• Johanna posted 2 photos in the group Joyful Living 1 year, 11 months ago

    I am so excited Dawn @redwood. I did my first piece of free-motion quilting (only a very small 6″ square). I was playing around with water colour pencils on fabric and decided to use the piece with all the colour blotches on it, to have a play with some free-motion. Because it was ‘just for fun’, it was way more successful than I imagined – my…[Read more]

    • I love it! I picked up some clothes at a Charity Shop (Thrift Store) and I am really looking forward to adding to them and individualising them!

      • Thank you Sonara! Would love to see some pictures when you have added to and individualised the clothing! 💖

    • This is gorgeous Johanna ♥

    • Beautiful! VERY creative. Love the design and the contrast with the trim.

      • Thank you Thelma! Because I used a really dark purple thread for the free-motion, I decided to repeat it in the binding to bring it out (plus I love the lady bugs 😊) 💖

    • I love this look Johanna. Absolutely beautiful, intentional and organic, a very soft aesthetic, while so well made. Feel like home.

      • Thank you Leah! I find my self looking at it and wishing it were bigger so I could add it to my bedroom 😁 💖

    • OMG! This is wonderful! And you said it’s only a tiny 6 inch pillow? You created so much beautiful detail on such a small piece of fabric! The wash-looking effect of those pencil colors is stunning too. I am blown away by how natural your whole design is, and even the patchwork on the back of the pillow, with your accent stitches -…[Read more]

      • Hi Dawn. 💖 I was so excited to tell you. 😊 The small size was a bit of an issue in the sense my stitch control was obviously not great – that is quite a learning curve – so some of the areas got too dense and the needle didn’t like it. I love the wash look of the pencils too but realised that if I was to use this idea for a bigger cushion I would…[Read more]

        • Wow, you are articulating this whole realm for you beautifully! It is interesting how similar some of our issues have been. I’ve had/tried different etsy shops over the years and had the same concerns over time investment, pricing, value, etc. And in regards to being an Artist, a Craftsman, or a crafter – years ago I realized that my definition…[Read more]

          • I find it interesting how we are redefining held, and commonly accepted, ideas about ‘creating’. I am noticing a movement in me away from a pre-defined structure (which has served well in terms of ‘belonging’ and ‘fitting in’ with something so we have a catagory to understand or place what we do in) to a ‘looser’ idea of a process that is…[Read more]

    • Oh Wow Johanna! This does take it all to a new level. Such whimsy and color. Grace is the word that comes to mind.

      I looked into the world of free-motion quilting a few years ago, it can create such beautiful things. You have the years of mastery of the craft under your belt to do it. I’ll live vicariously – show us all your beautiful creations!!

      • Thank you Angela for your beautiful feedback. 💖
        Not sure I am even close to any form of ‘mastery’ with the free-motion but is lovely to have moved past the avoidance of it. I now feel free to play with it when inspired.
        And thank you for encouraging me so lovingly. xxx