New ballgame!

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  • Thelma

    My dream last night: I am in a huge football field – there’s a GAME going on. I’m on the field but not one of the official players. All the same, the FOOTBALL comes to me every time (it flies through the air). I duck to let others deal with it or toss it back. Everyone, including spectators, are mystified as to why the football always comes to me no matter where I am.

    I receive the message: if I FOCUS on the ball and resonate with it, in this game, the ball MUST come to me.

    To me, the “field” represents a new field of consciousness. We are now playing a NEW game. Whatever we FOCUS on and full resonate with, must come to us in these energies. These are the new rules. There is no interference anymore. This is great news … we just need to adjust to an effortless way of living.

    p.s. – why FOOTball and not baseball? The “foot” = our foundation, our beliefs, our underSTANDING. So understanding/believing in our powers to create quickens our manifesting ability.

    Anyone else see something here?

  • Linda

    Great dream Thelma and I think your interpretation is accurate. My curiosity goes to why you keep ducking “to let others deal with it or toss it back.” Is this perhaps a behavior pattern for you? Is the dream showing you that you can be a player and actively catch the ball, rather than passively let it come to you? Since I don’t know you personally I have no idea if this is so. Just wondering your thoughts on this particular aspect of the dream.

    • Thelma

      Linda, I had the same thought … and you just put it into words for me. I think “I am NEW to the game” and just learning how it works. In my dream, I didn’t feel I BELONGED on the field, had no idea how I got there, or what to do. But the ball kept coming to me. I am only BEGINNING to believe in my manifestation abilities. So the dream also seems to say, “it’s TIME TO PLAY BALL!”

      Thanks so much for your interpretation! Very helpful.

  • Simone

    Awesome dream Thelma!!!
    And regarding to “let others deal with it or toss it back”, what came to mind for me is that we are going to have the role of stewards, we’re showing the direction but we don’t and can’t do it all alone. It’s like this process called entrainment, like a group of fish that suddenly move in one direction or another. You’re sensing the group energies and you know which direction is best because you’re connected with the new neural network that connects us all in our shared endeavor to implement the Eden template.

    • Thelma

      Thanks, Simone! It’s true everyone was WATCHING me on the field and seeing what was happening … so your interpretation makes sense. I think whatever we DO in the world now will be very noticeable because we will be working WITH the new energies. People will be asking us HOW we do it. It will seem magical.

  • Lauren

    What an AMAZING dream Thelma…LOVE Love love. And v relevant to the new report to boot 😍

  • Jude

    Love the dream Thelma, I can relate to what Linda said … for me also, its time for us to step onto the field & play ball. “I can have what I want” is my new program, maybe its yours too 🙂

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