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    I had a cool dream last night about me in these times. In the dream, I was lying in bed awake. Suddenly a deep eerie feeling came in my soul like right before a storm. Next thing I know, a tornado started roaring to life outside the house. I could hear it tearing roofs apart. I was quietly aware and unafraid. When it came over my body lying down. I was in a pure state of calm and the wind of the tornado didn’t touch me even though it was near. I was also completely anchored to the bed. Usually in tornado dreams I have, I feel the intensity of the wind and mass destruction, but in this case I knew it was there, but it didn’t touch or affect me.

    • Great dream! The “tornado” must be the energetic chaos now sweeping the planet. AND it’s possible that the worst of it will happen in your sleep!

      • Thanks Thelma! I get that too about the Energetic Chaos. It was cool of not being affected by the “tornado”.