• Johanna posted 4 photos in the group Art With Your HeART 1 year, 10 months ago

    My last little make for the holidays. This is Penny and she lives in a purse. I laughed so hard last night because the name popped in and it wasn’t until later that I realised the hilarity of that name in relation to her home being a purse (was really tired) – I am so certain from this that not only is my true consciousness benevolent, it also has…[Read more]

    • Johanna! This is my personal favorite of the things that you shared… Though all the Creations you share are so full of charm, care, creativity… She lives in a purse and she has a purse!! Tiny glam doll…. Is this a commissioned holiday gift?

      • Thank you @leahh! ❤ I am delighted she is your fave!!! Had so much fun making her and her purse etc. I like that – ‘She lives in a purse and she has a purse!!’ 😀
        No, not a commissioned holiday piece – have done the last of those thank goodness. She is a one off little collectable I get inspired to make from time to time that I will sell in my F…[Read more]

    • I’m with Leah on this one, Penny might be my favorite so far and I didn’t think it could get cuter than the fox! What delight this little love creation would bring to someone’s life. And on top of all her preciousness she also comes with a quilted bed, sheet and pillow?? That’s a lot of cuteness in one tiny purse. ☺️

      • Thank you @lauren for your beautiful feedback! ❤ So wonderful you guys feel she is your favourite. Too much to explain here, but making her has been a special experience for me in terms of my relationship with myself and all we talk about here. “What delight this little love creation would bring to someone’s life” – if she brings even half of w…[Read more]

    • Stunning! She has a delightful energy and will be helping to raise the consciousness! What a gift you have!

    • Aww. Such Joy in this tiny package. All the tiny stitches and loving details. Your heart is right there to see.

    • I LOVE her Johanna!!! She is SO cute!!!!! 🙂 <3

  • Johanna posted 2 photos in the group Art With Your HeART 1 year, 10 months ago

    I have been unhooked from work for two weeks (school holidays) and had the idea that I would get so much creative stuff done (I hear you laughing your heads off)!!! After spending much of the first week sobbing and camped in front of the TV watching sappy movies, I did manage to get a couple of Rainbow ponies finished (commissioned for a…[Read more]

    • They are beautiful Johanna!

    • WOW! Johanna, you are so amazing! If that’s what you do when it’s the school holidays, how much more can you do when you have no distractions? Sky is the Limit, beautiful… I LOVE THESE XXX

    • These are so priceless Johanna, so precious. I love the female-male combo ribbons!

      • Thank you @carollee! This is why I LOVE Gingermelon designs – they are always so gorgeous and a pleasure to make. I was asked to make two – one more ‘female’ and one more ‘male’ – I am delighted the ribbon works for both! <3

    • They are completely adorable! I’m sure your client will be very well pleased. Can’t imagine trying to get something accomplished this past week, it’s been very hard to move.

      • Good Morning @angela777. I delivered them yesterday and they were very happy – was a bit nervous because they are being used as part of a children’s book launch about a pony (book buyers will have a chance to win them). I believe I was supported to get them done (had to be delivered by end of September) because a friend came to stay for a couple…[Read more]

    • Awesome!😍🌈

    • Truly adorable! Such a light playful feel!

      • Thank you @kristinvt! I had a chuckle reading your comment (the light and playful part) because when the first one was finished, I sat back and had the same thought and then said out loud to it, “Oh God, I wish I had some of that right now!!!”. ❤

    • That legs akimbo stance they have give them such an empowered look (for being so super cute). They just feel like they’re saying “Bring it on – I’m rocking’ that Rainbow!”

      • Good Morning @redwood! So true – reminds me of how my dogs stand when I play with them and they are in that joyful but ‘Come on then show me what you got!’ mood. ❤

    • You are so creatively brilliant and such an inspiration…THANK YOU for sharing yourself and your gifts here…these ponies lit me up from the inside and that is hard to accomplish this month 😳 💖

      • Thank you @lauren! 😊 I am truly delighted they ‘lit you up’. I cannot claim all the credit for their creation though. I recently wrote to the designer of this pattern (Shelly from Gingermelon) to thank her because I was suddenly aware that I can ‘feel’ the joy she has for what she creates and that’s why I love her patterns – and this joy is…[Read more]

        • profound and deeply wise as always Johanna. And whether ur pattern or not, your creative essence bleeds thru everything u create. A beautiful gift.🎁

    • wow that’s some expertise you got going there!

  • Johanna posted a photo in the group Art With Your HeART 1 year, 11 months ago

    I have been feeling for a while that I might end up integrating my sewing with my photographic art images. Today, inbetween catching up with some house work, I have been practicing ‘sketching’ with my sewing machine onto one of my images that I have printed onto fabric. Bumped into a class on Craftsy by a fellow Australian, Pam Holland, on Thread…[Read more]

    • Sounds perfect for you ☺️

    • I have finished it but think next time I need to choose something bigger than 1.75″ x 4″ – too many colour variations over too small a space. And maybe an image with more defined areas. Doesn’t exactly look a match for the original image but I am going to make myself a journal cover with it so when I improve I will be able to look back at my first…[Read more]

      • It’s beautiful Johanna.

        To me your finished “sketch” looks like a mythical bird with big wings sitting, looking with its head down at the “camera”.. 🙂

        Maybe it’s a Phoenix?? 😉

        • Thank you Yonatan! 💖
          That is an interesting description – I had the same thought about a pheonix rising and revealing it’s beautiful colours. Thank you for the validation. 😀

    • This is beautiful! You are infinitely creative!!!

      • Thank you Lilli! 💖 Nature is infinitely more creative – would you believe the image I have sewn over is a macro picture of the underside of a partially dry leaf from a rain tree? I am constantly amazed at the colours and patterns I discover up close.

    • Beautiful, Johanna. Like music flowing out of you. xx

    • Oohh. Definite leap in creative scope. How completely exciting!

      • I have a bit to learn yet however adds another dimension by which I can create something uniquely mine, particularly if I can use my photographic images – I recently dismantled my photographic art site (let it go completely). Will be interesting to explore, if nothing else. 💖

    • I love this A LOT. it is so honest and beautiful and gushing.