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  • From Stephanie Azaria on Inauguration Day: At the higher level, the new consciousness is being fully awakened in each and every soul, and those of us who have worked on our Selves to be ready for this moment are the first to reap the benefits of reclaiming the cosmic Self.
    It’s best not to put too much focus on the drama that is playing out in…[Read more]

  • Lauri Lumby mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 6 months ago

    Warning: radical transparency. 🙂 Reviewing CAL for the fifth time and came upon a note I wrote from the course from @Lauren “implicitly trusting the heart to draw forth what’s needed to manifest our soul’s desires in the world of form.”

    As I read these words for the umpteenth time, it hit me: I DON’T TRUST MY HEART! As I landed on this…[Read more]

    • Quite a revelation, Lauri. I say if you’re coming from a place of sovereignty, not of “emotional need,” you can hear your heart and trust it. Also, our experiences teach us a lot about ourselves and learning to respect our values and boundaries. When you realize that everyone is doing the best they can, coming from their own values and beliefs,…[Read more]

    • I hear you Laurie. I had to deal with that one too! Thank you for being open and I celebrate your revelation! The heart is key, so glad you are on the road to trust!!

  • Yesterday I had this weird sensation of sorrow. An unidentified and unexplainable, unnamed grief. Then I found myself feeling really irritated and today I’m just pissed off. There are things “out there” I could try to point to as the cause, but in the end, I know it is just mine. Come on new world….let’s get going already! I’m ready. I’ve…[Read more]

  • Yesterday was my birthday! January 13th on Friday the 13th, in a 1 year….with a full moon to boot! I’ll take it! I’m expecting great things to come of this year……and great things already have. I want to share one piece with my TWYH family that is profoundly important for me and I suspect may be for others as well:

    Last week, I received a…[Read more]

  • Anyone else experiencing extreme neck and shoulder pain? Haven’t had this for a long time!

    • Yes! mines a little better since Saturday but was in extreme pain then too and I haven’t felt like that for a year or so and never had it that bad 😩😬

    • OMG yes! It was so bad it
      made me nauseous yesterday. I figured I had really gone off the rails this time ;(. Thanks for sharing. It helps so much to know I’m not alone.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes!

      I usually have neck pain with ascension bouts. But the right side of my shoulders/back have been extremely uncomfortable since the full moon in Dec.

      It seems to be working itself out as of today.


    • Yup

    • Yes , its feeling better 💜. My left hip stll hurts, I sleep on that side. Have to sleep on my back more, right just not as comfy to lay on.

    • Yes, since New Years Eve. It has been almost unbearable. Today it seems to be mostly gone and I am trying to be hopeful that I am through that shit. Down here in N.Z. I am a day ahead of many so maybe it will dissolve for you all by tomorrow. I really hope so.

    • Oh yes, Lauri… I went to the spa a couple of days ago for a back, neck and shoulder massage, but it only eased it temporarily. Lower back is also very painful xxx

  • How symbolic is this? I’m updating the events calendar on my website and I’m trying to figure out the dates for a gathering in Feb. My desk calendar and wall calendars didn’t match up for some reason. Then I suddenly realized my wall calendar (which I opened new out of the package) was for 2016!!!!! CHANGE THAT SHIT! Apparently I have been…[Read more]

  • Not feeling the new world yet! I’m sure hoping that with Sun meeting up with Pluto, this marks my resurrection! I’m growing tired of dying. 🙂

    And the dying has been quite interesting. Cutting cords around those who have refused to support me in my work, and who have questioned, challenged, tried to sabotage instead. DONE! Seeing…[Read more]

    • “Not feeling the new world yet! I’m sure hoping that with Sun meeting up with Pluto, this marks my resurrection! I’m growing tired of dying. 🙂”…… Count me in 🙂 Thank you for posting!

    • Have you seen Moana? So many 5d concepts in that movie too !
      Loved it so much 💛

  • Lauri Lumby mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    TWYH family, I’m sharing an experience I had this morning as others of you might find it helpful, or have something to add to this. (@Lauren!) 😉
    This morning, I was in meditation, reflecting on the way in which I am trying to crawl out of 2016 with nothing but the skin of my teeth. I became tired of trying to do this on my own and appealed t…[Read more]

    • Beautifully stated Lauri, and this line in particular made me think of what the PHC have been hammering in our heads since July re the fact that as we return to our divine nature we simultaneously become MORE human:

      I realized that I had been holding on to “separation” between myself and other human beings – even rejecting the idea of being…[Read more]

      • This IS a great share, Lauri! LOVE the “doh” in realizing we can communicate the OTHER way too. I think you just helped me understand that more myself. Thank you, Sister! Being VERY human with you too!

        and Lauren, I LOVE your whole p.s. and can SO relate! I’m LOVING stranger interactions lately, and LOVING myself for how scintillating I am with…[Read more]

        • “it was FULL of very long, deep hugs and many tears as walls came down from everyone. Like Linda said below, it got REAL with everyone as we all went to deeper levels.”

          This is beautiful and SO hopeful! And yes, I noticed that suddenly I don’t feel like a stranger in a strange world because I am the ONLY one talking about my honest feelings.…[Read more]

        • That’s beautiful, Kate!!! 🙂 happy for you too. Yesterday was my dad’s 60’th birthday and 8th candle lit for Hannukah so we did something special, and our extended family came over. There was a trivia game about my dad’s life experiences and we and his brothers and mom read things they wrote for him. his two brothers even broke to crying as they…[Read more]

      • That’s awesome Lauren 😀 I must respond to Lauri’s and your reply too about being more “human”. For the last year or so I have been feeling more “close” to humans around me. In a sense I always felt their hearts (as in the One connection) but there was a kind of block or shield around me that made it hard for me to be really close to others to the…[Read more]

    • Hey Lauri. I was feeling exactly the same re separation, shared that with someone here earlier today and me too had a vision this morning of the unified field, the grid across the planet and all of us connected and this showed me that I have never been separated, impossible to be! Only had to believe that to experience duality!!!! Woohoo we are…[Read more]

    • I love this. It resonates deeply. You are truly gifted.

    • This is humbling truly! I like the visual of plugging in. I get those moments when I realize that others have had difficulties too, I’m not the only one and my happiness is their happiness. My sorrow is their sorrow. Even when it’s someone I don’t get along with.

  • I find it very interesting what is showing up for me over these holidays. Primarily, it feels like the final heave-ho of some old karmic agreements, etc. Little blips on the radar really, as I have done many many years of deep work with a few specific individuals and institutions. This morning, I was finally able to identify an ancient karmic…[Read more]

    • Beautiful!

    • Lauri, this feels huge! Interestingly I too had a major cord cutting this week in which I could have easily written this myself: The other person’s fears, insecurities, guilt, etc. are no longer mine to carry or take responsibility for (if they ever were). Verbatim.

      Sans beautiful vision of transfiguration tho…wow. Ironically, just the other d…[Read more]

    • This is great, Lauri! Thanks for sharing.

    • Same here. This holiday season has been haunted by the ghosts of Christmas’ past on acid – no wait… crystal meth and bath salts. I had a traumatic severing of the karma between my ex-husband, Satan, and myself on Christmas Eve when he stopped by to see our son. He was drunk and got extremely violent. I almost had to call the police but…[Read more]

    • Beautiful!

    • Thanks for sharing this lauri- with- certain parts of your update jumpstarted some personal revelations/realizations for me. Yes!!!! Welcome 2017!!

    • WOW Lauri, thx for sharing this! You reminded me I discovered a huge cord attached to my solar plexus as my sister was staying with me on Dec. 23 and thought wtf is this? It was SO big it was SO uncomfortable and I put 2 and 2 together as I have been ‘carrying her’ for years!!! A pact we made!!! SO that has now gone! And I do remember seeing a…[Read more]

  • For my TWYH family and beyond: A Christmas Message for the Daughters and Sons of the Light:


    • Beautiful.
      Just realized we have the same initials. My middle name is also Ann. Last name Lubin.

  • As Meadow mentioned below, I felt a distinct shift yesterday. This morning, I woke up to a visitation from Mother Mary. I was invited to just stay in bed so that I could receive her blessing – a download and an attunement. (As I write this, I hear “You are being called to birth the Christ.” ) The download went on for about 60 minutes and ended…[Read more]

    • Beautiful confirmation.

    • This is amazing! Thank you!

    • “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” That line stands out and SHOUTS to me too, Sister! I just shared with Lauren that I’ve been hearing the word VINDICATION echoing in my head in recent days. Amen! Amen! Hallelujah!

      Thank you for this share!

  • OMG! TWYH family…..what a ride this month has been. And it’s getting ridey-er! This entire month of December has been about my core wound ($$$$$). IT has been IN MY FACE to the point where I spent all day on the phone yesterday calling credit card companies, etc. saying, ” I can’t make my payment this month…..what do I do?” Mostly, I was…[Read more]

    • I’m with you. I’m usually feeling very abundant. But since August, I’ve been hit right and left with unforeseen expenses which also maxed out cards and plummeted my bank account. I see the light coming in 2017 even financially, but there feels a big wall between now and then. Maybe I just need to climb over the wall.

    • Thank you for sharing , I’m in that finacial space as well.. on suspension for 5 days then dicharged if I don’t provide proof of my GED .. I thought I had finished it almost 30yrs ago as a young single mom.. but I didn’t… I was working in a call center for a credit card company. I was there 2mths… before that housekeeping for a home rentals…[Read more]

    • Lauri, my heart goes out to you (and others) who are dealing with these survivalist fears. They’re so strong. There must be a Higher purpose to continually confronting this level of your existence, maybe to build trust in the Divine. To see yourself as Spirit in form. Surrendering your mind/lower ego to your Heart is the way to go! p.s.- I still…[Read more]

    • Hang on Lauri…resources are def drying up as we exit this momentous creation cycle. I too find myself in quite a financial drought at the end of our kitchen renovation but I know we are being emptied of all things past before we begin again, on an entirely new level. Just trying to get myself over the threshold to the 1:1 gateway before I even…[Read more]

    • We went from a long period of financial abundance/security to having one form of financial security after another kicked out from other us since early August. It’s been almost laughable, at least when I’m not freaking out. And of course every other core fear has come forward in those months, so life has been interesting to say the least. I…[Read more]

      • “the trust of a trapeze artist as she floats in the air having let go of one swing and not yet caught the next one”

        LOVE Love love this analogy! What a perfect description of creation.

        As far as security, survival issues seriously abound. Just ask my lower back 😰

    • yes, here too. I am the light the light I am, as Matt Kahn’s latest said!

    • On a soul level I often find that our ‘friends’ play the hardest parts for our soul growth. (All the world is a stage …. Shakespeare)

    • I too have been in your shoes in the past – I admire your courage and fortitude – it is not easy – but there will be a way out 🌞

    • Truly LOVE every word of this thread! Thank you, Lauri! This line of yours: ” I KNOW the life I am called to enjoy and I feel its truth in every fiber of my being.” Ohhhhh yessss….I sooooo feel that too in every fiber of my being.

      And it’s soooo good to know that I’m not alone ~ right there with all of you on the financial front. It’s crazy,…[Read more]

      • I love the way you frame things Kate: “If we’re not consciously choosing how we want things to go, we’re handed a bunch of shit we didn’t even realize we ordered.” 😂 Sure seems that way. Though listening to Matt’s most recent video – I posted it a few days ago – reminded me of a different perspective. And it made me question all the efforting. I…[Read more]

        • Okay, you’ve finally convinced me to watch that video, Sister. I came face-to-face with MANY places I was still “efforting” yesterday! I was able to reframe it myself but any added help at this point is very welcome! I’ve spent ALL my life forcing my will and efforting…it keeps coming up no matter how aware I am of it. The residue is strong.…[Read more]

          • Let me know what you think. I am especially wondering about his take on destiny. That everything is basically predetermined and what matters is how we respond to it when it occurs.

            • Linda, I haven’t watched Matt’s video, but I have recently arrived at a similar conclusion regarding “predestination.” I think of it this way: we wrote our “Book of Life” before we arrived here. We chose our parents knowing certain lessons would be learned. We chose our mission and our purpose and we determined with whom we would fulfill that…[Read more]

              • Lauri, I agree with all that you’ve shared. That has been my own perspective for many years, since early on in this process. I wasn’t sure if this is what Matt is referring to, or not. I also think all of this has become more subtle and complex over the past couple of decades. We are evolving at warp speed, and as our consciousness evolves some of…[Read more]

          • I’ve used his mantra, “I am the light, the light I am” in the past, and after watching this vid I really got into it. It is POWERFUL. I am using it throughout each day. Whenever I feel any sort of contraction, I use it. If I feel worry, anger, or concern for a person or situation, I use it. I’ve been telling friends to try it. I’m seriously hooked!

            • Linda, I’m watching it right now and already am enjoying it. It’s helping me decipher between “commanding” and “allowing myself to be guided,” which has been confounding me a bit in the new energy. I just got to the part where he mentions “I am the Light, the Light I am” (I got chills) and I LOVE how he says in essence that affirmation is saying…[Read more]

  • Interesting things coming up today…the sad realization of all I lost in a 20+ year abusive relationship: interest in the holidays, simple enjoyment, downhill skiing and ice skating, pretty much anything I enjoyed that I might like to share with another. He pretty much wrecked it….by either flat out refusing to participate or by making it…[Read more]

    • Hugs!!!! Love to you.

    • I’ve been having a similar observation Lauri. As I re-enter relationship with Kurt, the tenor is much healthier and we are interacting as supportive friends – laughing and enjoying our time together. I am witnessing a sort of a regret I suppose – in the “loss” of this experience with him previously – when instead, for many years, it was a quiet…[Read more]

    • I feel your sadness Lauri and I guess you may well never get those years back. I have been feeling much sadness around the way my parents never knew me just recently. My Father was full of rage from not being shown love which he projected onto us and I could never please my Mother no matter how perfect I tried to be. She has retreated into…[Read more]

    • Dear Lauri, although my situation was different there are a couple of similarities and I am making a stand this xmas. Doing exactly what I want to do and nobody is going to stop me enjoying it (well, only me, if I allow those that hurt me to continue doing so). And I have decided not. It is very liberating. Enjoy yourself, in the knowing that…[Read more]

    • Hi Lauri. Feeling a sadness of old and regret of past relationships also. Than came along beautiful Elijah band of light.
      ‘Last goodbyes’.

  • Lauri Lumby mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago

    TWYH family, I want to share something profound with all of you that I “saw” yesterday that I believe is important for us all. @Lauren alluded to it in the last 5D report.

    Yesterday, my local Authentic Freedom community held its weekly gathering and we welcomed home three of our members who had just returned from Standing Rock. We held space…[Read more]

    • Your post gave me chills reading it. It’s the New Earth rising up from the ashes.

    • Lauri……thanks so much for articulating this!
      I agree completely…..this is prophecy BEing fulfilled!

      Which brings tears of deepest gratitude….every moment my heart listens!

    • Absolutely gorgeous, Lauri. Thank you for sharing all of this gorgeousness with us. ♥

    • This is the best description of what Standing Rock means that I have read. Thanks Lauri. The tribal leaders were showing us how to lead from a place of pure intention, vision, trust, and commitment to the highest good of the WHOLE. Extraordinary. It feels like they and everyone who participated blessed us all and offered us the blueprint to the new earth.

      • Linda, one of those who went is a “millennial.” She said it was everything she could do to come home from Standing Rock because “it felt like home.” She said this with tears in her eyes. She is returning in January for another volunteer round. She also mentioned that the vast majority of volunteers are millennials. These “kids” get it. They…[Read more]

        • You are so right Lauri. They really get it. Many of them, if not all. Love that generation. The people I know personally who made the sojourn to Standing Rock are much older. Mostly 40s and 50s.

          I chuckled at your comment about us oldsters 😀 Though it’s all relative, right? To me, 51 is young. Seriously young. For my age bracket, we wayshowers…[Read more]

          • Linda….I’m right there at the age group with you and I totally relate to be the Rosie Riveter group! Well said. I just turned 65 and started all this when I was 15! You described it perfectly what we have been through. Just so happy that each generation after us is getting bigger and better at this ascension process!! At least we are here to…[Read more]

            • Amen to being alive to see it happen. We’ve slogged through too much to leave now.
              By the way, 66 here 🙂

              • Yea for the Medicare Club ladies!!! Maybe now we get to kick back and enjoy the ride??

                • Wouldn’t that be nice! I’ve got a few years on you two and I wish I had known years earlier what it was all about. I hope I’m seeing real change now. Love how accepting the younger ones are.

          • Just turned 65 last week, and SO resonate with all you wrote! Also feel the 60’s planted a lot of seeds that are now finally really starting to bloom.💖🌺💖

        • Yes!

    • OMG Lauri!! I swear on my soul, I described Standing Rock to a friend today as: The micro of the macro. When I just read your update I almost froze! Spirit told me a few weeks ago that even though I was not conscious of it, my soul was connected to this group at Standing Rock and I was working with them. It was the first I had even heard of…[Read more]

    • Very profound Lauri and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lauri, for sharing this. You’re so right about this being the new paradigm demonstrated for us on the world stage. Perhaps the “wayshower” people are doing exactly this on another level. (Any of you who have yet to see Netflix’s Sense 8 – run don’t walk. It’s about just that.) The only thing I would add is that their version of…[Read more]

    • Laurie,
      I am so grateful you wrote this. What a huge blessing to hear. When I read it my first thought was about Ken Carey’s book “The Return of the Bird Tribes” and it talks about how the “Ongwhehonwhe” (in translation the tribe that bears the light/spelling is close) will return. And now I know they are here and bearing the light of the…[Read more]

    • Here are some quotes from “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey that ties into Lauri’s post:
      “Native American consciousness speaks of a sacred relationship with the spirit of the land. The new frontier is consciousness. An aboriginal consciousness is is awakening to guide our technology through the economic and political labryinth…..let us…[Read more]

    • I remember reading something, I can’t remember where or who said it that has stayed with me. It was said that scale of mass consciousness could be tipped with one million people. If one million people were awakened it would be inevitable, mass consciousness would shift. I was looking to see what was trending on Facebook and one million people were…[Read more]

    • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I do believe the native peoples have been the knowledge holders for this very time when we most need their wisdom and understanding of how to live with our Mother Earth and one another. I will pass on this information to others who are interested. Standing Rock is empowering for all of us.

  • OMG! CRABBY! I’m so irritated today….for no apparent reason….and over everything! I’m guessing these are my own death throes – showing me EVERYTHING that is not going to be part of my new world. Good riddance all of these irritations! Good riddance!

    • Love you

      • Lauri I came on here to see if anyone had mentioned solar activity or some other enormous disruption. I woke this morning so irritable that I was afraid to get out of bed because I kept getting images of the Hulk!!. Although I’m happy to move into the next energetic space ASAP, it seemed that for me it was a drain of karmic body stuff from…[Read more]

    • I’m feeling it too! I did an hour clearing with my coach and so much sadness and betrayel was released. It was crazy! Let it all be gone so we can move forward! ❤️💕

    • Yep. It’s my birthday and it feels like Death. Whatever will be left of me after today must be my true Self.

      • I’d say Happy Birthday … but I supposed that doesn’t appeal when you feel like death on your birthday.
        May you feel shiny new soon. I hope that you find the space to enjoy your birthday in some way today! <3

        • Thank you Marie! It somehow feels right and like the only thing left to do: going through the death portal consciously/while still alive. And I’m glad to shed all remaining 3D conditioned stuff related to birthdays and how you are supposed to feel and behave.

          • “And I’m glad to shed all remaining 3D conditioned stuff related to birthdays and how you are supposed to feel and behave.” omg, I HEAR you on this one, Simone! I’d come to DREAD my birthday until I totally let myself off the hook. Celebrating YOU as you let yourself off the hook, Sister! Well done!

            • Thanks Kate! I let myself off the hook a little bit more every year for the last four years and now, after going through this death process for several hours today, I feel like something has neutralized. Hope that’s it, no more birthday dread.

              • Simone, thank you for always keeping it real. I love that about you and also that in this space we can do that and be heard and understood.

      • Happy Birthday – Happy re Birthday 🎂🎉❤️

      • Happy Birthday dearest Simone! Hugs xxx

    • totally a cranky pants today. Irritated by the slightest ‘encroachment’ upon my personal space. Stand too close to me and there just may be hell to pay. 😉 And my nervous system seems to be UBER sensitive – weird electrical currents running through my body.
      What a strange and anticipatory and exciting and irritating time December is.

    • Me too, though I suspect I’m cranky because I haven’t been paying enough attention to my own needs lately.

    • Mega coronal hole opened several days ago and is activating solar winds now blasting earth. For me it’s been hitting my digestive track, and since yesterday been having alternating waves of anxiety and depression. Still, I have to say there is magic in the air. Christ Consciousness energy is arriving like a stampede of stallions and mares carrying…[Read more]

      • Yep, anxiety, depression and Christ energies! Kinda packs a wallop.

      • “Christ Consciousness energy is arriving like a stampede of stallions and mares carrying god and goddess warriors with a fierceness of purpose, unulating and whooping,ready to trample any barriers to LOVE.” Holy shit ~ I LOVE this visual!!! Totally gave me chills!!!! And SO RELATE! Gorgeous, Linda!

    • Feeling like an angry psycho myself Lauri!! Digestion shot to shit. xxx

    • YEs me too Lauri. Was like f**k the world, f**k everything!! Today feeling lighter, more joyful again!! LOVE to you.

  • Two really cool dreams last night. In the first one, I was given a shining gold dagger/sword. It was shown to me upward, with the cross-shaped hilt at the bottom. I felt the energy and word “Victory,” like I was wielding the dagger/sword aloft. It then unfolded and became a graduation cap. I then saw myself and multitude of other people…[Read more]

  • Gawd I feel like shit today. Achy. Sinusy. Ex-haus-ted! my whole body hurts and I have to be “on” for two out of my box appointments this afternoon. Ugh! God, give me strength!

    • I hope you are feeling better.

    • Go with it Lauri, I had this too this week – to the point yesterday – I thought my head was coming off my shoulders! But something is emerging. There is a real union happening inside of us. OMG I can so feel it today. The light is at the end of the tunnel now Lauri and it is not far away. Keep going. Much love x

  • Lauri Lumby mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago

    @Lauren when are we going live with “Prosper as Love?” I’m ready and anxious to get started! <3

    • Hi Lauri, PAL is def going to be baby steps as Kim and find the balance between our individual businesses, embodying, life and our new level purpose and partnership…the full blown PAL experience will not be until 2017 because we are still plugging away thru too much density…personally and collectively.

      That said, and even tho the last three…[Read more]

      • Lauren, I know you know this already……and I just wanted to reiterate, this is not me being pushy or impatient….this is me sending LOTS of loving support for your expanding mission! <3 <3 <3

        • thx Lauri…i love and appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement for PAL! It is something that I have waited to pursue for so long that I put undue pressure on myself, even tho deeply I know the timing is already set in stone. Like everything else, I just want to be there already! 💞

  • Hi family! I’m just returning from 5 days in Lumbyland (aka Minneapolis, MN, USA). Like Nabila, I feel like we are stepping into a whole new world starting tomorrow (Monday) morning. I’m thrilled with Lauren’s latest Christ vision and over the top with Bonnie’s interpretations thereof. I had whole body chills reading her interpretations. Thank…[Read more]

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