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  • Thank you all for the lovely send-off! My heart is very full. I believe it’s about to get quite real, so here is a blessing for us all. May purest Starlight fill our sails as we venture forth in this New pristine everything. No more rules – at all, but what we choose to bring along with us. Guided by the most intense mental / emotional…[Read more]

    • Much LOVE to you, Angela. I will miss your beautiful wisdom, Sister. Until we meet again…♥

    • Sending you lots of Love and wishing you a magical journey full of your heart’s creations.

    • Much love to you Angela and wishing you magical, miracles and great joy as you continue on your amazing journey. xxxx

  • Hi everyone. Happy holidays to all! I’ll be leaving the forum as of first of the year, and wanted to stop in and wish everyone well in the coming year (s). So much is changing (by the minute it seems sometimes) that I can’t even think what to write about it. Suffice it to say, everything is tumbling, gracefully or not, into a new…[Read more]

    • Beautifully written. I am definitely a poor manic blind squirrel. This month has been brutal and wrought with blindsided chaos – the sort that frightens me that the only thing in store for 2017 is another 9 year cycle in the trenches but I know deep down it’seems not true. I can feel the new beginnings slowly coming ashore but without the pomp and…[Read more]

      • Thank you Kariana! Godspeed to you as well. I will miss you too. Here’s wishing our Squirrel Self guidance True! Take care.

    • Much love Angela! 💖
      See you on stage and via the new telepathic network 😉

    • Happy new year, new creation cycle Angela! Best of LOVE on your journey into the unknown…you will be missed 💗

    • Lots of love to you Angela 💕 All good wishes 💫✨

    • Godspeed, Angela. So enjoyed your input into our group. Best of the best to you and your universe in the coming times.

    • Love to you Angela on your journey… I am sure it will be magical 🙂 in the new amazing energies that are coming in! I have enjoyed reading your posts and I will miss you. Cindy in Oz

    • New Beginnings – have a wonderful adventure. Love Sonara 💞

    • Will miss you, Much love to you as you venture off…<3

    • Lots of love to you, Angela.
      See you on the other side.


    • Boundless Love Angela 💙
      Have sent you an email.

    • On the wings of love, may you soar Angela. I’ve greatly enjoyed your presence here and will miss your posts. Godspeed.

    • I will miss your wise, insightful contributions Angela and I thank you for them. Sending you so much love and light on your journey as you soar to the greatest heights of your divine experience in the new frequencies.

    • Angela may you be blessed as you journey on.. thank you for your presence and wisdom. 😊💚💚💚

    • We will miss you. Sending lots of love.

    • Oh Angela… bless your dear heart… don’t go too far away… keep in touch, eh?

      Love you sister of the Heart… xxx

    • Dear Angela, wishing you the fulfillment of your heart desires … and many thanks for your participation here. Will miss you!

  • Hi everyone. I wanted to share my experiences since entering October. It’s nice to be able to write it out, helps me to better know what I’m experiencing.

    Pretty much the minute we crossed into October I began “seeing” crazy amounts of light. They looked like (4) foot long microtubules, silver on one side, pure white on the other. Then…[Read more]

    • Wow, that’s pretty awesome Angela. 😮
      I want what she’s having! 😄💗

    • Angela what an experience! Thanks for sharing. Very beautiful. 💚

      • Thanks Meadow. Seems to have stabilized today, receded to where it’s not overwhelming any more. Still quite a feeling of newness and ease being out in the world. That’s new.

    • I love this Angela!….and THIS says perfectly what I have been doing as well :
      I’m having to catch it and say – no, not like that anymore. No limits. I and my world are One.

      The choice feels palpable…the high road or the low? New or Old? Love or Fear? The shift gets easier and easier

    • God, I LOVED reading this Angela!! And like Marie, I have to quote the following as this is my experience too: “And every time I have an “old” reality thought, I’m having to catch it and say – no, not like that anymore. No limits.”

      YES, very clear that I’m “not doing it like THAT anymore.”
      Thank you for this gorgeous share!

      • Also loved the term “word salad”! lol, I’m soooo using that.

      • Unfortunately we have lots of opportunity to use that one! Days of word salad…

        Those two brilliant shiny days of outstanding different are fading now into living again. But certainly not back to where we were. There is that.

    • How exciting, Angela! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I think no matter what we see or feel, the best advice is to relax into it. We came here for this, so it’s all good.

    • Thanks for sharing Angela… About ‘nothing means me any harm’, not sure if I’m there, yet, but I’m getting over and over something similar to what you said about feeling that off-ness when the old tries to replay, and knowing that the new choice is here now, even though I’m not always clear what it is, but it can be Love based, all the time.…[Read more]

      • Yes I feel that too Leah. Sometimes to the point where I state it out loud. Pure momentum running the old cart. But the wheels have all fallen off, so it has no additional energy unless we choose to give it some. Let’s choose something more fun, shall we?

  • My son gave us all the most wonderful compliment. He said that I and (my kind) :/ were just not like the usual aging populous. Getting older, and more set in our ways? Not us. We do the opposite. As we get older, we are more and more willing to change.

    Give us a chance I guess, and we’ll be out there dancing in the rain with the new…[Read more]

    • That’s a wonderful observation from your son Angela! And a timely one for me. There’s been much talk around me later about this whole ‘getting older’ thing and unhooking from old ideas about it. Nice!!! ❤

  • Hi Oogie, and anyone who would like to join in. James Twyman is doing a global meditation tomorrow at 2 pm Pacific time for the Tribes and the oil / water stand off. Called the I AM Water meditation. For 5-10 minutes simply hold love, and stand with the Water. I like the idea of not taking a side, but standing with the Earth / Water for the…[Read more]

  • Hi Family, I’ve had something strange (and good) happening over past few days. Started a few days ago when I pulled into the driveway, and heard a buzzing sound. Turns out it was a baby dragonfly. For some crazy reason I simply held up my finger, and it hopped on! Tried to get it to the open window, but it buzzed off. So I held my finger up…[Read more]

    • LOVE reading this so much Angela! And I’m partial to dragonflies and dolphins (and babies!). Those were two of my totems during two of my pregnancies. Dragonflies are transformation, dolphins are joy ~ together it seems we are being transformed into JOY! I’ll take it!!

      Such fun experiences you had/are having. Thanks for sharing, Sister. ♥♥♥

    • I’ve definitely noticed and had experiences with the same energy….it’s really almost a newborn energy. The 5D energy is very much about signs and the energy of innocence. Sounds like you are getting a lot of both. I love how 5D operates! Enjoy! Is really awesome!

      • It is Bonnie, and I find I have to slooow down to be in concert with it. And a very open innocent feel to the energy in general. And Beauty and clarity. I think I’m gonna like this new.

    • What a beautiful story to Wake up and read! I had an interesting day with people yesterday. I was invited to morning tea by a young man who I met while volunteering in Arnhem land at the Garma festival. He wanted to connect with me and has land that we could use in the future for nature school in the town where I am living. My sisters grandson…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing Angela! Yesterday when I was sitting on the balcony I saw a huge dragonfly flying by and she landed on the tree right in front of me. Brought me such joy to see and admire her beauty. And she sat there the whole time and wouldn’t leave. What a great sign, Joy and Transformation are here and they stay!!! Wohooo!

      • Aren’t they beautiful Simone. I’ve never contemplated dragonflies deeply before, but the way their wings are iridescent, and how fast they can fly in all directions. It’s other worldly.

        • Absolutely! Other worldly, that’s the perfect word. Again, soooo good to see that they show up and stay! 😃💜

    • How beautiful Angela. I felt this peace come over me as i was picturing what you were describing – that feeling you get when you are on holiday and life is good and there is no pressure just lovely warm days to enjoy life. Delightful. 💖

      • I felt that way for a good part of today, and it was very nice. Amazing how deeply the nature creatures can touch us. Early in the summer I saw a brilliant blue bee. No one believed what I was describing, until they saw it themselves one day. It had what looked like bright cerulian / deep aqua blue body armour, with long thick luxurious deep…[Read more]

        • I agree!! I wish I had seen the blue bee. Just amazing.
          I was thinking about you this morning and what that ‘feeling’ was and felt the impulse to look up the ‘spiritual’ meaning of dragonfly. I had a chuckle because right at the top of the screen was a description and it so resonated – that ‘good’ or ‘peaceful’ feeling comes from being at home…[Read more]

    • oooh! I love this magic Angela! Bring on the NEW!!

    • 🙂 This is lovely. The end of notes from the universe today:
      “I love dragonflies,
      The Universe”

  • Perfect and delightful. Thank you!

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