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  • Beth posted an update in the group Group logo of Silver LiningsSilver Linings 1 year, 8 months ago

    My greatest silver lining was my divorce at age 28 after 4 years of an unhappy marriage with cheating and money worries and general deep unhappiness. It forced me off my “yard stick” where I measured and judged myself based on looks, job title, and money. And I learned that nobody can take the place of my own love for myself – if I don’t have…[Read more]

    • Wow! I love hearing stories like this. I’m married a second time, but I honestly believe I could still be married to my ex if we had a similar time apart and back together again. I wouldn’t admit that to my current husband, but as my first husband has said “how do you just stop loving someone?” and it’s true. I am happy for my ex that he has…[Read more]

    • I love happy endings! Thanks for sharing, Beth.

  • Beth posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    I’ve been a member of TWYH for over a couple of years and hardly posted – been benefitting from this forum as a learner and it’s been a life saver several times. Well, now I think I really need to vent to a group of people who’ve been there…. I’m in the corporate world (big IT company) and feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything…[Read more]

    • Hi Beth, I’m a CPA and was in the corporate world for over 15 years. As I started my ascension the bottom fell out. I couldn’t handle the stress, the fears, and all the negativity I was feeling. I was laid off from one job then lived off a severance packet, then got desperate took another with a CPA firm I hated it quit that. Took a temp job, got…[Read more]

    • Hi Beth. I’m sure you are being presented with the same situation because you can make another choice. Are there other ways of using your skills and experience in a smaller company or even freelance? Or possibly do something else? Do you have enough financial resources to get through a transition?

      I was in a large corporation for 31 years, at…[Read more]

      • Thanks so much, Thelma! I should have known “this too shall pass,” and it seems to have made its way through me and opened up a beautiful warm, sunny day in NH. It’s like summertime, but with gorgeous golden fall leaves. 🙂 I sometimes think about making another choice – wonderful advice about the “different avenues” visualization, I’ll use…[Read more]

        • Beth, only your heart knows the answer. Could be you are still in corporate to anchor the Light at this time as old structures continue to dissolve. And maybe you will still be there as the organization changes form. We each have our own path … apart from the visualization exercise, I also recommend journaling. Let your thoughts & feelings spill…[Read more]

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