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  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago
    Nice one ☺💗

    • Simone, I’m not sure I’ve ever read her before ~ and you’re RIGHT, this is a NICE one. Resonated very strongly. It’s funny, I had the same realization re: purpose as I was in the midst of writing my book. I understood I wasn’t writing it for other because it was my “purpose.” I was writing it for ME because it was my JOY.

      What a BIG difference!…[Read more]

      • So true, Sister! And what a great liberation it is when we can let go of “achieving”/wanting to cause a certain effect in the external world.
        I love the quote that Thelma shared above:
        “When you love, honor and respect yourself fully, you will have no desire to experience anything less in your own world and you will transmit this out, which…[Read more]

        • Simone, you are so unbelievably articulate! How you are able to express this intense inner shift is pure, sparkly, glittering AMAZINGNESS! I feel you, Sister!!!

          • Yay! 💖💚💙 It’s like you said above “I was writing it for ME because it was my JOY.” If there is no “intent to have a certain effect on sb” in our way then there’s so much more freedom to feel each other and to share the Joy.
            Oh it’s going to be so much fun to operate from a place of ‘no fear’ permanently.☺🌟

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    PowerFULL MOON alert 🌕

    2017 Cancer Full Moon

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    “Every language first had a word for black and for white, or dark and light. The next word for a color to come into existence – in every language studied around the world – was red, the color of blood and wine.
    After red, historically, yellow appears, and later, green (though in a couple of languages, yellow and green switch…[Read more]

    • Very interesting!

    • What a great article! Thanks for sharing it!

      • I have continued to think of this today (and am having fun doing so). The literature sources that were mentioned are Western, I’m wondering if the Vedic texts or other ancient Indian or Chinese texts reference blue. As I recall, there were blue avatars in the Indian pantheon, I assume they were described as being blue-skinned. I’m sure the…[Read more]

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    😳 IMG_5093

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    “…and the ice cream truck is the only reason I run”
    lol 😂 I SO needed that.

  • I second that Bonnie! So much confirmation and clarity, Thank you Lauren! And I love the decrees, very helpful. 💙

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    The Swan

    This difficult living, heavy and as if all tied up,
    moving through that which has been left undone,
    is like the not-quite-finished walk of the swan.

    And dying, this slipping away from
    the ground upon which we stand every day,
    is his anxious letting himself fall—:

    into the waters, which receive him gladly
    and which, as if happily a…[Read more]

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I’m observing some kind of inner anticipation, I don’t know what exactly but feels like some good and liberating news are bubbling up to the surface. Oh please I hope I’m right with this🌟🙏🏻🌟

    • Simone, me too. I’ve had a ton of anticipatory anxiety the past few days, heart surges, exhaustion and the tell-tale pre-birth irritation. I’be even been irritated with my daughter who I never have these feelings toward. Something is definitely coming!

      • Thank you for the confirmation Lauri! A friend just told me she feels it, too. Growing excitement…😬

    • Yes I had been noticing this including the irritation and pre birth feeling

    • Simone I’m feeling the same thing, in fact, this anticipation and excitement has been coupled with feeling shy and bashful, almost in a child-like way. I’m excited to see what I have in store me.

  • Simone mentioned Ana Paula Toothman in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago

    @anna1t1 Happy Birthday Ana! 💛💗💙 🌺💐💝

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    I thought I share some observations from my own journey, maybe it’s helpful.

    So many emotions related to survival fear are repressed because they threaten to put us in a state of overwhelm and make us feel powerless in the face of ‘external’ power (3D). So we develop mechanisms to avoid these emotions and there’s also a human tendency to attempt…[Read more]

    • Thanks Simone that is beautiful and just what I needed to hear…. great perspective that I had momentarily abandoned myself and allowed myself to get overwhelmed and blamed external factors… Have to say I have the whole shebang going on right now, living with mum who is almost constantly pissed of and angry as she is in overwhelm, work where…[Read more]

      • I hear ya Cindy! This year is so “in-your-face” and full with whatever it needs to literally trigger the hell out of us, because it’s the only way that makes us look at it. I also want to mention that many/most of the above mentioned steps don’t happen in a linear fashion or any way that we would expect. The perfection of the divine plan….
        Much…[Read more]

    • Beautiful, I perfectly resonated. My experiences too.

  • Thank you Lauren! And happy 11:11 💙
    I feel so much freedom of movement emerging now that all the energy that was used to keep things separate from another comes unstuck. That feeling of relief is now a huge wave of…

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Slept really good after reading the report, as if my body was gently acclimating to the new territory. Thank you Lauren, I find the report deeply nurturing.💙
    I read that Donald Trump won the election and observed that I felt relief, as if accelerated change can come more easily and quickly now.
    Meanwhile I welcome the End of all roads. This part…[Read more]

    • “as if accelerated change can come more easily and quickly now.”

      I share these exact sentiments exactly Simone…great point!

  • Marie mentioned 10 people 1 year, 9 months ago

    Hi Folks,

    It’s been a while…. thought I’d take this unusually quiet morning to touch in (read: write a book of a post) and share the colossal changes that have been happening in my life.

    For one, after a 4 month stay, I am moving out of the gallery of goddesses and back to a farmhouse I’ve lived in twice before – a place in which 2 yrs ago -…[Read more]

    • My first official cry of the day…crocodile tears of joy that come from a deep well of relief. For you, for us, for the new world rising from the ashes.

      Congratulations on seeing yourself thru this unbelievable cycle of Self LOVE…you deserve every good thing that is on it’s way to you right now. I think we all invested in your heart here…[Read more]

    • Marie it’s wonderful to hear. Such a span on inner growth, and you shared as you went. Thank you for walking it so eloquently out loud for us to share as we could. Deep distance hug.

    • No words baby, and yes tears of sheer joy for you!! Wow, wow, wow….❣️❣️❣️

    • Congratulations, Marie. My heart expanded reading this ❤️ You are a rockstar!

    • Marie, this is awesome and amazing! Miracles do happen and you had the faith to trust that all would land as it needed to! This is true mastery work! Well done!

    • Awesome news Marie! ❤️💛❤️
      Interesting that it’s been 7 months for you, too (my stay in Sweden was that long). 2016. That could be a cussword, instead of saying “go to hell” one could say “go to 2016”. I know I know, it (allegedly) brought so much growth, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell. Still does occasionally. And still 2 months…[Read more]

      • ‘That could be a cussword, instead of saying “go to hell” one could say “go to 2016”.’
        omg, I LOVE this! And QUITE agree!

    • Well done, Marie! You are worthy mentor indeed.

    • Marie!!! I savored EVERY word!! As Lauren said, I want to celebrate for all of us in this unfoldment of yours!
      Also agreeing with Angela that in your sharing of the journey, it makes the harvest so much sweeter for all of us.
      Thank you for this tremendous share today!! You are GORGEOUS! Hallelujah indeed!!!!!!!!!

    • Makes me so happy for you ..and for all of us:-) Lots of love<3

    • Good to hear from you again! I read every word you wrote. Things definitely sound like they are going in an amazing exciting new direction. Congratulations on reuniting with your man. You give me hope yet. Love to you!

    • So happy for you Marie, and especially for the peace and Love I feel in your new place that is YOU. <3

    • Marie… I’m reading your share in a moment in which I am drained to almost zero. And I drank in your post… this is just the beginning. We don’t have to get anything perfect (though unknown can be scary). Your Light shining through these words is S-T-R-O-N-G… So much Love to you in your transition and In-joy-ment of Self.…[Read more]

    • What a gift it was to read this post today. I’m also welling up with tears…and covered in chills of confirmation. YES!!!! You courageously faced it all and look what was on the other side? Freedom! Love you. Can’t wait to hear more. <3

    • I couldn’t be happier for you Marie. What a ride you’ve had. This is so wonderful. Much love.

    • Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses! After posting this update, I had to retreat and let it all digest. Writing it all out has made it somehow more real… still digesting…


  • Thank you Lauren!!!💙
    It’s so so good to read what’s going on and why, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to make any sense of this melancholy today. Helpful in so many ways but my brain is currently not able to ar…

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Holy shit, huge wave of suppressed emotions rolling through me. Mainly aggression. I feel like a stick of dynamite that wants to be a nuclear warhead.
    I wonder if in order to fully neutralize that just feeling these emotions might not be enough and if maybe at some point there will be a situation where I need to be seen in a moment of ‘losing…[Read more]

    • Simone-I’m experiencing this wave of suppressed emotions too! Looking forward to sleeping well and awakening anew! ❤️

      • Still oscillating back and forth between various emotions. It’s always soothing to know that we’re not alone. Thank you Ann!❤️

    • I had a surge of highly charged anger today (I wanted to blame my adrenal herbs.. right). For me, grounding, grounding of the masculine and all of the shifts that allows, including the release of blocked energy/power. And yeah, whatever it takes… which I pretty much say everyday now. Love to you Simone 💙

      • I feel like not knowing what grounding the masculine means. It’s still a bit of a blind spot sometimes.
        Although I have to say I observed that within the last 3 weeks or so I occasionally did take the lead in some situations, like e.g. the situation with the cancelled train (shared it few weeks back). Or another example two days ago I met a friend…[Read more]

        • Simone, this is so poignant: “making my energy and presence visible and count in a situation where I previously would have felt like the strange outsider who has no place to BE. So it is as if all of the sudden there are ‘openings’ that allow me to bring myself into the world in a new way. Small situations but definitely recognizable as New…[Read more]

    • Simone I just lost control of my emotions at the vet where our dog is…He’s having seizures and we’re not sure if he’s gonna make it… Tears publicly is not something I ever do….

      • Oh Gracee, sorry to hear your dog is having seizures. Don’t hold your tears back, there’s room for you and your emotions in this world and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing them. Big Hug and much Love!💜

      • I am so sorry @gracee. I pray and hope your dog pulls through. I know it hurts. Animals are huge in my life.

      • I so feel for you. I just lost my very special cat and it never ceases to amaze me how deeply animals touch our hearts. I’ll be sending lots of love to your dog, you, and your family. Let those tears flow…even in public. People really do understand.

    • Simone,

      I’ve had similar experiences where out of control rage has just flowed right through me. What has worked for me (knowing that we all have our own experiences & ways of processing) was to just acknowledge it. Grounding the masculine is all about acknowledging and thanking the energy that protects the soft, gentle, innocence of you.

      One…[Read more]

      • Thank you Sal!
        “Grounding the masculine is all about acknowledging and thanking the energy that protects the soft, gentle, innocence of you.” This is a very helpful perspective. 💚
        Much Love to you!

    • Here’s to your true sovereign self and kicking out the suppressed emotions. Getting ready for the new coming up.

    • I went through a purge last summer. I took a year to boil over and when it did, I didn’t care anymore if I would “be seen in a moment of ‘losing control’ and expressing it.” It had been so long suppressed and whatever modern-style processing was no use, just a temporary release valve. At one point I felt that combined witht he rage/anger was…[Read more]

    • Ive also been feeling lots of Angries….people in traffic really pushing my buttons!

    • Hi Simone.
      I hope you are feeling some ease.
      I say, go for it!
      I think we are all too sensitive about anger and rocking those around us.

      Today I was not in a rage but I could not hold back when my business partner was acting like an ass.

      He can really press my buttons – he can be an old, white, bullying drama infant.

      As horrified as he…[Read more]

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    I woke up in the night because -again- the TV turned on by itself. I didn’t wake up immediately, I slowly became aware of the background noise until I realized it’s the TV and then the first thing I heard clearly was “go and look for your father, child”. I turned off the TV and thought what a wonderful thing, if the old father figure is truly…[Read more]

  • Simone posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Awesome and brilliant moon report from Anne Harris via CP. 💙

    2016 Libra New Moon

    • I’m not in the habit of reading Anne’s moon reports, so wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t mentioned it. The whole thing is more than I can take in at the moment, but I read much… Several great things, and this: “We are transcending and transforming our wounds and the need for woundedness.”… Hall-e-lu-jah.

      • Thanks for posting this report. I would not have seen it either.
        Like Leah, I am having a hard time taking anything in these last few days. I tried reading TWYH posts but they all turn mushy on entry.

        But I just read this moon report and it reflects the experience I had just half an hr ago.
        I had a wonderful encounter with 3 ‘normal’ people…[Read more]

        • This is wonderful news Penny, I find myself still in the back and forth balancing act, having new expansive experiences which in that moment feel fresh and free and then often the next day I feel residues of old fears and vulnerability for ‘having left the safety zone’. But it is getting quieter, coming closer to neutrality step by step, or should…[Read more]

      • Hallelujah indeed, feel a bit of sadness/grief today because the learning through woundedness age felt so endless and I’m exhausted. Woke up not knowing which timeline this is. (?) Feels like another opportunity for a sovereign “Nope, I’m definitely done with this and ready to move on”.

        • This Black moon is strong for me = dark. water. (more than a ‘regular’ new moon!)… And still many things may not be what they seem. My fav practice for the moment: going all the way into my Heart and saying, “Yes”. And that’s it.

          • Oh what a fabulous practice, simple, clear, powerful, profound.
            Interestingly the new moon felt very expansive for me, this is until I fell from the cloud the next day. But for me it was also the 1st of October, so not a black moon like in the US.

            • Right… I forgot that it wasn’t a black moon everywhere. And Mercury recovering his shadow, yes… There’s so many things happening at once, seemingly all the time now. Validates that a lot IS happening while I’m seemingly doing nothing. 😪

              • Oh believe me we’re highly active in our spiritual bodies and I have great hope that once Mercury officially finishes this latest upgrade of the high mind that the multidimensionality that is peaking through doesn’t feel so overwhelming (insane) anymore. In moments I felt like on the edge of total brain short-circuit.

        • I found that denial works really well these days: I started to ignore the lower vibration and keep on keeping on.

          For a couple of weeks I had this feeling of mistrust hanging over me. I decided to ignore that too but prepare to not be disappointed if something went sideways.
          Now I am actively trying to be active (when I’m not flat on the bed)…[Read more]

          • That describes my September experience in many ways. And today I had a similar feeling like in August the first few days after my return to home/Germany – not sure which timeline this is, reorientation, trying to figure out what’s the task at hand.

      • Leah, I loved that part too. Simone, thanks so much for drawing my attention to this. So much goodness. I liked this part too (I’m finding this is becoming effortless): “The willingness to make lots of small, daily choices from the Heart to become more inclusive and actively engaged at a higher level of conscious awareness in each area of your…[Read more]

        • Ooohhh Kate, Love it: ‘able to Serve cause I’m not having to Self preserve’… ‘Service as Joy, Sustenance.’… So well said. Can feel this approaching and I’m looking forward to experiencing it when my activity level increases from 0 to 1.

        • You’re welcome Kate!
          I experienced this ‘wanting/able/joy to serve’ in parts in September. What a breath of fresh air this has been for me as it felt like a tangible sign of relief from victim consciousness.

    • Loved it. 😄

  • Elizabeth mentioned Simone in a public message 1 year, 10 months ago

    I was called today to sign up for CosmicPath even though I have money management issues. Thanks @simone612 and others mentioning Stephanie and Simone to open my eyes to it. Happy Reading to me.

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