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  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hey Y’all
    My mom just went in for a routine heart procedure- ablation to stop palpitation. Could take 3-6 hrs. If you feel inclined, Would you please
    send her some LOVE today?
    Routine or not- it’s heart surgery – and it’s a big deal for her- life changing.
    The more love the better 😊
    Thank you ❤❤❤

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Having one of those ‘caught in an invisible forceield of immobility’ type of days- with it’s attendant “zero joy” factor.
    Also woke up sick this morn – and to no electricity 😩
    After a morn of slamming against the force field- I gave up trying to accomplish anything and got myself up and out this afternoon. Drove into town where I found myself…[Read more]

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Thank you all for your massive love- truly buoying me.
    Akia visited me in the space between waking and dreaming last night- she was a solid little furball presence snuggled by my side.

    • I am SO happy to hear this Marie… I was really hoping she would make an appearance last night to comfort you, it really does help. When Fiona left I was so broken that her little spirit self came the night of her transition and layed down with me, nestled in the crook of my arm, and stayed with me until I fell asleep. The love is just so…[Read more]

    • ♥♥♥Marie and Akia♥♥♥

    • Just saw this Marie. I am so sad for you and so happy to know that little Akia visited you.
      I know this grief and it is surprising and shocking in it’s intensity at the time.
      We lost Milly our beautiful dog, most treasured friend for 16 years and I was shocked by the level of devastation we both felt. Our hearts were smashed open like no other…[Read more]

    • HI Marie –

      I am so sorry for the loss of your gorgeous baby! I am so happy that she came to comfort you last night! I lost my cat, Wally, after 16 1/2 years, and it was really tough! That cat had been with me on the ascension trail non-stop…and got me through many challenging relationship and work issues. He was THE BOMB and the true…[Read more]

    • Right after my sister’s cat Toby died a few months ago. He visited me. It was like he was really there. His energy was so vivid. He visited me because he was worried about her and wanted me to call her that night. I miss Toby. We had a connection.

    • Lots of love Marie! ❤️🐾

    • Sorry for your loss, Marie. 💔🙏📿💖

    • So much Love to you and Akia 💗

    • Love and hugs To you Marie! <3

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    My darling little Akia left this plane today. Perhaps you all here, more than most, can understand the space my kitty has held for me through these years. She’s been my closest companion for 14 years. The timing of her passing is more meaningful than I can put to words this evening. Suffice to say – her death marks the true closing of a chapter of…[Read more]

    • Sending lots of Love and a big Hug to you Marie! 💜 Gratitude to Akia for having been your beloved companion and friend for so long.💕

    • Much love Marie, she is a darling ♥

    • Oh Marie, I am so very sorry. That photo, where she is looking at the camera, her eyes . . . Wise soul.

    • My heart goes out to you. I lost two of my feline love buddies in 2016 and it’s hard. I don’t quite understand what is going on but everywhere I turn in my world someone is passing, pets are passing, and people are being hospitalized with strange things. I send you much love and grace and comfort in this time. And I bless the chapter that is…[Read more]

    • Good heavens my heart aches for you Marie. Powerful beginnings bringing such powerful endings 😞. I hope Akia and Fiona know each other. 💔

      • I love that notion, Lauren. Akia and Fiona seemed to have a very similar something about them- on top of their similar gorgeous good looks 😻
        Thanks for the love- there’s a part of me that has been expecting this- she had carried so much of me that I was shedding. But, it was a very sudden and tragic departure… which is def deepening the grief.…[Read more]

        • ugh. I’m just so sorry. And I hear you that even tho it makes logical sense, none of that matters to the heart. ie, there was a part of me that knew Fi came to usher me & Lee into our new level of life & relationship and then break us open in order to integrate/initiate that new vibration…but that knowing didn’t make one bit of difference for…[Read more]

          • Hi Lauren,
            delayed response…. but Thank You sooo much for your thoughts – and for sharing your experience/insights.
            I’ve been digesting – definitely doing okay. Tho- wowza- this post full moon weekend has
            Been a lot of shifts afoot – and YES crazy amounts of death/rebirth energy at play. You said it – past to pasture – there’s…[Read more]

    • I’m so sorry.
      Akia and Fiona look alike.
      They seem to carry the same wisdom.
      Maybe they both come from the same kitty wisdom school:
      Kithumi’s master kitty school.
      I guess they just went home.

    • No words 😢💔💛🙌

    • God Bless you 💗

    • 💖

    • Yes I do understand Marie. It’s really tough when our furry family leaves us, even with everything we know. They are just SO precious! Sending you lots of LOVE.

    • Deep love to you Marie and a blessed journey to Akia

    • 💔. So sorry to hear – sending 💖

    • Sending love and light dear Marie!

    • …sending the deepest of love and comfort to you Marie <3

    • Sorry to hear Marie. Yes I can definitely understand. My little dog is such a bringer of good energy to me and I love her. I understand you completely. Sorry. Hugs!!

    • I’m so sorry @goldenheartweaver. Losing pets are so hard. I lost my 16 year old cat Henry in 2011 and Jenny just two years later. I was in such grief. I couldn’t handle the sadness. In comes, my kitten Jubilee. She’s three now. Hugs

    • Big hugs for you 😽💜 love you Marie

    • Dear Marie I am so sorry for your loss. Bless your tender and brave heart. Thinking of you. Sending you love and a big hug. 💐💚💚💚

  • Marie mentioned 2 people 1 year, 5 months ago

    I could write a book about all the little/big things that are happening and not happening in life right now…the weirdo surreal moments and the jaw dropping revelations…. and the impatience, the not-quite-sureness of what’s happening or how to proceed. I’m guessing we all could right about now.
    All is new and the potential is ripe -…[Read more]

    • Woooohoooo!!!! Lovin’ every word of this Marie. Most especially “It’s breakin’ out of the cocoon time.” Feeling it too. Oh man I am so feeling it.

      When I finally decided to drop my victimhood story (it took me at least a couple of decades longer than you 🙂 it was THE most freeing experience of my life. And when I began to really own my power…[Read more]

      • YAY!!!! SO GLAD you’re feeling it too!

        Watch out world indeed!!! I look forward to hearing about all you are/will create on the heels of the Kali energy!!! I’ve been connecting lately to Hathor’s “alter ego” Sekhmet – warrior goddess and healing goddess. Time for the powerful divine feminine!!!

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE the share about the difference…[Read more]

    • Beautiful! Inspiring! Fabulous!

    • You go girl!

    • Really cool Marie 🙂 way to go 😀 ❤❤

    • Way to go, Marie.

      I can feel the clarity in your energy.


    • Yay Marie!
      I relate to a lot of this.
      The old pathways are still there and I often find myself on them but I now catch myself when I’m there and make a deliberate choice and I’m good. Still up and down, but there’s and undercurrent of magic that is always there for me now that I can tap into when I catch myself and go, oh yeah!
      I like that you’re…[Read more]

  • “from fear to LOVE…from work to PLAY.” HALLELUJAH! Thanks Lady Lauren for this amazing report. Already, the energies of the new year are evident – yes while simultaneously closing doors on an old paradigm/mode of e…

  • Marie mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 6 months ago

    Love me some good tunes, but have bereft of any go to’s for a while. Just came across this duo today. I’ve been incredibly scattered and out-of-body-ish this week…the strings in this music have been so welcomingly grounding this morning. @lauren – their sound seems up your alley.. you heard of Mandolin Orange?

    • I was just about to write you wondering how you are doing. You’re not alone, we’re in labor together. How magical that this December, when we’re collectively birthing the Christ, aligns with you being 33 and 9 months.💗 Big hug dear SiStar🌟
      Oh and beautiful song.😌

      • Hi Simone!
        It’s so nice to be wondered about! Whoa…it’s SUPER cool that you a) you remember the date of my birthday b)have made such an intriguing numeric correlation! … I LOVE it. Thank you for that perspective.
        Hope you’re well – been wondering how 34 is treating you!
        Big hug back sista

        • It’s interesting, 34 really feels like being on the other side of all the preceding (33) years. As if I’ve crossed a river. I’m starting my first year on the other side, however that will translate.
          The rest of December -the time from my birthday to the 1st of the new year – always feels like an in between passage and preparation and now with the…[Read more]

          • Wow, that is very interesting. Yeah – 33… OMG what a year! yikes! May 34 be fruitful and joyful.
            This line opened a current of peace within me when I read it:
            “I feel like being finally able to truly let go of the year and relax.”
            Thanks sister.

    • Love the mandolin and ol’ timey folk music. Thanks Marie.
      Yesterday I was totally out of body and bereft, today I am grounded and hopeful. And so it goes.

      • Glad you dig it Linda :)…. Indeed… So it goes. Seems we’re on the same schedule… feeling more grounded and hopeful today myself. <3

        • Well my grounded and hopeful flew out the window shortly after I posted 🙁 Painful phone call with my daughter. Exhausted and in tears after I got off. Hanging on to some thread of hope that these difficult times will not go on forever. Things have to get better. Right? Please yes.

          • ugh. sorry to hear it Linda. Life is so unpredictable and volatile right now. I’m with ya…Things HAVE to get better. YES!!! I suppose that’s what all these hard times are about… but C’mon Already! So sorry you’re having such a difficult day. Sending GINORMOUS LOVE waves your way. 💗

    • ” The civil wars” is my current go-to.

      • They’re a great go-to Lauri. For a while I would go to The Everybodyfields … beautiful and in the same vein.

    • sorry so long to respond to this but no i never heard of them and yea i dig em! LOVE the arrangement…I get a bit of a Gillian vibe…which is always love at first listen 💙 🎼

  • Kate Street mentioned 2 people 1 year, 6 months ago

    “In this know that there will be a defining shift into greater life experience by which you will come to realize that your journey is more about the holographic Self than it is about helping or serving as you have known it to be.” Rereading Lauren’s report and so much stands out. The line quoted is ESPECIALLY a reflection of where my focus is on…[Read more]

    • Well said!

    • Thanks Kate! In the trenches at the mo… SO appreciate your elevation.

      • Hugs Marie, I’m in the physical trenches at the mo myself. Never quite hurt like THIS before. May we all feel ELEVATED in grand new ways pronto! ♥

        • Me too Kate. I’m so much less interested in taking/thinking about it than I used to be, but seeing your comment I have to agree. So much uncomfortable, not pretty physical stuff at once. Also becoming aware of the power of claiming, Creating my experience and that’s becoming more real… Even when things seem opposite. Maybe that’s called Mastery?

    • This is so crucial to understand, and so empowering. WE decide what is reflected in our hologram by how we feel inside and what we allow/disallow in our world (shown by what we focus on). We were never victims of an external reality but were led to believe this. How we perceive OURSELVES is the crux of it … so you’re spot on!

    • 📰 🗞 😇


  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hello TWYH.
    Wowza. Holy Moly. Jeez Almighty! I cannot begin to describe the pressure cooker sensation that has been building this month and reaching a fever-pitch the the past couple of days.
    Lauren mentioned PTSD in a former post….yes.
    This paradox of feeling buoyant and forward moving …. approaching grounding and H.O.M.E. … yet…[Read more]

    • Ah Marie so much love to you. I am hearing you. I too am finding myself in a state of dysfunction directly reflecting the dysfunction of the system I am working in. Each day I go to class prepared for what I think might happen only to find that the participants don’t come and the ones that do are in a varying functional states. Our venue has…[Read more]

      • Wow Cindy! It sounds like you’re doing amazing work there. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s so nice to hear how others are experiencing life right now and your story is SO unique!!!
        Thank you for your support.

    • Oh, I always LOVE your shares, Marie! So REAL! So RAW! So BEAUTIFUL! So YOU! I laughed at the punching someone out, but yeah, I get that!

      My favorite part:”…is not a test but a PRACTICE of self mastery. It is a constant (and unrelenting!!!!!) moment to moment choice in what I believe about myself, about who I am, My POWER and my RIGHT to be…[Read more]

      • OMG, Kate. These lines: “NOT asking permission from anyone or anything (seen or unseen). It’s CLAIMING it for myself, as you are here, and OWNING it.”
        Those are PERFECTLY what I needed to read/here. Thank you!!!!
        I LOVED to read about your forward movement creative godessness. Woo HOO!! And so it begins in earnest.
        Big LOVE sister and
        THANK YOU f…[Read more]

    • Love to you Marie 💜💜💜

      ps: If I can make 2017 hurry up, damnit, I will

      • 🙂 Thank you Leah!!! Sending Love back! With all my self absorbed busy, I’ve been quiet here lately. But I’m still checking in and I always love to read your shares.


    • Love you Marie! Haha! I wish it was 3017 omg type o but I like that too. Holy crap you just helped me make sense out of THREE separate coyote Incidents yesterday, which brought up fear. Actually saw one in the dark last night and ran me and Yogi back to my car as fast as I could. Today….I entered the wolf pack too (started a 3D work contract…[Read more]

      • I love how our shares/experiences help bring to about realizations in each other. Damn wolf pack 😉 I’ll have a listen to Matt on my drive up north to visit fam tomorrow.
        Thanks Laurene!! Sending power and patience your way as you too enter the practice of being all shiny feminine powerful among the 3D vibes.
        The expression of ‘in but not of’…[Read more]

    • Man I enjoyed every single word of that. I am feeling very similar in ways and even tho I know this is just the emptying before filling, I resent every ounce of it. 😤 Good luck with your space clearing…and space filling!…there is a lot of that going on in my world too. Next week we move completely back into our kitchen and I am just so tired…[Read more]

      • I hear ya…I’m down to about 10% myself and feeling OH so done with moving it about. I realized the other day that I will have moved 7 times in 9 months!!!
        Looks like we’re experiencing another parallel… I will be completely moving in next week as well… right now is just the putting back together what I’ve torn apart and setting up new…[Read more]

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Already feeling the supermoon!!
    Can’t. Stop. Crying.
    Feeling some pretty intense root chakra energy in the bod too.

    Coming in for a landing, Folks!
    🌕 + 😭 = 🌎❤️😎

    • Hugs!

    • My daughter burst into tears today and said she feels so angry and exhausted and unable to do anything but sleep, which is very unlike her busy teen energy she usually has. She cried and we talked and I told her it was ok to feel like that and sleeping and doing nothing was ok too! we went to Starbucks. 💜

  • Well aren’t you just fabulous!? I haven’t even had the chance to respond to the new 5D report and here you’ve written another inspiring love infused greatness. Thank you.

  • Marie mentioned 10 people 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi Folks,

    It’s been a while…. thought I’d take this unusually quiet morning to touch in (read: write a book of a post) and share the colossal changes that have been happening in my life.

    For one, after a 4 month stay, I am moving out of the gallery of goddesses and back to a farmhouse I’ve lived in twice before – a place in which 2 yrs ago -…[Read more]

    • My first official cry of the day…crocodile tears of joy that come from a deep well of relief. For you, for us, for the new world rising from the ashes.

      Congratulations on seeing yourself thru this unbelievable cycle of Self LOVE…you deserve every good thing that is on it’s way to you right now. I think we all invested in your heart here…[Read more]

    • Marie it’s wonderful to hear. Such a span on inner growth, and you shared as you went. Thank you for walking it so eloquently out loud for us to share as we could. Deep distance hug.

    • No words baby, and yes tears of sheer joy for you!! Wow, wow, wow….❣️❣️❣️

    • Congratulations, Marie. My heart expanded reading this ❤️ You are a rockstar!

    • Marie, this is awesome and amazing! Miracles do happen and you had the faith to trust that all would land as it needed to! This is true mastery work! Well done!

    • Awesome news Marie! ❤️💛❤️
      Interesting that it’s been 7 months for you, too (my stay in Sweden was that long). 2016. That could be a cussword, instead of saying “go to hell” one could say “go to 2016”. I know I know, it (allegedly) brought so much growth, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. Still does occasionally. And still 2 months…[Read more]

      • ‘That could be a cussword, instead of saying “go to hell” one could say “go to 2016”.’
        omg, I LOVE this! And QUITE agree!

    • Well done, Marie! You are worthy mentor indeed.

    • Marie!!! I savored EVERY word!! As Lauren said, I want to celebrate for all of us in this unfoldment of yours!
      Also agreeing with Angela that in your sharing of the journey, it makes the harvest so much sweeter for all of us.
      Thank you for this tremendous share today!! You are GORGEOUS! Hallelujah indeed!!!!!!!!!

    • Makes me so happy for you ..and for all of us:-) Lots of love<3

    • Good to hear from you again! I read every word you wrote. Things definitely sound like they are going in an amazing exciting new direction. Congratulations on reuniting with your man. You give me hope yet. Love to you!

    • So happy for you Marie, and especially for the peace and Love I feel in your new place that is YOU. <3

    • Marie… I’m reading your share in a moment in which I am drained to almost zero. And I drank in your post… this is just the beginning. We don’t have to get anything perfect (though unknown can be scary). Your Light shining through these words is S-T-R-O-N-G… So much Love to you in your transition and In-joy-ment of Self.…[Read more]

    • What a gift it was to read this post today. I’m also welling up with tears…and covered in chills of confirmation. YES!!!! You courageously faced it all and look what was on the other side? Freedom! Love you. Can’t wait to hear more. <3

    • I couldn’t be happier for you Marie. What a ride you’ve had. This is so wonderful. Much love.

    • Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses! After posting this update, I had to retreat and let it all digest. Writing it all out has made it somehow more real… still digesting…


  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago


    “Laboratorium Pieśni are a phenomenal group of international holy women who use shamanic techniques in song to create sacred space, employing glossolalia and the sounds of nature to harness the healing power of the wild, sacred feminine through ancient music and verse. The experience is haunting, powerful…[Read more]

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    My physical world is bonkers right now…my bod being the bonkeriest of all… WHICH makes accomplishing anything on my massive todo list virtually impossible. facing the energy/money/time block….sigh* OH GAWD … can this PUHlease be the last time I have to jump through this hoop?
    Anyone seen my magic?
    #epicstress #passtheantacids

    • 💛🙌🙏

    • You used it to make up “bonkeriest”. I can’t even say it. It took a magic wand…so it’s in there.

    • Amen Sistar 💙💜💛💚 I had an amazing day its been a long time coming, I made up 3 flights of steps without feeling I was dying, all the swelling is gone, nock on wood lol. Went to the grocery store wow

    • Soooo much (unseen) magic is happening Marie. Your magic is growing while you’re looking the other way.

      For me, Allowing, trust and claiming my power in the midst of surrender to what we can’t control (lots)..
      we’re on track… 💙

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Howdy TWYH Clan,
    Anyone have insights/advice on allergies? I’m experiencing way over the top intense histamine reaction to dust/mold. Indoor allergies like I haven’t experienced in YEARS and YEARS. It’s interesting that this old thing is coming up…my take: for ONE LAST gasping weezing breath (literally.) Brings up ALOT of…[Read more]

    • Quercitin is a natural substance that you can get in a natural food store or online. It helps with the reaction of the body to allergens and inflammation. My husband has allergies and asthma and uses that when his get bad. It doesn’t take it completely away but lessens it. We found it helps if he takes Quercitin regularly even when he is not…[Read more]

      • I second the Quercitin recommendation but I get a quercitin/nettle combination – recommended by Dr. Weir. My allergies have been really bad this year too but getting better now.

    • Marie I diffuse Eucalyptus essential oils that help me tremendously as mine have kicked up as well after YEARS of not having any issues. Tea made with fresh grated ginger, honey and lemon too. <3

    • @blmoore , @kathyw , @lil-deb !!!
      I SO appreciate your recommendations. I have been taking Quercetin regularly for a while actually – I’ve had to add more remedies to my arsenal cuz this is OVER the top. Went to my chiropractor and he gave me some food based supplements to help. Spent the ENTIRE day dusting and vacuuming and laundering the…[Read more]

    • EFT is really worth doing! And ‘how to’ can be found on line if you are new to all this.

  • As ever, Lauren, EVERY line resonated deeply – I’m experiencing almost everything you write about … and, of course, I SUPER enjoyed reading your report.
    My body and brain are coming down from the extreme stress of…

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    HA! This is the first song to play this morn when I tuned into my pandora app.

    “Welcome to a New Beginning”

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    The stuff that comes outta me keeps getting weirder and weirder.
    A lot lately has felt ancient / tribal. This one seems to proclaim something of reclamation of power… home.

    One of these days, I’ll have the focus to figure out how to make these into something more substantial and musical.

    Hope you all are s…[Read more]

    • Thank you Marie! Felt really good listening to this, soothing in a way, like a tangible sign that the Divine Feminine reclaimed her voice/power again. 💙

      • Lovely, Simone. Thank you. … I think you’re right…there felt something of power of the feminine when this came through…grounding/wholing/embodying…united with Mother Gaia …BEing HERE AS HOME.

    • Marie… this is so powerful. Listened before I read your comments on it and throughout had a sense of some type of home, and not just for me, there was a group. This sounds/feels like it has your unique Soul imprint and is also related to a sacred group language.

      • Sweet, Leah! I love that you felt all that as you listened.
        Yes, the language feels ancient for sure… and it felt VERY communal/tribal and earthy as it came through…HOME indeed.
        Thanks, lady. <3

    • I know this song!! Though I havent been blessed with an angels voice like you<3 I recocknize your songs and "lyric" this in particular from the times through the years I have felt and urge to sing myself. This song reminds me of one of my own…using the same words and frazes. And at that time also brought up images of me in an ancient tribe-like…[Read more]

      • WHOA!!!! How cool Anna!!!! It’s crazy how we are beginning to remember these things and the ways that they express and come through…little bread crumbs on a trail back to our true Selves. Wouldn’t surprise me if you and I had a shared past lifetime…part of a priestess temple or tribe together?

        I had a session once with someone who, when she…[Read more]

    • Hi Marie, I really enjoyed that. As Anna says it rings familiar. I’ve had similar come thru me when I do Language of Light. Something about the cadence and tones that ring true to a more original language from our lineages. We are definitely hitting that layer now, honor for the native americans and tribal clans, as we come back to honoring…[Read more]

      • We ARE hitting that layer now, you are so right…. I have found that it feels SO grounding and comforting – To be able to connect with the ancient/tribal and the union with earth that brings about….it’s just SO nice to feel at home…if, at times, only in moments.

    • I love this thread. And I love your expression, Marie.
      It felt familiar, passionate and freeing.

    • Chills coursing through me the whole time, Sister! This one is my FAV! Sings to the shaman-shapeshifter in me. Yes, it truly DOES sound familiar. Thank you! I swear you just did something to my DNA! ♥

      • oooh! Well I hope it was a something good! 😉
        VERY cool! Thanks Kate…you shaman-shapeshifter. (love that)

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Too soon to tell, but MAYBE I’m starting to feel a little bit like this: image

  • Marie posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I feel like we’re in the space between the inhale and the exhale. Just holding our breath for an excruciatingly long moment. … full to bursting, primed and poised for the cathartic release – the freedom of our life force from an unfathomable length of (life)time holding it in.

    Tho, metaphors aside… I have caught myself unconsciously holding…[Read more]

    • Marie,
      There is only your breath, there is only your love. Remember to breathe, remember to love. You are one with your breath, you are one with your love. May you be blessed with love. I hope this brings some clarity.

    • Marie, I saw this after posting above on Leah’s. We are for sure in it together. Today is that space to breath, to be. That and sunlight, helps. With you, beside you, on we go.

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