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    My last little make for the holidays. This is Penny and she lives in a purse. I laughed so hard last night because the name popped in and it wasn’t until later that I realised the hilarity of that name in relation to her home being a purse (was really tired) – I am so certain from this that not only is my true consciousness benevolent, it also has a great sense of humour!!! I must admit though, there was no regard for the state of my sewing room 😂 – when I had finished and I stepped back and saw it, I was stunned. It seriously looked like a group of three year olds had been making merry muck in it. Far too much disarray for a 3.5 inch doll!!! ❤ 1475360715465img_20161001_211419img_20161002_070340img_20161001_211628

    • Johanna! This is my personal favorite of the things that you shared… Though all the Creations you share are so full of charm, care, creativity… She lives in a purse and she has a purse!! Tiny glam doll…. Is this a commissioned holiday gift?

      • Thank you @leahh! ❤ I am delighted she is your fave!!! Had so much fun making her and her purse etc. I like that – ‘She lives in a purse and she has a purse!!’ 😀
        No, not a commissioned holiday piece – have done the last of those thank goodness. She is a one off little collectable I get inspired to make from time to time that I will sell in my Facebook shop.
        Thank you for your lovely feedback

    • I’m with Leah on this one, Penny might be my favorite so far and I didn’t think it could get cuter than the fox! What delight this little love creation would bring to someone’s life. And on top of all her preciousness she also comes with a quilted bed, sheet and pillow?? That’s a lot of cuteness in one tiny purse. ☺️

      • Thank you @lauren for your beautiful feedback! ❤ So wonderful you guys feel she is your favourite. Too much to explain here, but making her has been a special experience for me in terms of my relationship with myself and all we talk about here. “What delight this little love creation would bring to someone’s life” – if she brings even half of what I received in the making then it would be a blessing. Thank you again Lauren. BTW, I find it so interesting that there is nearly always a statement you make that is inadvertently a direct validation of something I have been pondering without really realising I had been. 💖

    • Stunning! She has a delightful energy and will be helping to raise the consciousness! What a gift you have!

    • Aww. Such Joy in this tiny package. All the tiny stitches and loving details. Your heart is right there to see.

    • I LOVE her Johanna!!! She is SO cute!!!!! 🙂 <3