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    I had this dream Dec 31/16 and posted it as an update and just realized this is the better place to post it….so I am reposting it here.

    I had a dream 2 nights ago….These are the parts that I best remembered on waking: I came across a skunk as I was walking to a parking lot full of cars (I’ve had skunk dreams before but this time was different) it was sitting there very self assured and calm and was wearing glasses and had placed itself very intentionally at the bottom of a set of stairs (somehow the cars, glasses and the stairs stood out as important landmarks in the dream). It was a lucid dream and I realized that the skunk responded to my thoughts and I was able to direct it however there was also a sense of stopping in my tracks and not wanting to mess with it.

    Another part of the dream was that there was a meeting of a large group of people and I was flying, while everyone one else was sitting or standing. It was interesting because flying felt so natural, I wasn’t drawing attention to myself (yet I could feel it changing the vibrations of the meeting/what was possible) it simply was my new reality. I was also not concerned whether I would be seen or not. (Previously in flying dreams it has taken effort and I don’t remember doing it in front of others.) As I came down and sat down I tried to be somewhat inconspicuous–blend in. At that point 2 others from the crowd began to fly and words “old souls” came into my awareness. My sense was that they could fly because I had flown first.

    I have some sense of what some of this means…..the skunk in part represents poignancy, it stops us in our tracks and demands our respect. You have to pay attention or pay the consequences. My sense is it represents us that have gone before… we need to have courage to speak out and stand up with confidence and lead.The journey has empowered us to speak with authority and knowing. Our walk and our talk are potent. …I have a few other thoughts but any insights you, my TWYH family may have would be most welcome…

    • Hi Loral – here’s my take. To me, the skunk represents the intelligent negative energies that exist in lower consciousness. These energies enter our minds to exaggerate feelings of fear, despair, worthlessless, etc. because this is the type of consciousness they feed upon. The “glasses” represent perception. Our perception gets skewed when we absorb this negative energy. The skunk was positioned at the bottom of the stairs because these energies only exist at the lower end of consciousness. “Parked cars” could represent all the body “vehicles” of humanity and the fact that they’re not moving can be because of the “skunk.” For most of humanity, their spiritual evolvement has been arrested because of infection by these lower-dwelling energies. The other part of your dream felt like “liberation” and a new reality for, especially, the old souls.

      • Thanks so much Thelma for taking the time to respond! Your insights ring true. Interestingly, a few days later as I revisited the dream (2017 energies) the skunk was transitioning up the stairs. Now, as I revisit it, some of the cars in the parking lot-which feels enormous- are beginning to turn on their lights and windshield wipers :).

        • I like that the skunk was transitioning up the stairs … hopefully that energy is being cleared and purified. It’s also hopeful to see the cars starting to come to life. Like all the people who have been slumbering all these lifetimes …