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    so last night, here was my dream. I went to a wood rustic cabin (in the dream it was the same cabins at my YMCA). I reunited with an old college friend I hadn’t seen for years. In the dream, the connection wasn’t very close. My dad was there too. Anyways, From another cabin as I looked across the way, I saw a storm on the radar blowing in. I then told, my friend and dad to tie down everything and prepare. They wouldn’t listen. I was concerned as the cabins were a little flimsy. The winds were howling and blowing outside. I was hanging on a post inside the cabin to not blow away. Next thing I know, in one piece the whole cabin comes off the foundation and starts getting blown away with us in it. Next thing I know, I am praying. A light comes over me. Up ahead I see an orange glow and sunlight breaking through the clouds. I woke up at this point. I felt in someways my dad represented family and my other friend represented Facebook friends. I have posts on FB on the good coming even though you can’t see it. Some of my posts are ignored or read part way. Anyways, the wind represents sudden and abrupt change. The foundation coming up in relation to the cabin, (not being centered in the worst part).

    • Hi Elizabeth – I like your interpretation. My two cents: I feel these flimsy structures represent the belief systems/thinking of those around you (family/FB friends/others), that will not hold up to the energies coming in. You tried to warn them but they didn’t listen. And you need to let your concern for others go … the orange glow and sunlight are very positive. All is well and will be well.