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  • Hello, TWTH family happy New World, this is how I see 2017, the beginning of the unfurling of who we truly are, unfurling all our learnings and experiences to contribute to evolution of mankind. All that time of preparation and creating the life force to share is about to be unfurled, naturally, effortlessly as the fern unfurls its leaves 🙂 I…[Read more]

  • Hi there TWTH family, just need a bit of info if anyone can help. I am back living with mum and have been since October. I am trying to support her as she sorts out her health. I have been accompanying her to doctors which she hates going to however realises that something needs to be done. Both legs have arteries 75% blocked and her blood…[Read more]

    • I’m afraid I can’t help you with the medical questions. But I hope you find your answers. Good luck with it.

    • Hi my husband, who passed away, was a doctor who was into alternative ways of looking at things. He said that blood pressure does vary with individuals, just as in anything there is a range of what we call normal and some don’t fit into that range but are either side of it. And naturally blood pressure varies according to what the person is…[Read more]

      • I should add that by a good diet I mean preferably organic, or as near natural as possible, lots of vegetables to keep the body alkaline. Avoid processed food, white flour etc. too much sugar, de natured food. Use butter, olive oil, coconut oil, whole foods.

      • Thanks Sonara for your help she appears to be engaged in embracing whatever natural things she can now which is great. She is aware that she gas created this situation and she has struggled to be able to let go of the past and embrace the new :/ so let’s hope she can much love Cindy

      • Thanks Sonara for your input I really appreciate it. Sometimes its better hearing things from someone who is not your daughter 🙂

    • I have read recently that the new norm is 140/90 for older people, but not for people under 40. They are saying that the older you get you can’t be expected to be 120/90. I am in the medical field in a hospital and that is what I have heard. However, most physicians won’t agree with that. I am 65 and mine is around 130/85 and I have a…[Read more]

      • Thanks Bonnie, I am a nurse as well however I can’t function in the system. I have my own manual blood pressure taking kit at home so I can monitor it for her. I can directly show her how when she is anxious, angry or has been gambling that her blood pressure is much higher! Since I was leaving in March this year and not coming back and she…[Read more]

    • Hi Cindy….the weather down under looks tantalizing….. as we experience near record snow fall!
      ….. In regard to your mother….I am a doctor, of the naturopathic variety. There are strict regulations forbidding us (for good reason) from giving medical advice to those we don’t know on the internet. I can tell you that BP is considered high at…[Read more]

      • Thanks Loral, I am cutting and pasting all the responses onto a word document so mum can read them at her leisure. The thing is mum knows all this information intellectually, she was on her spiritual journey before I was! She has been my greatest teacher, and she can hold court like a master and share wisdom all day, however, I think with her it…[Read more]

    • Hi Cindy,
      I’ve been wondering about BP lately too, as mine is high. I have felt mine is related to ascension symptoms/thyroid symptoms and the stress of caring for my father. But lately I have been wondering if I should go on meds for it, as it has stayed high for awhile. There’s a ton of stuff out there on how to lower BP naturally, I’ve tried…[Read more]

      • Thanks Dawn, she is at least in a meditation group, however she comes back a bit miffed at times as some of the participants have very rigid views and are stuck in saving the world mode… however… she always brings a different perspective… she has always been different from childhood, never fitting into her birth family, her community (a…[Read more]

    • Cindy, some of what your mom is experiencing might be side effects from her medications … and/or interactions between medications. My mom had similar issues. It might be as simple as a tweek in her meds until she can do the surgery. Talk to your pharmacist.

      • Hi Lauri thanks for your reply, mum has always been supersensitive to any medicine and has nearly died a few times from severe reactions, so she hates taking meds… we have tracked down the worsening symptoms as side effects of current meds. I have been saying to her for the past three years as I have seen her spiral in and out of depression,…[Read more]

    • Cindy,
      Sounds like a challenge…I’m a physician who has spent much of the last 15 yrs working in Geriatrics and Hospice and Palliative medicine, in the US. Several thoughts:
      1) BP is best low when we are young, as we know from studies that a high BP for decades will likely cause cardiovascular disease: strokes, heart attacks, blocked arteries,…[Read more]

      • What a gift you are to the world! After 40 years as a nurse, it is a breath of fresh air to read your response! Thank you so much Patrick for taking the time to respond and thanks for your kind comments at the end! Mum intuitively knew that her blood pressure didn’t need to be as low as the norm for a young person. 🙂 her comment yesterday also…[Read more]

      • Thank you Patrick for this input. I echo Cindy’s words – you are a gift to the world.

      • What a fine man you are Patrick. Your information for Cindy is very useful to me as well with my elderly Mum. A gift to the world indeed! Sending love to you Cindy as perhaps, like with me, Patrick’s final paragraph resonated.

        • Thanks Jody, yes I am so relieved that I understand that death is not final and to be avoided at all costs! And I am glad that I don’t feel pressured to make mum make wise choices, despite those on the sidelines who think me being a nurse means I will make her do what is good for her,… that said, no-one makes my mum doing anything! Much love…[Read more]

  • Merry Christmas from Australia, this is my grandson early morning on the beach on the West coast of Australia… in his element naked and in nature!! My daughter in law sent it yesterday… best Christmas Card ever 🙂 IMG_5582

  • has put on a Christmas Message and transmission and it is very soothing to the soul! go to her page and look for the Christmas Message and listen to the mp3 there is some light language however most of it is her sharing where we are at this stage in humanity!

    I second her message and wish you all a wonderful peaceful…[Read more]

  • For those of you who are not on Facebook, here is Lisa Transcendence Brown’s latest update! I found it reassuring and slowly I find myself regaining my life force… lots of time spent alone in my rainbow bedroom out of the fray so to speak!!! Much love and happy solstice to allI feel as if 2016 has finished and the energy of 2017 is already…[Read more]

    • This is a great post. We are anchoring the new consciousness and humanity is free to join us if they choose. Cheers to us all!!!

      • Yes Thelma, I agree. I am so relieved I got made redundant…. I just energetically could not carry the load anymore and obviously I needed one more kick up the pants to get my arse out of there and prepare for the new 🙂 much love to you 🙂 This was on Lisa T Brown newsletter it is my new screen saver… They are Andara Crystals which shimmer…[Read more]

  • Yes me too Dancing Unity, I have totally valued my connection with you over the years, may the road rise up to meet you too sista, what a journey we have been on and continue to be on! You inspired me to keep…

  • Ha Freudian slip – night years… certainly felt like it…meant to be nine!

  • Dear Lauren thankyou with all my heart for your willingness to be the beacon that has guided us through stormy seas. I reflected back on my last night years, 2008 was monumental for me as I set sail literally up the…

  • A dear friend of mine Kevin Pampling took this photo recently in Norway in the stillness of the early morning! img_5522

  • Started re reading the last 5D report, saw Change is Gonna Come and thought of Isaiah Firebrace an Aboriginal boy who won the X Factor this year and one of the songs that he sang was Sam Cooke’s Change is gonna come enjoy!

  • Well the dragon fly certainly brought transformation! Was told yesterday that my contract was going to end on Dec 15 instead at the beginning of April as the numbers in my Aboriginal class were too small and it was not financially viable. So I am unemployed as of the end of next
    Week I am applying for benefits as I have little money and I am…[Read more]

    • Dear Cindy, exactly the same happened to me 2 years ago, after delivering huge success to a company, that I put my heart and soul into but as you say, we must now go where we are valued; everything in balance. Trust in the bigger picture. I had a rocky road but it proved to me I was looked after and guided. Remember, the universe will deliver in…[Read more]

      • Thanks Julie, for you encouragement and love filled response. I have to say I am relieved as it was clear this turned out to be another top down approach, and reinforced my knowing that it is connection, love and support that everyone needs regardless of their skin colour! So my new business will focus on creating the space for connection with…[Read more]

    • Cindy, if you haven’t, go back and re-read November’s 5D report. I went back and re-read it (for the 3rd time) yesterday and it specifically addresses your situation. We are moving from serving to something else. ( Lauren said it much better). This emptying is readying you for your next mission. I’m learning that we can’t search for or chase…[Read more]

      • AMEN, Lauri! Beautifully said!!

        Cindy, I can’t WAIT to see what comes next for you, Sister.

        • Thanks Kate, ME TOO! I am feeling lighter in my spirit already. I even got my divine masculine on and stated the terms that suited me to finish off the project in the way it needs to happen and suggested that they were not planning to pay me what I was due. All that was accepted and rectified in good grace. So that was a step forward. The same…[Read more]

      • Thanks Lauri I will! I actually feel inspired and positive about the new opportunity. I have been dragging my feet for two months getting more and more depressed at the realisation that this is not what the Aboriginal community needed. Even when I did suggest what was needed (and who am I to know??) there was going to be unrealistic allocation…[Read more]

      • Hi Lauri somehow I put the response to you under Kate 🙂

    • The government supports my Ascension. Hee hee. Of course my circumstance may change as my benefits are up for renewal. I hope it happens the same for you. Mine happened with a flick of the finger. I didn’t even know I was approved until miraculously a large sum was pending in my bank account. I didn’t know they even had my bank account. So, I hope…[Read more]

      • Thanks Elizabeth that is reassuring and I am focusing on being as gracious and patient as I can be as I fill out the online application. The government will be supporting me to create a space for connection, love, healing and education… just not sure in what format yet. Much love Cindy

  • Dragonfly on on my bedroom flywire transformation is on its way! It sat there for hours while I had an afternoon nap! img_5514

    • Beautiful. I’ve been visited by turkey vultures recently. Our place backs up to open space woods so I’ve often seen them soaring over the trees. This last week one circled directly over me when I was in the backyard. Yesterday, while walking along the ocean, another one again circled overhead. Vultures are symbols of death and rebirth and new…[Read more]

      • Yes it is so special 🙂 when nature sends us clear messages and does unusual things. I have never seen a dragonfly land on flywire and just sit before. It was also right where the sun comes in my room so perhaps it was recharging its batteries while I was recharging mine 🙂

    • Dragonflies always lift my spirits–so special that you got this visit!

  • Listened to this lastnight andit makes a lot sense

  • The Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle

  • 2016 Sagittarius New Moon

    This is making a lot of sense. I have had my back up against the wall ever since I started back at work, once again trying to work in a system that is broken. Have told them after this course I will not be doing another one in this time frame, at this level, as it is…[Read more]

    • Bless you. You have given it a good try, time to find another avenue. Let’s hope it presents itself along with the New Year.

      Much love Sonara

    • Yes, I would say it’s “time to do things differently.” No point in working in a broken system because you’re not here to “fix” anything. Hope you can let this go, Cindy, and open to what’s coming in for you.

      • Thanks Thelma, I am grateful to this family and for your response. I definitely will be leaving the training to meet requirements system and it we did put in the submission for the community education program around the impacts of transgenerational trauma, that is where it needs to begin. There is a program showing at the moment on SBS and NITV…[Read more]

        • Abuses to First Nations people everywhere are starting to be revealed, though I imagine it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Cindy, I can see that you are at the forefront of these disclosures and are providing an extremely valuable service. You can’t make it better, but you are helping to provide the groundwork so that healing can take place. Much…[Read more]

          • Thanks Thelma, I so appreciate your words… the timing has been amazing – at the end of the third night they had a reunion session with all of the participants both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. The take home message was we have to start with telling our true history, accepting it and then through addressing the transgenerational trauma we…[Read more]

            • That’s awesome about the TV documentary proving your point, which is proof that you are in Flow. You know what you’re doing and why, but I agree about a shift in perspective being beneficial. Maybe more detachment? It IS possible to be passionate about your work and detached at the same time…

              • Thats great advice Thelma, I have awoken early concerned over an email that was sent to me from management indicating that all the information I had sent them previously had not registered… clearly I have not been clear in my communication :/ Perhaps this is what the lesson is about detachment… and learning to communicate more clearly.…[Read more]

  • Much gratitude for this report brings lots of clarity ⚡️LOVE TO ALL

  • Ah! Lucky you 🙂

  • @dragonfly716 Lovely to hear from you Amy so glad things are working out for you much love Cindy

  • Love you Anne what country are you in??

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