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    I had an interesting dream before I woke up this morning….

    I was standing at the top of this tunnel-like area that sloped downward, and I knew that I was supposed to do down it, but I intuitively knew that I needed to wait for a few minutes prior to proceeding. Not seconds later a giant snake came out of a hole in the ground a half a foot in front of me and went straight down the tunnel and out of it. As it was coming out of the hole, I noted that it must have had some sort of dinner, as it had a lump in it – and it was a giant python-type snake and super big. Anyway, after the snake went, I knew it was my time to go. So, I start on my way downward, but realize that it is too small for me to walk, so I get on my hands and knees, and finally my stomach to go through. As I get to the opening, I realize that it is a tight fit, and I have to squeeze my head and shoulders through and then the rest of me came out. (Hmmmm….birth canal, anyone? At least I wasn’t breach…LOL)

    Then, after I am out of the tunnel I walk into a room where there is a lovely energy-efficient wood stove that I have been reading about that uses twigs and can heat an entire home, and has these lovely benches that are made of adobe that are warm from the fire throughout. While I am standing there admiring this wonderful fireplace, I am told that I get to participate in a week-long retreat for women and we are going to be touring various creative and artistic locations. (I have to say that I am a bit of a hermit – and while I have some women friends – it is highly unusual that I would be in the company of all women on a retreat. No offense, ladies…I love you all. This is just completely out of character for me.) So, we go to the first location, and I see all sorts of creative and artistic stuff that is really expensive…but fun. Of course, there are a lot of PURPLE things – which is my favorite color.

    At this point I woke up.

    This dream was so unusual on many levels, as I feel that the first part was definitely a birth. The second part shows a bit of a retreat/relaxation with other ladies who enjoy beauty and art.

    Anyone else interpret anything in addition?

    Love to you all! Tamara

    • The big snake gave me shivers … I feel this is the OLD duality-based world slithering out after “digesting” its last meal.

      Your pushing through such a tight space did seem like a birthing … also the pressures of the Higher energies pushing out lower frequencies (we are pushing them out of our energy field). As for the women’s retreat, I feel this is your Divine Feminine energies coming out, wanting to be expressed in the world through your creative and artistic output. Purple is a color associated with Oneness and spiritual powers.

      My two cents.