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    I have been unhooked from work for two weeks (school holidays) and had the idea that I would get so much creative stuff done (I hear you laughing your heads off)!!! After spending much of the first week sobbing and camped in front of the TV watching sappy movies, I did manage to get a couple of Rainbow ponies finished (commissioned for a Children’s book release) in the second week. They took me way longer to make than I anticipated but have now officially finished the last of my custom orders. Yay!!! img_20160928_082711img_20160928_083122

    • They are beautiful Johanna!

    • WOW! Johanna, you are so amazing! If that’s what you do when it’s the school holidays, how much more can you do when you have no distractions? Sky is the Limit, beautiful… I LOVE THESE XXX

    • These are so priceless Johanna, so precious. I love the female-male combo ribbons!

      • Thank you @carollee! This is why I LOVE Gingermelon designs – they are always so gorgeous and a pleasure to make. I was asked to make two – one more ‘female’ and one more ‘male’ – I am delighted the ribbon works for both! <3

    • They are completely adorable! I’m sure your client will be very well pleased. Can’t imagine trying to get something accomplished this past week, it’s been very hard to move.

      • Good Morning @angela777. I delivered them yesterday and they were very happy – was a bit nervous because they are being used as part of a children’s book launch about a pony (book buyers will have a chance to win them). I believe I was supported to get them done (had to be delivered by end of September) because a friend came to stay for a couple of days and she worked for 5 hours with me to cut all the tiny pieces while I did the tracing onto freezer paper and pressing onto the felt. I feel that was the one bit of assistance that made it possible for me to get all the hand sewing done in time. I hear you on the hard to move – I have really had to surrender to the ‘vibe’ of this break from work and adjust my perspective to see that I am very blessed to have been unhooked while so challenging in terms of energy etc (don’t think i coulod have handled teaching with the way I have been feeling!!!). Love and Hugs xxx

    • Awesome!😍🌈

    • Truly adorable! Such a light playful feel!

      • Thank you @kristinvt! I had a chuckle reading your comment (the light and playful part) because when the first one was finished, I sat back and had the same thought and then said out loud to it, “Oh God, I wish I had some of that right now!!!”. ❤

    • That legs akimbo stance they have give them such an empowered look (for being so super cute). They just feel like they’re saying “Bring it on – I’m rocking’ that Rainbow!”

      • Good Morning @redwood! So true – reminds me of how my dogs stand when I play with them and they are in that joyful but ‘Come on then show me what you got!’ mood. ❤

    • You are so creatively brilliant and such an inspiration…THANK YOU for sharing yourself and your gifts here…these ponies lit me up from the inside and that is hard to accomplish this month 😳 💖

      • Thank you @lauren! 😊 I am truly delighted they ‘lit you up’. I cannot claim all the credit for their creation though. I recently wrote to the designer of this pattern (Shelly from Gingermelon) to thank her because I was suddenly aware that I can ‘feel’ the joy she has for what she creates and that’s why I love her patterns – and this joy is somehow expanded when I add my joy in making them, and then further expanded by others in their response to them. I saw, maybe for the first time, how eneregy works when we each focus on following our joy, our passion, our truth, without apology – how it expands exponentially. Your response here validated that for me.
        Also, when I was posting these it made me think of the rainbow thing and it’s connection to things ‘spiritual’ – it brought to mind how the old idea of never being able to get to the pot of gold at the end is how many of us have been feeling and then it dawned on me that we are coming to realise that we are all of it – the rainbow, the beginning of it, the end of it and the pot of gold. In this regard there is nothing to seek. This stopped me in my tracks with a big ‘Aha’ moment – this is why things can appear to ‘elude’ me (like one is always chasing a carrot on the end of a string) because the ‘carrot’ was never ‘out there’ – it’s right here where I am and what looked like a carrot in front of me was just a projection (from within me) on a screen, to remind me of ‘what’ is within – I had a moment of feeling so completely joyous when that thought hit. Now I really get the words that came to me a long time ago when I was writing poetry – “I walk towards me as if I am out there somewhere, until I turn to face myself and realise I have been here all along.” This thing we call life is truly amazing.
        Much love to you ❤

        • profound and deeply wise as always Johanna. And whether ur pattern or not, your creative essence bleeds thru everything u create. A beautiful gift.🎁

    • wow that’s some expertise you got going there!