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  • Oh Lauren. That resonated so much with me and where I am right now that its made me want to cry with deep relief. Thank you so very much for the report. I am truly grateful. Much love, Dawn x

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Morning everyone! I was just wondering if any of you had any info on the war of consciousness? I haven’t seen many of the 5D reports and I don’t know if it gets covered in that?
    Hope you are all doing well – xxx

    • No, no war is covered. We’re beyond that these days.

    • Dawn:
      Are you referring to the battle between light and dark? Duality. I definitely think that’s covered in the sense of the entire goal is to transcend duality and attain a unified consciousness. For me, I went from a mentality of judgment, i.e. that is good, this is bad, to a mentality of everything is good and serves a divine purpose. That…[Read more]

      • Hi Jimmy, yes I am referring to the battle between light and dark and absolutely duality. Both internal and external. xx

    • The other shift in perception that made a difference in my life was the idea that divine purpose is not something separate from myself that was more intent helping other people than it was in helping me personally. I AM the divine purpose. Nothing happens that is not for my personal benefit. That was a big shift for me.
      Bringing it all back to…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn. Maybe you read Lisa Renee’s blog post, Spiritual Warfare:

      I believe there’s an ascending collective consciousness as well as a descending one – and our choice is made by personal resonance. As long as we stay in a higher vibration, we will…[Read more]

      • Yes! That’s exactly what I’m on about Thelma ❤️

        • Dawn, my concern has been with what happens with the descending collective consciousness? Some say they will turn up on another 3D planet to continue their experience with duality, but my higher knowing says that “duality” must be dissolved, because it has provided access to an energetic infestation of great magnitude and that cannot be allowed to…[Read more]

          • Its a good point Thelma – my (very limited) understanding is that everyone once they die gets the opportunity to know what’s really going on and then they have a chance to either work through their stuff on another planet (like we’re all doing now, here) or they can come into 3D again for more karmic recycling. Its a point of view…

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Woah! those panic attacks/ uncomfortable integration of energies I’ve been feeling have gone today (perhaps momentarily) and what I’m left with is being inside a body and feeling like I almost don’t recognise myself. I feel like 3.0!! its such an incredible feeling… almost like I can FEEL the healing that’s happened, the upgrade. its the most…[Read more]

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi !

    I’m definitely going through some changes – and I’m having mild panic attacks. Anyone been through things like this and know how to deal with them? I normally do lots of yoga which helps ground the body but I constantly feel I’m on the edge of something and its making my body feel very unsettled.


    • When I have a panic attack, there is usually a pressure point on my chest where it originates. I press and hold that spot until my heart ❤️ rate slows down. I will also go into the fear to see what it is telling me. Usually I’m resisting something.

      • thanks Elizabeth. My panic attacks feel different. It starts with what feels like my whole body is vibrating and I feel like I’m not fully attached to my 3D body any more. I’m drifting away from it and not fully in it. that’s when I start to panic – because my brain and thoughts feel like they’re moving at 100 miles an hour. Its overwhelming. My…[Read more]

        • Huge upgrade maybe!!! The only way I can relate to that was back in May I had an inner portal unlocked which opened up a whole knew world. As I came out, my heart was racing, my mind 100,000 mph and my head going around in circles. My body couldn’t keep up. I closed my ears and started humming to myself. To refocus my mind. I’m sorry I can’t help…[Read more]

        • Hi Dawn I have been experiencing this since 2015 and it just started up again since the huge cosmic blast that came in toward the end of September.

          First of all, it is NO fun. I experience this in the middle of the night, especially during high solar or geomagnetic activity, if I get up to go to the bathroom. When I lay back down I start to…[Read more]

          • Lauren you have described exactly what happens to me, this week has been intense, and it’s the worst! I’m going to try your technique tonight! 🙏🏻💜

          • Yes Lauren that’s exactly how it feels!! I find i start to notice it more when I’m tired or in the evening… and then just before bed it’s definitely at its peak for me. Yoga helps a lot to keep those energies moving – oh I just realised that if I’m sitting for a long while then it gets worse…! Hmmm.

            Laughing is great! But sometimes it’s like…[Read more]

        • err… yes! Me too. Feel the speed and the sense of disconnection big time.

    • Hi Dawn, Sorry for your distress. I know it well and I am being pounded mercilessly for the last three days. I find that aconite and bach flowers help as well as tapping (TFT) and also laying all my crystals on my (mostly) upper body. Sending love.

      • Last 3 days for me too Jody, when the night falls I’m like oh crap here it comes !!!

        • Exactly Laurene. I don’t want to go to bed and for two of these past nights, I haven’t closed my eyes. The tools I mentioned only take the edge off the fright. I do what Lauren outlined above and have even gone out in the freezing cold to put my feet in the stream and my hands in the earth until I can’t stand the cold any longer. Laughing…[Read more]

          • maybe we should stay on the couch tonight with some comedies playing on repeat! You’re not alone….but it sure feels that way doesn’t it? 💓💓

          • I know what you mean Jody!! In 2001 9/11 I started having panic attacks where i thought I was losing my mind and going bat shit crazy! And the only thing that would help would be to go outside in the wind and feel that against my face. And sleep with the window open! At least it was cold 🙂

    • Hi Dawn I’ve had 2 this week and mine are exactly like @lauren described, they hit me if I’m woken up in the middle of the night and its severe discomfort of being disconnected from my body. I go for a walk outside around the block and the fresh night air and walking seems to bring me back to my body (yup in my Pajamas!)

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  • “If you are unfamiliar with the process of dying while alive…which is c l e a r l y as normal as Sunday dinner…it can be disorienting and overwhelming to the senses to experience (while in a body) the rea…

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi everyone
    tonight as im lying in I can feel a strong pressure starting on my right temple. Then I have a strong pressure on my right temple and on the middle of my forehead at the same time. Then the pressure is around the outside of my eyes near the join.
    Does anyone know what this could be? I’ve never been aware of it before? Even as I write…[Read more]

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    This is an interesting read:

    • Yes it is imperative that we stay the observer, stay neutral, stay in the heart, stay earthed, stay strong – as the chaos, both deliberately created and ‘of the process’ whips up a storm! I hear that the next three months could be quite something!

    • I agree that “stillness” and “laying low” is our best course at this time. I am staying out of crowds, too, and spending more time in Nature. I was sorry to read about Lisa Renee’s recent attack in the form of another lawsuit. Her writings have been helpful to me, though for the longest time I didn’t understand what she was saying. It’s all…[Read more]

      • Me too Thelma, although I am really struggling with the fear around the NAA’s….

        • Dawn, no need to fear as we are sovereign beings. Those who are infected have surrendered to the NAA at some level and given up their Divine Will. As long as you choose your own Light and sovereignty and set your boundaries, you will be fine.

          • Ok!
            Can you tell me more about psychic attacks? The more I’m connecting with myself the more I realise I have fear about seeing anything ‘illogical’ . God forbid I see an actual entity or ghost! And I don’t want to feel this fear about experiencing it any more. Any ideas? xx

            • Dawn, there really isn’t anything to fear as long as we set our own boundaries. But Lisa Renee has written extensively about psychic attack and how to shield yourself with the 12D shield. Here’s a link to her article Am I Being Psychically Attacked?…[Read more]

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Wow what a ride this month is turning out to be! No stone has been left unturned!!

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Some beautiful and wonderful things happening at the moment. I am finally attracting people in my local area on the same wavelength as me and it feels soooo good. I have felt so outcast with my views and my depth in the past that this is light and beautiful and I’m so thankful.
    And finally I am embracing who I am, and what I’m here to do. My…[Read more]

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi! Do any of you lovely light people use Tarot? I’ve just acquainted myself with Teal Swans cards and they’re fabulous for connecting vibrationally to shadow work. But since I’m new to them I’ve just done a reading and all 4 cards where upside down. It all felt wrong. The meaning round the right way resonated so much more – so I’m wondering if…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn 🙂

      I tried doing readings for myself with online tarot cards. For me the classic tarot reading did not resonate (at least the ones I did online), because the meanings that came out sometimes were pretty low vibe. I tend to not attach myself these days to anything that is low vibe including meanings of things/dreams/signs. Because…[Read more]

      • I love what Yonatan says here Dawn: “But anyway regarding card reading, I think the best way is just to open the cards and see what comes intuitively for you based on the drawing of the card/name of it. Not take someone else’s meaning of it or its orientation meaning. Though sometimes someone else’s meaning can resonate, you have to see what see…[Read more]

    • I agree with Kate, the cards are a way to connect with yourself and your intuition although in the early days i found it helpful to find out more about the cards. To be honest I did not like working with upside down cards myself and so I never turned a portion of the cards round. It just did not feel right for me. Upside down cards mean the…[Read more]

      • Thank you all for taking the time to write to me! especially during these crazy times 🙂 The cards I use are interesting because they focus on what my shadow is saying, what parts need addressing: what I’m a vibrational match too. They’re fabulous, really. But in hindsight I felt like they were giggling at me. Like they were upside down because…[Read more]

  • Dawn posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hello lovely people – my son started school for the first time yesterday. I’ve got such mixed feelings about it. I wanted to unschool him but since I am now a single parent its financially not possible… currently.
    However, the first two days seem to be going well and I’m sure there will be many hurdles (not least the school food…!) but he’s…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn – when my son was 4, another boy pushed him and hurt him in an effort to get at a toy or something on the playground. The teachers made a big deal about it, putting the other boy in time-out, and my son learned that he didn’t deserve that treatment. He learned something about what not to accept. We didn’t tell him to push back – we told…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn. I don’t really have a good suggestion, except a general one. Within reason, keep making him a part of the process of whatever takes place. I think anyone, at any age, gets more out of life when things aren’t just done for, or to them. When they are included, their opinion is consulted, I think it makes a difference. Good luck.

    • Dawn, sending you a big hug as you send your baby to school! I chose the public school route and I have never regretted it! My children have learned so much from being in an environment where they need to learn socialization. They have learned how to manage conflict, how to ask for their needs to be met, how to know when it is…[Read more]

  • I had the most terrifying dream last night. I was in bed in my house and felt all these negative thought forms/energies/ETs (not sure what they were) flying around my bed and trying to get into my body. I was literally terrified.
    I never have dreams that terrify me so really not sure what that’s about. Any ideas?

    • I suggest asking/commanding protection for yourself at all levels before you go to sleep as well as visualizing a bubble of white or blue light. I think these are energies from the lower astral. They cannot gain access unless you allow it but they may be feeding on your “fear” vibrations. Firmly tell them to go and assert your God sovereignty.…[Read more]

    • Hi Dawn, I think some stuff is on its way out. My son had a nightmare, then the other night I had one as well. Actually screamed / yelled myself awake :/ As Thelma says, surround yourself with whatever works for you. It’s just passing by now, on it’s way out and gone.

    • I’m with Angela! Stuff moving out!

    • Me too. Friday night two horrible nightmares, one the worst ever. Facing my core demons. Ugh. No fun.

      • Thanks everyone! that’s so so so helpful to know. I was worried I was about to start getting visitations from soul-suckers ha ha. I guess I can’t be a vibrational match to that now but the dream was sooooo scary!!
        Sorry that you ladies are having those too but glad i’m not the only one! xoxox

    • It’s interesting Dawn because in the last week or so a few articles have popped up about ‘attacks from the dark’ – I stopped for a moment to consider what was being said and what came to me was that it is an old energetic archetype that is linked to the 5th plane – a plane which many who are ‘spiritually’ inclined have strong connections with.…[Read more]

  • “This is definitely a switch that flips from within…it is not something to seek or attain, simply an inner-knowing/feeling that the time of self healing has come to completion and that you are established enuf in y…

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