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  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Feels like a Jeff Buckley Hallelujah day

  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    “The Mercury Pluto new cycle in one week’s time brings the resurrection of the Christed Mind to humanity.” @stephanieazaria

    I could be wrong but I believe this is what Christ has been referring to via his recent visits regarding the exoneration of the karmic template.


  • @lauren Dear Lauren~crowning~!soon for delivery~have been feeling all week~ all in the perfect birth moment🙏😘

  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Report Update: Just a heads up that the new report is officially STUCK inside me but I am getting the feeling it’s due to the inauguration tomorrow…that the divine timing of its birth is post-collective-unrest 😰 cuz try as I may, I just can’t connect with the content.

    Maybe it will offer a soothing balm for some sore hearts or serve to…[Read more]

    • Lauren, I’ve been in a creative slump for a month now..though, like you, I KNOW what to do/say and it won’t come out. No sense in trying. I, too, feel that there will movement out of this slump this weekend. Rest up, Sister! Much LOVE!

    • No premature births for you Lauren! Good for you.

    • You ARE the content Lauren! I really have the feeling that whatever you share with us here opens the field for us to experience the frequency of the new report which already exists, ready to flow into the (visible) world in NOW time. 😃💗
      So on a certain level I feel as if I have already received it and it’s a symphony of Love and Truth – as always.…[Read more]

      • Simone, so well said. Love the last line even though I’m not always feeling it. Comes and goes.

        • Yes Linda, “comes and goes”, but it comes more often and stays longer. Like Lauren’s visits from Jesus. lol I experienced a shift since the 11th this month and the refined energies are helping me to stay in a really good mood even though I have some painful body issues (lower back, knees, teeth, nervous system).

      • what an awesome insight Simone! 💖

    • What Simone said! I’ve been feeling the report all week…..especially today. It is already doing its magic. The words will come into material form when the time is right. Ahhhhhh….isn’t that alone a lesson in CAL? 💕

      • Yes Simone and Lauri! This definitely describes the way I am feeling in my whole being. “The new year seems to have the magic to suspend linearity.”

      • “isn’t that alone a lesson in CAL?”… that would be a definite YES! 😍

    • Thanks for the update, and I feel ya! 😑💗

    • Lauren , just about 20 minutes ago I felt your/the “stuckness” and was working through it with you/us….we will see what happens….😐. Yes…I see Trump’s energy in the fore….the birthing of chaos(3d), a collective breath holding…

    • 🙂 <3 <3 PERFECT, Lauren! Divine timing for sure. Thank you.

    • Must be a bottleneck of energy around Trump’s inauguration today – undoubtedly releasing massive fear in the collective (as well as megalomaniac energies). I’m sure your words will come back on the other side. Thanks for the update!

      • couldn’t have said it better myself…there is some definite congestion in the ethers that is temporarily blocking me, but hopefully today it will break thru.

      • I can feel it today, too. But from what I perceive there’s some kind of finality in the air – in a good way. What so far could have been denied as just a bad dream is no longer deniable. No escape. It’s a good albeit sobering wake up call that no one ‘out there’ will come and safe us and that it’s time to reclaim the power from external authority…[Read more]

        • LOVE this. so. much. And I agree wholeheartedly! I am actually at peace that humanity is finally forced to empower themselves. There is a part of me that feels like my “work” is done…the physical proof is here now and I can let go in a way. 😎

          • Yes I know exactly what you mean! That which is now fully visible on the surface has been governing humanity all along, it was just unconscious. And now that it’s no longer hidden but fully exposed for everyone to see/accept everyone can move on to the next phase.

        • Yes to what Simone said about “finality” in the air, and things becoming more visible for all to see. People need to see what they’re dealing with and stop disempowering themselves by deferring to outside authorities of all kinds. Maybe Trump will help them to break the conditioning.

  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi all…wanted to share that I awoke to another surprise visit from the one and only Jesus today!

    The message was short, but very Yoda-esque….“I have come to sanction your release from fear, the exoneration draws near.”

    I asked what he meant by that by which he replied…“exoneration from the karmic template”

    I am pretty positive that…[Read more]

    • Uhh I like :-)!! Seen grafitti and paper Lying on street today that says Jesus.. NEVeR seen it before but thats How I usually get Message so THank you for confirmation and more<3 love love your gift Lauren!!

    • Amen Lauren! What a journey it has been! I will welcome being able to function with a clear mind and a light body 🙂 especially when I am sitting in class and expected to come up with answers and they are no where in sight!!! :/ For an overachieving student who usually has everything finished first, I am lagging behind the mob this time as I…[Read more]

    • AWESOME 😃💙💛💗💚🌟🙌🏻
      Thank you for the glorious update Lauren!💚

    • Wow! Great message!! Thanks, Lauren!!

      I have been sensing that something extraordinary is about to unfold for all of us!!! YAH!!

      In addition, I have a work-related “fork in the road” that is approaching for me….and makes me anxious. I think I am afraid that I can’t create what I want next – so I resort back to the old “3D” options of…[Read more]

    • Brilliant and it is pointing to what l am feeling lately, I only said to someone today about the fears being pushed up but do you know they seem softer and I am more the space around them, people and situations are arising to bring them to the surface, It’s not apathy its just that I am bigger or something, my body is aching away again today, but…[Read more]

    • Thank you for this lovely message, Sister Lauren! This I especially love: “…my body consciousness would begin reading from different software.” I have been razor-focused on deliberate, conscious self-love recently (like in EVERY moment) and had a vision of how this focus is physically restructuring me. There is SO MUCH to create, yet I know the…[Read more]

    • “for a “moment” longer I need to stay completely suspended in faith, anchored in trust,”

      I am right there. And it is not a choice – it is way beyond that: it is a place where i am dwelling.

      Core wound was reviewed in an OCD fashion 2 days ago. But I know it was not so much about having a disorder – it was more about objectively reviewing “ev…[Read more]

    • Tears of gratitude are flowing down my cheeks right now as I bow in thanks! The “just for a moment longer stay suspended in trust and faith” resonates as truth for me SOOOOO deeply. I’m trusting it will only be a short moment because I’m not sure how much longer I can live only on faith. 😉 Love you Lauren! Thank you! PS Tell Jesus Hi for…[Read more]

    • Thanks for delivering this amazing message. I look forward to “the body consciousness would begin reading from different software” with a relief. I feel I can do with an upgrade….♥

    • Thank you!🙏👼🏼✨✨✨

    • Glory hallelujah!! Thank you for sharing. The top of my head was tingling like crazy as I read it!!! For me, that’s an unmistakable sign that what I’m reading/hearing/seeing/sensing has the ring of truth! 🙂

    • Thank you for this Lauren. I felt something today because I was in the Abbey Grounds in Glastonbury and I went to the holy thorn tree & asked for Jeshua’s help. I have this fire in me. This passion (I have no idea why passion of the christ just came into my head!!) but I am sure I am feeling him as I write this. But the passion is to my work I…[Read more]

    • One more interesting thing to add: I had a reading with a medium in December and my guides started talking about events to expect in the new year. They said, “All of a sudden you’re steering your own ship.” They must have been referring to the “exoneration of the karmic template” you mentioned!

    • I really really really needed to hear This today! IMG_0628

    • This is SO BA, Lauren! Thank you – very very welcome information today. – And it feels SO right. Amen!

    • To sanction in middle English (closer to the root meaning) is:
      Late Middle English (as a noun denoting an ecclesiastical decree): from French, from Latin sanctio(n-), from sancire ratify. The verb dates from the late 18th century.
      It basically means to ratify or give permission for an ACTION. (Activation of the new Adam Kadmon…[Read more]

      • That makes so much sense Bonnie – aligning with Divine Love so that the communication from heart to DNA can occur. Everything you shared here helps understand Lauren’s message all the more.

    • Thank you Lauren for the update excited for the next phase

    • I just remember a vision I had this morning. I saw an eagle landing on green grass. The eagle radiated golden light from within but I also sensed a very motherly blue energy in its feathers. The feeling I had regarding the lush green grass was a feeling of home and safety – the earth as a sacred sanctuary for the eagle to land. Then I saw blood/a…[Read more]

      • Love those images Simone. Lots of Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine aspects to them.

      • Ok wow Simone, in a healing session my friend did for me this weekend, she saw me soaring on the back of an eagle shaking things off and letting them go. When everything was let go, the eagle brought me back to the ground and gave me a wooden cross!

    • “Big stuff afoot”…We’ve all been feeling it….thank you Lauren, thank you Jesus! I needed this message. Just to have a sense that it won’t be long now is immensely helpful. The potentials I see in the NOW feel familiar….been there before …..patience….. patience…. The final death throes…..We will be busy…… pulling up our s…[Read more]

    • Thank you Lauren. I can do that! I can definitely do “a moment”. I sense the magnitude and awesomeness of what these frequencies are bringing even though this body is asking…..What the ?

    • Short, POWERFUL, and to-the-point. I like Jesus-as-Yoda.
      May the Force be with us.

    • Nice! this ties in with what I’ve been hearing repeatedly which is that our DNA will start feeding our body with frequency nutrients. INOwords, the DNA is activating the opening of nutritional frequencies of all the minerals, amino acids, vitamins to feed the cells. The body feeds itself from within, so there can be no mistakes, imbalances or…[Read more]

      • Oh Deborah, how I LOVE reading these words! I’ve had this KNOWING about the body being self-sustainable since 2010. Other than Lauren’s reports and cell speak, there’s STILL very little info (that I’ve found anyway) about this. Reading words like this is so validating and makes me feel less alone. Thank you, Sister!!

    • This is great news Lauren ! I also feel suspended in the air as if something major And Huge was coming …

    • Wonderful update, Lauren! It certainly feels like something big is happening within us. I feel like I’m in a phase of expansion and NEWNESS. It’s so much easier when our fears are gone.

    • I don’t know why but a bit of tears came down when I read about the core wounds dissolving and this precipitating the dissolution of the karmic template.

      Interesting what you write here!! I definitely feel like big things are afoot.

      Here in Israel there is going on a police investigation of our prime minister (which in Israel is like the US…[Read more]

  • Lauri Lumby mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 6 months ago

    Warning: radical transparency. 🙂 Reviewing CAL for the fifth time and came upon a note I wrote from the course from @Lauren “implicitly trusting the heart to draw forth what’s needed to manifest our soul’s desires in the world of form.”

    As I read these words for the umpteenth time, it hit me: I DON’T TRUST MY HEART! As I landed on this…[Read more]

    • Quite a revelation, Lauri. I say if you’re coming from a place of sovereignty, not of “emotional need,” you can hear your heart and trust it. Also, our experiences teach us a lot about ourselves and learning to respect our values and boundaries. When you realize that everyone is doing the best they can, coming from their own values and beliefs,…[Read more]

    • I hear you Laurie. I had to deal with that one too! Thank you for being open and I celebrate your revelation! The heart is key, so glad you are on the road to trust!!

  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago


    I have been waiting for this day for over two decades.

    • Lauren,
      When I saw this on the news last night, I was so excited too! I think it’s a big indicator of how varied and wide are the shifts that are happening in our world. Reaching to all levels and cultural conditioning.

      • Agreed. And it is also sobering to see how things only change when its time. Circuses feel as outdated and abusive to me as lobotomies and yet, they continue to serve their purpose until they don’t. It is such an act of surrendering to divine will…over…and over…and over again.

        • Thanks for this perception. Even as a child I never wanted to go and it felt “yucky” to me. Like you said, it served it’s purpose. Just glad it is over.
          Everywhere I turn I’m hearing the phrase surrendering to divine will. I appreciate your feedback on this.

  • Julie Thompson mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    What the heck was that full moon all about!? Intense doesn’t begin to describe it. Every physical pain I ever had seem to flare up. @lauren, as a fellow cancer girl, did you feel it strongly? Honestly, I am still wondering what hit me. I was feeling a more refined energy coming in since the new year but last Thursday has sure stirred the pot!…[Read more]

    • YES. feeling it so profoundly that I haven’t been able to even speak on it yet. Been wanting to post an update but too wiped out.

      The first week of the month, when we moved into the 1 vibration, we expanded into the new heightened potentials…since the full moon we have been integrating those potentials in our emotional and physical bodies…[Read more]

      • Yes thank you for posting. I am weary beyond words.

      • Thank you Lauren. I knew you would be feeling it and interestingl …….’knee deep in detox’ is exactly what I was experiencing! Both knees – so painful – as well as my feet. I too had a dream about snakes!! Very comforting to know its all part of the process because I honestly could not take any more of the past. But I decided I wasn’t…[Read more]

        • Julie thank you for starting this thread. My legs have been hurting too. Emotionally Saturday was anger, Sunday so many tears. On Sunday I had started saying an affirmation ” I can handle the pain, and it will pass” to cope and it helped a little .Doing lots of deep breaths has helped in moments. Looking forward to this passing. Lots of love to…[Read more]

      • About three hours ago I felt the Christ energy turn on. Am feeling so much love….sending it on to my TWYH family. The words “I AM with you always” comes to mind. 🕸🌅🌠

      • Lauren its Monday 16 Jan in oz and I’m still feeling awful. I experienced on the weekend the worst pain in my body I’ve ever had, and the pain was linked to my heart chakra. Like I was being smothered by pain. Pain and pressure in my tail bone. Its like there was no where to run or hide, even drugs barely took the edge off. Like Anna I feel…[Read more]

        • ugh sorry to hear its been so unrelenting for you Meadow…we are going thru some serious core wound releasing and its painful.

          Since the cancer moon we have been purging deep emotions trapped in our cells and we all know by now what those purges feel like… 😳 at one point today after a huge emotional release I swore my body was dying. I…[Read more]

      • Wow Lauren thanks for posting. It’s been wild times down in Oz too. On the full moon we buried a much loved husband of a cousin in the small country town where I was born. My mum decided the day before that she would like to make the 8 hour return trip. We booked two night at a motel in the town. Our family has always been the black sheep in that…[Read more]

      • Thank you Lauren 🙏

    • Thank you for posting.. both you and Lauren. I feel traumatized!! Its Been Extreme.. Absolute Every part of me, mentaly, emotionaly and physicaly has Been crazy.. core wound (Heart break)full on AGAIN!!! I am tired sad and empty.. thankfully I am pretty cool at surrendering to whatever..mostly because im Worn out:/! Lots if love<3

      • Bless you Anna. It helps us so much to share – so we know we are not alone and there is actually a purpose to all of this. We will do it! Because we all feel the same – the past is done! Gone! No more learning from suffering. Much love to you x

    • 💙💚💜💛

    • I hear ya Julie. ‘Surrender’ has taken on a WHOLE NEW meaning

    • thank you for this thread. It is spot on as far as emotional, physical and especially mental unrelent goes. My mind is in a phase where it is desperate to cling to and exacerbate any misery or conflict I recognize. It just will. not. let. go.

      The only plus of late is I noticed a light, clear space start up. No sense of ‘healing’ or ‘solution’…[Read more]

    • Thanks for your post Julie! Many of us have felt pushed beyond our human capacity this past week. We really need to find a new word for “intense” because it just isn’t cutting it anymore…..

      Friday, I came in from an unbelievably demanding but rewarding day working as a doctor and a healer. As I thought, “this is too much”…”I just can’t keep…[Read more]

      • Thank you for this Loral. It’s beginning to feel true. I had quite a few nights like you describe since the full moon…..not a wink of sleep but feeling so alive fully experiencing each moment in the Now… awesome and then to have moments during the day when I don’t know whether the next breath is going to arrive and waiting for my heart…[Read more]

  • Marie mentioned 2 people 1 year, 7 months ago

    I could write a book about all the little/big things that are happening and not happening in life right now…the weirdo surreal moments and the jaw dropping revelations…. and the impatience, the not-quite-sureness of what’s happening or how to proceed. I’m guessing we all could right about now.
    All is new and the potential is ripe -…[Read more]

    • Woooohoooo!!!! Lovin’ every word of this Marie. Most especially “It’s breakin’ out of the cocoon time.” Feeling it too. Oh man I am so feeling it.

      When I finally decided to drop my victimhood story (it took me at least a couple of decades longer than you 🙂 it was THE most freeing experience of my life. And when I began to really own my power…[Read more]

      • YAY!!!! SO GLAD you’re feeling it too!

        Watch out world indeed!!! I look forward to hearing about all you are/will create on the heels of the Kali energy!!! I’ve been connecting lately to Hathor’s “alter ego” Sekhmet – warrior goddess and healing goddess. Time for the powerful divine feminine!!!

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE the share about the difference…[Read more]

    • Beautiful! Inspiring! Fabulous!

    • You go girl!

    • Really cool Marie 🙂 way to go 😀 ❤❤

    • Way to go, Marie.

      I can feel the clarity in your energy.


    • Yay Marie!
      I relate to a lot of this.
      The old pathways are still there and I often find myself on them but I now catch myself when I’m there and make a deliberate choice and I’m good. Still up and down, but there’s and undercurrent of magic that is always there for me now that I can tap into when I catch myself and go, oh yeah!
      I like that you’re…[Read more]

  • Linda mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    I am already beginning to feel the impact of the upcoming Cancer full moon. Awash with emotion. @lauren and others who know this energy from the inside out, can you say what you are sensing about this passage? Reading Christine’s weekly cosmic consciousness report, which of course is brilliant. She notes that “Thursday 1/12 is the Full Moon in…[Read more]

    • I read this too, this morning. It’s a great week for change – bring it on!
      But I do have a little apprehension over how this will manifest – yikes!
      This morning I was woken up by a call from the handyman who had done some work on my gutters. he said the bill was $960. This brought up that feeling of “heart depression.” But as I sat with the…[Read more]

      • Penny, I’ve had a similar experience over money. I have a pile of bills I can’t currently pay and I’m choosing not to be anxious or even engage in the temptation to feel shame as creditors call and call and call. Nothing I can do til the flow shifts. Seeing it all as part of the dream is very freeing!

    • I tried to go out into the world this morning and got blasted by a wall of anxiety and vertigo. I asked what it was and heard, ” the world is weeping and trembling. Pray.” First I put out an urgent prayer request on FB, then sat in prayer for an hour. I’ve been praying off and on all morning, especially when I feel the anxiety rising again.…[Read more]

    • Woah Linda reading your post got to share first, that the vision back in December showed a very narrow tiny passageway at the bottom of a small wall. The other side looking at was the number 22 on the right!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it meant this week, with all the 22’s not Dec 22????? Plus I did not sleep virtually at all and have been sobbing today,…[Read more]

    • It’s a relief to read this thread and know I”m not the only one feeling absolutely insane. This weekend was a doozy…and it is a bit disheartening, as I thought (expectations) that I wouldn’t reach those low, dark depths again in such a painful manner. Today I have a darkness hangover.

      I know we say this all the time, but I’m so over it. I’m so…[Read more]

      • “darkness hangover”. I’m stealing this phrase! Me too. Me too.

      • YES YES YES Kate, my feelings exactly….and I remember the Denise LeFay blog said she also felt the darkness unfamiliar to her own usual stuff as a symptom (along with ear ringing, dizziness, etc)

    • I was a Moon in Cancer. My bday isMarch 22. 😄

    • May the force be with us. We are warriors of the light and there is no damn way we are going to let darkness prevail.

    • Yup been seeing this one coming and certainly feeling it already. IM 23 degrees cancer sun and 24 degrees Cancer rising…Im in the thick of it… Squaring my moon in Libra. Feeling the yuckies this weekend too and also have a lot of upper chakra drainage, change is coming.

      • Upper chakra drainage! Great way to describe it. Me too!!!!! Like nothing I have experienced before as I severity! Starting to ease off now after almost 2 weeks. Lots of expansion happening in crown chakra too, sometimes don’t feel I have a top of head!!!

    • i have one word for this moon: uncle

      • How is Leon doing? You mentioned how he was feeling it big time for the first time. Not easy for both of you to be flattened.

        • struggling at the mo but persevering…he is starting to ask for help which is a huge step and he is beginning to get a grip on the anxiety from the downloads. Weird times.

          Thx 4 asking 🙂

          • Only been through that once, on 11/11/16, with J. He had a kundalini awakening that lasted about two weeks. Fortunately he could turn it off mostly during the day and go to work, function normally. Otherwise though it was freakin’ crazy. And like you, it was the first time I experienced him turning to me for help.

            • hmmm…must be why I dreamed of both you and Jay helping me and leon because I am in very unfamiliar territory here. Leon and I don’t share a language in this way and trying to relate the information without “words” is proving to be quite a challenge.

              That said, it def feels like these are the mastery skills I may need moving back out into…[Read more]

              • He figured it out about the same time I did. He had begun a shamanic training the previous month, which in and of itself was very out of character for him. So he was beginning to tap back into an inner knowing he had once begun to explore and then abandoned years back. Understanding that what was happening was a kundalini awakening was very…[Read more]

                • Thanks for this Linda, it helped. Leon has seen me go thru so much for so many years that he has a (quasi) framework in place for ascension and even surprises me sometimes with his openness and understanding. That said, he seems to be moving deeper into embodiment now and suddenly all those things that He’s only heard me talk about before are now…[Read more]

    • Yesterday I felt like I was going through the day backwards. You know that awkward feeling when you are literally walking backwards? It was comical and embarrassing at times. Today fully grounded and doing well. But that moon, oye 😨

    • OMG! My moon is in Cancer too, sweetheart. We are really feeling it, eh? xxx

  • @lauren Thank you Lauren for the LOVE letter. So happy to be in a new creation cycle. 2016kicked us around so much. For me it was watching my son suffer so much those last few months. He passed on Sept 16th, 9 days after his birthday on the night of the full moon. It was difficult to release the memories of his suffering. So much has happened…[Read more]

  • Lauren mentioned Bonnie in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi all…as promised I wanted to share some key points regarding my visit with Christ on the eve of the 111 gateway.

    The very first thing I noticed was that when he appeared it was only from the neck up and when I zoomed in I noticed that he was wearing a gold band around his temples adorned with many rubies and that his entire head was…[Read more]

    • Fascinating. You mention you saw the “Christ”, not Yeshua ben Joseph, or Jesus. And that is was from the neck up. Terminology can be important…more specifically, many believe, as I do, that Yeshua the Christ’s companion was Miryam, the Magdalene, also “a Christ”. That these Twin Flames worked together, with She holding space and supporting Him…[Read more]

    • Very exciting news, thank you Lauren!💙

    • Also we have another 11 showing up on 6/4/2017 = 11 thx for sharing Lauren ❣️

    • “taking on the red” is a stage in the alchemical journey when we have achieved mastery. The Pentecost is a feast recognized by the church (go to Biblegateway and read the opening chapters in the book of Acts) after Christ ascended and when the apostles received the holy spirit and were given the gifts, energy and motivation to go out and “share…[Read more]

      • Lauri, first thank you for reminding me about “taking on the red” again and this from the Pentecost blew my mind: “when the apostles received the holy spirit and were given the gifts, energy and motivation to go out and “share the good news, teach and heal.” 😱

        • oh wait…so this: the latent Christ energy (kundalini) was freed from within them, exploding in flames out of the top of their heads could be why I saw Jesus’ head inside red and gold flames?!? I assumed it was a representation of life force energy but i didn’t quite grok why i was only seeing it from the neck up. wow again

      • Rereading your post Lauri in light of @lauren and others comments. This time the mentioning of the dove stood out. Didn’t someone here have a dream or vision recently which involved a dove? Lauren maybe? Because I remember thinking “dove = Holy Spirit” and I almost mentioned it but never got around to posting.

        • Again, never mind! I just read Lauren’s comment way down the thread and she mentions the the giant white doves.
          I can’t keep up with this whole thread. So much brilliance from so many here. Like watching the grand finale at the best fireworks display ever.

    • Lauren,
      Thank you so much for this. I do have some information to pass on, but am working all day and evening today and won’t have a chance to write it out until tomorrow evening. So much of it makes total sense and is so exciting! There may possibly be a puzzle piece in this! If I can get it done tomorrow morning before work, you might get it…[Read more]

    • There is much to absorb with this. Glad you are not sharing it all at once – feeling the need to slowly drink it in. Now I am understanding why I began seeing 11:11 again. I knew it was signaling an important and imminent turning point, just didn’t know what or when.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this Lauren. It is very exciting. As my body s- l- o- w- l -y comes back on line I can begin to appreciate this beautiful vision you have shared.

    • Yeahoo!! I don’t know much about the history of Christ, but the energy of this vision feels very rich and deep! He visits me too and always brings this amazing unconditional love that dissolves everything in its path for anyone ready to receive it. I had a quick message this morning that something was “complete” and I thought maybe it was the word…[Read more]

    • Thank you for sharing this @lauren. On the 31st of December I had a final closure of a long standing core issue that has been foundational to my relationship to self and thus to others – particularly in ‘love’ relationships. By the time I got home that afternoon, my body felt completely ’empty’ – it was like an electrical switch had been turned…[Read more]

      • Johanna, I wonder if the black hole/fire is the Big Bang, which I sense is continuously happening, the universe is being destroyed and recreated over and over through infinity.

        I love the way you write. It is breathtaking and evocative.

        • Hi Linda. interesting what you have sensed about, “the universe is being destroyed and recreated over and over”, because this is the ‘physics’ I was shown that the statement – The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh – was alluding to. The information began with the phrase – The presence of a single note of sound can only be realised in the presence of…[Read more]

          • Johanna, it makes complete sense.

            Also, much of ancient wisdom from both the East and the West alludes to the core essence of duality in the cosmos – not as something negative, rather as an essential aspect of experience. However, the third force is what creates an evolutionary movement up the spiral. Out of the two arises a third essence which…[Read more]

      • WOW Johanna what an experience, on going too!!!!!! xx

      • Holy crap! I am late to the party here but what a fascinating storyteller you are. Feels like you have a book inside of you waiting to be born.

        Your experiences sound like the results of THE merger…the explosion of polarity imploding into unity. Like @lindalubin says… the Big Bang is the clashing of cosmic (m-f) Forces required to…[Read more]

        • Oh wow, I have also never heard anyone speak of the ‘quarks in the air’ until you mentioing the same here. I also get the best view of them against a blue sky but have found I can view them any time by focusing in front of the background on a point in the space before it. How cool to have someone who knows what I am talking about.

          I am still in…[Read more]

          • OMG Johanna, so fascinating, thanks for sharing! Please keep us updated.💙
            P.S. I see the ‘quarks in the air’ sometimes too. 😃

    • Thanks, Lauren, for the whole picture. My body has been surging pretty intensely with life force the last couple of days, unlike anything I have felt before, like every cell is effected. Also the left side has been sore, I assume from the purging since that side has been ‘in the darkness’ for as long as I remember.

    • Thank you Lauren for posting this. It helps….
      My partner Mike received his gold halo 3 days ago. In a lucid state, he saw a gold”crown” (halo) appear, the day after a lotus crystal was placed in the back of his neck. The lotus crystal turned into a crystalline Metatron’s cube, which was rotating.
      He was told it was Sonship/Sunship.
      At…[Read more]

    • I only just noticed the icons at the end of your post Lauren. Given your vision, and what Johanna has been receiving, I am wondering if the red, the flames, are indicating kundalini energy rising.

      Never mind – just noticed that Lauri already mentioned this!

      • Two days ago, I felt like I was going to explode I had so much creation energy going thru me. The day before that, I spontaneously went into a three hour creation/ meditation. I was still trying to (somewhat) put a lid on the energy, hence feeling like I was going to explode, and got to revisit the blowing up of Maldek again. This is an amazing time.

      • Yep. I just responded to Lauri above but my first impression was that the flames around Jesus’ head were indicating the life force released from kundalini but what i didn’t know was what @lauri13 mentioned above about the “tongues of fire” on the pentecost and her interpretation of it (re the crown chakra) which i find really exciting!

        In fact,…[Read more]

    • Thanks Lauren. This just helped me enormously as I have and still am dealing with a massive purging, and it has been on going for almost 2 weeks now. Mainly in my sinuses and lungs, and I have lost count of how many boxes of tissues I have gone through. My left side of my face feels so swollen and tremendous heat in my left ear and jaw. I was…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing this, Lauren. 🙂

    • Lauren,
      OK, I did some research from my old information and from the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene and here is the information you requested. You gave me permission to not be brief, so sit back and settle in for a long Winter’s night read! Let me know if some puzzle pieces are in here for you as I’m curious!
      First, let me address two of the…[Read more]

      • Thank you Bonnie for taking the time to put this precious and insightful info together! So powerful! Beautiful pieces came together and I am most grateful to you, Lauren and others who have shared.

        • Thanks for sharing that you felt the energy of the information. That is important for me to know. You are most welcome. Always my pleasure.

          • Tears flowed as I read your sharing. I felt how the info weaved with what I have received from Jesus since 1997. I had bits and pieces and your post put so much together for me. After reading it I was in a profound stillness and could barely form the words to send you a thank you.
            With a warm smile and grateful heart to you Bonnie.

      • Ok, I am just now able to take all this in Bonnie, and WHOA. Its like these visions, while supremely impacting, don’t fully integrate and hit Home until your explanations and knowledge. So grateful for you and for that.

        a couple things:

        1) regarding what @proney said re seeing Christ…I feel to mention that these visitations are…[Read more]

        • Thank you both Bonnie and Lauren for the rich input! Reading the words “a clear end goal” is very soothing as part of me thought ‘what if 2017 is just another 2016 (😱)’. Starting the new year with major ‘mind purification’ is not something that helps with optimistic outlooks, have been walking on faith the last days.
          So good to read the Mercury…[Read more]

          • Glad you found comfort in it. For the first time ever I am seeing there is an end goal. I also understand that it isn’t a final end goal as we are always moving up and out. But this process has been so nebulous feeling so far that it does feel good now and then to put some pieces together and look back and see how far we have really come and…[Read more]

            • Bonnie, I am still taking in your post in response to Lauren. There is so much there! Thank you for taking the time to gift us with all of this.

              Question, do you ever teach what you know about this expanded, deeper, mystical perspective on Christianity? If not, I think it is something you should consider doing. It’s an area I’ve been exploring…[Read more]

              • Linda,
                Wow, are we on the same page or what. I have studied all of the teachers you mentioned and the I AM teachings. My next step is the Sophia Code which I have not read. Thanks for the recommend. I have mainly studied on my own for my own growth. I started in fundamental Christianity and I have a degree in Christian Education and Theology…[Read more]

                • Your life is very richly full Bonnie. I find it exciting that we have connected with many of the same teachers and teachings. In fact I am smiling as I type this, it so tickles me to know this about you. I realize that given your schedule it may not be possible, however if you ever do have time for a call I’d love to connect in that way. Just…[Read more]

        • I’m sure Bonnie can answer more fully, however for now:
          “Transfiguration. The Gospels relate that one day Jesus took three disciples up a mountain, where they witnessed his transfiguration into divine form: his face shone like the sun, his garments became brilliantly white, and a voice from heaven proclaimed that this was the son of God.” So this…[Read more]

          • So true Linda! The transfiguration you are talking about was called a “foreshadowing” of things to come. It was a visual manifestation of what is already true about all of us like you said…..we are the “suns of God”, the lineage of God and destined to reveal the Divine Human in the fullest manifestation…a transfigured body as well as…[Read more]

        • Lauren,
          I am so glad to hear you found this information so integrating. I had that happen as I was writing it. It almost feels like we have been putting a jigsaw puzzle together and we have the “straight edge pieces” in place but now we are getting to fill in the middle and feeling like we are getting enough filled in to see some of the big…[Read more]

          • My goodness Bonnie, you are a WEALTH of valuable knowledge! This is truly extraordinary and when seeing the big picture like this, the layers and complexity of becoming the embodiment of our divinity, it really puts into perspective the breadth and scope of this monumental journey.

            I can only hope that the vision and messages I received on the…[Read more]

            • “I am at once in awe of the journey and yet simultaneously so deeply exhausted from it that I waver from moment to moment on its plausibility” that’s exactly how I feel as well Lauren, thank you for putting it into words.

            • I do think you said it well for all of us Lauren. In such awe and yet so exhausted. I’m glad this information helps keep you focused on outcome. That is what it does for me too. I just hit another wall of exhaustion this week due to a surprising turn of events with my son. It is testing my use of and mastery of tools to the limit. So when I…[Read more]

      • Wow, Bonnie, this is so profound, and ties up so many loose ends for what Mike and I have been working on for years. We were told several years ago that the symbol for the next “age” is Metatron’s cube in its exalted form. And that this form would be anchored physically on this planet thru people who had done their internal work, reached Divine…[Read more]

        • This is so exciting to hear Jan and so grateful that you two are walking this path for all of the earth and humanity! Sounds like you are in the flow and aligning well. I like the phrase, the first trinitized hybrid Sun/Son Systems. In scripture it is called the “Pleroma” The fullness of the Godhead/Godhood in a body with full manifestation of…[Read more]

          • Bonnie, each time I’ve read your words, …Pleroma, Second Adam, Manifested Sons and Daughters of God, I can feel a big energy shift within me. So grateful for your knowledge around all this,and tying the loose ends together.
            I just read what you wrote to Lauren above, and am sitting here in awe. Your words are truly resonance vehicles within…[Read more]

            • Thank you for sharing Jan and for doing all this for so long already and thereby paving the way for me and others to follow. “a revolution of the individual from the inside out” – that’s been my inner guidance also for a long time.
              We turn inside out and thereby the world turns upside down.
              Like Bonnie shared above “in the Hebrew and Greek the…[Read more]

              • Thank you, Simone, just beautiful….the return of the Christ was promised…and we are it. All of us.

                • And I want to add….for most of the time along the way of the journey, really had no idea where it was leading…I.e. Full embodiment. It’s only become evident the last few years, as all the inner teachings congealed. So the awesome thing is, whether it takes 40 years, or 4 years, or 4 months, we all arrive at the same place. In fact even…[Read more]

                  • So true! Besides that, the last 4 years felt like 40 years anyway. 😜 And yet I know there will be the time when it seems that it all was just within a blink of an eye.

                • Amen to that!!!

              • Simone,
                So well said and I could feel the Christ Energy in your post. I loved reading it and so agree with you! Thanks for sharing your heart and knowledge!

            • Jan,
              Thank you so much for this share of your experiences. I have also been hearing about DNA codons being turned on. I wasn’t sure when it would happen or how, but I also sense this is the time in which that is happening physically. As I hear all of you share your past experiences and paths of growth, I’m amazed how similar we all are and here…[Read more]

              • Bonnie, I feel the same way about hearing all the depth in everyone’s journeys. Kinda awestruck sometimes. Glad this forum is here, for sure. I would love to hear more of yours too, if you choose.
                Much love, Jan

                • Jan, I would be glad to share. I do that as soon as I can in a reply to this post. I’m really in awe of everyone also. What a price we have all paid and how persevering and focused we have all been. I think we are all pretty amazing wayshowers!

    • This is AMAZING!!!!! Thank you Lauren!!! 🌈🌎😇🎉

  • Elizabeth mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    At the end of the month, I will no longer be a member of the TWYH community. With work taking a bigger picture, money issues, and a steering to some Twin Flame guidance more specifically I’m leaving. Maybe once tax season ends and life gets back to normal, I’ll be back. I will miss you all. You all have been wonderful support and friends. Thank…[Read more]

  • Lauren posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Post 111 update:

    -Woke up heavy on the new year yet by mid day witnessed a sorely needed return of creation energy that put me back into alignment with many of my unfinished projects and upcoming ventures for the new year. The creativity and clarity is coming from a new level and it feels way more effortless than anything I attempted to create…[Read more]

    • p.s. Oh, and FYI: A LARGE HOLE IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: Stretching more than halfway across the face of the sun, a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning toward Earth. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the yawning structure on Jan. 2nd.

      This is a “coronal hole”–a region in the sun’s atmosphere where the magnetic field has…[Read more]

    • Congrats on the home renovation.
      It also took me more than 10 years to renovate my house. I moved out the same day that I hung the final special order blind.

      But it seems that you are creating a nest – It would seem that i was completing a project. But I enjoyed my house and the creative process very much.

      For me, there was nothing more…[Read more]

      • Thanks Penny! And wow that you moved out as soon as your home was complete. I think I am nesting deeper at this moment for sure…that said, I never truly see my homes as permanent, I am sure I will outgrow this house as soon as I too feel it is “complete”. Tho with Lee & I, nothing is ever really complete…we are serial renovators. This is our…[Read more]

    • Thank you for the update Lauren! This is awesome news “I am able to access the thoughts and words I need in real time”, I know this from a very few moments that felt like glimpses of what is possible, to have that permanently would be a dream come true. I hope the Mercury direct will bring more clarity for me, too. I read somewhere that end of…[Read more]

      • “I read somewhere that end of January (when Mercury leaves the shadow) it’s also the Chinese New year which is the year of the fire rooster, the rooster being the symbol for dawn, awakening, triumph, success. Exciting! 😀🌟”

        LOVE this!! And that is right around the time that Mercury meets up with Pluto for the new/resurrected (divine masculine) c…[Read more]

      • That put a big smile on my face Simone. Fire rooster. How perfect.

    • Hi Lauren, I felt EXACTLY the same when I awoke on 1st January; heavy. Like, is this really it? Then something started to lift in the evening (uk time) and today I feel (dare I say it!) a real excitement. The energy is different; subtle but different. Lighter. I want to play with it; mould with it and above all – create with it, what my heart…[Read more]

      • “I want to play with it; mould with it and above all – create with it”

        Well said! this creation energy (new cycle) is palpable…it feels so pregnant with possibility, ripe with creative potential….even while my body is struggling to cope with light infusions it remains constant. very hopeful…

        • I agree. It’s like that child-like innocence of a fresh clean canvas & we get to paint our new life in full glorious technicolor. Joy is the clue. Paint that which gives us joy. Come ye children of God, heavens gates are open for business; finally; on that terra firma…..named Earth! 😀 X

    • Jay and I are heavy duty nesters, so I can completely relate to the deep satisfaction of the spaciousness and beauty you and Leon have created.

      Every inch of our home – well, nearly – reflects our essence. When we moved into this house three years ago, we had been through a tumultuous year of being without a home. We stayed in 8 different places…[Read more]

      • “I had a powerful vision of creating a bee friendly environment on our property”

        How exciting! And yes, there are special “bee blends” that you can get at Eden…actually most wildflower seed companies carry a bee blend. Our hillside, which sadly has to be completely redone next year because it got overtaken with weeds while our focus was on…[Read more]

        • Love the thought of singing to the bees. Also, good to know about the bee mix, and the deer resistant mix – the hillside is up against the woods and deer are accustomed to grazing there!

          The 5-6 year time frame came to me yesterday morning when I was sitting in the living room, gazing out over the outside landscape – which is beautiful even on…[Read more]

          • “As I may have mentioned before, our street name includes the word “peace” and the “hidden” street number is 333. In order to get to our home, you have to enter our house number as 333 (instead of the actual house number).”

            umm…wow. I don’t think I ever knew that peace was in your street name, but the hidden 333 (stargate) in your hood is…[Read more]

            • Cannot begin to tell you how much I needed to read this convo concerning home and KNOWING. Also super appreciate the 5-6 year vision…somehow that gave me some much needed anxiety relief from self imposed pressure.
              Thanks Lauren and Linda!

              p.s. Linda – I got a phone call from you in a dream last night–very vivid recall of your voice -as far…[Read more]

              • Marie, that makes my day. You know I feel a strong maternal connection with you and it delights me to know that I was connecting with you in this way. I sometimes wonder what the hell I’m doing during sleep time and now I know 🙂

                • Aw Linda!!! I am such a lucky gal! I most definitely feel your powerful loving maternal energy- it resonates in all our interactions and came through loud and clear in the dream realm.
                  Also- you absolutely inspire me.
                  Thank you!!!!

            • Rereading this: “Your obvious love for your home and environment is all that you need…the rest, details. (that will rearrange to accommodate that love)” – especially the last phrase, my whole being relaxes. Confirmation of my inner knowing and appreciation for your understanding how much my home means to me. It is an outer expression of who I a…[Read more]

              • omg my home is EVERYthing…literally because I have barely left it for the last decade, BUT even before metamorphosis (was there ever a “before metamorphosis”) I have enjoyed nothing more than nesting.

                If I didn’t know better, I would swear you were a fellow cancerian 😊

                ie, you are in good company here…I take great pride in not only the…[Read more]

                • I am glad you wrote this Lauren

                  “p.s. also thinking it’s prolly pretty poignant (and timely) that we are talking so much about our “physical” homes and how well they “reflect our innards”.”
                  Hopefully that means some home changes this year, as I’ve been feeling frustrated by not having my own place. After 9 year of living with family I am done a…[Read more]

                • I have Cancer Rising in my chart, however perhaps more importantly Moon in Taurus. I think the Cancer Rising impacts my overall way of being in the world – very sensitive to the feelings of others, cautious, strong boundaries, super grounded.

                  I tend these days to look at behaviors more from an Enneagram perspective than from my chart, though…[Read more]

                  • “I have Cancer Rising in my chart”

                    AHA! I knew there was some crab in there somewhere 😍

                    I am not familiar with Enneagrams tho sounds like i would love…where can i find more info about that?

                    Both my birth chart and numerology are so embarrassingly bang on literal to my 3D self…I am like a poster Cancer child: mothering to a fault,…[Read more]

                    • Hmm. I sure need to learn more about Cancer as what you are saying fits for me as well in many respects, except that I am not a night owl at all. Too much light or too much dark and I feel unbalanced and unwell. When I’m in AZ visiting family and friends, I can’t handle all that bright, intense sunlight. Here, in the winter I hang on by the skin…[Read more]

                  • Oh! also just remembered you were in my dream last night. Interestingly, you and Jay were helping me and Leon to move & rearrange stuff in our kitchen cabinets. What stood out the most was that the kitchen looked old and outdated and there was A LOT of stuff that we were trying to sort it all out…it felt like too much cupboard clutter and leon…[Read more]

                    • This is fascinating. I’m sure you know the kitchen is the heart of the home in feng shui. I know how important the kitchen is for you (and has also always been my center of gravity), and how much thought and love you have put into creating your new home-heart. Which makes perfect sense given that your life is all about living from the heart.

                      Too…[Read more]

                      • interestingly, I just had another intense dream last night regarding Leon and I again that seems to be pointing to some big clearings that have come up in both of us individually, and then obviously in our relationship with each other.

                        Ironically (or not), as soon as the big pieces to the kitchen (heart) came together, Leon and I both went thru…[Read more]

          • 💛 what you wrote about your house Linda- gives me hope that I will find my place soon 🙌🙏🙌

            • Given that it’s been 9 years for you Angel, maybe that is a sign of completion of this period of not having your own space. Having things in storage feels like having a part of us closed off, inaccessible. My deepest hope for you is that you find the way and means to have your own home by the end of the year. May it be so! Love to you.

    • Exciting can’t wait to here more about the Christ visit and would love to see pics of the kitchen! I have been on a holiday with family since dec 25 and this is the most engaged and least exhausted or triggered I’ve ever been with them. I had a feeling of euphoria when i went to bed New Year’s Eve and did wake up feeling a bit low on New Year’s…[Read more]

      • “this is the most engaged and least exhausted or triggered I’ve ever been with them.”

        erm…HELLO Christmas miracle!

        re Christ visit…coming soon. re after photos…also coming soon! I am a perfectionist so waiting until the very last detail is in place before the big reveal. Tho obviously that will never happen ☹️ …but we are SO CLOSE…[Read more]

    • Lauren,

      I finished the last of the cleanup from our remodel of the house on 1.2.17. I just walked through the house and felt for the first time in the 29 years we have lived here, fully at home in this house. And at the same time I felt fully at home in my body. And I felt fully at home in this Earth. Our property has some pretty high level…[Read more]

      • CONGRATULATIONS Bonnie! Best New Year’s present ever. 🎉🎊🎉

        “I just walked through the house and felt for the first time in the 29 years we have lived here, fully at home in this house..”

        That is a HUGE and beautiful statement and one that I can appreciate so personally. With all this new blossoming in my world I feel like my life may be finally…[Read more]

        • I am definitely a happy little clam! You put into words what I could not when 2017 started….I feel like my life is ready to live! I sense that everything up to 2017 was preparation and blockage removal and now it’s time to truly live MY life! Thanks for the good articulation of the energy. I hope you are a happy little clam soon too!!! The…[Read more]

      • Oh Bonnie, to read that you felt at HOME in your BODY, made me stop and sigh with contentment. That very affirmation has been in my mind for 7 years now. To feel AT HOME in my body.

        To feel at home in your house AND on Earth is also quite AMAZING from my perspective. Absolutely LOVED reading these words from you. May it only get better and better. ♥

    • Lauren, I LOVE the symbolism of your living space OPENING UP for you. Def expansion on all levels! Congrats on the “almost complete” kitchen … and hope you send us some “before” and “after” pix. Am feeling the clarity and higher level of the new energies, like I’m in a different space. Love to all.

      • Thanks Thelma, ME TOO. Feels rooted in something tangible finally…the physical results for all of us are begging to burst thru the veil now!

        Thrilled you are feeling the clarity and refinement of the new energies…💗

        • “the physical results for all of us are begging to burst thru the veil now!”

          Yup. I feel like I am about to POP! The layer of old is very thin and the energy on the inside is expanding. I anticipate a big POP!

          It’s a little uncomfortable. Actually, a lot uncomfortable.

    • What great updates, Lauren! Congrats on your almost perfect kitchen!

      Really enjoyed reading this whole thread. Beautiful, beautiful words. ♥♥♥

    • This update is so great Lauren!!! Congrats on the new space- I love hearing your progress.
      Also super rad that you not only stayed awake – but took notes on your phone while visiting with Christ…. love that image 😄
      Thanks for sharing a taste of what’s possible in these first days of the new year/cycle.

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