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  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I imagine many of you remember Jude. She wants me to give her love to you all. She’s doing well. Here is her latest Energy Update:

    • Thank you, Linda! Love knowing what Jude is up to! ♥

    • I was just thinking of Jude this am…remembering the paintings she shared💜

    • Thanks Linda for the update, her website looks great and I am glad she is living her dream 🙂

    • Thank you everyone for the different point of views. For sure I’m not going to the doctor and taking medication. I think that the numbers for normal blood pressure are ridiculous considering that as we get older higher blood pressure is normal. Besides, the big pharma is the one that decides what goes in the medical books, and if millions of…[Read more]

      • The other thing that is meant to help is Tumeric tea as it decreases inflammation. I am sure you will sort it out 🙂 much love Cindy

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Inspiring words:

    Gospel of Thomas – Logion 2

    Yeshua says,

    If you are searching
    you must not stop
    until you find.
    When you find, however,
    you will become troubled.
    Your confusion will give way to wonder.
    In wonder you will reign over all things.
    Your sovereignty will be your rest.

    • Thank you Linda. How wonderful it is your hand that delivered the message to my door. Boundless love and gratitude.

    • I love this passage Linda! The gospel of Thomas was a beacon of light to me, as I was in my early awakening process and still very much immersed in the church. With all we have experienced these last several years these words have a level of meaning I couldn’t have fathomed before. Thanks!

    • Love, love, love this. Thank you so much, Linda xxx

    • got a chill down my back when I read this… hit home.
      thanks Linda.

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I’m usually able to maintain focus on the big picture, but I have to be transparent, in this moment I am filled with some trepidation and even dread about the collective future.

    I feel like I’m living a split screen reality because in terms of my immediate life, and my own embodiment process, there is a sense of awe and amazement, a relishing of…[Read more]

    • I would like to join you Linda. To your zone I would add equanimity.

      • Good idea and I’m with the equanimity too. I have to admit I read the papers every day lately but it seems my higher self has given me enough detachment since the election that it all sort of slides off. The more time goes by, Linda, the more we will be on another level where it’s easier to stay in love all the time. I had a rather emotional…[Read more]

      • Will add equanimity to the list. That’s a good one!

    • In the circle with you Linda.

    • Thank you for your transparency. I’m jumping in the circle with you!

    • Transparency so welcomed,am joining in the circle,thank you for sharing

    • Linda, I am sure many of us here share your feelings. The chaotic drama unfolding in the world has a surreal feeling to it, stirring up tremendous fear. I believe there’s an actual splitting of realities going on, where some feel more and more frustrated and trapped in their lives, whereas at the same time, there’s more and more Light anchored…[Read more]

      • Thelma you have described perfectly how I have been seeing and experiencing all that is happening. I agree with you about the splitting of realities. “The dark density of their beliefs” – well said. In Adamus’ channel last weekend he spoke of the gravitational pull that this creates, and how difficult it becomes to pull out of it.

        There is a…[Read more]

        • Planting seeds is the PERFECT thing to do!

          I think we should do whatever gives us more joy and comfort, especially with all that’s going on now.

          Some of our loved ones may unfortunately not remain on our timeline but we need to honor their path because they have made the choice (even unknowingly) to follow another path. We absolutely must let…[Read more]

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Has anyone here listened to ProgNost 2017 Theos from the Crimson Circle?

    • Linda I just saw the written preview on Facebook – interesting. I thought they were free in the past! No judgment intended – maybe things have changed? I heard the 2016 one and that was free.

      • Lisa there has always been a fee. I think after a certain time, they post it for free. Maybe by next summer, not sure.

        • When I read the preview I got a sense that the Theos energy is going to be something that we can or are already experiencing. I’ll have another look at the site later. I’m working in around 50 degree here – Sth East Qld has had 1 1/2 weeks of temps over 34 ish and we have another 2 weeks to go till things cool down. Working on my manifestation…[Read more]

    • I’ve watched to the first two sections so far. Will watch the third later tonight. I’d love to know what you think! I’m not on Facebook so won’t get to see any discussions about it.

      For Lis, a lot of the general ideas discussed in the Prognost sessions get meted out and referenced in the shouds that come after, maybe that is what you are thinking of?

      • Thanks Dawn with this. With the heat!! haven’t got around to having a look and also – though I followed Crimson Circle years ago – only came back on thanks to a reminder from Xanthe last year and found much of the information fitting in with where we ‘are!!’ And also because of my connection like many here – with St. Germain. Like you – by the…[Read more]

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    And this . . . contains good advice for the times we are a moving through.

    • This could not be MORE ACCURATE! Spent the last 4 days (no sleep at night enhancing all the emotional crud) weeping, upset, old memories, old stuff… aaagggghhh! Today I saw a funeral and the coffin was decorated with flowers saying, ‘MUM’… I broke my heart! I missed my mum, I wanted Mother, I felt small and helpless again. Then I realised the…[Read more]

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Michael Lennox’s free Full Moon Report. This feels spot on:

    “The Moon is full in Cancer, hitting overnight last night, and was exact at 3:34am PST. Those of you overseas will have felt this in the middle of the day and the southern hemisphere got the peak of the wave just as today this day (Thursday) is ending. Cancer is the Moon’s ruling sign,…[Read more]

  • Marie mentioned 2 people 1 year, 7 months ago

    I could write a book about all the little/big things that are happening and not happening in life right now…the weirdo surreal moments and the jaw dropping revelations…. and the impatience, the not-quite-sureness of what’s happening or how to proceed. I’m guessing we all could right about now.
    All is new and the potential is ripe -…[Read more]

    • Woooohoooo!!!! Lovin’ every word of this Marie. Most especially “It’s breakin’ out of the cocoon time.” Feeling it too. Oh man I am so feeling it.

      When I finally decided to drop my victimhood story (it took me at least a couple of decades longer than you 🙂 it was THE most freeing experience of my life. And when I began to really own my power…[Read more]

      • YAY!!!! SO GLAD you’re feeling it too!

        Watch out world indeed!!! I look forward to hearing about all you are/will create on the heels of the Kali energy!!! I’ve been connecting lately to Hathor’s “alter ego” Sekhmet – warrior goddess and healing goddess. Time for the powerful divine feminine!!!

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE the share about the difference…[Read more]

    • Beautiful! Inspiring! Fabulous!

    • You go girl!

    • Really cool Marie 🙂 way to go 😀 ❤❤

    • Way to go, Marie.

      I can feel the clarity in your energy.


    • Yay Marie!
      I relate to a lot of this.
      The old pathways are still there and I often find myself on them but I now catch myself when I’m there and make a deliberate choice and I’m good. Still up and down, but there’s and undercurrent of magic that is always there for me now that I can tap into when I catch myself and go, oh yeah!
      I like that you’re…[Read more]

  • Linda mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    I am already beginning to feel the impact of the upcoming Cancer full moon. Awash with emotion. @lauren and others who know this energy from the inside out, can you say what you are sensing about this passage? Reading Christine’s weekly cosmic consciousness report, which of course is brilliant. She notes that “Thursday 1/12 is the Full Moon in…[Read more]

    • I read this too, this morning. It’s a great week for change – bring it on!
      But I do have a little apprehension over how this will manifest – yikes!
      This morning I was woken up by a call from the handyman who had done some work on my gutters. he said the bill was $960. This brought up that feeling of “heart depression.” But as I sat with the…[Read more]

      • Penny, I’ve had a similar experience over money. I have a pile of bills I can’t currently pay and I’m choosing not to be anxious or even engage in the temptation to feel shame as creditors call and call and call. Nothing I can do til the flow shifts. Seeing it all as part of the dream is very freeing!

    • I tried to go out into the world this morning and got blasted by a wall of anxiety and vertigo. I asked what it was and heard, ” the world is weeping and trembling. Pray.” First I put out an urgent prayer request on FB, then sat in prayer for an hour. I’ve been praying off and on all morning, especially when I feel the anxiety rising again.…[Read more]

    • Woah Linda reading your post got to share first, that the vision back in December showed a very narrow tiny passageway at the bottom of a small wall. The other side looking at was the number 22 on the right!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it meant this week, with all the 22’s not Dec 22????? Plus I did not sleep virtually at all and have been sobbing today,…[Read more]

    • It’s a relief to read this thread and know I”m not the only one feeling absolutely insane. This weekend was a doozy…and it is a bit disheartening, as I thought (expectations) that I wouldn’t reach those low, dark depths again in such a painful manner. Today I have a darkness hangover.

      I know we say this all the time, but I’m so over it. I’m so…[Read more]

      • “darkness hangover”. I’m stealing this phrase! Me too. Me too.

      • YES YES YES Kate, my feelings exactly….and I remember the Denise LeFay blog said she also felt the darkness unfamiliar to her own usual stuff as a symptom (along with ear ringing, dizziness, etc)

    • I was a Moon in Cancer. My bday isMarch 22. 😄

    • May the force be with us. We are warriors of the light and there is no damn way we are going to let darkness prevail.

    • Yup been seeing this one coming and certainly feeling it already. IM 23 degrees cancer sun and 24 degrees Cancer rising…Im in the thick of it… Squaring my moon in Libra. Feeling the yuckies this weekend too and also have a lot of upper chakra drainage, change is coming.

      • Upper chakra drainage! Great way to describe it. Me too!!!!! Like nothing I have experienced before as I severity! Starting to ease off now after almost 2 weeks. Lots of expansion happening in crown chakra too, sometimes don’t feel I have a top of head!!!

    • i have one word for this moon: uncle

      • How is Leon doing? You mentioned how he was feeling it big time for the first time. Not easy for both of you to be flattened.

        • struggling at the mo but persevering…he is starting to ask for help which is a huge step and he is beginning to get a grip on the anxiety from the downloads. Weird times.

          Thx 4 asking 🙂

          • Only been through that once, on 11/11/16, with J. He had a kundalini awakening that lasted about two weeks. Fortunately he could turn it off mostly during the day and go to work, function normally. Otherwise though it was freakin’ crazy. And like you, it was the first time I experienced him turning to me for help.

            • hmmm…must be why I dreamed of both you and Jay helping me and leon because I am in very unfamiliar territory here. Leon and I don’t share a language in this way and trying to relate the information without “words” is proving to be quite a challenge.

              That said, it def feels like these are the mastery skills I may need moving back out into…[Read more]

              • He figured it out about the same time I did. He had begun a shamanic training the previous month, which in and of itself was very out of character for him. So he was beginning to tap back into an inner knowing he had once begun to explore and then abandoned years back. Understanding that what was happening was a kundalini awakening was very…[Read more]

                • Thanks for this Linda, it helped. Leon has seen me go thru so much for so many years that he has a (quasi) framework in place for ascension and even surprises me sometimes with his openness and understanding. That said, he seems to be moving deeper into embodiment now and suddenly all those things that He’s only heard me talk about before are now…[Read more]

    • Yesterday I felt like I was going through the day backwards. You know that awkward feeling when you are literally walking backwards? It was comical and embarrassing at times. Today fully grounded and doing well. But that moon, oye 😨

    • OMG! My moon is in Cancer too, sweetheart. We are really feeling it, eh? xxx

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Would someone please remind me who recommended Song of Increase? This is the most amazing book ever. I am reading it slowly as each page, each word feels sacred. Holding the book, looking at the cover drawing, I breathe in the enchantment it holds. If you choose to read it, please get the actual book, not kindle version. It is an experience not to…[Read more]

    • Hi Linda, It was Adrienne….thank you Adrienne.
      I was in such a hurry to aquire it that I downloaded it onto my Kindle and you are right, it does not do it justice and I have ordered the hard copy book. It is indeed beautiful but I believe much of the experience is lost in the ebook version.

      • You are so welcome, Jody. I would wish for everyone on the planet to hold this book in their hands and receive its tender, sacred transmission as they read its words. My heart swells in my chest and I am in a state of blissful grace each time my thoughts connect with it or hold it in my hands. So honored to receive this gift.

        • I ordered and read the book, as well. It was FANTASTIC! My husband is reading it now and he recommended it to his sister.
          I think this is a wonderful roadmap to how we will work together to building the new BIEN – or 4th/5th dimensional world.

          Thanks, again, for the wonderful recommendation! Tamara

    • I ordered a copy too and it came a few days ago. I also keep touching an looking at the cover, it’s so beautiful! I’ll start reading in a few days when I finish another book.

    • Just started it!! And, BTW, last summer I ordered a bunch of wildflower seeds from Eden Bro. and just threw them around, no extra water (New Mexico) or anything and TONS of them bloomed. Going to try more this year. Bees came, maybe from other peoples hives???🐝🐝

    • Ditto! Ordered the paperback and it was well worth the two day wait. (Normally, I love a Kindle download for instant gratification, but this one is worth adding to my “real book” library.)

    • Can’t wait to get mine! I ordered mine a few days ago— now I’m SUPER excited to get it.

    • Any one else having the sense that we are attracted to this book in part because it evokes a memory we have of being a part of sacred community, everyone in service, all activity expressions of pure Love and devotion to the good of the whole? And I suspect we are each drawn to this forum, creating the morphic field that is TWYH, as an arising of…[Read more]

      • YES, our TWYH hive 💜🐝💜

      • Linda, I haven’t even read the book yet. Just ordered it from Amazon last night after reading all the reviews here. And yet…..I know EXACTLY what you speak of. I have KNOWN for a very long time that I am/have been part of an ancient community and that this has been a theme of many, if not all of my lifetimes. As I write this, I feel the…[Read more]

  • @lindalubin Linda….I needed that…Just a reminder that s— is hitting the fan & I choose to dance 💕

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Rock out the blues fearless tribe.

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Michael Lennox’s free new moon report:

    Full Moon
    New Moon in Capricorn!
    Wednesday, December 28, 2016!
    Where do I even begin? There is so much happening along with this New Moon in Capricorn, it is hard to decide what is the more important elements of this Saturn-ruled lunation. The Moon and Sun are coming together…[Read more]

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Brenda Hoffman’s latest. I think some of you will find it reflects what you’re experiencing.

    Dear Ones,

    Perhaps you feel little different from yesterday or last week. Such will not continue. For you added segments just days ago that are likely beyond your comprehension.

    The segments you added are the revolutionary, strong, not always morally…[Read more]

    • Dead on!

    • Holy shit!!! My throat chakra just went into the most intense, alarming spasms as I read this. So spot on. Thank you Linda.

    • Yeah, and I suspect @lauren can relate too from what she posted below 🙂

    • Mmmm hmmmm.
      Been watching a fear in me around embodying my power. This week is bringing up HUGE anxiety/uncertainty/questioning of self every time I make a new decision towards a more powerful self.
      It’s neat-o to read brenda’a post.
      Thanks for sharing it Linda!
      Hope you are faring well 💕

    • It’s brilliant, isn’t it Linda? I love Brenda… spot on as ever xxx

    • Wow. Every cell in my body is vibrating. Now the head to head battle I unexpectedly had with my abusive ex on Christmas Eve makes more sense. It was a defining, taking power back moment. Thanks for posting, Linda!

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    This is long, however I need to post whether or not anyone has the time to read it.

    I just read this on cosmic path. It was a comment from a member which Stephanie highlighted. The member’s name is Lori, and I’m wondering if she is also on TWYH. If so, I would like to connect with you. I’ll explain why below.

    “As a Sirian Starseed with ties to…[Read more]

    • Thank you for sharing Linda!💙

    • Ha ha ! Linda, I am the “Lori” Stephanie referenced. She got the spelling wrong. 😉

      I received more information on the Syria/Sirius piece today. I’ll run it by you to see if it resonates.
      “Not only is Syria the reflection of our core wounds, it is the physical origin of our core wound. It was in what is now called “Syria” and which has…[Read more]

      • Here you go Linda:
        Journaling/automatic writing/channeling
        Lauri Ann Lumby 12.24.16

        The end of an era – the end of my 3D human journey. Karma is done and has been paid, freed and forgiven. Clear of the debris of 3D, I’m free for my true self to fully emerge – the Self that is Divine while dwelling in human flesh. My true nature as a Siria…[Read more]

        • I just read through this Lauri. I could not have imagined a more fitting gift for this sacred day. You write from deep within your soul, conveying knowledge, wisdom, understanding. The vibration of your words matches the content. The breath of life, ruach, infuses each letter. You carry and convey Divine Truth. Thank you for this offering. It…[Read more]

      • Lauri!! I love that it was you. I wondered since it sounded like the way you write and also I knew you have Sirian origins too. I am eager to read what you are going to share here.

        Could you help me understand what is meant by “took its dominance from the existing egalitarian cultures which we are Sirian’s seeded.” Does that mean that the…[Read more]

        • Yes Linda. I “heard”/believe and Riane Eisler’s research supports the idea of egalitarian cultures preceding patriarchy in the middle east and fertile crescent.

          ‘re: names and initials, We also both have 13 letters……the number of the Magdalene….and the letter L in Hebrew is “lamed” meaning teacher/leader. Hmmmmmmm.

          • Yes, am familiar with Riane’s work and others, more recent, and do believe this to be so.

            It seems that you and I have a beyond the ordinary connection going on! I didn’t know that about the letter L in Hebrew. Fascinating. And fitting, for us both. And 13, how did I miss that?? Have you read The. 13th Step by Jude Currivan? I think you would…[Read more]

    • This has deep resonance. And is certainly triggering more.

      Just yesterday in a church service….I was reminded that the call that went out for the ‘census’. The call to the Magdaline and her journey to Bethlehem….came from

      . Luke dates the census in the kingdom of Herod specifically by connecting it with the administrative…[Read more]

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    A mega coronal hole is now facing earth again for the third time in recent months. Solar wind is therefore very high, and a relatively mild geomagnetic storm is taking place. These coronal holes seem to impact me more than most solar activity, and I am feeling this one big time. Go to to see the brilliant auroras it is producing.

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    From Brenda Hoffman. I sometimes find her blogs to hit the nail for me.

    Dear Ones,

    Perhaps you feel as if nothing is right, even though nothing is wrong. You are betwixt and between. The expected is not what you expect and the unexpected continues to happen.

    This confusion is directly related to your inner-being. For you are undergoing a…[Read more]

    • Linda this bang on for me as well, and a few close friends I know will appreciate this blog. Thanks for sharing ! I woke up feeling panic and asked for help and got the nudge to come to TWYH and there was your post! 💜🙏

      • I’m so glad it helped Laurene. Fear bordering on panic has been a regular companion these last months. I also found Matt Kahn’s latest video, which is posted below, to be very helpful. Love to you.

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Matt’s teachings keep getting deeper and richer.

  • This report is food for my heart, mind, and soul, as well as affirmation of so much I have been experiencing and sensing. Thank you Lauren for every word. I am feeling my whole body and being relaxing after finishing…

  • Linda posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    These words arose as I awoke this morning: “everything you think is real is a story; everything you think is a story is real.” I had been thinking about how when 3D challenges press in on our lives it can be so hard to remember what is real. The fears crowd out our true knowing. And we have to very consciously, intentionally remember, moment to…[Read more]

    • Linda, I love this and am taking this on as a mantra. When I’m writing, working with students or clients, I hear ” the story” pouring out of my mouth and I wonder afterward, ” did I just make that shit up?”. I KNOW it is truth, but it is so far from the 3d “reality” that I wonder. I’m taking your words and making them my gospel!

    • I LOVE this, Linda! I always pay special heed to the messages that come upon first awakening in the morning. I’ve been getting very similar messages and LOVE seeing them validated by your own. Helps to cement and anchor them. THANK YOU! ♥

    • Love it!

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