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  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    If we had unity on this planet, it might look something like this. IMG_7572

    • There were so many more cities. Here’s a link to a powerful video. My favorite is Antarctica.

      Women's March

      Thank you #WomensMarch for an awe inspiring, record breaking, healing and historic show of the force of love and dignity. Let's Resist Here and everywhere.

      Posted by Working Families Party on Saturday, January 21, 2017

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    I only have three members of my family left, and one of them, on Christmas Eve decided to list all the reasons he hated me from the days I took over his home schooling because his mom couldn’t handle his attitude anymore. I could and provided him the only guidance and consequences he had during his tumultuous teenage years. Because I taught him to…[Read more]

    • I couldn’t read along without offering you a hug and SO MUCH LOVE, Sedona. “I don’t believe I deserve to be treated so poorly.” You absolutely don’t. None of us do. Ever. I’m so sorry it’s so hard. I’m feeling the difficulty and struggle again too. Love you, Sister. ♥

      • Thanks, Kate. I am sending love and hugs back to you. I’ve never wanted to run away so much. Like when I was a lost little girl and built a fort up in the hills. It has to get better.

    • Love to you Sedona I
      Had the same thing happen to me in 2009
      With my second husband to
      The point where he tried to get me certified as mentally ill because I had the courage to walk
      Away from an abusive relationship when that didn’t work he told everyone I was dead. I was devastated however it a gift it set me free to live the life of my dreams…[Read more]

      • Thank you, Cindy. Perhaps this was holding me back. You know, carrying someone like that. I’m so glad you can see all that happened with you as the blessing it was. Much love to you.

    • Big hug and much Love Sedona!💙💙💙 A new dawn is coming…🌅

      • Thank you, Simone. Perhaps this was an unhealthy tie that needed to go before I could break free. I just didn’t see it coming. Much love to you.

    • Sending you a huge hug Sedona! The boy and his mother suck! Projections galore. Unwilling to be accountable for their own behaviors. Sounds like a HUGE cord cutting is in order. There seems to be a theme! Hang in there. You are not alone in this!

      • Thank you, Lauri. Yeah, I don’t regret helping them because they were in need, and I really thought he might die for real if I didn’t. I just think this retrograde is brutal this time especially as the recipient of their issues. Ah, well. Feeling better now thanks to all of you. Much love back to you.

    • Xxxxxxxxoooooo

    • I’m feeling the heaviness today too. So sorry Sedona that you had to deal with that. Seems it’s time for all of us to move on from those who do not appreciate or even just respect us or what we have given. Unfortunately it’s been the lot of women for eons. We’re all in good company. <3

      • Thank you, Becky. Yes, we all deserve to have long bouts of joy instead of struggle for all we have done. We are close to creating things. Just need to round that corner. Much love to you.

    • Dear Sedona, What a hard day for you! I guess the nudge has to come from somewhere but it is over and done and you know that. Sending you love and light as you leave betrayal behind forever.

      • Thank you, Jody. Yes, a hard day, but honestly the support I got tonight from all of you has really changed things. I feel no more pain and am ready to keep going. Such a miracle. I can’t thank everyone enough. Much love to you.

    • Hi all, you may want to read the new moon report I posted yesterday from Michael Lennox. It might help make sense of what many have been experiencing. For example, “In addition, Saturn is Squaring Chiron, the Great Healer today, and this will follow suit next year as well. This can be an incredibly painful process whereby emotional patterns that…[Read more]

    • ❤️❤️

    • Sedona, my heart goes out to you. I believe you needed to see the truth about this relationship so you could totally detach from it. We cannot afford to give our energy away to anyone, and I’m sure he was draining yours. Maybe one day he will see things differently, but right now, the larger YOU needs you to extricate yourself from his energy.…[Read more]

      • Thank you, Thelma, for writing this to me over the holidays. Thankfully, I was able to re-do the chord I had with my family member and keep him in my life in a good space. Your comment helped me to really look at what we had and where I wanted to go. Plus, you and the others who took the time to counsel me actually had a profound effect on me…[Read more]

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I find myself having to say to those (lucky) souls newer to the earth project (I literally have been here forever) – “You do know that for the 3D-5D merger to work that the 3D actually has to survive? Right?” I’m usually met with a stare or total silence. We tired first earthlings still feel the INSANE 3D stuff going on right now in our very…[Read more]

    • Sedona, I love the image of Atlas in a grand mal seizure! Indeed! I’m going to address your question above in a larger post for the community at large. XXOO

    • @sedona Now that is funnier than HELL!!! Ditto! Yes to the insane cell thing as well

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Well, I’ve been so extremely volatile these last few days that I asked to downgrade my membership for the time being to exclude me from the forums. But here I still am, so I have a question for the group. Have any of your family or friends questioned your very sanity during these last hard years? Like seriously got in your face about it? I was…[Read more]

    • YES! My (now former) husband told me I was crazy for YEARS. I left him. I have had “friends” tell me I was delusional and question my sanity. Most people look at me with a blank stare when I try to explain what I do and what I believe. I nearly always feel like I am a voice crying out in the wilderness talking to nothing but sand. THIS is…[Read more]

      • Lauri,
        Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I’ve been my old warrior self during a lot of this process, and it all came tumbling down after the election, like the dial got turned toward the dark side again. For some reason, my family chose this time to attack me for a multitude of things, mostly not being the stellar breadwinner I was for…[Read more]

        • Dear Sedona
          I have lost every friend I ever had in real life due to my ascension process – especially in the last five years. Besides my husband and kids I don’t talk with anyone about ascension because they are not on the path and would just think I was a nut job. I know I’m not. Just born into a world where my job is to be an energetic leader,…[Read more]

          • Thank you, Meadow. Yes, I, too have lost my friends and almost never discuss the ascension but with only trusted ones. But it was when my family came at me and called me a failure that it all came tumbling down. Yes, I will watch that video today. Perhaps I can turn a big corner here. Thank you so much for sharing your difficult journey. I do…[Read more]

        • Sedona, I know you know this already, but your family’s attack is simply their own fear (empathic or real) coming out sideways. As lightbearers, we are often the target of others’ unhealed wounds. On an energetic level, they feel “guilty” for not obeying their own light and are subconsciously resentful of those of us who have and are. Hang in…[Read more]

          • Ha! Yes! I’m not being too hard on myself for taking the drugs. I just want them to get me over the hurdle. But I love what you said – yes, we have the power to transcend and change the energy of so much. The thing with my family is a lot of what they said was true. 3D true. I have not been motivated to get “the job” or use my degree. So, I had no…[Read more]

    • I don’t really talk about it any more as I ve thru the same things and it was easier to not talk about it. If I do I am very very selective about what I say & to who I say it to……
      i know it’s hard that people don’t get it but they will come around. I use to talk about this with my sister ALOT but since around 2010 she’s hasn’t really been…[Read more]

      • Yeah. I’m lucky I have one person, but lately he just wants to get over it all and go full steam ahead, which kind of mirrors what Lauren has been saying. I guess I’m just a little behind. This election knocked me flat down. At least for now. 💖

        • I hear you it’s been full on ! I’ve been taking regular baths in sea salt to clear my body & just mediating on finding my centre again as well as @lauren affirmation this has really helped me these last few months:
          “By the power invested in me , I hereby command the highest reality available to me at this time”
          I ? This ! Hope it helps you too ?

    • Dear Sedona, most of us have been where you are now, whether with friends, family or the world at large. Don’t “wait” for anyone’s approval or understanding, but simply respect their path as being nonresonant with yours. Learn to value your OWN feelings and inner knowing. This is crucial.

      Yes, it hurts to feel ostracized and misunderstood but we…[Read more]

      • p.s. – it’s helpful to surrender the lower ego to your Higher Self. Your lower ego is concerned with its survival and attachment to the material world and it accepts society’s definition of “success.” I have learned to value my own definition – which is living life on MY terms and doing what brings me joy.

        I used a simple technique to express my…[Read more]

        • Thank you, Thelma. Yes, lately I’ve been oscillating between my true spirit and my ego. Some of it is that I am aching to get back out there but never again in that old dog eat dog fashion. I want to set up a vision and actually see it work. That will be worth my whole time here in this lifetime. I guess it’s the same as the integration of 3 and…[Read more]

    • Sedona: I can attest that I feel isolated in this process, which is why I am a member here. Even here, though, I don’t put it all out there, because this process has been so amazing I sometimes feel like I’m bragging, and I’ve sparked some jealousy in other light workers unintentionally, when I really just wanted to inspire and share how great it…[Read more]

      • Hi Jimmy, I can quite understand how you feel and to some extent I hold back, if it feels appropriate. However I love hearing about your/and other TWYH family’s amazing experiences. There is a very very slight feeling of ‘why am I not having these experiences?’ (Our uniqueness allows for many routes to get there!). But the main feeling for me is…[Read more]

      • Jimmy, I’m with Sonara on this. I love to hear about your experiences because it shines a Light on what’s possible for all of us. It’s NOT “bragging,” it is sharing with the hope that what you share will inspire others (and it does). We evolve at different rates, each perfect for where we are in our Divine paths. If there is anyone who you CAN…[Read more]

      • There have always been those amongst us who were already integrated or mostly integrated with 5D. Less encumbered, I always called them. You see them here and there, and think, ah, that’s where I’m going. The time is coming where maybe you don’t have to hold back as much. Thank you for your most encouraging words. Much love to you.

    • Hi Sedona much love to you here is Matt Kahns latest… I found it really helpful. The End of the Old Paradigm.

      • Thank you, Cindy. I’m going to watch this and the other one recommended to me tonight. Thank you for taking the time to find this for me. Can’t believe this outpouring of love and support for me. ❤️

    • Yes Sedona, I have had to walk away from many situations and relationships (family and otherwise) over the last 10+ years in order to be true to myself without the constant barrage of “doing the right thing” according to societal standards. Even and especially letting go of lucrative businesses to let myself fall down the proverbial rabbit…[Read more]

      • So, Lauren. Here we meet again in just a matter of a couple days. Wasn’t I just trying to remove myself from everybody else because I thought I was too, well, volatile for such a nice forum and site like the one you’ve lovingly built over many years. Now, instead I’m spending a good part of the day genuinely thanking people and at awe at how many…[Read more]

    • Oh yes Sedona, and then some! This was the year I really needed help to survive and I was turned away (not by my Mum & Dad, as they are in spirit, and cheer me on) but by some others who profess to love me. I have battled it for many years and this year was the climax. But an amazing thing happened; the lack of compassion I received from them -…[Read more]

      • Julie, your words are so profound to me at such a core level that I’ve had to re-read them a few times. I think you are ahead of the curve in learning to create your own hologram, definitely from the core of your being. Your true core before the mucky muck of the darkened earth got in there and altered it. I think I will cut and paste this and…[Read more]

        • Bless you. Its an honour to help you Sedona and thank you for your kind words. They mean alot. Life is a mixed bag of ups downs, twists and turns and sometimes a bit like we are in a spin dryer! 🙂 But it is all the rich tapestry our souls came to experience. Just be you. That is all you ever need be. Much love xx

    • TWYH is where I can find people who are going through similar experiences to myself. There is no one in my life right now that has any idea of who or what I am; or who can relate to what I am going through. It seems the higher our vibrations go the fewer people there are around. We are the wayshowers so it makes sense that in order to be of…[Read more]

      • Sonara, your words echo my own experience as well. Alone but not lonely … people in the outside world who can relate are so few and far between they are like rare pearls. We are indeed forging a new path, where others may follow.

      • It’s so funny, Sonora, I always imagine you to be so light in person that most people in general can’t even see you. So, I can imagine there’s an isolated feeling you must carry. I’m like you – I really would love to work and interact with great people on a daily basis, but I haven’t quite come close to creating that scenario in my life yet. Much,…[Read more]

    • You’ve triggered a really great thread, Sedona. Thank you for that! It was so comforting to read all these responses and to be reminded that there are people here like me who do not have anyone in their physical life that understands what this experience is and who don’t particularly want to know. Big cyber hugs all around!

      • Becky,
        Thanks so much for writing. Who knew my desperate desolation would open up such a well! It wasn’t just words – there was quite a nice tide of energy that actually made me wake up in a safe, comforted place the next morning. Miracle! I mean, I can’t get over it. I’ve been on this site since 2008, and this is the second time they’ve had to…[Read more]

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That’s all I can muster now.

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    A lot of us are very scared right now. This does not make us any less spiritual or on our way with our 5D processes. Many of us are political historians who understand all too well the 3D implications of the outcome of this election. People will be subjected to suffering, many will impact us directly and already have. Please give all of us a…[Read more]

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    I guess if you offer a point of view in response to someone else’s, you get accused of censoring them. That is not a fair accusation. So, I will state my concerns in my own post. I was merely stating that Hillary was the smoother, more transitional choice, but that is not what the collective chose. Calling her a criminal has been a false narrative…[Read more]

    • Hi Sedona. I felt like I had been punched in the gut after the election, which is weird, because I usually can shake off 3D stuff really easily. To me it was so clear, how Trump stands for separation and divisiveness, whereas Hilary stands for unity. I was hoping we had evolved further than this. In fact, I believe the punch in the gut feeling…[Read more]

      • Thank you so much for responding to me. It means the world. I came on this site earlier and found a post about how Hillary was a criminal. The usual stuff from Fox, Breitbart and Infowars. Of course I challenged it, and dear god – bad idea. And I thought my one safe haven is gone. I don’t really feel safe anywhere right now, and have asked to…[Read more]

  • Elizabeth mentioned Sedona in a public message 1 year, 7 months ago

    I was reading @sedona post below. Earlier in the week Stephanie Azaria on Cosmic Path said we would see where the collective consciousness was really at by the outcome of the vote. She said if Clinton won it would signal an easier road for the collective in our transformation process for all versus a much bumpier ride with more shakeups with Trump…[Read more]

    • Dear Elizabeth, I feel for you guys because I understand the impact of the shock of such massive change. We had that back in June in the Uk, with Brexit.

      Now is the test, more than ever to hold the vibration of love. It is, and will always be, more powerful than fear.

      No matter how powerful – one man does not hold the worlds future in his…[Read more]

      • “No matter how powerful – one man does not hold the worlds future in his hands. There is a reason it has gone this way, even if not obvious to us yet.” Thankbyou for those words. They stuck with me. We must remain with our power. I struggle deeply with it tonight, but your words are a beacon to me.

        • Thanks @sedona!!! Us of the light must hold our space and gather strength from each other. Thank you for your comments on both of my posts. It means a lot.

        • Dear Sedona, I am so glad you felt this. Thank you for your kind words. You help me too, because spirit are pouring words into me and it is time to get out of my own way, and just let them out. Hold faith and hold strong. The light is doing it’s work behind the scenes. I think of it like this; this stuff had to come up for transmutation. I…[Read more]

    • I feel that the bumpier road with more shakeups will lead us along a “faster” path of awakening collectively. So yes maybe it was chosen, in part, because the collective is still very identified with fear but it also will make it imperative that we begin choosing love as a whole …the hate and fear will be so obvious and not choosing love will be…[Read more]

  • Sedona posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    Well, I guess I’m in the minority in this group as I write this with a heavy heart and deep sorrow. The election of a Hitler-esque demagogue who goes after his political opponents and believes me to be a second class citizen does not at first glance seem to be a great win right now for spiritual growth, but a possible dead end for the earth…[Read more]

    • Sending you love and a big hug Sedona. I’ve had a hard time today coming to terms with the trump victory and the state of the world today too. It does feel so challenging and bleak. I completely get where you’re coming from. I hope things get to a better place for you and your mum. Bless you. 💐❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Sedona – take heart :). I live in NH where nearly 700,000 people voted and the difference between the candidates I saw earlier was around 1500 votes, so we’re pretty divided right down the middle. I don’t feel 50% of the voters in this state are mean-spirited or narrow-minded, or anti-immigrant – not at all – NH is traditionally fiscally…[Read more]

    • I don’t believe Social Security and Medicare are going away any time soon. I think once he gets into the office he’ll find out how hard change really is. Like all campaigners, so much of what he said on the trail was so he could win. It remains to be seen what the shambles of the Republican party along with the loose cannon in the White House can…[Read more]

    • Hi Sedona, I am also opening up a well of grief. Sending my love and faith into the well has been my alchemy for the morning. Much love to you ❤️

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