that created it…so the advice I was given to fast was threefold:

  1. Be very causal about it…
  2. Don’t attach to the process in any way, just observe the body’s response to it…
  3. Above all else, do not to look to (the fast) as the means to an outcome but as a gateway to the new programming.

Needless to say I barely did anything to prepare…usually I would gear up mentally for the misery + physically for the pain.  Neither are necessary here. This is what I would call a total accidental fast in that I sort of just fell into it at the last minute without any plan or structure…but now I can see a large part of that was to help me bypass my old programming which was tripping me up.  I didn’t even make my own juices because lazy I didn’t want to put that much thought/energy into it.

NOTE:  At the recommendation of my sister I ordered all my juices form Jus…which ended up being a total GODSEND. The ones I had are delicious and you can either build your own cleanse or pick randomly, which was perfect for my ambivalence. Here’s a link for 40% off if you want to give it a try…which will def get me points to buy more juices 🤗


Pleiadian Pointers & Takeaways

Here are some of the main points that the Pleiadian Council shared with me regarding this whole rerouting process:

→Rerouting to Source nourishment is an unfoldment…a process that will take some a short period of time to acclimate to, others longer:

The basic requirement is karmic resolution…the closer one is to achieving this, the closer they are to living on light.

→Tho we collectively started to increase our pranic respiration in March of this year, we are now actively within the window where this is a grounded reality available for those who are ready to engage with it. This requires first the mindset that food is no longer a requirement to sustain the body, and then once this mindset is fully adapted and integrated into real life, we can “switch on” this feature (once dormant potential) of our new OS.

→We can utilize intention to assist/command/affirm our Source sustenance if/when needed:

The intention that we would offer is that of being complete within your Source Self governance…so for example: ‘I am whole and complete within mySelf and require only LOVE to nourish and sustain my form’.

→We can utilize visualization to assist us thru the re-routing process and/or when needed.  The PHC encourage visualizing the inhalation of tiny shimmering gold speckles or particles within liquid gold light (the golden particles are described as pure prana, pure photonic particles of light):

Simply see yourself sealed off in your torus field and envision golden particulates of liquid light traveling down your pranic tube toward the center of your torus, being picked up by the organic toroidal motion of energy and recirculated throughout your field over and again as you breathe in light nourishment.

→ To note: rerouting the path of life force toward the proper toroidal flow of reversed magnetics is also what restores and replenishes the body temple (i.e., this is a first step toward that) and has a direct correlation to bioluminescence…our “auric glow”.  The glow is from all the photon particles.

→ We can also visualize the golden DNA strand…which is also described as pure photon energy…and is found in the spiritual/etheric body.

→ While all these things (including fasting) are helpful they are not “necessary”…the body will organically be guided to reroute itself to the new light source via consciousness, however, it is recommended for those who are not called to fast so to speak, that at least a temporary reduction in food intake will assist to become aware of the new pranic mechanism in place:

To see ‘how it works’ so to speak, we recommend that you integrate the awareness of your new body technology into your physical form by way of food reduction.

This will give you the visceral connection to your true Source of sustenance and a way to see-feel-understand how the body responds to this, lets say, ‘additional nutritional Source’.

We say ‘additional’ because certainly food is and can be used as a fuel source, only it is not the ONLY fuel source, nor is it always a requirement for those moving into the light body expression.

→That said, sometimes food may be a requirement…for example when involved in certain social situations, densities and/or vibrational discordance…and so we are encouraged to always utilize our own inner compass to determine when we are called to eat for this reason.  At those times we will feel desirous of food, or hungry like we do in the 3D template, and so it is important to honor the body at all times, for it has all the wisdom and intelligence to show us the way forward in every moment.

This was originally discussed in the original Cell Speak e-program:

“…because of this reconnection to our original power Source, we will eventually not rely completely on traditional forms of nourishment (food/liquid) to survive, though at times food may be required to sustain us…the example they give is if/when we are in discordant environments, or where our connection to Source energy may be muddled, thwarted or weakened.

My interpretation is that food will not be a requirement to survive for the new-human, but more of a backup battery, or an alternative source of fuel for those times when we come “unplugged” from the central mainframe.”

→ Our bodies are essentially becoming hybrid vehicles where we can live off of our (soular) charge until/unless it runs out…aka, we are temporarily blocked from our light Source…by which our back up fuel source kicks in.

→In this rerouting there is also the “habit” of food that you may notice fall away…for some this may mean consciously reminding yourcellf that food is not a requirement, but simply an enjoyment…that even tho we don’t necessarily need food to keep our body functioning optimally, that we always have the option for the sheer pleasure of it.

Yes much of what you experience as ‘hunger’ at this stage of light-body development is habit, however and we want to be clear about this…you must be discerning as to when your body is calling you to food out of ‘the habit of hunger’ and when your body is calling you to food as a source of fuel, as aforementioned.

This will take time, practice & experience to feel, to learn how your new vehicle technology functions in this way.

→You may also notice the judgement around food is eliminated thru this process…that food really is a no-thing…so it becomes a simple pleasure to partake in without the density/gravity. There are many misconceptions that to activate your light-body you must “purify your temple” by way of veganism, vegetarianism, raw/live foods, etc.  This is not exactly the case.  Certainly it can assist us in our light-body activation and to eliminate the toxicity that we hold, but purification of the body is largely, if not always, emoceanal…hence 70% water. Luckily even science is (finally) starting to prove that dis-ease is a manifestation of emotion.

Anyone who has consciously worked thru an intense emotional clearing/release from a deep karmic wound knows this first hand…that it is the (traumatic) imprints we hold in our flesh from a faulty processor that makes us sick, not the food we eat.  Contrary to that, we are drawn to the foods we eat because of the vibrational requirements that our bodies hold…which, btw, is why you may now notice that you are more naturally drawn to the simplicity of these types of (lighter/live) foods by default, and/or the LOVE (creation energy) in food. For me the latter trumps the former.

Know that you may also be drawn to more or different types of foods as your body changes resonance...foods that are more in alignment with your True spiritual constitution.

→ In addition to the elimination of habit & judgement around food you may also notice that even the pleasure of food is deplete of need…this translates as a loss in attachment/intensity as the (survival) drive subsides, or transforms into just a simple, pure expression of pleasure.

→Lastly, there is no rush to experience this unless we want to…it is sufficient enough to just know that this potential is becoming realized:

To that and to each of you we say…look to this as a new toy to play with not a chore to be burdened with.

There is no reason to force something that is so natural to the new/divine human template, for this is only the very beginning of a long list of new features to enjoy and that you have worked so long and hard to attain.

Relish in the moment of your achievement, and as you explore this new potential, look to the joy of re-discovery as a child would.

This is a gift to be opened with same excitement and curiosity…

I look forward to hearing about any/all of your experiences!