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  • Dear TWYH, I was reminded of something simple today, that is easy to forget when the challenges lower our energy. To be honest, I was very down and just had to get out of the house. I walked down the high street, which is always busy in this spiritual town. As I went into the shop & spoke to someone – who was very down herself, I automatically…[Read more]

  • Wow, guys – the world has truly changed hasn’t it? The polarisation that will bring in unity, one way or another. Even if chaos is the road to it. Nothing will stop it. We know that. But for those that don’t, it must feel like a light has gone out – for the many who believe in a collaborative world. Much love Julie x

    • I couldn’t have said it better. The “wrongness” of this 3D reality is about to get more obvious by the day which may help people to wake up and question what they have been conditioned to believe and accept. A collaborative world cannot manifest with a 3D polarized mindset and focus on materialistic values. Love to you.

      • Hi Thelma, I feel that all is in divine plan. It needs something big for the wake-up and we have it now. Unity has to be felt in the heart & peoples hearts can open in many ways and sometimes they are cracked open. My heartfelt wish – is the world realises the true meaning of sovereignty and the inclusiveness of it- not the exclusiveness. I…[Read more]

  • Thank you Lauren & everyone who shared their experiences. It helped a lot. I was on a conference call lastnight that was a channelled message from a higher being. He talked about the new energy from the solar logos (Christ energy) and how that heat is coming into our cells and changing the structure and DNA and so no wonder we are feeling such…[Read more]

    • Thanks Julie that explains the need for copious amounts of water, feeling absolutely parched… my cells are on fire! I have five fire signs in my natal chart so it doesn’t take much to overheat me 🙂 I have always been a big water drinker, however the last few days have been ridiculous. 🙂 much gratitude Cindy

  • Julie Thompson mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    What the heck was that full moon all about!? Intense doesn’t begin to describe it. Every physical pain I ever had seem to flare up. @lauren, as a fellow cancer girl, did you feel it strongly? Honestly, I am still wondering what hit me. I was feeling a more refined energy coming in since the new year but last Thursday has sure stirred the pot!…[Read more]

    • YES. feeling it so profoundly that I haven’t been able to even speak on it yet. Been wanting to post an update but too wiped out.

      The first week of the month, when we moved into the 1 vibration, we expanded into the new heightened potentials…since the full moon we have been integrating those potentials in our emotional and physical bodies…[Read more]

      • Yes thank you for posting. I am weary beyond words.

      • Thank you Lauren. I knew you would be feeling it and interestingl …….’knee deep in detox’ is exactly what I was experiencing! Both knees – so painful – as well as my feet. I too had a dream about snakes!! Very comforting to know its all part of the process because I honestly could not take any more of the past. But I decided I wasn’t…[Read more]

        • Julie thank you for starting this thread. My legs have been hurting too. Emotionally Saturday was anger, Sunday so many tears. On Sunday I had started saying an affirmation ” I can handle the pain, and it will pass” to cope and it helped a little .Doing lots of deep breaths has helped in moments. Looking forward to this passing. Lots of love to…[Read more]

      • About three hours ago I felt the Christ energy turn on. Am feeling so much love….sending it on to my TWYH family. The words “I AM with you always” comes to mind. 🕸🌅🌠

      • Lauren its Monday 16 Jan in oz and I’m still feeling awful. I experienced on the weekend the worst pain in my body I’ve ever had, and the pain was linked to my heart chakra. Like I was being smothered by pain. Pain and pressure in my tail bone. Its like there was no where to run or hide, even drugs barely took the edge off. Like Anna I feel…[Read more]

        • ugh sorry to hear its been so unrelenting for you Meadow…we are going thru some serious core wound releasing and its painful.

          Since the cancer moon we have been purging deep emotions trapped in our cells and we all know by now what those purges feel like… 😳 at one point today after a huge emotional release I swore my body was dying. I…[Read more]

      • Wow Lauren thanks for posting. It’s been wild times down in Oz too. On the full moon we buried a much loved husband of a cousin in the small country town where I was born. My mum decided the day before that she would like to make the 8 hour return trip. We booked two night at a motel in the town. Our family has always been the black sheep in that…[Read more]

      • Thank you Lauren 🙏

    • Thank you for posting.. both you and Lauren. I feel traumatized!! Its Been Extreme.. Absolute Every part of me, mentaly, emotionaly and physicaly has Been crazy.. core wound (Heart break)full on AGAIN!!! I am tired sad and empty.. thankfully I am pretty cool at surrendering to whatever..mostly because im Worn out:/! Lots if love<3

      • Bless you Anna. It helps us so much to share – so we know we are not alone and there is actually a purpose to all of this. We will do it! Because we all feel the same – the past is done! Gone! No more learning from suffering. Much love to you x

    • 💙💚💜💛

    • I hear ya Julie. ‘Surrender’ has taken on a WHOLE NEW meaning

    • thank you for this thread. It is spot on as far as emotional, physical and especially mental unrelent goes. My mind is in a phase where it is desperate to cling to and exacerbate any misery or conflict I recognize. It just will. not. let. go.

      The only plus of late is I noticed a light, clear space start up. No sense of ‘healing’ or ‘solution’…[Read more]

    • Thanks for your post Julie! Many of us have felt pushed beyond our human capacity this past week. We really need to find a new word for “intense” because it just isn’t cutting it anymore…..

      Friday, I came in from an unbelievably demanding but rewarding day working as a doctor and a healer. As I thought, “this is too much”…”I just can’t keep…[Read more]

      • Thank you for this Loral. It’s beginning to feel true. I had quite a few nights like you describe since the full moon…..not a wink of sleep but feeling so alive fully experiencing each moment in the Now… awesome and then to have moments during the day when I don’t know whether the next breath is going to arrive and waiting for my heart…[Read more]

  • Happy Christmas everyone, OMG today has been monumental for me. I spent it with my friend and it was beautiful. I knew I could not contact family this year because I had to stand up for love. It is the first time in my life I have not been in contact with them on this day. Of course I wish them well but I knew I had to bring a cycle to a close. I…[Read more]

    • Julie, I know that your “peaceful” feelings are telling you this was the right way to spend Christmas day for YOU. Honoring ourselves is so important but sometimes hard to do. Kudos!

      My Christmas was not so jolly as I spent it at my sister’s home, and she is in a strong vibration of UNlove. Witnessing her misery, frustration and belief in her own…[Read more]

    • The truth is the truth, no more pretending because the pretending ends quickly now, anyway the pretending is like the ripples on the surface of a deep ocean of vibrant love and it is dissipating as there is no satisfaction in it anymore so not worth holding onto for even a nano second.

      love to you Julie it is wonderful what is happening, only…[Read more]

    • This is huge Julie…way to love yourSelf before all else. 💝

      • I had to do it Lauren, for everything I stand for and believe in. They have played their part at a soul level, to enable this. When I didn’t find the compassion on the outside – that is what made me go within and from there, is where the strength; the anchor came. It was still a huge deal for me yesterday to go along with what my heart directed…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone, I have just been so affected by a newspaper headline; Aleppo, says goodbye to the world,as civilians are lined up and executed. I know these acts of inhumanity are all around us and to a degree, always have been. I know that we have to keep in our vibration & not become so attached that we cannot assist. I know that we are not here…[Read more]

    • Hi Julie, I also reflected on the atrocities happening in Aleppo last night. All of the fear that is REAL for so many. So many hearts that must be touched by these acts. A verse in the Bible came to me and my heart. Romans 8:28 And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, whoi have been called according to his…[Read more]

      • Thank you Lightmeister, I agree. I do trust all is as it is meant to be but how do I not feel for my brothers & sisters in their desperation & hour of need? I feel I have been prepared well for this time because I have sure been through my own hell this year & had first hand experience of those who could have helped, but walked away. Whilst I…[Read more]

    • Hi, I think it depends on where you get your news from as there is so much dis information around. Other news sources say that there were celebrations in Aleppo as everyone was relieved and pleased. Although there is still much to sort out. The people of Syria are amazing in the way that they are coping with the war that has gone on for so long…[Read more]

      • Hi Sonara, for me – those images of a once great city in ashes, speak a thousand words. But it was the plea of the innocent civilians to the world, including the Doctors trying to save lives, that really touched my heart.

        • I agree this has happened deliberately in so many countries that were quite advanced in their approach to their people and their lives. And sadly there is and has been so much incredible, unbelievable, inhumane atrocities that are now being exposed. However it seems it had to get this bad before the majority of people started to wake up and…[Read more]

          • Thank you Sonara, you articulate it beautifully; we are to keep our hearts open to what is going on. To see the extent of what has been created as a collective. Although we have chosen another way and have done so much work on ourselves to lift our vibration and be truly in our hearts, it seems so fitting to me – that we fully see the extent of…[Read more]

  • Julie Thompson mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi @lauren, Never mind the report – you got me on the title alone! 🙂 I am sold!! 🙂 🙂 Seriously, many thanks. Looking forward to reading. x

    • My thoughts exactly Julie, the title alone makes me happy. Now off to reading…☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Julie Thompson mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi @lauren is there something going on with the chest area at the minute? I feel so unwell but I instinctively feel its a shift. Its throat as well, in terms of a cough but the area between the heart & throat is where I feel it right now. Soooo unbelievably tired too. Very deep sleeps. Thank you so much for any insight. Much love Julie x

    • Hi Julie, me too its like a flutter in the chest area as described by someone else I know who is experiencing a shift there. I had a very noticeable one on Saturday. I felt heaven was coming through, touching me, causing me to heave. Throat and head also and yes the body shuts down with tiredness(short periods of deep sleep) and having some…[Read more]

      • Hi PJ, so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for that – really appreciate it. Yes, my head was really hurting yesterday. I cannot ever remember looking forward to a complete cocoon this Christmas. I just want to nourish my soul, rest my body and totally relax. This has been a year like no other!!!! I think we all deserve the deepest peace…[Read more]

    • Julie, me too. I felt a strong, buoyant expansion of my heart earlier this morning, and now I feel a deep sorrow, like a lead blanket over my heart space. I’m guessing it is something moving out? Also feeling the throat tickle somewhere between my throat and heart.

      • Hi Lauri, yes, must be something happening. I know what you mean by the tickle. I honestly get the sense that we are to completely nurture ourselves. God knows we deserve it! I think before all the newness of 2017, there is a period of just ‘being’. Wrapping ourselves in a fluffy cloud and honoring all we been through this year in particular.…[Read more]

    • Feeling the tickly throat and cough today and sleepy. I do not feel “sick” so I’m wondering too. ☺️

    • Julie, sorry so long to reply and hopefully you found reprieve already but just to validate your experiences…YES to chest/heart stuff (palpitations/skipped beats/pains/tightness in back of heart and around lungs, difficult to get deep breaths, soreness, etc.) and also ears/nose/throat…NECK aches and headaches.

      its been relentless and the…[Read more]

      • Thanks Lauren. The headache is tough one today but it will pass. As a fellow water sign Lauren, you will understand from experience the deep dive into emotions we have gone through in our lives but something is changing with me and I am thinking this is the integration. My thoughts are less emotional. At first that made me stop and…[Read more]

        • “Its like I am also thinking with my head but not in a battle with my feelings”

          So well said. You’ve described what I could call the head-heart merge…thinking with the heart is a actually a combination of both head and heart brains and it feels nearly exactly as you describe. It is not an unfeeling space, but not an emotionally vacillating…[Read more]

          • Thanks Lauren (I have scorpio as an ascendent too – boy I really chose to take an emotional dive in this life! :-)) But I have noticed something else; when the solar is calm and strong – you feel strong. We talk of head and heart in balance but I also think there is something about heart and solar. Is that like a bridge of sorts? merging…[Read more]

            • oh wow, scorpio ascendent…lots of water! I have sag rising so I think that balances things out for me a little between thinking and feeling.

              As far as heart and plexus i would def agree that empowerment/inner authority (solar) + LOVE (heart) bridges us to the higher Self/mind. The way it has been explained to me years ago is that the heart…[Read more]

              • Hi Lauren, its really helpful for me too – thank you. Yes, intimate relationships are a real test for sure! I have certainly gone through that with family this year but having had my say to them, has not only honored my truth and the values I stand for but at the same time, set me free from the emotional baggage. I guess that saying; the truth…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone, sometimes it is the simplest things that remind us how much we have to be grateful for. I just watched a fantastic programme – on The Rolling Stones tour of Latin America earlier in the year and it was so uplifting & humbling when they played in Cuba for the first time. For so long, rock music was not allowed and to see the faces of…[Read more]

  • Wow the energy is a force today! I feel sick but its a good thing, as I know alot is happening when I feel this nausea. I am feeling really optimistic inside myself and I know that is probably weird, in light of world events but its how I feel. The past 8 months were my hell-on-earth time, where every ounce of my survival was threatened & tested.…[Read more]

    • Much love to you Julie! Thanks for sharing.

    • Wow Julie thanks for sharing. It pretty much sums up how I am travelling too. I went into overwhelm in the middle of the the week at finding myself in the same situation as I was last year however when I step back and look at it through new eyes I see that there is willingness to change. I just need to imagine and create a way forward. I am…[Read more]

      • Hi Cindy, Especially after this year, I feel everything that comes up- has some sort of opportunity with it but you are right; its seeing it with new eyes. 5 weeks ago, I was hit by a truck and was half under it. It could have been so much worse than it was. Im still not exactly sure why it happened but I do know I have given myself alot of love…[Read more]

        • Wow your story reminds me of Annette Noontil an Australian lady who has since passed however she had a near death experience? read that somewhere and almost threw in the towel, and as a result wrote the book The Body is the Barometer of the Soul. This has been like a bible to me and I have given several copies away.. She would say it was an…[Read more]

  • Something big is happening this Halloween. I felt the energy come in yesterday, my stomach was doing wild and wonderful things!:-) Then lastnight, I went into the deepest sleep ever! After several nights of being awake between 1:30am-4am ish. This is the time of the year, as we know, that the veil is thinnest. There is a balancing going on; a…[Read more]

  • A quick hello dear TWYH. I have read some of the report but i had an accident this morning. A van ran into the back of me as i was stood in a carpark & i was knocked to the ground with a force. i hope to be ok but very shocked and bruised right now. I share this because i did observe something; the past me would have been more concerned with…[Read more]

    • Julie,I’m glad you are okay. Very aware too. Love sending your way.

    • Julie, sending soothing love to match your own for yourself. Beautiful awareness. Yes you matter. It’s nice to make sure the “other” is ok. And then very nice to acknowledge you need some space and care now. Still working with this one myself. It’s so ingrained to respond. And I think part of it is we are aware on some level of just how…[Read more]

    • Oh Julie, this sounds intense. I love your awareness but hope you heal quickly from what sounds like a very jolting experience.

  • Dear TWYH family, I wanted to share before I retreat for a while; to get stuff off the ground I have put off forever! Like for so many of us, this has been a relentless year, that for me, put the last 16 years of challenges, into the shade. One of the toughest things I had to experience, was lack of compassion, from those who I gave so much to.…[Read more]

    • Thank you for sharing with all of us this very sacred and amazing shift in your life. My experience this year has been as yours, so I could really feel your energy in this. You are so right… a difficult truth yet so very simple….that we are here to learn once and for all. I appreciate hearing how you processed all of this and send you so…[Read more]

    • It’s good to hear of your realisations and change Julie, I hope your retreat goes well.

    • Julie, this seems to be the walk of realization this period is about. Remembering that we are of value, and granting that to ourselves. Amazing how it does shift everything. Thank you sharing so eloquently. Good luck with everything! Share when you can. Love, Angela

    • Julie, my path is very similar as I have also faced “lack of compassion” from people I had put first … the lesson being that we MUST put ourselves first and then give from that energetic space of self-love. Very hard to face but necessary as our illusions crack and we see our own Truth. A very Happy Equinox to you too!

      p.s. – now I’m curious…[Read more]

      • It is a strange time Thelma. Everything I identified myself by is going. I just want to be happy and at peace now. I’m tired. I will be back intouch. Keep well. Love Julie x

        • Sending you LOTS of LOVE, Julie. You have been a wonderful presence here and will be missed. Hope you’re back soon.

    • We have a lot in common. The taffy-pull of my life has been self vs other as well. It took me all these years to realize that my life purpose is not to be a function of comfort for others. As soon as I took back my power in practice, not just in theory, miracles started to happen. The same will be true for you. Blessings on your journey!

      • Bless you Kariana, your story so inspires and I am incredibly happy for you. For all our brothers & sisters who have been brave enough to walk this path and see it through to the other side. One by one, we will get there. Love Julie x

    • Julie you will be missed but what an incredible journey. I am so pleased for you and wish you well in your retreat. Another Butterfly Cocoon coming up!

    • Glad you posted this before you went on retreat Julie. It speaks so well to how this year has impacted many of us. Your journey truly is inspiring and I wish you joy in unfurling your still wet and soft wings. May a soft breeze always uplift you and keep you soaring.

      • Thank you, dear Linda. You all inspire me because I understand completely, the courage it has taken to get to here. Hearts have been broken;trust betrayed and people we gave all to, ran at the sight of our troubles. Family judged and the words of love didn’t turn into practice, to keep the roof over our head. That sums up my last 18 months…[Read more]

        • Julie, one more thing before you retreat – I need to let you know how much I value your depth. You bring great insight and awareness to your posts and you shine buckets of light onto us all. I love you and look forward to your return. By then we should be in very different territory and walking like the true masters that we are.

    • Lots of Love Julie 💛

  • Can you feel it? The lights have gone from red, to amber. An anticipation is starting to build; a feeling that is tangible. That somehow, someway, we might not know exactly how but that green light is getting ready to beam! It has been a long time coming 🙂 x

    • PJ, sorry, I replied but did something wrong – not sure what! But I agree, there is some caution but maybe that is the last bit we are asked to let go of? To ride free in the new wave. An excitement is starting to build in me which at last, is over-shadowing the past. Love Julie x

      • I was feeling just like you described earlier and I think I just didn’t want to jinx it.
        Yes there is a bit left, I know as I can feel it in me, however it is softer today but it still took me over there earlier.
        Thanks for posting Julie it helps. Love PJ

        • I so understand PJ. Thank you for sharing too. We all help each other, that is what is so wonderful; the ups and the downs. Love Julie x

    • Hi Julie,
      I said “I feel it a bit:) says he cautiously”.

      Then I said what’s the point in saying anything and deleted what I said.
      You did nothing wrong Julie it was me 😈. I got caught.

  • I had a reading today, and the message from above was – the green light goes on from October. That this is the month – where the lights feel at red for so many. I guess that makes sense – as October is a 1 month in numerology and so new beginnings. But after all this, I optimistically expect nothing but remain open & in gratitude for everything!…[Read more]

    • Sounds good to me, Julie! Love your attitude “optimistically expect nothing but remain open and in gratitude” … Thanks for sharing.

    • Love it Julie. Feel the pending, but don’t get all wrapped up in it, just let it be what it will be. We are learning.

    • Hi Julie. I unexpectedly got ‘ejected’ from my toxic living situation on September 2nd (the day after the Solar Eclipse) in such a shocking and traumatic fashion it made my head spin. I never thought I’d be able to leave this soon because I don’t have first/last/security deposit saved. The universe orchestrated the perfect exit plan and I’m…[Read more]

      • Hi Kariana, wow!!! That is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so happy for you and it so resonates with me as I have had quite a few similar experiences this year. Much love to you. Julie

      • Wow Kariana! I am so pleased for you. October sounds like a very positive new start. And I love it that Cinderella goes to the Ball – despite all the odds! Magical!

      • Kariana that is so wonderful to hear! It does my heart good to hear better things, good things happening. Maybe Kate is right, we don’t need to do anything more, simply ride this and expect good. Wishing you smooth sailing with all of it.

      • Karianna ~ THANK YOU for sharing all this magic with us!! I feel like magic for one of us, is magic for all of us!! Enjoy reaping your harvest, Sister!!!!

    • I know just what you mean Julie! But fingers crossed – wouldn’t it be lovely!

  • Hi All, there appears to be some triggers going on today. like little blasts bringing anything to the surface. One thing always relied upon to trigger me, is my computer! Got a virus, that wasn’t one actually, it was a scam but it cost me money to find that out. I could have done without that. But it served as a catalyst for me to declare “right,…[Read more]

    • I think scams and deception are at an all time high. I’m glad you’re using the energies to move into Higher vibrations. We are all so done with the lower stuff. Hugs to you!

      • Thanks Thelma, you have helped me get clear about what it is I am really releasing tonight. I have been shocked to my core by so many things this year (mainly people) and whilst I see beyond the actions and do my best not to judge, some of it has left me speechless. It’s like the sojourn we took into the lower stuff is enough now. We cannot do…[Read more]

        • Julie …yes, we’ve reached the SATURATION point. This is necessary, to get us to release ALL attachments to the lower fields. We need to move into our Higher resonance, and I believe a whole bunch of us are about to step up. And you’re right. We will have a MUCH bigger impact as we radiate even Higher vibes. It’s what we came for. Being “ready”…[Read more]

          • Bless you, thank you Thelma. That is why our soul family, groups are feeling more like our family than anything. We cannot be in that separation anymore. I can’t do it Thelma. I cannot live in it anymore. I’ve done all I can and it brought much compassion & deep understanding but it has to change now. We have to move on. Thank you so much my…[Read more]

            • Much love to you too, Julie! I can’t do it anymore either … If I have to see one more person throw their rubbish out the car window, or act out of ego … I’m so outta here! (I say in Divine neutrality) 🙂

            • p.s. – this is the one place I can come with an open heart without someone trying to rip it apart. Feels like home!

              • I understand Thelma. I really do. I think these times though have shown us the strength of our heart. You know the analogy of the diamond, that has to go through alot of friction before it shines its brilliance. I am feeling the divine feminine – the fire, that says, no more…. i won’t be taken advantage of again. I command my life back and I…[Read more]

                • Julie, your diamond analogy is perfect. We needed to feel the friction in order to stand up for ourselves and say NO MORE. I see people who have so totally disempowered themselves, it’s sad. But their choice! And then again, it has motivated me to choose another path and so I have. As have you! Love to you. xo

          • Reaching saturation point – sounds about right!

      • Yes Thelma I have experiences some of this scam stuff as well, some of it was actually funny and not so funny at the same time.
        I’m after getting a spam text just there now lol

        • It’s all OVER the place, pj! Disgusting, really … but that’s the slime we’ve been immersed in that is rising to the surface now to be seen in all its glory lol.

  • Something big is happening in the run-up to Friday’s eclipse. For the last 3 nights, I had dreams about my life, to here. It has all been poignant, showing me how imbalanced things were. How much I gave, how little I received. I awoke today with the depletion weighing so heavily within me (the imbalance). I really ‘felt’ the emotion of it. People…[Read more]

  • Hi All, not sure what’s going on but energy running through me, 3rd eye is doing alot, back hurts and has heat, neck hurts and soles of my feet are burning! I know it is a big day of completions but not sure what is going on inside as part of the process. Anyone else feeling the intense today? Love Julie x

  • Hi Dear TWYH, is anyone else feeling like they are about to give birth? I never have, physically, but this feels like the closest! So much going on in my stomach, which even for a cancer sun-sign like me; being prone to stomach ups and downs – is making me wonder what on earth is happening. x

    • For the past few days my lower intestines have hurt. Not the usual cramping from gas, just hurt. I wonder if that is the same as your birth pangs. Have no idea why or what it means, other than it appears to be connected to ascension stuff.
      Hang in there.

    • There’s definitely a sense of ‘birthing the true divine self of humanity into the conscious realm’ in the air. The potential for this in this important year has been pregnant for almost nine month now, I would say due date is September, the 9th month in a year 9.

      • Wow, that makes sense Simone. Thank you for sharing with me. Its the weirdest feeling but i should be used to them by now 🙂 Love x

    • Hi Julie, thanks for sharing. I have been experiencing birth pangs for the last few weeks and even had some extreme breast pain. Mine seem to be ebbing and now my glands are all clearing. It’s pretty intense. You’re not alone!

    • I have had a lot of lower back, sacral discomfort Julie…cramps for no reason, and a dull nagging ache in my lower back that just won’t quit. EPIDURAL PLEASE! 💉

      • HI Lauren, I have never known a time like this. I am trying not to get worried but my root chakra is really bothering me and yes, sacral and stomach feels like its got a life of its own! I hope this is just to the eclipse! Love Julie x

        • I am sorry to hear you are experiencing so much discomfort Julie…and I get it. Even as I type this I am sitting on ice as I could barely get myself out of bed this morning because my lower back is so “vulnerable” at the moment.

          Vulnerability is an obvious biggy for cancers and their need for “safety”. This makes us especially susceptible to…[Read more]

          • You always help me Lauren, thank you so much. I knew you were a soul sister the moment I first read your words – many years ago. Yes I can relate to most of the health issues! I feel quite blocked at the minute – internally and that is why my stomach feels like it has a life of its own! 🙂

            I am still reading your report but I can relate to…[Read more]

  • I caught the end of a movie lastnight, on Joan of Arc. Second part is on tonight. She was just about to lead her troops into battle and her next in command, asked her if she was going to say a few words, to the men who were willing to risk their lives for her…….. she said: “Be of good heart, we are all of heaven, even the one’s who do not…[Read more]

    • What a profound line that is, and I agree we do all of this for Love. You said it so beautifully, Julie.

      • Thank you Becky. There is something happening for me this week: The ‘strength’ of love – maybe part of us standing in our power… of love. It is feeling very strong for me right now. Life is feeling different, full of possibilities. Maybe the family thing this week brought back the power, I gave away, in my search for love x

        • That is so powerful and something I’ve been learning about myself, for so long and it’s taken so many years to really get it.

          • Its like we have to let go of what we are searching for and often that involves people/emotions/wounds. We keep drilling and drilling, thinking its in there somewhere! When we let go, it then appears from within! Its magical. I am still playing your song writing this! 🙂 x

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