We are completing a month of epic endings, finalizing wayward aspects of our past selves in order to qualify for the vibrant new beginnings we’ve painstakingly gestated during the last 9 months of this incredible, yet deeply challenging year of the Mystical Merger/Alchemical Marriage.

Each of us in our way, and based on our own timeline, have been moving thru…facing, feeling, healing…THE wound (and all subsequent wounding) that has prevented us from actualizing our full potential in the physical world.  In many cases we have transmuted-transformed-transcended this root karmic dynamic, but now…and all the way thru to the next equinox in March 2019…it is time to integrate that transcension into the our physical lives → thru the ultimate synthesis.

Last season’s triple eclipses + intensive retrograde cycles have paved the pathway for this transcension thru the clearing of so much density (karmic residue) in our physical selves & lives.  As of the 9/9 new moon, we are reborn into in a whole new way of being, reoriented to full Truth which will now enable us to weave our (diamond) light thru every aspect of our lives.

All that relentless clearing work has finally made way for a new inner authority that will empower us to surmount any remaining obstacles one by one…to rise up and challenge/confront any expired creations born of the illusion, and shift wholly to the new trajectories that are right now becoming available to us all.

For some, this month has amounted to THE death of ALL deaths that leads to THE birth of ALL births…the (hu)manifestation of our Divinity in form.  And just like it sounds, this particular round of death → no. joke. 😳  Clearly those on the mastery path have already died a thousand deaths at this point, so erm…we have death d.o.w.n.  We die like it’s our job. Cuz, well, it is our job.  And yet, nothing IMHO, has compared to or felt more final than the month-long death episode that has been this entire month of September…the month we met our convergence point.

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To ascend beyond the karmic cycles of reincarnation we must literally “survive death”…die while alive…and that is what this month offered those prepared, in entirety. The irony is that for years and y e a r s  we have been  d-y-i-n-g  to LIVE…but the reality of a physical ascension is that first, we all live to die. We must die to our identity (personal & social), our past, our creations & contributions, our relationships and finally the BIGGIE→ to the whole illusion of life AND death (ironically) in order to be reborn into the next level of Life.

September is always a (9) month of endings & beginnings/deaths & births but this year is so critical to our becoming that there has been an underlying urgency to really “get it right” this time, to absolutely not fall back into habitual reactions and core (wound) patterns, and to let go on the deepest of levels.

To achieve that, each of us have (seemingly) been pulled back into our old ways, selves & lives in order to anchor the finality of “no-return” from within that space…to thread the higher/divine principals into those places we have (as yet) been unable to.

This has meant revisiting those freshly cauterized wounds from the summer (winter) months, not to reopen them, but to lay new structures from within that space…to ground our divinity so deeply into the recently amended soils of The Garden that our sacred seeds for new Life can finally germinate by the light of our own internal Sun.

Next spring, when our Divine Truth is fully rooted in the physical world, we will finally begin tending to the Holy Crops of True Triality consciousness…utilizing new tools and skillsets to build the lasting and stable structures of the completely authentic Life we came here to live.

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END of an Era

NOTE: The xmission for this report is brought to us by the Arcturian Light Council consciousness in conjunction with Elohim consciousness.

Even tho it already feels like eons ago, the Virgo new moon on 9/9 was heralded as the big event of the month…presented to me as our “duality death-day” (ergo→our unity birthday)…and so any deeply personal events that followed were pivotal moments that are precipitating the next steps on our journey.  Specifically speaking to the death of the patriarchy..those lower masculine dynamics that created the scene and backdrop to live out the fall of man-kind…we have come to the end of an era.

These essential lower masculine energy dynamics were part and parcel of the whole human epoch…the unfolding of what is being called the “Biblical Age” (of Pisces)…but now a new “Creation Age” (of Aquarius) is being born all around us which is causing the deeper dissolution of the patriarchal structures that once upheld it.  To that end, the 9/9 new moon was a game-changing day and we have since already begun to see this next level of disintegration played out in society as universal laws overtake man-made laws, and the resulting rebalancing occurs.

On that day the world as you know it put an end to the structures that have led humanity to the darkest of days, to the densest realities born of spiritual ignorance and impudence.

Following that day, each of you and the world itself has been reborn, only this isn’t obvious yet to those who have yet to build the internal structures…the hardware if you will..to read the software of the newly birthing hologram.

That hologram is born of triality consciousness…it is the sacred covenant made manifest and it is happening through each of you who hold the activated Source codes.

The death of the lower masculine reign heralds the birth of the Higher Masculine (Heavenly Father→Sovereign Self) and the true union of the divine gender archetypes ⇊.  Watch for this new (mirrored) reflection of Self as it now begins to avail itself in relationships of all kinds.


In Right (Brain) Order

The rebalancing of divine gender archetypes is fully underway and all of life is beginning to reposition itself as those heading the New Human-New Earth hologram get in “right (brain) order”.

This is not to say that everyone on the planet will suddenly become an artist or medium, but that the synaptic network that governs brain function is repositioning itself to communicate more directly with the neurons in the heart…or the ‘heart brain’.

Basically, for those who are attaining diamond level consciousness, the left and right brain processors are beginning to rebalance themselves in a way that allows for the Feminine-first functioning to take its rightful place and position as it was originally intended to be.  This is the (I AM) state of moving thru life in pure presence, operating from a constant space of KNOWing, without asking…without questioning….without controlling. In this state everything just IS and everything is presented as it IS by way of our embodied guidance system.

As of last season’s eclipses + the Mars-Mercury retrograde spectacular, this guidance system is no longer something outside of us but has been wired to transmit Truth throughout our physicality, as an intrinsic part of our biology now.  So as we embody our Higher Self we are able to experience the highly organized principals of life that support us at the most mundane levels of life.

You will know this new level of embodiment (physical rewiring) most notably by your increasing physical magnetism.  Here things authentically come together without thinking, asking, or efforting…like perfect puzzle pieces that fit together faultlessly, and more completely than our human self could ever devise.

This neurological rewiring process has been so complexly a part of this entire year in terms of New Human development…however, at this juncture, you are beginning to activate the heart-first impulses required to now alter the physical landscapes created by the lower mind & world.

All year long we have been working toward this outcome.  We have been deepening in the alchemical marriage thru the repetitive activation of the sacred trinity of glands (pituitary-pineal-hypothalamus) which has been rewiring and recalibrating the left & right hemispheres of the human brain and rewriting our entire nervous systems to be compatible with our multidimensional consciousness…all of which will bring us to greater levels of Knowing and insight infused with the supreme intelligence of the sacred Heart.

The activation and unobstructed communication of our “heart-first impulses” was made possible by the eclipse trinity/triad of transcendence.  For those who have done the inner work to release the lower mind processor and its well worn neural pathways + resulting synaptic impulses, you will now see the Heart beginning to take the lead in those places in your life where you have been unable to achieve freedom and fearlessness.

The places where the lower mind held dominance, where we have been trying to apply a heart-based approach but have (seemingly) failed in our attempts, are now ready to be rewritten from the ascended Heart…these are the core level wounds that we have spent millennia and a night trying to resolve.

This is going to finalize the lower human journey in a way previously unattainable, for it is only now…through the rebalancing of divine gender archetypes…that true synthesis can occur on this planet.

As above, so below…as within so without.

And so it is that you will begin to see this rebalancing take place in every corner of your lives…and eventually of Earth.  Yet it is the rebalancing of your personal lives and relationships that is the central focus at this time.


 Relationship Rebalancing

The rebalancing of divine gender within is first, and most notably, going to affect our interpersonal relationships…the way we relate to ourSelves is changing so dramatically that the way we relate to others is of course changing as well.  This will impact the way we live, work and function in the world, especially by way of reciprocity…the energy balance of give and take…emotionally, financially, relationship-ally, etc.

This is a necessary part of the ‘practical aspects’ of the ascending human for as you personally shift, your world around you must shift to accomodate your new internal coordinates.

And this is the ripple effect that you Serve on the ground level as you learn to find harmony between your inner & outer lifescape, lets call it.

Over and again I am hearing that relationships will be a large part of our focus during the next couple months…this is always the case under the Libra sun, but we also have Venus retrograding in Scorpio (10/5-11/15) which is likely why the galactics are offering to assist us “to manage this space with grace”. 😬

For some, those who have anchored their light solidly within, this new level of relating will present as a very natural unfoldment…for example, if you have already established your divinity in your life and relationships for the most part. But for those who have not yet handled the interconnectivity points between the ascending Self and the world with which that part of us lives, this may prove to be a more challenging time.

It is to you whom we speak most directly, for we wish to guide you to the understanding that you must begin to interface with the world around you in order to bring this journey home so to speak…that you must weave your light into your life and existing relationships in order to actualize your first life mission.

This is not to say that we must enter into vibrationally incompatible relationships that create discordance, but that the relationships we seek to maintain must be brought into greater alignment.

Now, and this offered with an official disclaimer, there will be those who enter into new relationships at this point (intimate and otherwise).  Those who have completed the inner requirements of this universal 11/2 year of inner merger, of “mastering the mirror” are readying to make manifest these relationships in the world around us and so we will be drawing to us new vibrational matches.

However, and this is the disclaimer…I am hearing that it is of prime importance that we hold and maintain our divine position, in RIGHT (brain/heart-first) order, to determine if these relationships are a true soul match, for in some cases this will not be the case and/or tweaking may be necessary.

When we say ‘tweaking’ we refer to your vibrational mastery for you will know if you are upholding dynamics no longer suited and so it will be up to you to determine whether you enter into these dynamics from a place of past patterning, or new programming.

To be clear…these aren’t tests per se, more like practice because in most cases, those around us will still be playing out karmic realities and we will have to choose where we will put our energy, which relationships will support those choices, and how.

This is held as very important at this time for we are now applying our year’s learnings thru the world and the experience of “other”. We will need to determine for ourself this delicate balance (between self & other)…and to anchor and stabilize our divinity from within this balance point.  (This will be especially poignant as we approach and move thru the 11-11 gateways in November when this mirrored-mastery cycle comes full circle.)

So our work for the moment is to hold and honor divine LOVE as THE medium by which these relationships take effect…the higher values born of Self LOVE → mutual respect and adoration, true reciprocity…the basic principals of GOD/GOODness are essential here….so that we don’t recreate lower/karmic relationship dynamics.

We are also asked to keep in mind that this is a brand new space, one that humanity has never interfaced with, and so the footings required to maintain it are not yet secured.  WE are the footings (of divine LOVE) here and so it will be up to each of us to secure these new structures in our lives and to build our new reality around it.

What new structures you may ask?

Structures that secure your new/True foundation amidst a changing earth…

How do you secure your foundation to a changing earth?

Anchor in your own Heart.


The I AM Experience

The equinox to the (Aries) full moon was both a point of closure from the entire season prior…the end of the extraordinary transformation journey we all underwent during that time…and a culmination point, a time to reap what we have sown so we can begin to see and appreciate the fruits of our long-hard labors. This window also represented our jumping-off point into the new levels of Creation now available to us, with a clean slate like never before…because we are balanced in our male-female energies like never before.

Where full moons are typically the endpoint of a lunar cycle, this recent (harvest) moon was shown to me as the convergence point…the end AND the beginning (Alpha & Omega)…what in reports past has been called our “personal Big Bang moment”, when we merge both the past and the future into ONE now moment of experience.

This culmination is both the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega point, and it is bringing with it a Big Bang of sorts as the implosion of your lives, of your past and future selves, merge into ONE unified experience.

The convergence point brings us to the level of ascending into the I AM experience of divine neutrality.  Since the full moon you may be observing this new consciousness take root within your consciousness in the form of inner-peace, more consistent (now-moment) presence, as well as detachment (non reaction) from the lower timelines.

The state of divine neutrality remarkable…it is when the mind remains suspended, renouncing any tendency to comprehend or categorize, to assign or judge.  This is also when we move from the relentless questioning of “Who am I?” to the clear affirmation of “Who I AM”…but to arrive here we have to first confront THE void. Of all VOIDs. 😳😳😳

To be fully reborn into the light of full Truth we must first fully enter the dark.  Ultimately this meant facing-feeling-healing THE wound of (Source) separation this month…with sobriety…which for way-showers/path-pavers meant sitting in a whole lotta empty stillness in order to really FEEL the pain that separation has truly caused us (as a humanity).  Every one of us will be called to face the illusion of our aloneness, of division, before our convergence…before we are permitted to reenter Life again we must consciously (←key word) experience the VOID as we reset ourcellves to ZERO point…with the knowledge and understanding of separation fully in tact.

It is one thing to know the VOID, quite another to be submersed in it…to consciously feel the bone chilling nothingness on every level of our being is, well, ultimately what every human on earth (consciously or not) is running from…and being chased by.  And for good reason. 😰

To be fully present to this emptiness without trying to fix/change/escape it is/was the point of the whole journey to arrive at this moment…to squarely face the place (wound) within us that had to bear the brunt of that separation was the goal.  It takes lifetimes to achieve this for a reason…BUT, once we do, once we have the strength to survive the utter nothingness, to confront the complete darkness of THE void without superimposing anything upon it, we are then officially reborn as fully realized humans, reconnected to the real reality of divine neutrality…the I AM experience.

This neutrality is essential to embodiment…to transfiguration.  It affords us the ability to remain suspended in ULTIMATE faith, bolstered by the conviction of ULTIMATE Truth…that which spawns the spontaneous state of pure presence, free of any defined expression so that we are open and available for Life to move us.

For those who have made it from the TOTAL darkness to the light…to the convergence point…you will now find the space growing within to just BE…yourSelf.  Authentically & unapologetically, without the impulsive need to explain and/or prove your Self or worth to anyone…including and especially yourself.


Core Creation Self

Moving out of this Herculean (9) month of endings and into a new (10=1+0=(1) month of beginnings, we start setting the stage for the new year to come.  October is also (universally) a 3 month, which means we will be manifesting our new level of consciousness…harvesting all that we worked to attain during “the growing season”…in preparation to nourish our new Self expression over the winter months.

As we begin our transition from one journey to the next, reorienting our focus to the new year ahead, we will begin to introduce new elements of mastery and divine Creation into our lives that are born of the Galactic Core.

You are now beginning to entrain, or flow with your diamond core…your core Creation Self…through the ultimate synthesis, or what has been termed ‘convergence’ in past reports.

The convergence was the Alpha-Omega/zero-point moment of rebirth that reset our coordinates to align with the Galactic Core (zero point).  This brings with it new level upgrades that we are now receiving through our bodies and that we have been working for months to prepare for at the physical level in order to birth the Diamond Self…our pure, Core Creator (GOD) Self.

If you can remember back to the winter solstice of 2017, that day was considered the birth-point of diamond consciousness (also known as the christed state of consciousness) and we spent all of 2018 aligning our lower 4-body system with this tremendously powerful frequency that is responsible for activating the diamond light body…the immortal template/divine DNA…and the higher crystalline grid matrix at the cellular level.

Now, as a result of the convergence, the diamond light body is coming online as we birth the absolute purity of our True Self…and for the record, it feels  r e a l l y  GOOD.  NOTE: you may have recently noticed in meditations that each chakra now has a diamond core!  Once we have (re)birthed ourselves thru the threefold aspect of GOD consciousness we move into the next/new phase of embodiment which is shown to me as the rewrite:

The (physical) body is being rewritten as is the rest of life…there are literally new/higher DNA codes overwriting the lower and this phase completes by the end of your calendar year.

Note that the remaining activation codes for this year pertain to the next.

The actual words on the new moon were: rebirth, then rebuild...in this you will come to know Truth as it is reflected in form”. 

First we had to embody the feminine principle of life…we had to actually become the embodiment in order to build the foundation of/for the Divine Feminine (Holy Mother) so that we can now birth all the new structures THRU our bodies….beginning with our own body vehicle.

This next phase entails the re-structuring of the elements of life on earth to more fully align with the Creation principals born of triality consciousness….aka, triangulation. In other words, we will be learning to create from the sacred alchemy that occurred within us metaphysically…all these years, initiation after initiation…now in the physical.

Up until now we have created, miscreated and recreated based on the shifting tides of a still-becoming reality…while we were building the (crystalline) template for that reality.  Now/next year we begin to create real lasting structures based on True divine principles of life & Creation.


Diamond-Crystalline Consciousness

For this section I am going to try to describe what I don’t yet have a full grasp on, but because it is so late in the month I don’t have any time left to process/integrate this new information.

What I can share is that a few days following the full moon I went thru a personal initiation experience that led me to a whole new world within…literally.  It was the moment the moon shifted from Aries into Taurus that I abruptly “landed” in this new space when I was awakened from a sound sleep from an unusually intense heart expansion…when I closed my eyes again I bore witness to what I can only describe as unimaginable…a completely crystalline, shimmering-metallic, vast and mountainous landscape that was ULTRA modern, streamlined and super refined.

NOTE: For social network members I posted an update about it the next day on the activity page.

Everything and everyone in this world was transparent…but solid…and glistening with a slightly blueish hue.  Every being was lit up from the inside and all chakra systems were completely visible, displayed for all to see/read in a rainbow of extraordinary colors.  I said in my update that the entire scene (for lack of better words) looked like an ice sculpture…even myself…which was the most startling of all to observe.  This version of me was not only completely crystalline, but SO enormous…I want to say 10-12 feet tall…that it literally startled me to see the sheer size of myself.

It was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my inner vision..and to be totally transparent 😝, the lack of familiarity was a little disconcerting and so admittedly I had to work to stay calm…BUT, I was greeted by two galactic councils who had announced that what I was witnessing was in fact the beginning of the ascended reality….that I had entered into what they called the “diamond crystalline state of consciousness, the state of pure realization”…and that this was now beginning and available at the level of the mind.

We have been talking about this crystalline level of reality for SO long that it has become commonplace…but to see it with my own (inner) eye was, well, changing.  And I am definitely still absorbing it all.  This space is so new that I/you/we will likely need some time to really assimilate the reality of this frequency, the information of which is only just beginning to filter thru.

That said, one of things I grokked was that these pure diamond-crystalline frequencies are here to stay...that enuf of us have reached a vibrational level (diamond consciousness) by which we unlocked this field of energy for the whole planet and now our job over the remaining months of this year is to bring this (diamond-crystalline) state into denser dimensions, thru the gateways within our body (DNA), in order to lift the body temple to the state of transcendence.

During the summer months (winter in south) those at the highest levels of embodiment worked so unbelievably hard to clear the physical pathways for transcendence…we have literally paved or carved out new points of entry into the body system to allow for THE highest levels of light to penetrate the lowest levels of creation.

Now and moving into the next calendar year it will be for those initiates to bring that diamond-crystalline consciousness thru to the physical, by way of these newly laid pathways.

Translation: we have done an STELLAR job. 🤩


Agents of Change

The focus of October is a changing one…one where we are going to begin bringing into manifestation the realization of our new “crystal clear (diamond) consciousness” and sharing it with others and the world around us in new ways.

What I am shown is that those who have (re)birthed into the light of full truth in September will begin clearing the way for the rest of humanity during October…and to do this requires the absolute purity of the highest levels of light.

For those who are able to hold these frequencies, it will be up to each of you to begin the work of weaving this light into life, into the world at large.

Before all else I am asked to make clear that 1) this does mean we will be put in situations that are uncomfortable for us, however we may find that this higher light is uncomfortable for others…and 2) with the understanding that we are already provoking just in our authenticity of BEing, but that this will be a new level of provocation:

Embodying this pure level of diamond light is what you have worked all year long to achieve…deepening into your light inch by inch, activating dormant codes to be capable to receive, hold and sustain this light in your field has been a full time job for those who are here to do so.

But for those around you, those who are only just beginning to awaken to the light, to the Truth of reality, this has been a very different year…a year of upheaval and uncertainty, confusion and chaos…and in some cases, suffering, inner turmoil and pain.

And so it is that as you begin to house these diamond frequencies from within the core of your being, so too do you begin to introduce others around you to the frequencies that you have spent so many years assimilating to.

We say this to remind you of your power, of the effect that you do and will have on others in these new energies so that you can temper your interactions, be astute and mindful of how bright the light truly is when you are cast in the shadows for so long.

Because of this, we are offered some pointers that the galactics feel will especially help those who are interspersed with society at large…that not all of us are at this time, but those of you who live among the general population have a role to play just by being in certain geographical coordinates.

And this is also why some of you suddenly find yourselves in new physical locations or will soon be relocating…for you have been “called to active duty” so to speak…to be in position for what’s being called “the ultimate showdown between realities”.

To begin with, we recommend that you lead every interaction with LOVE…as the LOVE that you are…without an agenda, without a reason or need to convince anyone of THE truth knowing everyone has their own truth to reconcile with.

And yet we also ask that you hold the pillars in place for those who still need them…in the sense that there will be those who need reminding of Truth in times of confusion or despair.

We would also advise that you hold the door open for those who are ready to enter, while holding steadfast to the reality that not everyone will be.

And finally we say to you that it is not as though something will ‘happen’  but that IT IS happening…that everything is set in motion AS you move into this new level of embodiment and carry within you the Sacred Codes of change.

These Creation Codes, imbedded within those who have prepared their bodies to activate them, are the agents of change…YOU are the agents of change…and this new level of Service begins now. You are the Temple and you bring the ‘church within’ to all whom you meet.  Not as much in your offerings, but in your essence.

And so, as you lay down these new networks within…so without.  Meaning, as you become the divine human activators long discussed, all of life will be touched by your light, activated at the subtle layers…and in some cases even the not-so-subtle layers.

This Source of power needs a ground.  Each of you who have attained and integrated diamond level consciousness ARE the grounding rods disseminating the Source codes, as the Creator GODs you came to be at this pivotal time.

As a result, much will shift in the next few months, both personally and collectively, but YOU who have been born again will remain the constant…the zero point frequency of Truth for all of Earth and life upon it.

Wishing us all an AMAZING October of new Creation…GOD knows we’ve earned it! 🎃👻🧛🏻‍♂️




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