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    I posted this dream just now in the Dream Interpretation Forum like I thought we were supposed to do but it has disappeared and also the page that lists the entries in the forum won’t go any further than the last 10 entries ( I was trying to find my post). Last entry in the forum was 3 months ago? So I will post it again here.

    I had just moved to a new house in a new city. The house was shared by my sis and her partner and maybe others. I was placing furniture, unpacking and in the course of this I had taken my cat out of the fish tank with water where it (it looked like a female I had for many years but not necessarily that cat) had been living under water. When I went to put it back in, it objected saying it wanted to stay outside the tank. I explained that I was only doing what I thought it wanted. At that point it turned into a large-ish bearded man. He was pleased to be out and on vacation with us in this new city. I told him that it was not a vacation but that we were going to be there permanently or at least until something changed. He was very glad to hear that. I’m thinking that he is probably my inner masculine that had been in the murky waters who is now coming out to enjoy life. He was a nice guy, new and innocent. I think my embittered female has probably kept him down and tried to do everything herself since she couldn’t trust men to do the right thing. She even thought keeping him down was the right thing. That’s the way I feel, anyway, and I’m getting in touch with a feeling that she is tired, I’m tired, of having to do everything myself. Any thoughts?

    • I just posted a test in the dream group forum and it seemed to work ok. Also there are only 10 posts “per page”, if you scroll to the bottom of the forum you will see the page numbers. I attached a pic.

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      • Thanks for replying, Lauren. I did click on the pages at the bottom and the page refreshes but just goes back to the first page every time. I guess the Forum does not like my computer.

        • oh…bummer. let me look into it further

          • looked into it and seems to be working for me…maybe try refreshing? Also weekends the internet is clogged more than weekdays so it could just be taking extra time to load.

    • Giving this a shot. New house = your new state of consciousness and because it’s in a “new city,” this is also a new collective consciousness. Unpacking and placing furniture can symbolize your adjustments to a different way of thinking in this environment. Cats usually represent our intuition and feminine energy. This was CONTAINED in a fish tank and living under water (repressed by emotional patterns).

      I like your interpretation of the emerging man representing your masculine energy. I am seeing mine as well in dreams (young, friendly, supportive male). So it seems your emotional patterns/beliefs were keeping your intuition from being empowered as well as repressing this inner masculine energy. We can now feel supported by this energy, and as we allow this internally, it will happen for us in the outer world as well. Anyone else?

      • I really like your interpretion, Thelma, especially that the cat/man represented both the feminine quality and the masculine, instead of either/or. Thank you so much. It’s been a day of reckoning as it turns out, so this fits right in.