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  • I need to share this…

    Some weird sh** happened in the night (and it’s still only 5.20am!)

    Went to bed last night (22nd) after watching a couple of things that took me back to childhood (one was Call the Midwife, a fabulous series set in the late 50s and early 60s, and it really upset me as it was about domestic violence and it brought up…[Read more]

    • Ummm Jay… what planet are you on??? def sounds weird 🙂 my life is very uneventful in comparison… lots of love to you Cindy, ps you had enough marbles to check in… thats a good thing 🙂

    • Hi Jay. When you mentioned your favorite bible story was about King Solomon and the baby I was struck by the connection to a January 20th post on Cosmic Consciousness. Stephanie was referencing the possibilities for change and transformation associated with the inauguration of the new American president and the potential for…[Read more]

      • Thank you both Jay and Adrienne for sharing!
        I have my own version of that going on, too. I had visions and glimpses of how it feels to run on the new grid, to feel the connectedness with everyone who operates from the new grid and how the knowing is instantanious (similar to the unity consciousness of the Bien described in the bee book, everyone…[Read more]

      • Wow great words there Adrienne. xx

    • AWESOME! Jay, it sounds very much like you had a “visitation” and in powerful visitations, timelines shift, our human made electrical systems go haywire, messages come in, etc. With these visitations, powerful downloads are also common – ones that are transmitted in ways different than other downloads we are used to receiving. You mentioned…[Read more]

    • Wow! That’s wild!

    • Holy moly Jay!!!!! Quite the experiences you are having!!! Sending energetic support if you need it. I looked at Apple Tree Yard and felt sort of spooked by it, so decided not to watch it. From your comment am glad I didn’t. LOVE to YOU!

  • Johanna mentioned Jay Atkinson in a public message 1 year, 6 months ago

    For the first time in a very long time, I felt moved to open the monthly consultant newsletter I receive from Arbonne (I don’t ‘consult’ in the business sense, so rarely relevant). I laughed heartily! The One without end, has a sense of humour!!! If I hadn’t read Jay’s (@the-heartist) post a bit earlier, I wouldn’t have had an image of the star of…[Read more]

  • OK… I just posted this in Dawn’s message, but need to put it here in case anyone else has experienced it.

    After a particularly difficult and powerful 3-hour talk with my husband today (about how he needs to stand in his own power, connect with his own Source and how I can’t support him anymore in his disempowered energy) I felt…[Read more]

    • My love to you Jay and your man… I recently read that St Germain uses the triangle as part of sacred geometry to help us remember all the parts of us and our connection to the earth 🙂 Don’t know if that helps. I have always felt connection to St Germain and the violet flame… sending you a big burst of it through the ethers. Much love Cindy

      • Thank you my lovely Cinders… makes so much sense. I hope to catch up with you sometime soon, dear heart. Love and hugs from both of us xxxxxxx

    • Thanks Jay! The one hour’s sleep panic attacks hit me quite often also. I don’t know where it was I saw it now but something else talked about trinity and that word leapt off the screen to me! Thanks for sharing 💜💜💜

      • Phew… you get them too? Thank goodness I’m not going mad. I absolutely Know this is all Ascension stuff, but it really does get very Dr Who at times and it helps massively to check in with my fellow travellers… I was listening to something my friend alerted me to, channelled by Kryon, and he mentions the Trilogy, so it’s there, too… thank…[Read more]

    • Jay, in a very weird way, I have been feeling a triangle around my head the past day or so – because my friend is going through chemo, is losing her hair, and took a photo of herself wearing a Green Bay Packers foam cheesehead. I have been imagining how that feels, the balding, the foam texture and the shape surrounding my own head!

      I hope…[Read more]

      • Now that is weird, because in 1997 I was in the Marshall Islands for a month… bliss…

        One of the Vietnam Veterans who lived there was a Green Bay Packers fan and every time I hear about them now, I think of my time there… it was pure Heaven. Living in a trailer by the ocean in a lagoon full of dolphins and other starry creatures… thank you…[Read more]

    • Look up: 1) Merkabah 2) Anahata (heart chakra) 3) Star of David 4) Symbol of Melchizedek. <3

    • Jay,
      In the Hidden Power of the Heart book by HeartMath what you are describing is the union of the right and left sides of the brain forming a new “third brain”. Third brain energy would be forming at the top of the crown chakra where the point of the triangle would be in or just above the top of the head. Don’t know exactly where you saw the…[Read more]

      • Well Bonnie, that would fit in perfectly with the Christ energy I invite into my heart every night!!! It feels as if something very big is unfolding and my own energy is undergoing (yet another) upgrade… I will go find this book and thank you so much for your input. Thinking with our hearts and operating in the Christ energy would certainly make…[Read more]

        • …and blessings back to you! The book is Hidden Power of the Heart by Sara Paddison. First released in 1993. You can get it on the website or probably on Amazon. I think it is still in print. The Chapter you will go to is “Mind/Brain”. I was able to dig out the book from the box of old books I have and can now actually give…[Read more]

    • this says it so perfectly Jay: “I felt the energy of my Divine Male protecting my Divine Female and the two of the energies protecting my Divine Inner Child (if that makes sense?). All happening within, and the Mother of All Creation was present overseeing the conversation from my heart.”

      That is exactly what I have been experiencing since…[Read more]

      • “Everything is changing because I am changing, and sometimes that means lots of sore feelings. It’s time to let go SO completely.”

        yes! exactly. … and yes – uber powerful and very challenging trickles afoot in the realm of union.

        Thanks for putting that to words.

      • Aww, Lauren. Thank you so much. One thing is apparent sweetheart… we are STILL STANDING! Holding your hand and your heart with mine… all my love, Jay xxx

    • Wow Jay- seems like there have been a lot of masculine cord-cutting conversations afoot these last few days. I had my own as well.

      Thanks for sharing your experience – you describe the fem/masc protection so perfectly.

    • Hello Jay,
      The vision of the triangle and the time (1.11 ) at which you received it has stricken the cord to message you.
      I have been receiving spiritual and energetic/vibratory teachings during the past 9 years from my teacher who himself has been receiving and seeded with the information by some absolutely beautiful Light Beings while traveling…[Read more]

  • As 2009 limps to a close I feel absolutely amazing inside but like boiled poop on the outside! My lower back is in spasm and is extremely painful, my right arm and shoulder are also in some kind of standstill (gone on strike!) and everything else aches or twinges. Headache that’s persisted for 3 days now, and generally I feel as if I’m in…[Read more]

    • yes to most of those things Jay…hope in my heart, right arm and shoulder numb and cold, lower back still out on right side, muscle aching and chest soreness, and also my eyeballs burn something fierce along with a bit of an earache and sore throat.

      A perfect new year’s cocktail!

    • Boiled piece of poop is an apt description of my painful, uncomfortable bod at the moment too, Sister!

    • Totally relate Jay!!!! Add to the mix, severely congested lungs and full flowing sinuses!!!!! Nothing that a glass or 2 of smooth red wine cannot assist with!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!! LOVE to YOU!

    • Pain in both arms, esp left, from shoulder to fingers. Wrists are killing me. Hard to type. Been going on for a week now. Message I’m getting is to stop grasping, holding on, let go COMPLETELY.

    • I only just realised what I wrote here… 2009 ??? WTF??? Where was my head at? hahahaha… although time ceases to exist anymore for me, so maybe it matters not…

  • My New Year’s Blog folks… for anyone that’s interested of course:

    With all the love in Creation… Jay xoxoxox

    • Thanks for posting Jay, i loved your article, it sings to my heart, this phrase especially resonate in a unique way “Unity Consciousness takes over and the Master we have been following (our Higher Self) beckons the little child who shall lead, for the Child and the Master are One…”
      Much Love Jay

  • Laughing with champagne bubbles in my heart, Kate! I love what you have written. I am finding this happening all the time, too. Last night I was chatting to my best friend on Skype and he and I were observing how…

  • Love and a big hug, Michael… see you over the rainbow! XXX

  • AZAmy, I am getting through like this, too… it’s awesome – like playing with the new remote of the super-duper new TV or something! We just have to get the hang of all the different function buttons! haha… love…

  • And may I ‘third’ that, Bonnie? Couldn’t agree more, dear heart xoxoxox

  • Mother of All Creation bless you, darling girl. You are a Treasure and an Angel. Have the most wondrous downtime, take care of beautiful You and Love You as we all love you – and then some…

    Love, love and more…

  • My kind of Advent Calendar…

    Act of kindness #24: Kindness Advent Calendar

  • Jay Atkinson mentioned Lauren in a public message 1 year, 8 months ago


    This article just came into my Inbox and the joy I felt reading it is immeasurable, so I want to share it in case anyone else needs to hear it!

    I honour all the wonderful channels – none more than our beloved @lauren Lauren – and their invaluable help, support and energy and time that is…[Read more]

  • Kate Street mentioned 2 people 1 year, 8 months ago

    Can we talk about FOOD?! I was so excited to see @the-heartist say these words below: “But the food is feeding my light body it would seem before slipping out unnoticed!” I feel like the time for recognition of this very thing is TRULY coming on-line and I want to talk about it!!

    When I had my “divine-merger-initiation” 5 years ago in November…[Read more]

    • I love this Kate. I seem to be grokking something along those lines myself today. Seriously, just before reading this I’ve had a day of choosing NOT to give my energy (money) toward restocking a host of supplements and vitamins I’ve been taking for a bit. I may go round again – as often happens – and be nudged to purchase this or that. But I…[Read more]

      • Yes, I’ve had the same realizations about supplements, Sister. Much like food, “supplements matter, until they don’t.” Amen!

    • I have noticed that my long-time rules about food have loosened lately, like it doesn’t matter. I also haven’t been as hungry. Thanks for bringing this up, Kate. And, Marie, I love this: “And it becomes glaringly obvious (particularly during this crazy go go go go period of time in my life) just HOW much we deplete our bodies and lives in the…[Read more]

      • omg YES to your grandson!! I’ve been loosening the “rules” of meals for myself quite a bit in recent years and SO MUCH look forward to not having to regularly sustain our bodies with regular meals ~ I’ve felt into the freedom of that and it’s wondrous! Amazing boy you’ve got there, Sister!

      • That being said, I still enjoy eating organics because they are more pure, better tasting and have a higher vibration. And my belief that they are better for the health of the planet hasn’t gone anywhere. My garden of Eden does not use pestisides 🙂

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve been saying this for years as I watch the food Nazi’s spew their “raw food” or “organic” or “vegan” gospel. If we are truly one and one with everything, and it and we are all God, then organic or non-gmo doesn’t matter. It’s all God. And I often wonder how much of our food judgment is media fueled so as to sell the most…[Read more]

      • Oh Lauri… how refreshing to hear this… for many years I’ve been aware of how much money is invested in making us feel bad about what we eat, drink, etc. Re-cycling is another myth, although I have religiously recycled everything I can for years. Now the beer goggles are coming off, we are beginning to really wake up to the fact that our divine…[Read more]

        • Jay ~ you are AWESOME!!! I’ve said the same thing about recycling!!!! And it’s such a risk because it’s sooooo politically incorrect. But I’ve long known that recycling won’t save the Earth, only a change in consciousness. LOVE seeing you saw that here!! SO DAMN HAPPY I STARTED THIS THREAD!!!!! Being a revolutionary can be a bit lonely but I find…[Read more]

      • YES, YES, YES Lauri!! Oh SUCH RELIEF and GRATITUDE to see my own words/thoughts reflected back to me!! Thank you for this!!!!!!

        (As for McDonald’s, I don’t mind if I do! 😉 )

      • I will one up you Lauri and say that i just may run to McDonalds 🍔 🍟 now that you mention it.

        Kate, you know my feelings on this whole topic but its basically just as Lauri says…when we eliminate the separation between us and GOD we eliminate the separation between us and ALL things. That is the only true freedom that exists for all of us.…[Read more]

        • @Lauren, I would not have thought to put it into those words….but I recently shared with my daughter that I find it impossible to eat “low vibrational” food. How that has manifested for me is that I’m finding myself drawn more to (as you said it) food that is made from love…..I’m currently LOVING my Purium meal shakes because I feel them…[Read more]

          • god i love reading this…such a breath of fresh air

            And this: “I’m was so glad when McDonald’s went to all day breakfast!” All things considered…the best news of 2015. 🙃

            I never struggled with McDonalds and so neither has my body. My love for a big mac transcends! 😎

        • That has been my food philosophy for many years. Years ago I read Deborah Kesten’s book Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul, and it perfectly described my relationship to food. If it’s infused with love either in its preparation, in the way it is offered, or how it is received, then it is healthy and nourishing.

          • Linda, I just love your words and I LOVE seeing you here again!!!!!

            • Kate Your words are always like being bathed in pure love. Now that’s what I call nourishment 😊💜

          • 1) good to see you round these parts again!

            2) The draw to food with love is something that always felt so good to me, but in the past, “just a bonus”. Now it feels like eating is not worth it without that love. (save for integration days like today in which I would eat nearly anything long as it had protein in it)

            I have always followed my…[Read more]

        • “….what is happening is that on days when I am vibrating at LOVE and I don’t feel to eat for survival but for just the pleasure of it that I am ONLY drawn to foods that are crafted with LOVE. Anything else just feels like empty calories.” OMG, YES!!!!!!! I said these exact words to my hubby just a couple of weeks ago! I’m only TRULY enjoying f…[Read more]

          • omg this: I’m only TRULY enjoying foods that either I make for myself or my husband makes for me or that is made in restaurants I love!! Unless it’s made with LOVE, then I’d rather not bother to eat at all. I’m SO glad you brought this up! I find myself making waaaaay more things just so I actually have food in the house that I’ll eat!![Read more]

        • Yes…. me too! Quality over quantity, love infused over PC or ‘healthy’. And then some days esp of late (5 mths or so) ANYTHING I fancy ‘crap’ or not.

          I thought/hoped? I would become more ‘hungry’ for new agey ‘light filled’ food but oddly I want less and less of this and more of the small portion (I’ve always eaten like a bird but the body…[Read more]

          • OMG, I LOOOOOOOVE the intro to your cookbook!!! The “vitamin of LOVE!” so perfect!!!! You HAVE to write this book!!! Also, I really related to this: “(I’ve always eaten like a bird but the body shows counter to this)”

            Same here! What a kick in the face to wear a body that looks like I’m a glutton when I’m not one nearly! Ahhhh….good times.


      Laughing fit to bust with the joy of hearing your words, Kate. I am feeling so alive and so awake and so in charge of my own destiny… and I’m going to eat LOTS OF CAKE today! hahahaha

      Love you… gorgeous Kate xoxoxox

      • I don’t think I could read better words than THIS today: “I am feeling so alive and so awake and so in charge of my own destiny… and I’m going to eat LOTS OF CAKE today!”


    • A timely topic, Kate! I know I read somewhere that there is a point in our ascension process when we need more FAT CELLS in order to transmute, but many of us here are past that by now. There is glorious freedom in allowing ourselves to eat what we FEEL like eating … or not eat at all.

      So much of our human lives centers around food -…[Read more]

      • omg, YES have I needed more fat cells for this journey! lol! So glad I don’t need them anymore! Hurrah for french fries and real whipped cream! Let PURE LOVE take care of all the rest! Love you, Sister!

    • @katinka…holy cow…talk about timing….a literal death in the family brought me back to KC from Utah…NOVEMBER 3rd. then, as spirit does…forces combined…and I finally met Arizona Amy…here in KC

      She shared..what she’s been wise( ketones). I started using it and holy BATMAN…
      AS OF THIS MORNING…I’ve lost 15 #### in…[Read more]

      • Wow Teri!! This is amazing! I love the synchronicity of it all! Would loooooove to hear more about your shifting relationship with food if you’re interested in sharing, Sister!

    • My story too. I still struggle with my old OS on some days and go into the fear/judgement but this too has been a very long story for me; a life long one of judging myself. It comes from being interested in the body, in nutrition and inherently knowing that good health and beyond statistics longevity was mine to avail of. The irony of it all is…[Read more]

    • ok… having just posted in response to the food thread (Kate, Lauren +++) I just turned on the TV and was met with a program about food. The words ” I believe in playing jazz to my salmon as it smokes. It makes it taste so much better!”

      Lol how’s that for confirmation?!!

      It turns out its a program about millionaires and their food choices.…[Read more]

  • Just checking in as I’m feeling the need to affirm that I’m still alive, kicking and visible! hahaha

    Spent a lot of time alone, pottering around the house, nipping out to the shops and just enjoying my own company.

    Meditating, staying close to the Heart and doing things that make me happy seems to be all I can do, whilst going through more…[Read more]

    • Jay, me too. It is very quiet here. I have a light schedule this week and had a no-show last night and one client cancelled for today. I think we are supposed to be sitting tight…..I have the feeling something HUGE is coming. For those of us who have been doing this work, it will be “business as usual,” but it feels like something the rest…[Read more]

      • Thank you Lauri. That does indeed help me to feel less isolated. I also feel we’re holding the anchors (keep seeing an inner vision of a huge ship’s anchor) for Big Stuff, following the Sagittarius New Moon today. Staying still whilst everything around is spinning – Definitely! But are you also experiencing dizziness? I am and I have to keep…[Read more]

      • I so resonate with this! Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel it and even had an anchoring in my mouth today with a tooth procedure.

    • I too am feeling the need to “lay low,” just have a peaceful day-to-day life, and stay out of the emotional upheaval that’s happening in the mass consciousness. We truly are anchors now as shift happens.

      • And not only laying low, Thelma, but also needing to eat lots of carbs and chocolate at times. Not that I’m complaining, as my sister keeps telling me how slim I look and asking if I’ve been on a diet! Something I’ve never done, thankfully. But the food is feeding my light body it would seem before slipping out unnoticed! haha… xxx

        • Ha! You must be whisking away the calories. I just went through a food fest week, which I thought was due to colder weather. Good to have a healthy appetite but I was like a bottomless pit. I like to think it’s feeding our light bodies – never thought of that! xox

        • omg, I LOVE seeing you write this! “But the food is feeding my light body it would seem before slipping out unnoticed!” This is something that has been HUGE on my journey ~ the realization that food can slip through us “unnoticed.” If you don’t mind, I’m going to start a new lovely thread about this very thing and quote you once again!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters across the pond… may you be blessed with Love all the way…

    This just in from Sandra Walter…

  • Calling New Zealand… just heard about the earthquake and tsunami. My niece is on North Island in Wellington and I can’t get hold of her… is there anyone in here that can reassure me, please?
    Love and heart light, Jay xxx

    • Hi Jay, I am in the North Island of New Zealand. It appears that everyone is safe in Wellington at this stage. The damage there seems to be mostly the contents of buildings being thrown around, not so much structural damage I think. The biggest quake was further South in the South Island. The tsunami threat has been downgraded but houses are…[Read more]

      • Thank you so much, Jody. I pray you are safe and continue to be so… my niece managed to let her mom (my sister) know she is ok, but she and her friend are very shaken. I would appreciate any more news if you can let me know. I haven’t managed to get in touch with her so far but I am holding her in my heart-light… Bless you xxxxxxx

      • Jody I was thinking of you this morning when I heard of the quakes in nz. Glad to hear you are ok and safe. Sending you and all our dear nz neighbours love and blessings. We are with you. 💚💚💚

    • Sending you love Jay, glad Jody was able to respond to you. Sending love and light over there!

    • I just dreamed about a tsunami on 11/11. I told my wife about it. I had interpreted it to mean a big wave of energy was coming. Wild.

  • 100% on board, Lauren xxx

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