• Linda posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I imagine many of you remember Jude. She wants me to give her love to you all. She’s doing well. Here is her latest Energy Update: http://www.judithnewmanartist.com/energy-updates.html

    • Thank you, Linda! Love knowing what Jude is up to! ♥

    • I was just thinking of Jude this am…remembering the paintings she shared💜

    • Thanks Linda for the update, her website looks great and I am glad she is living her dream 🙂

    • Thank you everyone for the different point of views. For sure I’m not going to the doctor and taking medication. I think that the numbers for normal blood pressure are ridiculous considering that as we get older higher blood pressure is normal. Besides, the big pharma is the one that decides what goes in the medical books, and if millions of people are on meds (which they are) more profit for them. For the time being I’m on a very light diet until the numbers go down, and making sure I exercise everyday.

      • The other thing that is meant to help is Tumeric tea as it decreases inflammation. I am sure you will sort it out 🙂 much love Cindy