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  • This space of non-agendaed, total neutrality has been building. I have been needing to let my dad know that I am burnt out and done with the caregiving situation that we’ve been in for the past 6 1/2 years. There have been a lot of false starts towards the conversation that we finally had about it today. I’ve had to stay on message about how…[Read more]

    • Wow, wow, and WOW, Dawn!! WOW!!!

    • CONGRATULATIONS Dawn! This is the BIG HARD stuff that is the breakthrough! It is time and you handled this so well. Self-love first. @Lauren says something in CAL about self-love = right action and right action leading us to our soul! Well done!

    • Wow Dawn, a congratulations is def in order…this is so admirable, heart-centered, and empowered, and also so timely with the resurrection of the divine masculine we are undergoing right now.

      I too had to have recently had what should have been an “uncomfortable” talk with my father around not upholding expired contracts with him any longer but…[Read more]

    • You are a Star Dawn!! This is huge stuff and it appears that you navigated it impeccably as a gift to yourself and your Dad. Inspiring!

    • Wow Dawn, my love to you. I know when I moved out from my mum after her moving down from another state to live with my sister and myself, my sister moved out, then I did. She was devastated! It was the hardest thing I have ever done. However two years later I am back living with her and we have both changed so much that it is now possible. If I…[Read more]

    • Oh wow… you brave and courageous woman. I applaud you xxx

      We can no longer be caregivers as we have to give the care to our own hearts now, my lovely. I am in a similar situation with my husband, believe it or not. Long story… but we had a 3-hour conversation today too… not easy, but needed.

      Tonight I went to bed and woke up again not long…[Read more]

    • Thank You Each and All for the support and beautiful replies! Before I left for work tonight, my dad had calmed down but when I got home he most definitely was not talking with me. So there’s plenty more to come with this dialog. His short-term memory is so bad, I was surprised he recalled anything by this evening, so in a way, it’s good he…[Read more]

    • Dawn,
      You stated and acted on such a key for all of us now:
      “I stayed in the space and kept free from judging it all”.
      It is simple, but wow does it work. I have been experiencing this also with family and other circumstances. As Lauren says, it is so much easier this way. No emotional reactiveness, no suffering, and it clears the way for the…[Read more]

    • this is wonderful Dawn – thank you for sharing. I. too. had a very serious – skin shedding discussion the other day. … yet holding space for myself.

  • I finally caught up with at least the 20th century today. I went out and got one of those no contract cell phones. I haven’t had one before, and life has been fine, but it’s time, I guess. So at least now I have a cell phone in my house. We’ll see how many days it takes for me to actually take it out of the packaging and set the thing up. I…[Read more]

    • 🙂 way to go. Enjoy!!

    • I got my 82 year old mother onto my iPad, now I can’t get her off!! Worst thing is she listens to stuff I don’t resonate with, so now I have to wear earplugs when I am in earshot of what she is listening to!! Don’t you love it! #parentingmymother

      • How funny! I got my iPad for my dad, thinking some dementia-friendly apps would be helpful things for him to work with. But he doesn’t learn new things well, so that was that. It’s amazing how circular it all is, as our parents become our teenagers (or toddlers, as can be the case with my dad.)

  • I am enjoying seeing how many people in my little world are waking up from the illusion that complacency and silence and ‘just let it go’ are equal to peace. Obviously with the election results, this is totally ‘on trend’ but I just had a moment of recollecting all these conversations/conflicts/revelations that have shown up in my life the past…[Read more]

  • Matt Kahn discussed the energies of the candidates, his summary was that change would be more expedient with Trump. It’s an interesting commentary on the energies surrounding all this.

    • Dear Dawn thanks so much for posting this video. It really gave me such a positive lift and shifted my fearful energy into light, peace, calm and strength. A great gift from Matt. May you be blessed! 💚

  • Today was the first day since May that I got out of bed without feeling soreness or excruciating pain in my right foot. That’s worth celebrating! And some of the other weird and gross physical troubles that have built over this past week/lifetime are showing signs of resolution. I had intense dreams about non-physicals doing things to my body,…[Read more]

    • I am so pleased for you. It also gives me hope that some of my lingering body issues will, as I have felt all along, resolve themselves.

  • I was at Target the other day and got a pair of these. I must say, I’m feeling empowered.


  • I’ve tried something new that seems to be having a good effect. I’ve had right foot pain since May, very painful plantar fascitis (sp?). I’ve tried everything, physically and energetically, with no lasting relief. Over the days of the eclipse, a whole new world of pain opened up and I thought I’d blown out my Achilles tendon. So I googled to…[Read more]

    • Dawn that’s wonderful! And so reasonable, really, isn’t it? It’s like we’re forgetting to be limited. Or just over it. Very nice.

    • Dawn, I’m going to try this! I have had TERRIBLE foot pain. So bad I can hardly walk. Nothing has helped to make it better for me either. (though I’m trying acupuncture and neuro-muscular massage this week). I will try the “not caring about the story and sending endorphins” thing! Thank you!

  • Johanna posted an update in the group Group logo of Joyful LivingJoyful Living 1 year, 11 months ago

    I am so excited Dawn @redwood. I did my first piece of free-motion quilting (only a very small 6″ square). I was playing around with water colour pencils on fabric and decided to use the piece with all the colour blotches on it, to have a play with some free-motion. Because it was ‘just for fun’, it was way more successful than I imagined – my…[Read more]

    • I love it! I picked up some clothes at a Charity Shop (Thrift Store) and I am really looking forward to adding to them and individualising them!

      • Thank you Sonara! Would love to see some pictures when you have added to and individualised the clothing! 💖

    • This is gorgeous Johanna ♥

    • Beautiful! VERY creative. Love the design and the contrast with the trim.

      • Thank you Thelma! Because I used a really dark purple thread for the free-motion, I decided to repeat it in the binding to bring it out (plus I love the lady bugs 😊) 💖

    • I love this look Johanna. Absolutely beautiful, intentional and organic, a very soft aesthetic, while so well made. Feel like home.

      • Thank you Leah! I find my self looking at it and wishing it were bigger so I could add it to my bedroom 😁 💖

    • OMG! This is wonderful! And you said it’s only a tiny 6 inch pillow? You created so much beautiful detail on such a small piece of fabric! The wash-looking effect of those pencil colors is stunning too. I am blown away by how natural your whole design is, and even the patchwork on the back of the pillow, with your accent stitches -…[Read more]

      • Hi Dawn. 💖 I was so excited to tell you. 😊 The small size was a bit of an issue in the sense my stitch control was obviously not great – that is quite a learning curve – so some of the areas got too dense and the needle didn’t like it. I love the wash look of the pencils too but realised that if I was to use this idea for a bigger cushion I would…[Read more]

        • Wow, you are articulating this whole realm for you beautifully! It is interesting how similar some of our issues have been. I’ve had/tried different etsy shops over the years and had the same concerns over time investment, pricing, value, etc. And in regards to being an Artist, a Craftsman, or a crafter – years ago I realized that my definition…[Read more]

          • I find it interesting how we are redefining held, and commonly accepted, ideas about ‘creating’. I am noticing a movement in me away from a pre-defined structure (which has served well in terms of ‘belonging’ and ‘fitting in’ with something so we have a catagory to understand or place what we do in) to a ‘looser’ idea of a process that is…[Read more]

    • Oh Wow Johanna! This does take it all to a new level. Such whimsy and color. Grace is the word that comes to mind.

      I looked into the world of free-motion quilting a few years ago, it can create such beautiful things. You have the years of mastery of the craft under your belt to do it. I’ll live vicariously – show us all your beautiful creations!!

      • Thank you Angela for your beautiful feedback. 💖
        Not sure I am even close to any form of ‘mastery’ with the free-motion but is lovely to have moved past the avoidance of it. I now feel free to play with it when inspired.
        And thank you for encouraging me so lovingly. xxx

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