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    This is a question for @thelma. My twin flame and I came together hard and fast, but because of our work relationship we split 11 years ago. He went on to marry. I always felt he was coming back. Through the years I dreamed about him. The same dream was reoccurring as I was waiting and new he was near. I felt his energy, but never saw his face. He was always passing by and I never saw his face. Two months ago we have started reconnecting energetically talking telepathically and renewing our soul to soul connection. He came to me energetically even though I sense he’s still married. I still dream about him. Now the dream is the same and reoccurring. I’m a consultant(CPA my real 3D profession) coming into his work. He doesn’t know I’m there. Now, I see his face when he walks in the room, but he hasn’t seen me, but I get the feeling he will be very happy to see my face. In some of the work dreams, we do interact but the scenario is the same. This is how we meet me auditor him client. Question is, is this just a subconscious working through it in my mind with symbolism. Or are we actually meeting in another plane/dimension. It feels so real. I never know.

    • Elizabeth, that’s a good question. I understand that we must merge our “twin flame energy” especially now, before we can fully integrate what’s coming in.

      So your dreams may be more about merging your energy with his, esp. in other dimensions, which is helping you to complete your internal merger (as within, without). Maybe you were never meant to meet in the physical because it wasn’t your life plan for either of you (as you mention, he’s married). I would say your meeting him on another plane IS real. Just not necessarily something that will happen in 3D. Also, he may not remember these encounters like you do.

      • In as Without. Yes. Thanks for your insight. I’m not always versed in dreams. I am puzzled though what’s real and what’s of the mind. Honestly I don’t know if we will get together. I used to think so, but my growth has been much faster. I know him on a deep level, but not him in the physical. It seems backwards than most people.