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  • paloma posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Hello everybody, I have a question: I wonder if anybody has noticed a rise in high pressure with the body changes?
    This month has been brutal for me. In the last 5-6 weeks I’ve had several heart chakras expansions. Because I had many of those in the last 16-17 years, I didn’t think much of it. The waves always come around the same time in the…[Read more]

    • Paloma, I don’t know about the blood pressure, but if by heart-chakra activations you mean heartburn then YES! My pattern is following the same as yours and it’s been alllll month long almost every.single. night.

      Not to mention allllll the other pains. So YES I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in body symptoms. Even though body symptoms are usually the…[Read more]

    • Dear Paloma, I would always recommend that anyone gets medical advice because I cannot speak on behalf of anyone else, only myself but yes, my blood pressure has shot up at certain times. I am on a mild medication anyway but there have been peaks and then it will just come down to normal. I have had alot of feelings in the heart in past days but…[Read more]

    • Hi Paloma, I have been monitoring my mums blood pressure every day as she has been trying to lower it with medication and then found that she was worse on the medication. She is convinced that a higher blood pressure is normal now. She went off the medication and now it is sitting at 160/80 and she feels quite normal, this would be considered too…[Read more]

    • Yes, I’ve had perfect, bordering on low blood pressure my whole life, like 110 over 80 was my high. In the last six months, however, my top number has shot to 130 and above. I am not going to address it myself right now, just monitor it. It could be that getting to a 5D operating system raises blood pressure. Not enough anecdotal data from…[Read more]

      • Thank you so much Sedona for the reply. For two days now my heart has been pounding, beating pretty fast. This morning my blood pressure was 175 over 80. This has me very concerned especially if the heart pressure has been going on for a while without me realising it. I don’t want to take any medication because of the side effects, and because…[Read more]

    • Paloma, I know exactly what you mean. I absolutely get the same thing and I don’t have high blood pressure. If I am particularly sensitive and worried a little about whether or not I am having Ascension symptoms I would consult my GP just for my own peace of mind. I am sure you’re okay, but we do have doctors for a good reason, and it’s not always…[Read more]

    • Hi, last year I had high blood pressure and heart pains. Leveled out but was not a pleasant at the time. Some residual fear come up re last year..
      I had quite a few checks and a heart monitor to make sure. The checking provided relief that I was taking care of myself – as my living arrangement is with my child and wanted to make sure I was going…[Read more]

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