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    I have been feeling for a while that I might end up integrating my sewing with my photographic art images. Today, inbetween catching up with some house work, I have been practicing ‘sketching’ with my sewing machine onto one of my images that I have printed onto fabric. Bumped into a class on Craftsy by a fellow Australian, Pam Holland, on Thread Painting. It is a bit challenging but I feel I will get much better and more confident with it as I go along – plus I was so keen to have a go that I am doing so before having finished all the class modules 😊 Am feeling this might be a path that will really open up some creativity for me. img_20160910_144017

    • Sounds perfect for you ☺️

    • I have finished it but think next time I need to choose something bigger than 1.75″ x 4″ – too many colour variations over too small a space. And maybe an image with more defined areas. Doesn’t exactly look a match for the original image but I am going to make myself a journal cover with it so when I improve I will be able to look back at my first one and see how far I have come. 😀 sketch-1473503273262

      • It’s beautiful Johanna.

        To me your finished “sketch” looks like a mythical bird with big wings sitting, looking with its head down at the “camera”.. 🙂

        Maybe it’s a Phoenix?? 😉

        • Thank you Yonatan! 💖
          That is an interesting description – I had the same thought about a pheonix rising and revealing it’s beautiful colours. Thank you for the validation. 😀

    • This is beautiful! You are infinitely creative!!!

      • Thank you Lilli! 💖 Nature is infinitely more creative – would you believe the image I have sewn over is a macro picture of the underside of a partially dry leaf from a rain tree? I am constantly amazed at the colours and patterns I discover up close.

    • Beautiful, Johanna. Like music flowing out of you. xx

    • Oohh. Definite leap in creative scope. How completely exciting!

      • I have a bit to learn yet however adds another dimension by which I can create something uniquely mine, particularly if I can use my photographic images – I recently dismantled my photographic art site (let it go completely). Will be interesting to explore, if nothing else. 💖

    • I love this A LOT. it is so honest and beautiful and gushing.