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  • Teri posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    I have to share an amazing morning event. In Chicago visiting My daughter, she gifted me with a massage this AM. I had a Total connection with therapist I had never met.
    I shared my current insight into ‘my status’…was totally honest / open about the ‘new path’ in front of us all…. and that my body was ready for some LOVE..VIA…[Read more]

    • Oh god, Teri, this is an AWESOME update!! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience ~ I especially LOVE the “driving without assistance”!! May I just say, that you MADE my day!!! Love you!! Thank you!!

      • @katinka….It was so unexpected…almost as soon as I settled on the table. But so REAL, as I felt my ‘spirit’ kind of up and off to the left, with the body on the table. Funniest thing…I’ve had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder…and the therapist was gently pulling it toward her..stretching it out, and I literally heard…. she was…[Read more]

        • “…she was smoothing out a dent on ‘ my fender ‘”
          omg, THAT is priceless. Suffice to say I have quite a few dents in my fender!
          Seriously, this is all so awesome.

    • YAAY!!! I’ll have that same type of New Body…thank you

    • Love this! Teri I will be in Arlington Heights,IL today Thursday thru Sunday. My nephew is getting married. I have some pockets of time if you are available and want to meet up!

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