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  • Hello TWYH ! I am in panick with these new energies….It has been twice I have to face a change in my sugar assimilation as I fainted this last WE after too much sugar in my coffe and now the same symptoms happened again with endless vertigos and tension falling dangerously… Blood in my right hand not circulating, heart palpitations…. I am in…[Read more]

    • Hey Lady,
      Sending Love your way. Couldn’t tell you what’s going on with you. BUT, I’ve been having panic-worthy body stuff happening as well. I’m guessing/feeling that the body is assimilating and digesting all the change we’ve just been through. For me, I’m facing old bodily grievances / scary stuff almost identical to those I experienced at…[Read more]

      • Thank you MArie.. This is sooo true… I ended up letting go a huge emotional charge few minutes ago… very powerful passage… still feeling very week … love to you too XXX

      • Hi Marie ! Today the crisis has pass… But I feel like a lot of disturbances are still happening and my body fights to adjust…Therefore I still feel insecure… Although it is number 1 day of NO SUGAR OR COFFEE OR TEA in my life anymore, although I know for me how tough it will be as my HUGE pleasure when I’am down is to go buy a frapuccino at…[Read more]

        • I’m with you Alissa…while crisis is past… my bod is still in experience of ‘stuck’.
          I hope the first day of no caffeine/sugar has treated you well!!!
          I’ve found Yerba Mate to be a great go to tea… it has matteine.. or something like that… different than caffeine… more mellow and not so rough on the adrenals.

    • It sounds like your body is saying no to sugar for now. I’ve been more and more sensitive to sugar as the ascension process has been unfolding. If I eat it, I have a huge crash and have to sleep. I’ve turned to balancing my blood sugar with green drinks and increasing my clean protein intake so I don’t crave the sugar.

      I also have found that…[Read more]

      • “death throes” waouh… my crisis is ending now so I still hesitate on the cause because I saw on the net that my symptoms are called “raynaud symptoms” where so much blood comes to my hand that it puts a pressure on the little veins and obstrucus them for seconds which gives us the feeling that it is dying because no blood goes there anymore……[Read more]

        • Alissa, I have reynauds too! Though mine is very mild compared to what you are experiencing.

          I use Purium products “Power Shake” and their “LOV” product. Both are nutritionally dense, high in protein, vegan, non-gmo and tri-doshic. I love their products. Perhaps you can find a distributor near you.

    • Alissa, I had to stop all sugar. For now at least. And maybe permanently. Occasional organic coconut sugar, but not much.Not sure if it’s the way it’s processed, or sugar itself, but my body gave a hard to ignore ultimatum. So I’m listening. As we go, a lot of the toxins and poisons that we’ve unknowingly been ingesting won’t be tolerated.…[Read more]

      • Thank you ! since when did you stop ? isn’it dangerous for the body, to stop totally sugar ?

        • It’s been about 2 months now. and turns out we get so much sugar from so many directions. That’s part of the problem. Rice, bread, noodles all turn to sugar in the body. Then there’s all the “hidden” sugar in canned and processed foods. And most sugar is processed badly, and loaded with toxins and carcinogens. It’s major over-load to the…[Read more]

          • waouh that is so true… and I had to stop the white noodle too and we only take brown rice. I also can not take fish anymore. I was already a vegetarian. I guess I am heading towards only fruits and vegetable diet ! I feel completely lost

            • It’s difficult, I won’t lie. But apparently necessary. For now. My daughter and I are solid dreamers, and part of what we are working on in our “dreaming” is taking back our food, our land.

              But in practical terms, yes it means a change, if you want to flow with it instead of fighting. And I have some ansgt’y days, to be sure. I hardly ate…[Read more]

              • LOL…“Soon all I’ll be able to eat is a LEAF!!”. So true Angela! I’m pretty much there now.. down to tomato and avocado as my sustenance. And not able to tolerate sugar anymore either except for occasionally my body seems to need a shot of sugar.

                • Me too Debbie! Avacado’s at least one a day. And cucumber with lemon juice. Baked cauliflower in coconut oil goes a long way too. Add a little organic almond meal and an egg, mash it into shallow baking cups, and wallah – delicious imitation morning veggie cake. I’m planning on making stuffing out of it this thanksgiving. yum. The biggest…[Read more]

                  • Coffee…I know..ughhhh. Thanks for the tips. I’ve not tried the almond butter but I’ll give it a go. I have a head of cauliflower in the fridge so I’ll try that too. However eggs seem to be a no as well. I’ll let ya know if I come across any good recipes.

        • Sugar is considered one of the worst poisons for the body it seems.

        • everybody’s body is different so I can only speak for my own – I haven’t cut out fructose because it works really well with my body. I do a lot of green smoothies and I love them so much. I also eat a lot of fruit because I find it easily digestible and gives me lots of good and positive energy. I love the high vibration of fruit too. So that’s…[Read more]

      • I’ve had the same thing @angela777 – I also realised that sugar and dairy were linked to cystic acne that I’ve had most of my life. So by combining self-love and elimination of sugar and dairy I’ve now got the best skin I’ve ever had! finally! ha ha 🙂 Mind you I think I have a very very sensitive body and I am also intolerant to gluten and nearly…[Read more]

        • Same here. Intolerance to gluten, any GMO’s, and no more processed food of any kind. All organic and learning to make it from scratch on everything. Isn’t it crazy. Those self soothing moments have been all backwards. I’m learning that this new self love means giving my bod what it really needs. Food has always been my emotional sustenance…[Read more]

        • I’m exactly intolerance to all you are also. I got off of these and my skin cleared up along with every other problem health wise I had.

          • I’m a Plant Based health coach and trainee nutritionist – and I made my own little free e-cookbook.
            All the recipes are gluten free, dairy free, processed free, sugar free… Here’s the link Hopefully it’ll give you a few more resources 🙂

    • lots of listening to/honoring the body, supporting/nurturing as we can. At the moment I mostly sustain mySelf on organic whole milk mixed with raw protein/greens powder. My grocery list gets shorter all the time because most ‘normal’ foods don’t work. I go through cycles of enjoying some sweet, then no way no how, (not even raw honey!? ☹️)

    • You can see if your body wants fats rather than sugars. Research is now showing its awesome, especially for metabolic and cognitive health. Your body can do fine without sugars. You get plenty of carbs from Veggies and nuts. I love fats as a fuel source and of course also ketones. I do bullet proof coffees which don’t have toxins/mold and…[Read more]

  • Songbird mentioned Alissa OUECHNI in a public message 1 year, 9 months ago

    Just reading Jenny Schlitz latest message from Channeling the Masters & thought some of you here might enjoy reading it also…there is a paragraph in it that may help @lily with the recent loss of relationship, will post the paragraph separate from the link…

    “When things appear to fall apart, take a step back and say – Thank you, you saved m…[Read more]

    • Nice reminder Songbird… Thank you 💚

    • Thanks for sharing that I felt that was really useful for me right now. Much love and gratitude Cindy

    • Thank you songbird….things have nevertheless shifted between us so we spent two days together when he opened deeply his heart to me so I dont know where We are now but I will let you know how it unfolds….in the middle of turbulences….!!! But still so in love!!!

      • so glad you are feeling good about the relationship, the universe always brings magic so whatever the outcome it will be for your highest good…much love..

  • Elizabeth mentioned Alissa OUECHNI in a public message 1 year, 9 months ago

    Yesterday’s post by @lily for me brought up a string of karmic issues related to a long line of men and abandonment issues. Miss judging things and all codependent problems in my past. Truth is who was abandoned? I abandoned my own soul and didn’t hear the uttering of spirit. Now I have learned its me who must love me first and foremost.…[Read more]

  • Thank you really for your comments !! You have to know that it gives me amazing strength right before jumping in the world as nothing has been put on youtube yet and I am still testing the major that proposes to sign the album… Also, today your support means a lot to me, as I think I met my divine partner two years ago, we were unable to be…[Read more]

    • Alissa I do believe it is possible to love someone who is your marriage partner & yet allow that partner to have all other experiences they need to have. My husband & I have one of the strongest relationships on this planet, however if he ever needed to have a relationship with another it would be fine with me. That ease of allowing comes from…[Read more]

      • Songbird I think I will medidate your words for a few fays because I am sooooo far to be able to be thaaaat open … For me, if he feels like meeting or sleeping with another woman, it feels as a sort of betrayal to me….Oh I love this idea of freedom but did it ever happen to you? Practically how would that be ? What if he wants the to stay…[Read more]

        • I do understand that you may not be ready to live with this open release, but if you remember that whatever you wrote in your life story is what is & will happen for you. If this man is to be your life long partner then by releasing him can only bring the Universe to a place where it moves & causes him to see that you are the only one for him.…[Read more]

          • Magical response Songbird!

            • Waouh Songbird ! I love it ALL !! Thes are also my conclusions today and in a strange way, I realise we at least, both agreed on our LOVE, powerful and strong, but not knowing how to materialise it in this life for now. So, I let it go for now !! And I don’t know why, but I trust something inside that I never felt before… I am not scared anymore…[Read more]

    • Hi Alissa, my story is a little similar. I met my twin flame a decade ago back before I knew about Ascension. We came together fast and furious. Yet he ran even though I knew in my heart he was “The One”. His energy felt like “Home” to me as we are the same. I loved him a lot, but he was in his head and his heart was blocked. Fast forward to this…[Read more]

      • Exctly Elyzabeth !! He can’t trust his heart there is a sort of “blocage” and he needs to hold on rationally to his life…but then do you still see John ? I really feel the same here… But at the same time, I really feel our connection made it difficult for him to believe again in his marriage because if I let him, he calls me during the whole…[Read more]

        • I don’t see John so my case is easier in that sense. Our communication now is energetic in nature and telepathy growing. I feel energetically his struggle between head (ego) and heart. He is gradually awakening as I feel. In your case, you have a tough dilemma. In my heart, I think distance is best. It gives him a chance energetically too to not…[Read more]

          • Thank you Elyzabeth… Indeed I also think some distance will help in the situation clearly… I feel the same about his “process”… He still needs to allow more in his heart… I feel sad for this but I also feel such a strong powerful connection and a voice telling me it is “on hold” for the moment and for the best….

            • Alissa, my message is the same too. I have stayed single this whole time until almost with another man at church. That wasn’t meant to be and I wondered why. I’m supposed to be with John. It may be 10 years or 2. Destiny just when, that’s unknown. I have to choose me and forget human John, otherwise I’ll suffer. Blind faith and absolute trust…[Read more]

    • Alissa, I’m glad you are finding the support for your music here. We LOVE it!

      About the man in your life, all I can think to say is to honor your feelings and self-integrity. He made a choice to stay with his son & wife, which means he can only be there in a limited way for you. You are not his first priority. Can you disentangle yourself from…[Read more]

      • Thank youThelma ! Indeed, we have this strong friendship and also very supporting energy… But indeed, I have to stick to his words and choices and don’t feel to go for less than what I want… although he told me that, as for him, if he was confronted with me being in a relationship, he said he would chose love above all, and wait for me to be…[Read more]

    • Alissa, I am sorry you hurting. 😔 My first and most pressing thought after reading this is that you deserve to have it ALL and that you also deserve to dictate what having it ALL means for you.

      Like @songbird I have given Leon absolute freedom to find himSelf and what makes his heart sing, at all costs…but likely because I know/am confident in…[Read more]

      • Oh thank you for these soothing words Lauren… You know you really felt it : I feel soooo strong that he actually will adjust to my energy, but I was not ready to command it… He helped me heal sooo much and he was the one first showing me the way… You know I feel already better and blessed because I see the road all inside of me… I see how…[Read more]

        • “I also believe that I will lead the way in saying “NO” to everything that is under what I REALLY want for myself, wether it is with the man I love, or in professional business or anything in life from now on, because I JUST CAN’T DO IT OTHERWISE NOW !!!!”

          YES!! 💪🏼

          “Let go, let life now bring its own strength and truth about it”[Read more]

      • @lauren I just read your comment to Alissa. Your answer to her resonates with me as well in terms of my Twin Flame, John. Your words definitely ring true as we have a strong divine heart and soul connection, but he is unconscious as far as I feel starting to wake up. I’m miles ahead and must go forward. He will need to do his own work and get out…[Read more]

    • Hi Alissa, I feel it comes down to what you would be happy with. If sharing time and energy and devotion and money and attention with someone who must divide all of that among those willing to live that way will be acceptable for you, then there’s your answer. And if it’s not, and you can see that it will cause issues, then there is your…[Read more]

    • Hi Alissa! Sending love your way.
      Indeed – as @lauren speaks to. I am discovering that the more I let go – the more my partner responds consciously to our partnership.
      I’ve been in a rollercoaster of WTF for the past 6 months with him-precluded by 6years of more subtle yet horribly painful WTF.
      As I come into authenticity and true SELF LOVE – yes,…[Read more]

      • Wait…what the what?!? Holy crap you sound so anchored in YOU! 🎉🎉🎉 Can FEEL your inner masculine rising to meet you in this moment. My heart just did a little flip for you 💖

        Go get it girl…👊🏼 👍🏻 ✋🏼 💪🏼

        • HAha! Yes… there’s been some serious anchoring afoot in the last few weeks…. not until AFTER I was forced to say ENOUGH to the old toxic patterning. Letting in ALL kinds of Love… while simultaneously recognizing and mourning my “failings’ like a MF…. so it goes.
          Thanks! I DO intend to “go get it”
          🙂 😉

  • Hello ! As promised here is “Renessence” even if the mix isn’t finished, here it is… I am very excited and deeply moved by all your comments, who are the very first because I have kept very private for a month my songs .. We are shooting 3 short movie clip so of course, before launching it on youtube, TWYH team will receive them first ! All my…[Read more]

    • It’s gorgeous, Sister. Gorgeous. Would love to see the lyrics to this one too. ♥

      • Waouh ! So happy !! here they are
        Much love to you toooo:) I smile soo much my face is laaaarge

        Do you think this earth is yours
        Don’t think you own it take my hand
        I’ll take you where wise men spin and dance

        Turn away from your screen
        It is the monkey on your back
        As time soars by it keeps you at a crawl

        Fly fly high today’s the d…[Read more]

        • Alissa these are magnificent! Your voice is many things from beautiful to gritty, to once you get going, simply powerful and moving. It starts a resonance. You are quite talented. Thank you so much for sharing your pure essence.

    • This is incredible i loved it!!

    • Such a powerful voice 💖

    • Thank you for sharing it’s awesome 💕

    • Just love it! What an anthem!

    • Powerful! Congrats Alissa! How momentous for you to release these songs! Way to be a light/love warrior.

    • ooouuuu…CONGRATS Alissa!! LOVE the theatrics…and I also love the bottom of your voice…so robust. 🎤

    • Getting chills listening to this … Spirit recognizing Spirit. Masterfully done, Alissa. You are coming through clearly and powerfully. Thanks for sharing!

    • Just beautiful, just as you are…much love..

    • Hello Alissa , i enjoyed listening to this track. Your voice is profound, it has depth and is powerful it feels like there is more in it…..great stuff Alissa

  • Here are the lyrics


    Coming from every corner, they gather here at last
    Answering the blazing call, they feel burning deep
    It’s a cosmic glowing Age, a sovereign alarm
    It’s a weaving fuse of Light, surrounding Earth

    Pulses of bright Light awaken them inside
    They feel its arrival as a powerful surge
    They welcome the marvel, the…[Read more]

  • Hey !! I dedicate this song to all of you here who are dear to my heart. A special honor to Lauren who reunited all of you, Souls of the finest vibrations! This song describes the end of darkness on Earth: The victorious battle of Light over darkness.. There is autotune on my voice…[Read more]

    • Awesome Alissa, Congratulations!💛🎉💙

    • Alissa Your song brings me high vibes it is awesome.
      Great performance…..

    • Thank you so much Alissa, this is wonderful & so truthful…Such talent you have….You are a master…love to you

    • How cool. We have our own song. And it is given with such love and reverence.
      Thank you. I really feel we have been acknowledged – something new for us.

      Also, it has a 007 movie soundtrack quality to it.
      Makes me feel like a super hero.

    • Alissa – Wow. My whole crown chakra was reverberating. It still is. Joy and Truth hold a charge. Can’t wait to hear your next one.

    • Thank you Alissa! I get the power in your voice/Soul and I’m so looking forward to also hearing your voice without the effects… I love this. What a wonderful gift. I was just thinking of posting something about how, light wins. We did it. 💖💛💖

    • Awesome Alissa! Your song reminds me of amazing anime: valiant, luminous and new world ♥ I love it ✨

  • Hello everybody ! Hi TWYH community…The moment has finally arrived for me… My album is signed and I wrote the song “Soldiers of light”, I dedicate this song to the TWYH family and you will understand why reading the lyrics… Tomorrow, I am recording “Renessence” which is also so dear to my heart and took me two years to find an appropriate…[Read more]

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