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    My dreams are usually in 5D and centered around relationships. Last night, I had a nightmare. Here’s my dream. I had a full tub of water ready for my bath. Jubilee my deaf cat was on the side of the tub. As I was tinkering with the shower nozzle and focused on it. Jubilee slipped into the tub. I felt around for her when I realized what had happened, but it was too late. She was gone. I feel Jubilee is my spirit and inner light. She is misunderstood like me. If my mind is focused on other mental 3D matters and the waters (emotions) too deep, I lose touch of my inner self.

    • Hi Elizabeth. I am getting the same sense of this being about your fear of “losing yourself.” Water usually symbolizes emotion, but since this is a bath, this is also a cleansing. SO I would refine this to possibly mean fear of losing inner self through “emotional cleansing.” Does this make sense to you? We are being deeply purged of distortions in our emotional field and part of you is alarmed and feeling threatened. Maybe your inner child?

      • Thelma, thank you for your comment. It resonates what you said. emotional clearing seems never ending including facing fears in that.