• I had this dream Dec 31/16 and posted it as an update and just realized this is the better place to post it….so I am reposting it here.

    I had a dream 2 nights ago….These are the parts that I best remembered on waking: I came across a skunk as I was walking to a parking lot full of cars (I’ve had skunk dreams before but this time was dif…[Read more]

    • Hi Loral – here’s my take. To me, the skunk represents the intelligent negative energies that exist in lower consciousness. These energies enter our minds to exaggerate feelings of fear, despair, worthlessless, etc. because this is the type of consciousness they feed upon. The “glasses” represent perception. Our perception gets skewed when we…[Read more]

      • Thanks so much Thelma for taking the time to respond! Your insights ring true. Interestingly, a few days later as I revisited the dream (2017 energies) the skunk was transitioning up the stairs. Now, as I revisit it, some of the cars in the parking lot-which feels enormous- are beginning to turn on their lights and windshield wipers :).

        • I like that the skunk was transitioning up the stairs … hopefully that energy is being cleared and purified. It’s also hopeful to see the cars starting to come to life. Like all the people who have been slumbering all these lifetimes …

  • I had an interesting dream before I woke up this morning….

    I was standing at the top of this tunnel-like area that sloped downward, and I knew that I was supposed to do down it, but I intuitively knew that I needed to wait for a few minutes prior to proceeding. Not seconds later a giant snake came out of a hole in the ground a half a foot in…[Read more]

    • The big snake gave me shivers … I feel this is the OLD duality-based world slithering out after “digesting” its last meal.

      Your pushing through such a tight space did seem like a birthing … also the pressures of the Higher energies pushing out lower frequencies (we are pushing them out of our energy field). As for the women’s retreat, I feel…[Read more]

  • so last night, here was my dream. I went to a wood rustic cabin (in the dream it was the same cabins at my YMCA). I reunited with an old college friend I hadn’t seen for years. In the dream, the connection wasn’t very close. My dad was there too. Anyways, From another cabin as I looked across the way, I saw a storm on the radar blowing in. I then…[Read more]

    • Hi Elizabeth – I like your interpretation. My two cents: I feel these flimsy structures represent the belief systems/thinking of those around you (family/FB friends/others), that will not hold up to the energies coming in. You tried to warn them but they didn’t listen. And you need to let your concern for others go … the orange glow and sunlight…[Read more]

  • This is a question for @thelma. My twin flame and I came together hard and fast, but because of our work relationship we split 11 years ago. He went on to marry. I always felt he was coming back. Through the years I dreamed about him. The same dream was reoccurring as I was waiting and new he was near. I felt his energy, but never saw his face.…[Read more]

    • Elizabeth, that’s a good question. I understand that we must merge our “twin flame energy” especially now, before we can fully integrate what’s coming in.

      So your dreams may be more about merging your energy with his, esp. in other dimensions, which is helping you to complete your internal merger (as within, without). Maybe you were never meant…[Read more]

      • In as Without. Yes. Thanks for your insight. I’m not always versed in dreams. I am puzzled though what’s real and what’s of the mind. Honestly I don’t know if we will get together. I used to think so, but my growth has been much faster. I know him on a deep level, but not him in the physical. It seems backwards than most people.

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  • I posted this dream just now in the Dream Interpretation Forum like I thought we were supposed to do but it has disappeared and also the page that lists the entries in the forum won’t go any further than the last 10 entries ( I was trying to find my post). Last entry in the forum was 3 months ago? So I will post it again here.

    I had just moved to…[Read more]

    • I just posted a test in the dream group forum and it seemed to work ok. Also there are only 10 posts “per page”, if you scroll to the bottom of the forum you will see the page numbers. I attached a pic.

      p.s. Keep in mind that anything you post on the activity page of the group will be deleted every 3 months or so. screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-12-27-59-pm

      • Thanks for replying, Lauren. I did click on the pages at the bottom and the page refreshes but just goes back to the first page every time. I guess the Forum does not like my computer.

        • oh…bummer. let me look into it further

          • looked into it and seems to be working for me…maybe try refreshing? Also weekends the internet is clogged more than weekdays so it could just be taking extra time to load.

    • Giving this a shot. New house = your new state of consciousness and because it’s in a “new city,” this is also a new collective consciousness. Unpacking and placing furniture can symbolize your adjustments to a different way of thinking in this environment. Cats usually represent our intuition and feminine energy. This was CONTAINED in a fish tank…[Read more]

      • I really like your interpretion, Thelma, especially that the cat/man represented both the feminine quality and the masculine, instead of either/or. Thank you so much. It’s been a day of reckoning as it turns out, so this fits right in.

  • I had a cool dream last night about me in these times. In the dream, I was lying in bed awake. Suddenly a deep eerie feeling came in my soul like right before a storm. Next thing I know, a tornado started roaring to life outside the house. I could hear it tearing roofs apart. I was quietly aware and unafraid. When it came over my body lying down.…[Read more]

    • Great dream! The “tornado” must be the energetic chaos now sweeping the planet. AND it’s possible that the worst of it will happen in your sleep!

      • Thanks Thelma! I get that too about the Energetic Chaos. It was cool of not being affected by the “tornado”.

  • My dreams are usually in 5D and centered around relationships. Last night, I had a nightmare. Here’s my dream. I had a full tub of water ready for my bath. Jubilee my deaf cat was on the side of the tub. As I was tinkering with the shower nozzle and focused on it. Jubilee slipped into the tub. I felt around for her when I realized what had…[Read more]

    • Hi Elizabeth. I am getting the same sense of this being about your fear of “losing yourself.” Water usually symbolizes emotion, but since this is a bath, this is also a cleansing. SO I would refine this to possibly mean fear of losing inner self through “emotional cleansing.” Does this make sense to you? We are being deeply purged of distortions…[Read more]

      • Thelma, thank you for your comment. It resonates what you said. emotional clearing seems never ending including facing fears in that.

  • Last night had several dreams where I jumped into a large body of water (ocean?) and was going down down down … when I suddenly realized that it would be almost impossible for me to make my way back to the surface in time for my next breath. I panicked and woke up.

    I think the “survival” part of my physical being is reacting to the energies and…[Read more]

    • Thelma is it alright to comment, even though I’m not in the dream group?

      • Sure, Angela. I’d love to know what you think!

        • The survival part sounds good. The only other thing that occurred to me was Water – Emotion – Feeling. You willingly jumped in. Maybe in some way – a reorientation to the feeling / emotional side of you leading the way for this next part? Kind of like stepping off the edge. The water part called out to me.

          • Thanks Angela. You’re right – water usually represents emotion and I WANTED to jump in, the same way I want to immerse myself in the depths of my BEing (pure consciousness). But part of me is scared about losing itself in the depths – probably the ego/persona.

    • this has been in and out of my awareness all day Thelma, that the pain/panic/contractions as of late, alternating with humbling reflections of my humanity, are the resistance of my small/old Self, perceiving the infusion of Light from my Divine Self as a deadly threat.

      • Nicely put, Leah! The question is… how do we reassure our small/old Selves they can totally let go? Maybe – 1,2,3 – let’s all JUMP together!

  • I had the most terrifying dream last night. I was in bed in my house and felt all these negative thought forms/energies/ETs (not sure what they were) flying around my bed and trying to get into my body. I was literally terrified.
    I never have dreams that terrify me so really not sure what that’s about. Any ideas?

    • I suggest asking/commanding protection for yourself at all levels before you go to sleep as well as visualizing a bubble of white or blue light. I think these are energies from the lower astral. They cannot gain access unless you allow it but they may be feeding on your “fear” vibrations. Firmly tell them to go and assert your God sovereignty.…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn, I think some stuff is on its way out. My son had a nightmare, then the other night I had one as well. Actually screamed / yelled myself awake :/ As Thelma says, surround yourself with whatever works for you. It’s just passing by now, on it’s way out and gone.

    • I’m with Angela! Stuff moving out!

    • Me too. Friday night two horrible nightmares, one the worst ever. Facing my core demons. Ugh. No fun.

      • Thanks everyone! that’s so so so helpful to know. I was worried I was about to start getting visitations from soul-suckers ha ha. I guess I can’t be a vibrational match to that now but the dream was sooooo scary!!
        Sorry that you ladies are having those too but glad i’m not the only one! xoxox

    • It’s interesting Dawn because in the last week or so a few articles have popped up about ‘attacks from the dark’ – I stopped for a moment to consider what was being said and what came to me was that it is an old energetic archetype that is linked to the 5th plane – a plane which many who are ‘spiritually’ inclined have strong connections with.…[Read more]