As we wobble out of both the Mercury & Mars retrogrades respectively…and after three life-changing eclipses to boot…it’s relatively safe to say that we are now moving into a pretty extensive turn-around period.

After nearly three months of patiently observing and nurturing the Mother of our (core/inner child) wounding…specifically where those wounds meet our physicality…and while fully present to the extraordinary cosmic & celestial midwife mechanism assisting us all to birth New Life, we now move into a necessary adjustment period.  We are only just beginning to reorient our life force as the flow of energy shifts from the internal to external world and this is bringing relative shifts to our consciousness that we need to be fully present to at this time.

We’ve spent several weeks without solid footing and so its no accident that we begin our new journey with the support of the earthy Virgo sun which will help us to graciously find our feet again. This will be quite a boon as we exit the corridor of a lifetime…quite literally in that we are walking out of our old skins, releasing ourselves from the final degrees of suffering, and simultaneously stepping into our new/True skins.

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Those pioneering the New World consciousness have spent the last six years (from 2012 onward) in utter dedication to expunging every expired aspect of the lower self from the matrix of human survival and now, in the final quarter of 2018 we prepare to transition to a new evolutionary spiral born of the Sacred Trinity.

For those who did the (inner) work to clear the way forward it is time to bring our physicality beyond duality, to draw from the limitless supply of life force available and needed to brave new lives from the blueprint of our pre-created plan.  This now becomes possible thru what’s known as triangulation…or the trinitization of Creation.

Up until now/this moment/this year, our wholehearted focus was on bringing ourselves into divine feminine-masculine balance…now/this moment/next year the focus turns to developing the Trinity principal…living the divine inner child (out loud), Creating as LOVE.

Our new journey involves constructing a real life in complete harmony with, and extension of our True Selves.  Not to be confused with the karmic life we (also) created to play out our reclamation journey, this (second) life is the result of synthesis…the balance point of our male-female/internal-external/human-divine energies born of the consecration of the Mystical Marriage that kicked off back in March/April.

If you can’t remember back that far…and who can…the Mystical Marriage (of the lower & higher self) initiates the immaculate conception and gives rise to the divine Mother (principal) in each of us so that we can gestate, birth and nourish the Holy Child within.

This trinitization process has been playing-out/building-up/gestating all year long…was turbo charged thru the great eclipse trinity, and now…those who have consummated their inner union are preparing to give birth to the sacred third entity, the rememberment of GOD embodied.

This is our ULTIMATE mission here on earth, to model the triangulation principal…to BE the Trinity.  To embody the carefree child (Son) of GOD who creates thru the inner spark of life (force) and to deliver those creations to the world guided by the unionization of our inner Holy Parents.

We are setting the stage for THE life we came to Create, and as with every cycle of new/true creation, that begins with a feeling. ⇊

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Embodiment of Purpose

Following the recent full moon there was a whole new formation of life that came by way of the high tide of those Piscean waters.  This full moon preceded the Mars direct journey and directly followed the Mercury direct journey, which means that SO much will come to light over this moon cycle (8/26-9/9) which I am hearing is full of life changing information.

Consequently, it is advised that we continue stay attuned to the subtle vibrations for a bit longer…even as our energy is redirected outward again and life resumes a more normal rhythm….that these realizations are somehow paramount to our next level journeying and will “tell the tale to come”.

As we tune into the freshly emerging energies born from this eclipse triad we will begin to understand how this newness plays into the shifting gears of our body, our lives, and all that surrounds our new endeavors of the soul…especially those that pertain to our life’s work, which seems to be a main focus in the coming months.

Since the (8-8) Lion’s Gate we have been grounding new/higher truths around “purpose” and this is/has been demanding that we sever ties with some of our old perceptions, and even dismantle old creations in preparation for brand new beginnings in this regard.  In some cases, an entirely new concept of mission is being birthed and it’s super important that we remain open, that we hold space to receive any new orders born of our divine blueprint.

To this we add that what was once considered your ‘life’s mission’ may indeed take a 180 degree turn from its inception and to stay tuned to that possibility as the new streams forth.

This 180 will not be true for all, but what IS true for most is that any part of “purpose” created from a karmic place will start to feel really icky if not uplevelled.

So for example, if you have created a sense of purpose from a place of self healing, of personal reclamation, this sense/understanding of “mission” may change radically now.  And this is an important step in that it provides us with a clear, applicable understanding of the difference between causal and conscious creation, as well as a framework in which we can show the way for others…specifically the difference between creating from the separated self as opposed to the unified Self.

The reality is that we are coming into the embodiment of purpose, which is far more a feeling than an action.  In other words, it is from feeling purposeful (aka, whole/complete) that we create “purpose” in the unity…

…and so, for many, as this inner-feeling completes, so too does the understanding of purpose and how it affects your ‘calling’ lets say…or your ‘contribution’.

Neither of which are based in action, yet both of which result in action.

Purposefulness is the (internal) space of engaging with Creation from the most mundane to the most magnificent without seeing any division between the ordinary & extraordinary…this is where ALL of life is experienced as sacred, not just those things/people/places that are considered to be sacred (which is usually the opposite of true).

Contemplating on that…it should be easier to see/feel/understand the ever-elusive concept of “purpose” from where we (collectively) are now.  

I know for myself that on the days when I am filled with a feeling of “purpose” (for BEing) everything I DO has purpose…every moment matters, has meaning.  Contrarily, on the days I am devoid of that energy/essence/feeling…when my proverbial chalice is empty…NOTHING has purpose or meaning, even what I would consider to be (the expression of) “my purpose” feels purposeless in those moments.

The difference is so stark a contrast now that it is pretty easy to identify when we are IN (the energy of) purpose…a feeling that can certainly lend itself to a physical expression/creation of purpose, but not the other way around.

Ultimately, purpose…like everything else on the mastery path…is in the process of turning completely inside out, of becoming an intrinsic expression of who we ARE and not what we DO to feel meaningful.

As you let go of these expired notions of what service truly is, you also come to know that nothing but your true Self expression can ‘serve’ you here…that the purity of your essence, your LOVE is the only elixir for true divine Creation.

And this reorientation will change a lot of things…beginning right here, with your perspective.


Purpose & the Grand Plan

The concept of purpose as a feeling, an expression of energy…and not a thing or specific action…is paramount to our shift into these new energies that we are now entering into.

Because of that, and for the rest of this year, we will continue to dematerialize all that we have come to know as our “life’s purpose” so that we can rematerialize a more complete amalgamation of our past learnings, with our future visions, into a greater version of our present Self.

The eclipse season prepared us so thoroughly for these new ventures of the Heart in that we have been completely rewritten, perhaps even totally emptied out.  But this emptiness was different than the void periods we are accustomed to…it was not the vacuum effect that we typically feel from a place of death/dying to the past, but more from the blank space of new life that we are only just beginning to align with.

What lives in this space is not absent or lost, but so refined and pure that there was a definite need to align ourselves SO deeply with it, to take the time/space to integrate it so fully.

This required that we surrender over all that we are/have been in exchange for all that we came to BE…whatever seeds have been planted but did not grow in the current cycle of our creation, must now be surrendered and dissolved…merged into greater visions and versions of ourSelves.

The accumulation of our life’s journey thus far brings with it many attachments and assumptions about what matters and what doesn’t.  All of this is human projection and speculation and must be given over to open for the birth of our Greater Plan derived from the feeling of purpose, and not the idea of what purpose means, has meant, or looks like to date.

Once we feel purposeful just for being we begin to then call forth those external realities and life situations with which our purposefulness meets the Grand Plan.  This is the next stage, or level of purpose by which we leverage our light to affect much greater causes…and this is what we will be called to step into if/when we are ready to.

So for example, should you move your human projections and be-lie-fs around what seems ‘purposeful’…especially as it relates to either religious or spiritual perceptions of ‘purposefulness’…and make way for the spontaneousness of life to show you your contributions, you will come to realize that what is deemed purposeful in this new light is indeed very different than perhaps what you have postulated.

And we say this because it is important to remain open at this time of shifting gears knowing that these aren’t small shifts that align you with your life’s calling but MAJOR shifts that align you with the call to LIFE.

This is the reorientation that we continually refer to in that you are literally reorienting your focus from the vantage point of self to the ALL…from seeing yourself as ‘purposeful’ to understanding the purpose of LIFE as it relates to life utilizes you for ITs purpose and not the other way around.

Do you see?

So in the causal world it used to be (the perspective) that we utilized life to enact “our sense of purpose”…but in unity, by way of the Holy Child (of Creation), LIFE utilizes us, our unique and specific essence, to serve the Greater Plan.

This has always been true on a level, only now (after gobs of inner work) we realize that our deepest desires ARE that of the Grand Plan…and that once we personally awaken to this truth and embody it, we can enact it from that higher vantage point (our Divine Creator State) ⇊.   Reorienting our focus from the vantage point of self to the ALL means flipping the mirror…so instead of seeing life and Creation thru the eyes of our human nature, we “flip the mirror” to see life and Creation thru the eyes of our Creator (Self)…which is a much more freeing, and hard-earned perspective.

As you flip the mirror of Self, you flip the mirror of Life…you begin to see ALL of Creation from perspective of ‘the other side’, as it were.

This vantage point is where your liberation lives.


Holy Child Essence

In 2019, the universal THREE year, those who have completed their karmic contracts and transcended their own (lower) humanness, will set forth to enact the Holy Child essence, the trinity of Divine Creation born of the immaculate conception.

The Holy Child…not to be confused with the (wounded) inner child…is our Divine Creator Self (more on that below ⇊) born of the consummation and conception of our (inner) divine parents → the sacred trinity of Creation…the triangulation principal…the sacred third entity.

My overall feeling is that the summer season/eclipse trinity and the all-important never-ending Mars retrograde journey was akin to the final (and most uncomfortable) trimester of the gestation of our (w)holiness…and that the birthing process begins in earnest next month (aka the 9th month)…maybe even beginning on the 9/9 new moon which would seem fitting in that Virgo is symbolized thru the purity of renewed innocence…”the virginal divine feminine”…aka, the Divine Mother principle.

I say this because on the Pisces full moon (8/26) I received a message from Mother Earth that Her “water broke” and that we were soon to be ushered thru the Piscean waters (of the great/limitless void), into new life.  That same night I woke to a vision of two red fish circling around each other (like the pisces zodiac symbol) until they merged/morphed into a vesica pisces.

The combination of messages seemed to be denoting that the m-f balance point had officially been achieved…i.e., vesica pisces→ the joining of God & Goddess to create the (divine) offspring→ aka, Christ-Sun/Son of GOD, and that the birth of the Holy Child is imminent…tho I suspect that the contractions of this birthing process will continue to undulate until the end of 2018 when we have fully integrated this season’s powerful events and are fully anchored in the (universal) 3 year of 2019.

The perfect balance of the two circles represent the Father-Mother principle in complete (divine) union, and the oval center point, the “Yoni” (vulva), represents the “Womb of the Life”.

On a physiological level, if we understand the “Temple of God” to be the human body and the Bible to be a metaphorical manual about physiological regeneration resulting from Divine Matrimony (as the ancient adepts did), then the immaculate conception can be likened to the scriptural “Joseph & Mary” of the physical body, the male & female glands that produce the “milk & honey” to conceive and birth the spiritual Son/Sun…aka, the Holy Child.

Think: “The children of Israel given the promise of a return to the land flowing with milk & honey.

Quite literally the pituitary produces a whitish, milk-like fluid and the pineal gland produces a yellow or golden honey-like fluid. As I understand it, these sacred fluids (produced in the high brain) flow down the spinal cord and back up to the medulla oblongata…the structure at the base of the brain (top of the spinal cord) that is considered the principal point of entry of life force (prana) into the body, according to Paramahansa Yogananda.

These secretions then come into contact with the cerebellum, a station in the back of the brain (where head meets neck) that I am hearing called the refinery of this fluid.  NOTE: I am just realizing now that this “fluid refinery” is the reason for the ongoing soreness/tenderness at the back of the neck/alta major chakra all. year. long. 

Basically, after we’ve refined (transmuted) this fluid thru our human de-densification process (enlightenment) it becomes a fuel which is so vitalized (with life force) that it not only sustains us in the physical realm, but regenerates the body to “destroy the last enemy”. (Corinthians 15:26)

So thru the birth of the Holy Child Creator aspect we are first to recreate/regenerate ourcellves…to override the lower body consciousness with the higher as the divine Feminine continues to regain/reestablish her rightful dominion over the physical body and world.

Because the Holy Child (in all it’s youthful innocence) is THE divine Creator GOD state ⇊, this also signals our body’s burgeoning ability to regenerate back to youthfulness.  As within so without:

It could certainly be said that the expression of true divinity is represented at the peak of genetic maturation, before the body begins its descent into aging, which is but a false construct.

And so, as the initiate returns to his/her true state of childlike innocence, the body then regenerates itself to reproduce, from the Sacred Womb of Life, the outer reflection of this purified, refined, inner state of being.

This translates as a youthening…an essential component of the regeneration process.


Divine Creator State

The birth of the Holy Child aspect completes the Sacred Trinity of the Creator GOD Self, moving us into the fullness of the Divine Creator State.

As you birth the Holy Child essence, so too do you move fully into what could be called the Divine Creator State…this will be a large part of the coming season in preparation for the new calendar year.

The Divine Creator State is notable, it is the state of creation that is incorruptible, meaning, it is unable to be penetrated by the lower mind consciousness and is wholly committed to Serving Life, to being the expression of LIFE itSelf.

NOTE: Because the birth of the Holy Child is the next (and final) unfolding potential in the Trinitization of Creation, this state will come to the forefront of focus for many in the next season→last quarter of 2018, as we pivot from this year to next.  Like every year, we will birth the fullness of 2018’s mastery learnings in the (9th) month of September, and then bring in the theme of the new year’s energy thru the (10=1+0=1) month of October, the (11=1+1=2) month of November, and the (12=1+2=3) month of December…as a bit of a preview of the new year ahead.  Universally speaking September is also an 11/2 month, adding extra emphasis to our year-to-date review, birthing many new realizations as we simultaneously wrap up any past purpose projects and/or old service contracts.

To be clear, the Holy/Divine Child expression is that of our inner child’s purity…it is the unbound, imaginative creator that lives within and ushers us to the inception of new worlds when guided by the unionization of our inner Holy Parents.  This sacred trinity of Creation provides us with the three essential points of materialization…Holy Mother, Heavenly Father, Divine Child…the offspring of which reflects the perfect union of divine masculinity & divine femininity.

To know the Holy Child is to know True Creation for it is born of the imaginative mind…the innocent, unburdened mind which Knows that anything it can conceive of, it can birth.

It is this child-like participation with life that transforms it into a magical playhouse if you will, into the imaginative worlds that truly exist beyond the hum-drum of hum-an thinking.

It is the Holy Child’s imagination that is fully free to wander, to capture the images of the unseen worlds and it is the Divine Parent’s who guide those imaginings to life, bringing them forth through the corridor of materialization.

When all three aspects of your Creator GOD Self are actualized….honored individually and simultaneously in unity…you have embodied what is considered the Sacred Trinitization of Creation. 

This embodiment of the threefold aspect of GOD consciousness is the ticket to transcendence, the boarding pass to worlds beyond worlds.

Because the Holy Child essence can only be born thru the playfulness of spirit that is our True nature, we have to completely dissolve (dematerialize) the concept of a “life mission” in favor of Life’s Mission…which is purely (←key word) the expression of divine desire.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we must give up or throw away all that we have created up until now, only that we must merge the essence of those life creations…refold them into the divine clay and remold it in a way that fully serves us now.  We are up-leveling in consciousness which means we are up-shifting our perspective…this time to include the purity of divinity in our life’s Creations as it is authentically expressed thru our (w)Holy Hearts.


True Co-Creation Principle

The Holy Child aspect is the True co-creation principle…the birth point of Divine LOVE.  It is a direct result of the divine male-female merger…however, just as in pro-creation, it is born of the Holy Mother principle.  Co-creation considers the merger of the feminine and masculine principles of life together in harmonious balance, which gives birth to the sacred third entity…a higher level of being and Creation and that which is synonymous with the Holy Child.

True Co-Creation becomes possible when our Heavenly Father Self works devoutly in support of and in partnership with the Holy Mother Self…to bring forth the Trinitized Creation Self. This co-creation recalibration was, in large part, the inward focus of all the retrograde planets and the entire eclipse trinity that we are now readying to turn outward and anchor into our physical lives and earth.

On a practical level, and as we deconstruct the last of the lower male/fear-based mind constructs in favor of the merged HeartMind, we will also be called to incinerate the final patterns of efforting…of forcing creation in lieu of wielding The Force OF Creation.  We all “know” by now that the latter is not about forcing life to move, but allowing the force of Life to move us…and yet we all have those sticky (fear) places within us that conjure up knee-jerk reactions to force/effort/control the things we deeply fear we cannot/will not change.

Mercury’s rx cycle did its part to strip us of any last minute lower mind meddling…but the entire eclipse season was designed to help us get out of our own way, to completely remove us from business-as-usual so we could free up the life force in those atrophied places…those stubborn areas we have been trying so hard to command and not demand.

To bring forth this necessary step, any and ALL reaching (outside of our authentic Self) must be fully surrendered in favor of the inherent magnetism born of the spontaneous expression of our inner, Divine Child.

Above all this means being fully open, fully trusting and fully free to BE the Force…throwing away the idea (and behaviors) of burden, of obligation…of seeing life as a responsibility and/or that to be responsible is to force ourselves to do those things that are not in alignment/harmony with our soul, or that others deem as necessary to live a “responsible life”.

As we do, we essentially bring forth the part of us that has always known our truest desires…not the “grown up things” we feel/felt we needed to do to contribute to our families and/or society, but the free, playful nature of our being that KNOWS we are contributing thru the activation of sorely needed LOVE portals, simply by enacting our joy.

All that false matrix mentality (read: hogwash) wants to end here so that we can channel the True Trinity principals into our lives and the world…so that we can finally flourish in our completeness, from the already-full feeling of purposefulness, moving us from survival to thrival.  For good.

And all this must be done in a way that supports us to endeavor into our True Life, or what the Pleiadians have called our Second Life in past reports.

We must find a way to bridge these (3&5D) worlds even as we are creating them.  As is the way of the pioneer, we are to bring forth our Holy Child/Divine Creator Self in conjunction with the existing world before and around us, and find creative ways to weave these new principals into life, into the collective, into the mainstream of society.

This does not mean you must immerse yourself in these mainstream worlds, but BE the bridge to them as you are finding and building the avenues for your Holy Child expression.

It also means to not hide yourself or creations from these worlds, for you are the beacons on dark stormy seas guiding all vessels Home.

It is time for our resurrected inner child to come completely out of its shell (cave/cocoon/chrysalis) and re-enter the world in a new/higher way…welcoming new LOVE & new Life where once there was none.  As always, we do all of this by simply staying true to the purity of our own Hearts and by taking real steps to honor the (divine) desires that live there.

As the eclipse trinity gives way to the birth of the Sacred Trinity, the pathway to our transcendence has officially been paved.  If you’ve done the work to transcend the wounded inner child that has dominated our life and existence for eons, you now have the “ticket”…THE boarding pass to move beyond the lower world.

It is thru the resurrection of the pure, Holy Child that we are finally and fully liberated, truly set FREE.  This (feeling of) freedom is what it has all been for…our birthright, our origination, our True Home.

And now, with the Trinitization of Creation back intact, it will be up to each of us to fully commit to being Human again and to make this (new) world our home away from Home.

Wishing each of you an ecstatic birth filled with the real promise of New Life!



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