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  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Not sure if this was shared here yet, some great perspective and reminders for 2017.

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I posted this on Facebook on Jan 11th. Thought you all might appreciate it here as well.

    I had a near car accident yesterday. Between my head cold and being in a hurry to the UPS to drop off blood work before they closed, I didn’t see this mini cooper in my blind spot. ( having trouble measuring space lately lol ) We didn’t hit each other, and I…[Read more]

    • Hi Amy, I love this story…. its an example of where we are heading, much love to you 🙂

      • Thanks Cindy… I thought we all could use a story with a happy ending right now. :O) I’m home a lot working here in KC but it seems whenever I do venture out these sorts of things happen for me. The man was clearly deeply altered by my non-reaction to his outburst. What’s always so striking is how I do feel connected but its 2 very different…[Read more]

        • Absolutely, as Andrew Martin recently suggested on his latest youtube… curious neutrality will go a long way in these times, the same as divine neutrality… lots of love… Cindy

    • Love to you Amy 💜💚💙💛

    • YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What a wonderful story! Your nonreaction to the driver’s rage was PERFECT. This is such a great example of how we need to be in this world. Not to lower our frequencies to match those of others, but to stay centered in our own, and feel the other person’s pain without absorbing it. Bravo!

      • Thanks Thelma, It was a surreal sort of experience, witnessing from different points of view. And recognizing afterwards how much my my choice impacted him. Felt like it blew up his universe. It’s made me realize that how I respond is really key. Not only for me feeling in alignment but also to how the world around me responds as well.

        • Yes, our response is key. You gave such a great example of how that works. I can only imagine the impact you made on this man. AND on the claims agent! I like that you honored the feeling in your heart, Amy and persisted on making the claim when you didn’t have to. That was HUGE.

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Yes the energy feels very weird right now, yesterday and today feels rather quiet on Facebook almost like the world is mourning or holding their breath.

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Went walking this morning with the doggies, It was raining and I looked down at my phone. I was wearing sunglasses (still bright) and all the drops on my phone were irredescent. When I took off my sunglasses they still were that color. So pretty. I’ve never seen that before looked like little rainbow drops shimmering in all different sizes.

    My…[Read more]

    • well done you Amy, I have had blurry vision too, although I have had a major clearing of the throat and sinuses! And overall requiring ridiculous amounts of water to remain hydrated! Lets hope it is all over soon… I actually have to function on Wednesday 🙂 I start my course. much love Cindy

      • Same for me too Cindy, all that. Sending you love for Wednesday.

        • Thanks Jody, I really feel as if I am stepping into a totally new way of being/doing as I commence the journey to create the next part of my life. I am feeling supported by the universe and even at home the energy is shifting as mum is starting to remember who she truly is… we both went through a huge detox following the return from the family…[Read more]

    • Hadn’t thought of the blurry vision as an ascension symptom/chakra change. And the dizzies! Hmmm.

    • The rainbow drops sound awesome. I was thinking of getting my eyes checked … blurry vision here too! Maybe I’ll wait to see if it gets better.

  • AZAmy posted an update in the group Group logo of Magical Co-CreatingMagical Co-Creating 1 year, 7 months ago

    Been reading Bentino’s new book Super Accelerated Living and he has practices in there for creation, Ive been blending that with a call for my team in my business to start “dream dialoguing” by playing make believe together. Its fun and IM excited to see how our being really intentional in 5d changes everything. IMG_3388

  • Thank you Lauren and take good care of you, especially through the mercury retrograde ad the anniversary of your Mom’s birthday and transition. ( and holidays!)

    Just wanted to share that I just returned from 4…

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Watching the live stream on FB right now for standing rock… Feeling sick. Prayers , love and light needed…<3 We thought our purge was tough to be with….

    • I was disgusted too. So sad. Such aggression and ego power driven, whoever gave the order.

    • Elders were saying that women should no longer go to the front lines so their (future) children wouldn’t be traumatized.
      I’m in Prayer and Love today, and working on transmitting my own lower energies that are being brought up.
      Buckle up, we can at least Light up to lessen the effects of this Shifting.

  • @dragonfly716 Lovely to hear from you Amy so glad things are working out for you much love Cindy

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi all, Interesting , crazy times eh? As usual Im having a bit of a contrast. I feel Like I’ve slipped into the calmest place ever. Life has a relaxed pace, Im cooking more, been able to be in nature a lot more, fermenting foods, working at a pace that works for me, able to take really good care of me. Im not affected much at all by what’s…[Read more]

    • Yay Amy so thrilled to hear this. I too, am feeling this peace. The chaos seems not to be anywhere in my sphere and it is a good feeling being able to be able to focus on small tasks which I have not been able to do for some time because I was so so scattered…..right now, the more things are ramped up outside of myself, the more distant and…[Read more]

      • Right? Its an interesting contrast. My whole life seems to be about boundaries now as well as re-establishing “structures in my life. Seems weird as we move more in the flow, but I need them. Saturn in my 6th. Dog training, (6th rules small pets) day to day health routines and getting myself back in life. This is my masculine kicking back in…[Read more]

    • You sound like you are doing awesome!! Way to go. Here’s to you! Btw, I love Phoenix’s expression. ❤️

    • Amy you sound and look wonderful! Nice to relax into your vibe. Those raccoons will come right in the house thru a dog/cat door, they are equal opportunist dog/cat food eaters. The menagerie seems to be building around you. Very nice home space.

      • No doggie doors here, I am the doggie door….lol I love being surrounded with nature and animals.

    • This made my day brighter…thanks for the update Amy so good to hear what is going on in your world. Beau looks completely adjusted and my fav pic is that guilty suspecting look on the raccoon’s face 😊

      • Thanks Lauren! Yes all is indeed well… Still adjusting to being less frenetically busy. Raccoons also represent playfulness and I suspect they have arrived to remind me/us, its now time to play.

    • Hi Amy, I loved your update! My favorite quote ” I have access to my higher self in a way I fully trust now, I can ask questions and get answers all the time, no doubt.” Amy this is also going on with me too, I have never had such inner peace with no doubts & such joy mingled with love of life again. Thank you for putting this into words, it…[Read more]

      • Oh Yay! Its awesome… I used to question what I heard a lot. I get it very auditorily now in my right ear. It is a strong steady voice. Always available. I can do automatic channeled writing and its very clear as well. Mostly just asking for myself. I can tell Ive accessed a new frequency or dimension. In other areas though Id say life has…[Read more]

    • Yes! I love this. Me too! Going about my day asking, okay, what do I want right now? Body, what do you need. Can’t say I been too “healthy” but I honor what I feel like doing.
      I want so badly to get down to KC to visit friends and visit with you Amy. One of these days it will fall into place.

    • So happy for you dear Amy! Yay to feeling good! Your energy looks glowing and serene! XXX

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    So here is where I landed in Kansas… img_3144img_3153-1img_3154-1img_3157-1

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    I had a lovely visit for 4 days to Santa Fe on my way out to Kansas. I missed seeing Lilli but I had a chance to see Mike and Jan and we had a fabulous visit. So nice to be with Soul family. <3 They gave me this beautiful crystal they made representing Masculine and Feminine energy in the new template.

    I also went to Meow Wolf the new…[Read more]

    • I’ve been to Santa Fe. I love all the art galleries.

    • Amy, was so great to get to meet in person. EnJOYed the visit immensely, and look forward to seeing you again! And love the picture of the crystal, hope you’re enjoying it. Keep in touch….
      😍😍😍Jan… and Mike.

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Love the energy of this…

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    In my move I thought that Beau and My sis’ dog Nalla and the cat Phoenix would have the harder time adjusting… I was wrong look at them. they are doing great. It’s been me having a harder time. I feel like I dropped into a foreign land here in Kansas. Im surrounded by very asleep people. Im sleepy but in a different way. lol Having…[Read more]

    • I’ve been here for 35 years and still feel like I’m in a foreign land 😲 Love your furry friends shots!

    • Oh, these shots are so SWEET!

      It’s really difficult being around very asleep people … def feels like a foreign land. Hope things get better for you, Amy. I feel we’re on the verge of opening up to something BIG.

      • I feel it too Thelma, I’m so ready for a leapfrog moment. I left Az where I was around people of much higher consciousness but I was so weary from all the spirituality and scarcity consciousness, now Ive come to Kansas and its like another world. My sister doesn’t even have a water filter ( Its awful tasting, she mainly drinks wine :O) ). Her…[Read more]

        • Ha you made me laugh Amy! Your presence alone will transform her world. You are meant to be there even if it doesn’t look like it. Our light is needed to show what is possible 🙂 I am experiencing the same with my mum. She has not been travelling well. However I know it is not my job to save / rescue her. I am here to live my light. I am…[Read more]

        • the waiting will be worth it… I sense that what we’re creating/aligning with will be beyond what we’ve even know to wish for… a whole different game.. true freedom.

          I know how tough a switch to different vibe environment can be. I winced when you mentioned the water. But somethin’ amazing is brewing there. I can feel it. 💙

        • Amy I’ve been thinking about you, wondering how you’re adjusting. Wow AZ to Kansas, that is quite an adjustment! I laughed too, at all the :O’s needed to describe your new environment. (sorry :(( It is a bit like going back in it. Your “you” vibe, and your animal crew, must be needed there. Good luck with it. You’ll find peeps…changing…[Read more]

          • Thanks for the love…I do keep my sense of humor, its my saving grace fo sure. Trying not to seem like a foodie and health snob…and yet apparently I am. lol

        • Hang in there. I am also in a very asleep place. Like you and @thelma, I feel it’s changing very soon by the end of the year I hope. I love your animals. The dogs kind of look like my dog. PS. I was in Denver, CO like a Arizona. Now, it’s South Caroline (The Bible Belt).

          • Elizabeth I was in Denver for 18 years Before AZ and ended up following a soul whisper to go to AZ which I did somewhat kicking and screaming. I eventually really loved AZ but it had to grow on me. Funny Im working my Ketone business which is almost all bible belt peeps except for those I brought in that are more spiritual. Now that Im here…[Read more]

            • That’s interesting you were in Denver. I like your story of “churchy peeps”. I go to a Methodist church here. Like you said very loving and heart centered. Yet, their view of God is still a “thinking” man on the throne way up there. Plus other differences as my friends are very traditional Christians. Jesus is the only way as he is the Son of God.…[Read more]

    • Hi Amy I am hearing you! I have been back in Victoria in my mothers unit, which I am now sharing for the last four weeks. It has taken me four weeks for my body / energy to catch up with me after my adventures in England and Ireland! I have six days off in a row and I have spent most of that time reading, sleeping, cooking and eating. No desire…[Read more]

    • Adorable

    • This is at Loose Park. There’s lots of beauty around right now, at least. 017

    • Good to hear from you Amy, was wondering how things were going for you and Beau…who btw, looks quite adorably acclimated in his new environment. I suspect you will be anchoring loads of codes in that space for your sister’s return…little does she know the energy she will be returning to. 😬 You’re like a fairy godmother leaving awakening…[Read more]

      • Thanks Lauren…Yes I sometimes forget that my presence alone is contributing. Reminders are good! We forget sometimes how far we’ve come until we get plopped back into the old 3d template. Very curious how this is going to unfold…Trusting it all, just a bit melancholy right now as it twists and turns.

  • So much of this feels like what I have already gone through, the disdain for anything woo has been gone awhile but I felt a marked shift in my Identity in January and in woo in May. Doing the geographical move now,…

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    This was hysterical sign on my scenic drive out of Phoenix in a bit of redneck country on my way to Sante Fe. Who knew this was a thing!
    Looking forward to more adventures with Beau in tow!

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Moving sucks, especially right now in this energy. I so want to timeline leap into the new chapter. I see this has value to revisit and say goodbye, but I’m feeling pretty neutral and just ready to be done with the old. Selling off and donating all but what fits in a small room. I did this in 2004 so it feels a bit deja vuish. :O)

    The…[Read more]

    • I love every word of this Amy…especially this part: “No interest in anything remotely spiritual or coaching. and I don’t even feel like doing the Creativity work I thought I was stepping into.”

      That numbness is exactly what I am feeling and while I know this means a big shift and DEEP transformation…especially with regard to my re…[Read more]

      • Yes Im happy to be letting go of so much. Of course I’ll be keeping you posted. Beau seems very excited for the new chapter! Although a bit annoyed that Im ignoring him right now. Latst night he was racing around the house with toys hoping I would chase him but Im too pooped from packing.

    • I’m hearing you sista, I did it in 1999, I did it again in 2006, and again in 2009 and again at the beginning of the year. This time it was so much easier to part with things I have carted around. We are clearing out so and absolutely amazing future and new life can come in!! Much love to you Cindy x

    • I am so ready for something new, that has not presented itself yet, I am pretending I am moving and getting rid of tons of stuff now, so Ill be readier. 🙂

    • I’m right there with you, Amy. I am in the process of moving right now, too. It is very difficult in this energy and I feel the same about going through my old things and feeling like they belong to someone else. I am purging everything I can and only taking what is necessary and what I still love (which is not much). My moving day is this…[Read more]

    • OOOh, Amy, yay! I love Pearl and House of Joy?! -wow! I, too, moved recently…it was (mostly) awful. I, similarly, had almost noTHINGs but it felt like the sorting and shifting of a lifetime (um, excluding whatever we’re going through now). Sending love xo
      P.S I am having extra urgency in emptying my bladder today and yesterday, too.

      • So weird.
        Both you and AZAmy have mentioned the bladder thing.
        I’m right there with you guys. The urgency and immediacy over the last 3 days have almost been an embarrassment.
        Looks like we can’t hold onto anything!!!

    • I’ll timeline leap with you. These past few days have been like slooowww motion taffy. Jeez, are we to the first yet? I’m so used to having no interest in what was, I don’t know who or where or when I am anymore. We need to borrow some of Beau’s energy reserves. I can’t imagine having to have the energy to move and sift right now. Try and…[Read more]

    • Amy I here for you when ever you want to talk, love you

    • Love to you during your move/transition Amy. I can’t imagine moving right how. I think my max speed would be about 1 box/day.

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    This caught my eye at the airport today… Thought of all of you! img_2947

  • Happy Equinox weekend. I too have been feeling starved! I’m almost out of Phoenix feels pretty bittersweet right now. 2 trips 1 to Chicago this weekend and 1 next week to Tampa. Then I drive to Kansas City with Beau starting Wednesday October 5th. We are definitely spending a day and 1/2 in Sante fe so if any of you are there and want to…[Read more]

    • I love hearing about all your travels! This is wonderful and I’m sure just what is needed right now – to get out in the world and see all this beauty and give it your presence. Happy Equinox!

    • Sounds like such an adventure – new and different. And such earth beauty! How is Beau doing with all the changes?

      • Aww, He is good Angela thanks for asking. Just had a pet reading and she said Beau is excited for our new adventures and to have me a little more to Himself. He wants to be my “man”. Isnt that cute? He is ready to experience snow and be around cooler temps and more grass. Also to have a girlfriend and a cat to play with or terrorize! She said he…[Read more]

        • Beau is the man. Even his name suits his powerful little self. Good to hear he’s open to adventure and taking it all in stride.

    • Hi Amy
      I am in Santa Fe,,,Email is
      Depending on timing could work to meet for a tea or something…😍

      • Will let you know close to the time. Should be traveling though around Oct 5-7.

        • OK..@jan-c and her partner Mike are here also, so maybe it will work out we all get together…Travel safe.🍁🍁🍁

          • That would be lovely!

            • It would be great if we can all get together. Let us know,we are supposed to be out of town on the 5th, but will,reschedule if you’re going to be here that day. 🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍💝💝💝
              Jan (and Mike)

              • I will be leaving for Sante Fe morning of the 5th or 6th. so Please feel free to do your out of town stuff on the 5th. :O)

                • We ‘re definitely going to be in Santa Fe during that time. Excited to meet with you and Lilli😍😍😍

                  • cool, Im wasted tired after a 5 day family wedding trip, and 4 full on days packing and moving and now leaving in the am for 4 days to Tampa for business. Im glad Im giving me some space when I return and going to pace my leave on how the bod feels. There has been no time to just breathe in awhile. Movers just left and Im just in slo mo. Im…[Read more]

          • Thanks, Lilli

    • Beautiful pictures! Sounds fun!

    • LOVED reading about the wild horses, Amy! How magical! Love you, Sister!

      • There are several herds along the river and I love they are in the wild. We did a lot of signatures last year to keep them around and it feels good to see it paid off. We are bad asses!

  • AZAmy posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hi Loves, Dropping in to say hi and also to share something new Im experiencing. Im connecting a lot with my friends right now face to face as they all want to say goodbye before I leave for KC Oct. 1st. IM noticing that Im so present with everyone. No mind chatter at all. No need to even speak about myself. I seem very focused on…[Read more]

    • That’s a great space to be in. Good luck with your move!

    • I love that relationship space Amy, I have been noticing that depth of stillness and heart cnnection in small doses here and there and it is the most fulfilling feeling. Being able to show up so fully for someone else is so healing. So enriching. And it feels so good to put the small self aside so the big Self can show up in that way. You…[Read more]

      • It feels very new and I love it. I was at a waterpark Sunday and I felt like I was experiencing everything for the first time. My friend drove me in her fast go cart and we went so incredibly fast I was squealing. We were sliding and splashing on the water slides and waves and I was just so happy and peaceful no matter what I was doing.…[Read more]

        • “My friend drove me in her fast go cart and we went so incredibly fast I was squealing.”

          Omg this made my heart beat fast with excitement for the amazing wonderment that is the return to innocence! Ty 4 sharing these precious altering moments u r having 💗

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