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    I had the most terrifying dream last night. I was in bed in my house and felt all these negative thought forms/energies/ETs (not sure what they were) flying around my bed and trying to get into my body. I was literally terrified.
    I never have dreams that terrify me so really not sure what that’s about. Any ideas?

    • I suggest asking/commanding protection for yourself at all levels before you go to sleep as well as visualizing a bubble of white or blue light. I think these are energies from the lower astral. They cannot gain access unless you allow it but they may be feeding on your “fear” vibrations. Firmly tell them to go and assert your God sovereignty. That should do it!

    • Hi Dawn, I think some stuff is on its way out. My son had a nightmare, then the other night I had one as well. Actually screamed / yelled myself awake :/ As Thelma says, surround yourself with whatever works for you. It’s just passing by now, on it’s way out and gone.

    • I’m with Angela! Stuff moving out!

    • Me too. Friday night two horrible nightmares, one the worst ever. Facing my core demons. Ugh. No fun.

      • Thanks everyone! that’s so so so helpful to know. I was worried I was about to start getting visitations from soul-suckers ha ha. I guess I can’t be a vibrational match to that now but the dream was sooooo scary!!
        Sorry that you ladies are having those too but glad i’m not the only one! xoxox

    • It’s interesting Dawn because in the last week or so a few articles have popped up about ‘attacks from the dark’ – I stopped for a moment to consider what was being said and what came to me was that it is an old energetic archetype that is linked to the 5th plane – a plane which many who are ‘spiritually’ inclined have strong connections with. This plane is all about mastering the polarities of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ and the notions of ‘good’ against ‘evil’ – all that old stuff about sacrificing self to serve the light and battling the dark forces etc etc. There are lots of specific beliefs many are letting go of that are held deep in our being to do with having to suffer in order to get close to ‘God/Creator’ as well as sacrificing power or self or one of our senses, and the idea one must always battle evil (like it’s a job or purpose). Beyond this is the understanding that the ‘Creator’ the ‘One’ consciousness of all that is, created all that is and thus there is no ‘evil’ to battle. So I imagine these ‘old’ seperated/dualistic energy ideas are most definitely on the way out. If you re-look at the dream and see the truth of the source of all things in thiose expressions, it may shift something or allow it to resolve in that it acknowledges the ‘truth’ of things which collapses the ‘illusion’ of ‘attack’ from an outside force. 💖